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Spirit of Lawlessness

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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June 21, 2020 9:00 am

Spirit of Lawlessness

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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June 21, 2020 9:00 am

Protests, rioting, and looting in the streets of America. Was it foretold in the Bible? For the answer, join Evangelist BC Thomas as he speaks on the spirit of lawlessness. Main Text: Matthew 24:12.

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Lawlessness, anarchy in America wasn't foretold in the Bible with the answer to that question states whom we welcome to God first with Ryan, committing to encouraging you to put God first, while viewing life Bible now in honor of the only true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob left doing fine. See Thomas for today's message greetings in the name of our wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ. My name is Bryson Thomas. I am so honored and delighted to join me today on God for we will look at the topic. The spirit of lawlessness when the disciples came to Jesus Christ as his earthly ministry was coming 20 in asking the question, they said tell us what will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age.

And Jesus gave them a very thorough answer he gave them a series of answers. He said things to look for. As the side of my coming in the end of the age. He said that would be earthquakes in various places. So there will be pestilences. He said there will be false Christ said there would be nation against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. We often see that verse we think about nations such as the United States of America against Iraq or may be China versus Venezuela. But when you look at the Greek we actually see that it is F and those against ethnics, meaning ethnicity against ethnicity. Jesus said that would be one of the things to look for as a sign of his coming as a sign of the end of the age and then our Lord also said that the time would also be marked by low growing cold love of many would grow cold. He gave the account in Matthew chapter 24 verse 12 he said, and because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold will. You'll have to look far to see the love of many growing cold here in the United States of America.

We see racial tensions that are just continuing to rise and to continuing to escalate and as I look around the climate. I see the fact that lawlessness is in place. The spirit of lawlessness because we're at a time in which people are upset with the police were at a time in which Blacks or accusing whites of racism where at a time in which people are defying orders of the police simply because they feel that there is an injustice inequality. So we see lawlessness. The rulers are saying you must be in by certain time by being by the curfew people are choosing to ignore it. See looting receive rioting in the streets, businesses are being destroyed burned down, it had nothing to do with the controversy that is at hand. So we see that spirit of lawlessness in the Bible says that that is a time in which the love of many will grow cold.

We certainly see it happening today.

The love of many is growing cold because of the racial tensions that are taking place in our nation and we seen another sign that shows the love of many growing cold as you look at relationships, marriages and divorces continue to rise. These are people that at one time they love one another in love to lie down to have sexual relations, but then they end up getting married.

But then they end up in divorce. They end up hating one another. Often times is Jesus said that in the days leading to his return, the love of many would grow cold. He said that would be one of the many signs to look for and so we certainly see that taken place in our society. We certainly see that taken place in our nation. One of the things that I want the church to do is to wake up to see that these things are signs that I was Lord said to look for to see the connection between what is taking place in the world and what our Lord said would mark the second coming would mark his return. My question to you today years will you be ready. Are you ready for the return of Jesus Christ. Do you recognize the signs that he said would be the things to look for concerning his return he said the love of many would grow cold. We certainly see as incidents happens and tensions rising and people are getting upset. We see the love of many growing coal we see that spirit of lawlessness that is sweeping the planet that is sweeping our nation into sweeping across the entire planet as one of the things I will loose it would be a sign of his coming. Do you recognize the size do you see the spirit of lawlessness and there many people that are uptight.

There many people that are concerned, there are many people that are worried about anarchy industries and what is going to happen to our nation.

But I want to tell you that God is calling us to repentance. God is calling us to repent is bringing judgment upon us for all the babies.

The new user babies that we have aborted in the womb is calling us to repentance for not supporting the nation of Israel in the way that we should in trying to push legislation that says divide his holy land is calling us to repentance for our immorality for the way that we push pornography around the world. I'm calling you today to repent for the spirit of lawlessness years at hand and is going to increase as we get closer and closer to our Lord's second coming.

God is love and the love of many is growing cold. Because God is not in the heart and that is why we need to accept our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and him calling on the church to be that shiny like today because the Bible says that a time of great apostasy would come. That would also be a sign of our Lewis second coming a time in which the church would fall away from the faith, we find that account in second Thessalonians chapter 2 verses seven through 12 where our Lord says here the Bible tells us for the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. Only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way and then the lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will consume with the breath of his mouth and destroy with the brightness of his coming. The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth that they make might be saved. For this reason God will send them strong delusion. They should believe the lie that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

What I tell you that is a mouthful and there are so many things there that the Bible tells us to look to that we see taken place in our society today we see taken place in the church today because there are many in the church who are embracing unrighteousness in us is the mystery of lawlessness is already at work, but there is a restraining force that restraining force use the Holy Spirit and that restraining force.

The Holy Spirit keeps the evil spirit of lawlessness from spreading. But so fast is sort of like if you're driving a car into a commercial parking lot and you'll see what we call speedboats and you drive a certain speed, and you're trying to pick up speed. But then you have to slow down because there's a speed bump to get the slowdown in order to get over that speedbump without damaging your vehicle. So then you go over and you pick up speed again and there's another speedbump you have to slow down again so you can't pick up so much speed you can't get up to 70 mph because they are the speedboats. The Holy Spirit is working. Likewise in our world today. Evil wants to run free, free, real free, without any hindrance over the earth but because of us Christians that have the Holy Spirit indwelling us.

That's that evil spirit has to slow down whenever he runs into one of us but a restraining force that restraining force that we know is the Holy Spirit.

The day is going to come in which the Bible says that there will be a shout from heaven.

The voice of an archangel. The trumpet of God. And then our Lord Jesus Christ is going to descend into the clouds and then the Bible says that the dead in Christ. That means those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, but have passed away. The Bible says their bodies will rise from the dead, they will rise and they will be reunited with their soul and spirit that is coming out of heaven, and then the Bible says that those of us who are alive and remain who have put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ will be called up together with them to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with our Lord. That is what we called the pre-tribulation rapture of the church. When that comes if you think it is chaotic in the society today when that day happens, it is going to be evil unleashed upon the world that we have never seen before. When that time comes the spirit of lawlessness.

All the evil spirits will be able to run unhindered throughout the earth. If you think that looting and violence is bad right now.

That day is going to have a time in which the earth has never seen nor ever will see in the Bible calls it the time of Jacob's trouble in Jesus Christ that it will be the worst time that the earth has ever seen.

I encourage you today to give your heart to Jesus Christ. I'm encouraging you today and urging you today. If you have not yet accepted him to accept him because a time is coming like the world has never seen.

And then we look here at this Texas is the coming of the lawless one with working of Satan with the power according to the working of Satan with all power signs and lying wonders, Satan is going to call him he's going to bring a great deception. He's going to show signs and wonders and many people will be deceived and then the Bible says that the unrighteous deception will be among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth we see the day. People don't love the truth. People are willing to run with a lie, a speculation things that are unfounded. We see taken place in our nation today. Things that people are making assumptions that there is a racial problem or that acts by the police or motivated by racism and therefore people just take it and run with it. Even if is unproven if it even if is unfounded and so you see, the spirit is there, the condition is there to which people will believe the lie in the ultimate lie, that is coming is the lie the antichrist in which he will say that he is God and that almost worship him, and many will believe that lot. Many will go along with that life in the Bible says that because so many today or consume with their wickedness, or refusing to repent that God will send strong delusion, that they will believe the lie, the day will come when rich because they did not believe the truth, they had pleasure in unrighteousness and so they will believe the lie and that will seal them to eternal damnation. Emerging you today to understand. See the signs that we are living in understand if you think is bad now just wait until the rapture comes. If you think that what we see in society now is a tough thing to swallow when the rapture takes place we are going to see unhindered evil all across our planet. Now is the time to get right with Jesus Christ because our Lord said wool to hypocrisy he warned against it in Matthew chapter 23 verse 28 even so you also outwardly appear righteous to me in but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.

Jesus was speaking to the scribes and the Pharisees who went to the synagogues. They act like they were so holy and so righteous. But Jesus said you full of hypocrisy because you don't care about man's hearts and so I wanted tell you today is a warning for those of you who are just going through the motions of church.

Those of you who are going through the motions of religion.

The Bible warns about hypocrisy are you today living by way of lawlessness or are you truly living by the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Are you a lover of the truth or are you embracing the lie.

You know, as I think about lawlessness. We see it on so many levels and I think about the fact that when I'm out driving my car and I see people just blowing Bobby at a high rate of speed. I'm trying to follow the law in trying to obey the speed limit and I see people just zooming by just one after the other one after the other and I think to myself how bad it is that people cannot follow something as simple as the speed limit and then I've even heard pastors standing church and make fun of those who follow the speed limit of her past to stand up in church and joke about speeding Aviva heard a pastor once speak to children and he was speaking about speeding any told the children not to speed, but the reason he gave he said was so that you do not get caught by the police to see the real reason why we should not speed is not because of getting caught by the police but is for our own safety is for our own protection. See the laws are put in place for our own good. The engineers who designed the Rose know that the safe speed is 70 mph but yet we find people constantly every day that say no. I can run at 80 mph I can run it 85 mph because they think they're smarter than the engineer what they're not thinking about is what happens if you have a blowout because you see the engineers understand that control in a car at 70 mph when you have a blowout is much easier than it 80 or at 85 mph, but we go out there. When we speed and we we break the law. We think that is funny we think is something to joke about we think is something to ridicule those who want to obey the speed limit within what happens when you have an accident and someone gets killed is not funny anymore but that is what Satan does. Satan deceives us into thinking that things are not a big deal. Satan causes us to want to go against laws he goes against law and order because he is the father of lies. He goes against law and order because he is a deceiver and the truth is not in him.

So I want to encourage you lead by example.

As Christians we should be ones that are following the law. We should not be out there breaking the speed limit and I know you may say all you being legalistic was the big deal.

Again someone has a fatal accident.

It is a very big deal. Don't tell anyone who's ever lost someone in a car crash that was a result of excessive speed and tell them that is not a big deal. We should be of water but the spirit of lawlessness is coming upon the world. We need to repent, because Jesus says that there will come a time in which is going to say I never knew you in Matthew chapter 7 verse 23 and then I will declare to them, I never knew you depart from me, you who practice lawlessness all Lord is speaking to his is there is a day coming in which people are going to say, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name. Do we not cast out demons in your name. Do not do all of these great things in your name and Jesus want to say depart from me. I never knew you, you who practice lawlessness were talking about people who were going to church every Sunday we talk about people who were singing in the choir. People who were ushering people who were trustees. Even people who are in the pulpits preaching there doing great things. They're doing things even casting out demons, but Jesus is going to say depart from me, you who practice lawlessness. We keep seeing this word lawlessness, our Lord is a God of law and order.

That is why God gave commands.

He gave can't commands for our own good. There so many today that choose to go by the own wheel there so many today they want to live in the way in which the people of the Old Testament in which the nation of Israel and the Bible says that everyone did right. Everyone did what he saw was right in his own eyes.

People are trying to live according to their own laws. People are ignoring the authorities now ignoring the police. It is a spirit of anarchy is a spirit of lawlessness and it is the spirit of the antichrist is coming upon the world. Do you recognize what is taking place.

Jesus said this would be one of the markers of his second coming.

He said this will be one of the signs to look for their many today that are going along with the crowd that are going along with the PC culture.

But Jesus said no you must not be of the world you are in the world but you are not of the world. So I'm calling on the church today to lead the way and to repent and not be ones who go along with this lawlessness, because our Lord also said that a time would come in, which in Matthew chapter 13 verse 41 the Son of Man will send out his angels, and they will gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and those who practice lawlessness that we see that word again. The Bible tells of tells us of a time in which a farmer planted wheat and as the weeds germinated and began to grow his workers came to him and said master. There are tears growing in the weeds and tears are nothing but weeds in this it did we not plants. We do we not so good seed, and the owner of the land.

He said an enemy did this to me. They said was, should we go and gather out of tears. He said no don't do that because in doing so, then you would also uproot the we the good crop. He said no, let it be, let it continue to grow and then when it is time for harvest. We will we will separate the wheat from the tares and the tears will be cast into the furnace, I will lower said this is what will be at the coming for his coming into the kingdom. He said the enemy that is Satan has sown tares among the wheat, Jesus Christ has placed good seed. He has placed those who are truly believers in him. But Satan, the enemy has sown tares throughout even in the church to create chaos to create confusion to be those who promote and practice lawlessness. He said that in his second coming, he will send out his angels to gather those wicked wants to gather the weeds that are grown up and they will be cast into the fire. This is a grim warning for those out there who are practicing lawlessness. This is a grim warning for those out there who are be lovers of unrighteousness. This is a grim warning for those out there who are going along with the crowd because our Lord says that there will be a time coming, in which it will be a great deception. There's going to be a time coming of lawlessness.

We see that spirit spreading across our society today.

The spirit of antichrist is already upon the earth. We already see it is influencing many do you recognize the signs I will lower said you would know the season of his return he said we cannot know exactly what day or what I will, but he said we will know the season. There are many today that are as if they're driving asleep at the wheel and I'm calling on those in the church to wake up and to understand what is taking place wake up and understand that there is a great deception that is taken place and is all because of the spirit of lawlessness is because of the spirit of the antichrist and is only going to increase in time is obviously in over the past week. The past couple weeks is matter of fact with the rioting and the looting and obscene video of looters beating a business owner simply was trying to protect his business but he had worked so hard for his life. He's invested in it. He's trying to protect it and they're just beating the man on relentlessly.

He had nothing to do with the police controversy. We see that spirit of lawlessness that is upon the earth. I saw another video of a woman, an elderly lady who was handicap she was in a wheelchair. She was crying she was heartbroken. She was sitting outside looking at the community and how the streets and in in the stores and the businesses have been destroyed.

She was saying. We live in this building where handicap we have a hard time getting around. She said these are the places that I go to get my medicine. I can't go there anymore because they're not there.

She sent you. You people out there.

Sam black lives matter is that I'm a black woman I'm handicap in you are here destroying things that are harming and hurting other Blacks but it's because of the spirit of lawlessness in that spirit is going to increase as time goes on, and again we as the church needs to stand up. We need to be the salt and light of the earth. I want to leave you with Romans chapter 13 verses one through three, which tells us what our attitude should be towards the government let every soul be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.

Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority what is good and you will have praise from the same I will lower says if you resist authority that you will be judged and I know there are people out there that are saying today will the authority is corrupt and is simply a lie the narrative out there that all police are there are races the narrative out there that all whites are races is simply a lie because I personally know born-again believers in Jesus Christ that are in the police force.

I personally know born-again believers in Jesus Christ who are whites and they're not races. It is simply a lot of folks there are people out there that are being deceived by the devil. They're going along with the great lie and there's going to be an even greater live. It is going to come in the EN, in which many will be deceived second Peter chapter 2 verse 10. The Bible tells us, and especially those who walk according to the flesh in the lust of uncleanness and despise authority. They are presumptuous, silver wheel, they are not afraid to be is to speak evil of dignitaries, without a doubt, we see that spirit upon our nation today without a doubt, we see people today who are speaking evil of the leaders evil of those who are in authoritative positions.

What we have today is not a race issue.

What we have is a see an issue is a heart issue that needs repentance.

And we're going to continue to have problems. Yes, racism exists and racism is going to continue to exist just like thievery will continue to exist just like murder will continue to exist just like lie and will continue to exist. All of those scenes will exist until Jesus Christ returns and brings it all 20 he will do just that. But we must understand what is taking place. The spirit of lawlessness. We must recognize the signs I will lower says these would be the size that will mark his return.

Are you ready this is a heavy topic and is a serious one, but you know when I think about the fact that is going to conclude with our Lord Jesus coming back that puts a joy in my heart that brings a smile onto my face because I know that I will lower says he's coming back again.

He's going to make all things new. He's going to re-create this earth. The earth will never be destroyed. Notice that our Lord when he answered the question by the disciples. They said what will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age. They did not say the end of the world. So many incorrectly believe that the world is going to come 2010, but is not coming to when in our Lord's creation is not going to be destroyed but is going to be renovated. He's gonna renovated like a bowl of hot wax is going on is going to burn it up in and he's going to renovated to be something great in new and that is what the Bible says it will be a new heaven and a new earth, and I look forward to that day. There will be nothing but righteousness, nothing but peace. Nothing but joy. He will wipe away every tear.

Are you ready for that day. Are you on the side of Jesus Christ. If you've not accepted him. I encourage you to do so for the spirit of lawlessness is already at work and it will continue until our Lord's second coming.

I want to thank you for joining me today and as we close. Remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, bless God's great nation of Israel. The only wise God be glory through Jesus Christ, forever. Amen. You can think of the Bible by 8 feet of God for Ryan and I first was a right protected under our copyright is until next time nation of Israel first and

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