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Our Blessed Hope In The Rapture - Part 2

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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August 16, 2020 9:00 am

Our Blessed Hope In The Rapture - Part 2

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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August 16, 2020 9:00 am

Join Brian C Thomas as he explains why believers in Christ have a lot to look forward to in the great event known as the Rapture of the Church.

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Welcome to God first with Brian, committed to encouraging you to put God first, while viewing life the window in the Bible.

Now, in honor of the one and only true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob left doing fine. See Thomas for today's message will if you were with us last week we began a two-part message title. I will blessed hope in the rapture. So today we're going to conclude the message with part two and as we discussed last week. This doctrine of the rapture is a message of great hope is a message of great comfort for those of us who put our faith to trust in Jesus Christ.

But for those who are on the earth who have rejected Jesus Christ will not go away in the rapture's not going to be a time of comfort is not going to be a time of hope is going to be a time of chaos is going to be a time of panic is going to be a great time of fear because in that day when the rapture takes place. New music people will literally disappear from the earth that will be unsaved mothers go out of the playground watching over the little ones and in an instance, in the twinkling of an idea children will literally disappear. There will be mothers who are unsaved but yet pregnant with child seven months pregnant nine months pregnant and at that time of the rapture. Their babies will literally be taken from their wounds and rapture to be with our Lord. Imagine the chaos. Imagine the panic. During that time. Planes will fly unmanned out-of-control eventually crashing to the ground because pilots put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ will be rapture to go away to be with our Lord.

There will be polyps of cars all over the freeways because they are those who have put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. In the instant they will be taken away and the cars will become unmanned so there will be car crashes, there will be surgeons in the operating room performing open heart surgery and will be taken away in an instant. It will be under severe panic chaos because the surgeon that was there performing open heart surgery will be no more because he will be gone to be with our Lord. Imagine the panic. Imagine the frantic cries and pleasing and searches that will be taken place because there those will be looking for their loved ones husband and a wife will lie down at night to go to bed and upon waking up in the morning when she'll be there in the other one will be gone taken away to meet the Lord in the air and there those out there who hear this have rejected Jesus Christ they say we are insane. They say we are nuts.

They say we are delusional for believing in this thing called the rapture of the church.

There's a movie that was made a few years ago in the movie they depicted the rapture and they actually made fun of the rapture and in the movie they actually shot Jesus Christ out of the sky as he was descending into the clouds into the sky to rapture his followers made a joke out of it. They were marketed. They thought it was funny, I thought it was hilarious, but that should come as no surprise to us who are followers of Jesus Christ because the Bible says that one of the signs before his coming would be mockers. The Bible says that one of the signs will be those will be scoffers second.

In chapter 3 verse three through four tells us knowing this first, the scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lust essay where is the promise of his coming since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation is telling. Is there that there those who want to say yeah my mama talked about the return of Christ. My grandmother talked about the return of Christ.

My granddad my aunt my uncle people talk about it hundreds of years ago but yet he is not returned.

Where is the promise of his coming and they will laugh at us and they will mock us and they would make fun of us and they will say we are crazy for believing in the return of our Lord second Peter 39 says the Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some count slackness, but is long-suffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance is the one thing we have to keep in mind that the Bible tells us that a thousand years unto man is as is one day unto our Lord is so we put the time periods into God's perspective. Jesus Christ went away nearly 2000 years ago. So thousand years unto the Lord is is one day it's a man so from Allah's perspective. He's only been gone two days, but to us.

It's been a long period of time to see our Lord is not slack as some count slackness.

You see we think about things through the eyes and the mindsets of of of mortal man, we have to think about things through the eyes of our Lord. But he's long-suffering because it's not his desire that he should perish.

Yes, he is delaying his coming only for the sake of giving time for those who come to repentance. If you want to consider it a delay is doing it only to give time for those who come to repentance. He's long-suffering, he's loving his compassionate but he's not slack concerning his coming, but it is a message of great hope great comfort to those of us will put our faith and trust in the Lord because he also says is a message of protection because the for those who are watchful me. They are ready for the Lord's return. They are living obedient to his commandments. They will be found worthy to escape the wrath of the great tribulation that is yet to come. Luke 21 verse 36 hour Lewis says watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass it to stand before the Son of Man. Are you living in a way you will be found worthy to stand before the Son of Man to escape the things that are going to come upon the earth to escape the wrath of God that is coming in the tribulation for those who have rejected him. Revelation 3 verse 10 because you have kept my command to persevere, also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world to test those who dwell on the earth. It is obvious that it is not God's plan for Christians to suffer through the wrath that he will pour out upon those who have rejected him as Lord and Savior, because when his wrath comes the Bible says it is going to be a time that the world has never seen before, nor ever will see again is going to come a time in which 1/4 of the world's population will die from a single judgment to be a time in which the Bible says that people will be tormented with scorching heat and rather than repent.

They will sit there for us to look up in the sky signifies that God is a God. This is because of you, rather than repenting and accepting him. The Bible says there is a time coming, in which he and will be in such great pain to they will look as if they're in childbirth. Great time of suffering is coming, in which the waters will be turned to blood the moon and the sun will not give is like darkness will be cast upon the entire earth. There will be famines there will be pestilences will be murder. There will be blood throughout the streets.

But for those who put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

We are not appointed to the wrath.

Have you trusted him today.

Have you given your heart to Jesus Christ or you living for the devil because of you living for the devil time of judgment is coming a time of great wrath is going to come upon the earth, but again there mockers out there who say this rapture. This is all a joke, this is crazy this is delusional. But as we look throughout the Scriptures we see many indicators yes it is true for those out there who argue that the word rapture is not in the Bible.

Yes it is true the word is not there, but the concept is there catching away as they are the being caught up to be without loan with the concept. Is there very clearly demonstrated throughout the Scripture response symbolism as we look into the culture of that day in which the Scriptures were written. See, this is one of the things that help me to understand the Bible more as I grew older is when I began to look at the Scriptures with the mindset of the Jewish culture and mine because you we oftentimes look at Scriptures through the eyes of our Western civilization will become self-centered by nature, it will look at things based on our perspective only when we look at things based on the Jewish culture of that day a lot of things that may not be clear upon first glance then begins to become clear.

One of the things we find when we come to this concept of the rapture is we look at the Jewish wedding tradition because response, symbolism between the pre-tribulation rapture.

The marriage supper with the Jewish wedding tradition. The marriage supper is spoken of in the book of Revelation chapter 19 verse nine Danny said to me right. Blessed are those were called to the marriage supper of the Lamb.

And he said to me, these are the true sayings of God's marriage supper will occur in heaven for all who put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ, and their great paralegals between the Jewish wedding tradition of the biblical days and this rapture of the church's pre-tribulation rapture of the church for what we find is that of the Jewish wedding tradition, the groom would go to his father's house to prepare a wedding chamber at the end of an engagement.

To go to his father's house to build his room to build his chamber for his bride to be Jesus Christ when he left the earth after his resurrection and went to the father's house to prepare a place for us, as he tells us in John 14 one through three and said I go away to prepare a place for you and where I go out prepare display so that where I am, there you may be also.

And he said in my father's house are many mansions. Our Lord went away to prepare chamber. A mansion for all who put their faith and trust in him and in the Jewish wedding tradition was this chamber was complete the ring within go to get his bride, but it would be a time unknown to her, so she wanted to be ready at all times. Make sure she was looking her best, doing her best in her best states now soccer my wife about this and my wife wears this I call it a beret. I think she says is called the Fox. I don't know some, his address that she wears to bed and I'll be honest with you I don't think is the most appealing thing, but I didn't understand why women wear it because you want to protect your hair. You want to protect and make sure your hair does not break often so that when you do get up and go out you hair is looking a bit so I get it. I totally understand it, but if we were living in the day of the Jewish wedding tradition and you were engaged to a man, he would not want to wear that because if he were to show up at midnight he found you in that states he just might get turned off and he might start having some second thoughts but in all seriousness, the bride would make sure she was ready at all times you want to make sure she was impressive to her soon-to-be groom. So likewise, Jesus Christ is going to return of the time unknown for his bride, which is the church we find it in Matthew chapter 25 so we must be ready at all times. We want to make sure we're found in our bistable want to make sure that we are ready for our Lord when he comes in the Jewish wedding tradition, the groom would take her to a wedding chamber where they were sealed for seven days with a consummate the marriage Jesus Christ when he comes to rapture the church prior to the tribulation will go away to be with our Lord. For the seven year.

Our Lord within be joined with us his churches bride and that is where we celebrate our union with our Lord and in the Jewish wedding tradition at the end of the seven days of this consummation. The bride and groom would exit to a great wedding feast will look at the rapture of the church at the end of the seven-year tribulation. The marriage supper will take place in heaven.

And then Jesus along with all the saints upon exit heaven and were going to come to the earth to claim our Lord's earthly kingdom to be a time of great celebration is going to be a time of great victories going to be a time of great glory. As we come to live in our Lord's presence for his kingdom is coming upon the earth. Are you ready for the rapture of the church you're listening to Brian Thomas only got four more crying visit God not or browse our library materials. There you'll find articles and messages available as MP3 downloads on various topics such as salvation, Bible, marriage, and the significance of the lesson is just to name a few. Also, sign up for our monthly newsletter and visit our web store let's return the rapture is coming. We know that the raptors come in because there is a restraining force that is currently in the earth. The apostle Paul wrote about in second Thessalonians 2 verses seven through eight. For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. Only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way and then the lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will consume with the breath of his mouth and destroy with the brightness of his coming to see this restraining force is the Holy Spirit that is living within us Christians all who accept Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit comes to indwell us and so the spirit of antichrist is already at work in the earth. It is already here, but this restraining force, the church we keep the evil forces at bay and we keep it at bay by standing for prayer by standing for justice by standing for righteousness and that is why I encourage people today to get involved because there are those out there who believe that will be used. Church should not be involved in politics when we leave the politics for the unsaved, then what you want to have you going to have you going to have wickedness you want to have unrighteous law holes in legislations upon the land. We are to be salt and light in the world. So we are the restraining force is just like today when you're driving your car through a commercial parking lots and you can't pick up a sow must be because there is a speedbump there so you may gain a little speed but then you have to slow down to get over the speedbump without damaging your vehicle is so in the same way the evil forces throughout the world today.

They cannot gain the submerging forms they cannot gain the superspeed because they run into one of those Christians and there's a Holy Spirit for the stop sign ups and slow down you cannot come this way. But once removed was via rapture as we're gonna bring to be with our Lord. The evil forces will be allowed free reign upon the earth and the antichrist.

The man of lawlessness will be revealed and that is why I encourage you to give your heart to Jesus Christ because a time is coming, you think the world is bad today, even with the restraining force that is present even with those Christians.

Even with the Holy Spirit that is integral in this present look at the evil that we see in the world every day you turn on the news and there's a shooting. There's a murder and so commonplace that we often don't even think twice about even to the point now. If you look at Chicago.

Seems like every week in the little child is getting to you through senseless gun violence 10-month-old children eight-year-old €10 becoming commonplace and so as bad as it is now once the church is removed. These evil forces will be allowed free reign upon the earth.

Give your heart to Jesus Christ today so that you can escape the wrath that is to come.

A lot of the confusion surrounding his doctrine of the rapture I believe is settled. Once we know the purpose of the tribulation because you see the rapture is an event that was promised to the church of the New Testament. It was not promised to the Old Testament, and some we look at this time. That is coming on at this as the tribulation. Its primary purpose is to bring the nation of Israel to repentance because Israel collectively speaking rejected Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Yes, there are some Jews in the world today who have accepted him, who are Christians, but for the most part they do not accept Jesus Christ as the true Messiah as of the book of Daniel gives a prophecy is what is known as a 70 weeks prophecy is called 70 weeks of years and so one week is seven years which means that 70 weeks is a 490 year. So I will go into the details in this message but just to give you an understanding of overall what the prophecy meant was, it was for the nation of Israel indicates segments of weeks of years and at the end of the 69th week, which is 483 years.

The Bible says in a prophecy that the anointed one will be cut off that anointed one was Jesus Christ when he was crucified.

When he died on the cross, when he shared his blood is innocent blood for our sins. At that point God pressed the pause button on this prophecy. So that means that 483 years of 490 years have been completed when the pause button was pressed. The church age began, and so we are living in what is known as a prophetic gap. The church is filling this time.

The church is been existing for approximately 2000 years now, but a day is coming when the rapture takes place in this prophetic gap will be removed, and was that prophetic gap is removed the last week of the 70 weeks prophecy will be full for you that seven year period known as the tribulation was God is primarily using the periods of call Israel to repent is to except to realize that Jesus Christ is the true Messiah then the clock began to take again on this great prophecy that is the primary purpose but it also is to bring all predictors of Jesus Christ upon the earth to repentance, so we understand that the primary purpose of the tribulation begins to become even more clear that we as the church are not appointed to the wrath of God because we as the church have been promise we been given this promise that we shall not go through this time. That is going to come and test the entire world the rapture will occur. We must be ready is a message of hope is a message of comfort that some others may say will of all this is true I have time to get right with God after the rapture of all this is true, I can just wait until that time comes, and then give my life to Jesus Christ and everything will be just fine, but this is a very dangerous game to play because our Lord said in second Thessalonians chapter 2 verses nine through 11, by way of the apostle Paul, the coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan with all power signs and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perished because they did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie to fall out there who think they could just ignore the urging of your mother and dad, your grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings who have been urging you to come give your heart to Jesus Christ. If you think you can just go and ignore it and then get right when that time comes, the Bible says that God is going to send a strong delusion to Google to believe a lie is you go to Google way of the antichrist agreeable to be banished to eternal damnation. Don't play that game about waiting until the time comes, and then you'll get right with the Lord, because you could even die at any time, even before the rapture takes place.

Give your heart to Jesus Christ today.

Ask yourself the question, when you die, do you want to be raised to eternal life.

John 528 do not marvel at this for the hours coming in which all who are in the graves will hear his voice, and then John 640 and this is the will of him who sent me, that everyone who sees the son and believes in him may have everlasting life, and I will raise him up at the last day. Have you accepted Jesus Christ so that on the last day to hear his voice to the last day you will be raised up to have eternal life except Jesus Christ today is your Lord and Savior while you still have the time, there's this cliché that we often hear people are so heavenly minded that there are no earthly good CS Lewis once said, our problem is not that we think about having too much that we think about it too little is your mindset to heaven is your mindset on the return of Jesus Christ. Where is your mind where is your heart because there's so many people that are holding onto this world holding onto this life is just as if this is all that we have no we were created to be eternal creatures. We will create in Toledo for eternity you really want to spend eternity in the presence of Almighty God with eternal life or you going to spin eternity in the lake of fire with a worm does not resolve the UN today are you on the side of Jesus Christ, I encourage you to give your life to him because a day is coming when this corruptible must put on incorruption this mortal must put on immortality and when this happens, then you shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, death is swallowed up in victory over death, where is last thing Ò where is thy victory. The sting of death is seen in the strength of sin is the law.

But thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Do you have the victory today in Jesus Christ because that is the only way by which you can have victory by having Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Do you have the hope of the Lord, you have the hope of his return. Do you have that peace and comfort knowing the day is coming, that if you die prior to this that the day is coming that on that day you will be raised to eternal life. Yes, your body will get out of the grave and be reunited with their soul and spirit. You have that hope and joy that if you are alive and remain at the time of the Lord is rapture will be called up to meet him. If you have not yet accepted Jesus Christ. Someone encourage you to give your life to him today is a great message of hope it's a great message of joy is a great message of comfort. Don't listen to the markers out there don't listen to the devil telling you that you've been to two wrong you've done too much bad you have to much CNS of God would not accept the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary can wash away all seniors.

He died on the cross he went to the grave and then he got up on the third day with victory overseeing with victory over death and therefore he has victory of anything that is going on in your life. He has the power. All you have to do is accept it and you can have eternal life. Whatever it is that you're going through Jesus Christ is the way Jesus Christ is the answer. Heavenly father, we thank you Lord for this day. We thank you for this great message. Lord, we thank you for your message of hope and joy and comfort that you promised us by way of the rapture. We look forward to that day. We will, we can escape the wrath that is to come upon all who have rejected you as Lord and Savior is my prayer, Lord, that as we depart from here that we will pray for the peace of Jerusalem, less God's great nation of Israel and to the only wise God be glory through Jesus Christ, forever. Amen. You can blame God for Ryan and I first was a right protected under our copyright is until next time great nation of Israel first picking

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