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The Day Independence Came

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly
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July 4, 2022 6:00 am

The Day Independence Came

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly

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July 4, 2022 6:00 am

In this Adventures in Odyssey drama, Irwin Springer, a middle schooler interested in history, takes a wild journey back to the American Revolution, where he meets the men who shaped the United States.

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In his second letter to the Corinthians apostle Paul wrote with the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Freedom liberty was the pressing need felt by the leaders of 13 American colonies more than 200 years ago deep faith in God and decided to take a stand against the mightiest empire in the world when they signed the Declaration of Independence. I'm John Fuller. This is Focus on the Family with focus, Pres. and Dr. Jim Daly and Jim. I suspect that there are many many people who really don't understand and fully comprehend the circumstances surrounding that document and the special Webster, John. We were present at the moment all the subtlety of what was going on in the culture of early America is lost.

We don't know what but we can try to feel it through creative efforts and you know think about wonder that we have today celebrate July 4, it's friends, family barbecue, maybe going for a hike here in the beautiful Rocky Mountains are going to the beach if that's what you live by. We celebrate it with fun and recreation family, but we've got to remember this is a serious issue back in 1776.

These founding fathers as they were putting their lives on the line. The Declaration of Independence was seen as a as a document of treason by the British.

In fact, I didn't know this but they had to keep the name secret of the signers of the declaration just to protect their lives and in that's the environment that's the subtlety that were talking about this lost on us today, but our good colleagues that produce adventures in Odyssey produced a fabulous creative recollection of 1776 and we want to play that today for you as we do that, let me give some background adventures in Odyssey is a radio program that we produced since 1987. It's intended for children and families across the land.

Listen to it though it so well done, and it weaves together entertainment and biblical truth in the setting is the small fictional town of Odyssey and of the grandfather type character named Mr. Whitaker or Whit runs an old-fashioned ice cream shop. In addition to being a radio program. Adventures in Odyssey is also available on CD or in download form and we have Today's episode is called the day independence came and features a young history named Erwin Springer who is currently playing a game of historical trivia with wit and his friend Tom, but in a few minutes. Who knows where he'll be okay.

Here's one for you in command of the British forces during the revolution. Gen. Charles Cornwallis.

How do you know all that stuff early.

All I love the Revolutionary war. There were so many great heroes like Washington and Adams is my favorite.

In history, I was speaking of Franklin that reminds Ficklin to LaFountain sale downtown really is on one of the shelves in the Bible want to be the kids to have for you. You think he was looking for buried treasure will what made you think you there's nobody here right now let's see, there is on the top shelf is the stepladder is a chair and shares just don't look like an open 11 here we go.

Still pretty high, which my when I fell down my book. Come to think of it this high. Excuse me but I was never to go with strangers. Now to some way out of this good fight but unfortunately I have no more shot left. Still, there must be some way the soldiers see so so it is. How is your name to all. Looks like it's up to me then me that rock over there okay only have one shot so it has to count. Are you ready ready and willing. We know you where you're from.

Well Erwin Springer from thank you for saving my life and you are Nathan Hale, the know what I would imagine you. 1776 July to be precise, just outside of the Township all you all right `delirious. Can you walk the stretch of the legs.

This way Of course will hail and master the Township of Odyssey. Thank God you're all right your long-overdue this young man I might not of made it all report to headquarters right away.

Yes I do have information that will wait and dreamed about.

I'm glad someone I want you to meet will leave no I don't want to save my Life.

This is master Erwin Springer, I'm pleased to make your acquaintance Masters George Washington will we. I don't know, sir, seem to say it often. Well, in the interest of maintaining good relations with the people of Odyssey. I say oh wow you in saving Capt. Hale great service. I am in your debt. You know, sir. I just did all the work want us to master Erwin. We were just about to retire for prayers join us. Prayers, unless of course you don't pray everything a patriot and a Christian to know better combination let's do it this way. I acknowledge and confess my imperfect performance of the duties of this day direct my thoughts, words and work daily frame more and more into the likeness by some as Christ in his name, master Erwin, you seem perplexed. I just can't believe I'm praying with Gen. Washington. I never knew you were so I mean, I've always read that you were religious. I didn't realize how much Jesus really meant to you and what a viewer would Springer do you hold those crews in your heart. Well, I guess I never thought about it before. I mean I've read about it and everything until now I never realized how God really does roll countries and he is in control of what happens to them. So I guess the answer to your question is yes sir, I do hold these truths in my heart.

Then Capt. Hale was correct. You are the right man for the job job job. Listen carefully, even as we speak. The second Continental Congress is preparing a statement of independence from England, but I fear that something that I simply do not feel as you and I do, that God must be first in our country and so I have written the message to them urging them to remember the ruler of Nations as they ready the document. I wish you Erwin Springer to deliver this message. I know the journey will be tiring and there is little time but will you do this for me all yes excellent. Your horses waiting outside. Yes, do ride well are you coming with now I'm afraid I must travel in different back to New York. Once you hang yes in all probability, that is the Lord's will that whom I understand. I only regret that I have but one life for my country now speed Erwin Springer, you carry our best hope word liberty and listening to Focus on the Family with Jim Daly John Fuller today with featuring a special radio drama called day independence can is just one of 12 imaginative history based dramas from our adventures in Odyssey collection called for God and country of the collection is available as a CD said or an audio download. You can learn more about adventures in Odyssey when you contact us today. Of course were closed for 4 July holiday. But, head on over to the show notes.

You'll find all the details right there and now for the conclusion of today's special Independence Day presentation of adventures in Odyssey on focus on the writing will supply some of my hometown for second Congress is meeting seven, have a seat master I've been sitting too long already. Gen. Washington. Oh well, we can't you help me out message talking old Dickinson always talking with you.

I realize that I apologize for the gentleman who just arrived with a message from general no means all, Congress time trying Gen. 30,000 troops ready to strike a position usually is your decision.

There is cause for which we find taxation without representation would save all spring you all please remember that yes cause of freedom in Christ. Great Falls only as far as my we must not we can all almost all I know anxiety is a large army against. Have we forgotten the interventions of heaven in our favor. People engaged. We remember think so.

I know I shouldn't talk. I firmly believe that God is on our side as long as we are on the Council of Almighty God and humbly employs prominence in this most solemn task she Washington. Most men believe that God is makes it so conflict he cares so long time. The longer I live the more I see this truth is not fall to the ground without his notice, is probable that an empire can rise without his only 13 colonies trying to find, Commonwealth in 20 might not this great union itself become usually separate Commonwealth say that this union you hold so dear will dissolve sacrificed on the altar of freedom. I will do anything to say can I say already been back and forth 100 times in this room. The issue was plain before God. I believe the hour has come survival parish. I am for the declaration is my Livingston and by the passing of God shall be my sense of dependence now and forever.

Dickinson finish off my unpopular forever. I can't stop I also can raise all, right, they are all all that all connection between Great Britain and the necessary so you will and will will will not wake up that boy all my Mr. Franklin. Franklin, no easy now easy. You took quite a fall. I was in Philadelphia with Benjamin Franklin, John arms, which sounds like it's going to be okay. I'll go check on the chair slipped out from under looks like the book hit you with the floor you were only out for a couple of seconds, but we'll take you to the hospital just in case that we talking about when you woke up all this incredible dream I was in the revolution, George Washington, Congress with a message venture that way sometimes. You know really where Mr. Benjamin Franklin looked and sounded like you really all that concludes our Independence Day presentation on Focus on the Family radio drama called the day independence came. It was produced by our tremendously talented adventures in Odyssey team and Jim. I love the creativity and the fun throughout that whole episode.

It was a lot of fun here. My boys love listening to adventures in Odyssey's children about bedtime. That was when we met lately in bed and it was great and they did really love it and so many great lessons for them biblically-based lessons. There so much humor and creativity in the way the team describes that moment in history and I trust to give you another perspective about 4 July and what it means to live in these wonderful United States is amazing to be able to celebrate this holiday. Even though our founding fathers were flawed.

Of course their human there are no perfect people. The Lord brought together some incredibly intelligent and insightful men to form this country and were still benefiting from the wisdom that they put in place many many years ago. That's right. And so many of them as you know Jim had a deep religious faith that was evident when you read the writings only go back and look at history, it seems to be forgotten by so many today and there are even active forces that want to remove God from all public conversation in public view which seemed wrong doesn't it sure does were losing kind of the foundation of what this country was built upon. We talk about what's happening with religious liberty, and the other freedoms that we've enjoyed for over 200 years. These freedoms were brilliant measures that the founding fathers put into place. No other nation was created with these kinds of liberties in mind and we are all so blessed to experience that here. Hopefully God's mercy will continue to flow through this nation so these deep foundational beliefs can be protected. It's true. If we lose these freedoms. I really believe were on the road to tyranny. You only need to look back at history to see that pattern repeated over and over again and I hope we been able to give you an educating and entertaining perspective on the founding of our nation.

Our founding fathers deserve respect and our nation deserves our steadfast diligence to continue being a nation of freedoms and a nation under God. Some good thoughts.

Jim and I trust that you and your family will consider those in light of the celebrations that accompany Independence Day and learn more about adventures in Odyssey, and this specific trauma from our for God and country collection. You'll see the link in the show notes while you're there, let me invite you to help us produce more creative faith building programs like this one. These programs have a profound impact the child's understanding and love for God in your financial gift of any amount today helps us plant more seeds of truth in our adventures in Odyssey series make a monthly contribution or one-time gift any thank you in advance for being generous, coming up next time you'll hear about creating healthy rhythms for your marriage. I have Jim Daly and the entire team. Thanks for joining us today for Focus on the Family I'm John Fuller inviting back to you and your family ride. I was shocked when she gave me the divorce papers.

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