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Optimism, Faith and Freedom in America

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly
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June 9, 2022 6:00 am

Optimism, Faith and Freedom in America

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly

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June 9, 2022 6:00 am

Throughout his public and private life, former Vice President Mike Pence has been motivated for the pro-life cause – honoring and protecting life for all women, men, and babies. In an exclusive interview, the former Vice President shares his Christian faith, calls for a compassionate response to all issues of life and encourages the preservation of religious freedom in America.

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There's a familiar passage in Scripture from the psalmist who wrote for you formed my inward parts, you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Those words have been great reminder and an inspiration to us as we think about how God created each one of us in his image and that's an emphasis on our broadcast today with former VP Mike Vance welcome to Focus on the Family with your host focus president and author Jim man John, I'm so excited.

When you think about that to know that the country is turning back to life in many ways it's exciting more children will survive. Then before and that right there is outstanding to hear about John our VP of external government affairs Tim deadline had the opportunity to sit down with former VP Mike pence, I was unable to make that trip because of the death of a dear friend of mine, Pep Jackson and that landed on the same day as his memorial service.

So I stayed here to do that and be there for sure in his widow, Tim is from the state of Indiana, which is also the former vice president's home state so they had that in common. Mr. Pentz has committed much of his career to promoting and defending life. It's what motivated him to enter into politics years ago and he has consistently stood for the pro-life cause. So Tim asked the VP about the pending Dobbs case in the Supreme Court. What I was referring to a moment ago that change for life.

In addition to pro-life issues is also addressed education and religious freedom in America. In this great conversation that he had and Jim Letts mentioned that Tim gig line serves Focus on the Family and has for about a decade now in the capital in DC of building relationships there and I think you'll enjoy this conversation here stinking like talking with former VP Mike pence on Focus on the Family Mr. VP, you have spoken at length on previous set Focus on the Family broadcast about the impact of your own faith and how it is guided you in the public square meal as a US representative, as the governor of Indiana and is VP now you are in a new chapter in life as a private citizen three grown children. And as you gain more wisdom and experience. Share with us how your faith in Christ has deepened or widened. Will Tim first thank you for that.

Thank you for the great great ministry Focus on the Family were of ours is a family. As you know, that is greatly benefited by this ministry. Over the years. We had family nights at our house every Friday night when the kids were little, now one of those kids is a captain in the Marine Corps. Another one is a published author and another is a graduate of Yale Law school and the remember those nights and those biblical lessons that we were able to have on family nights using that wonderful workbook but you know for us, our family, our relationship with Christ is everything. That's where everything begins its were best days begin and as our life is changed and our family has change that hasn't changed. I love the verse of Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. I tell people after we moved back home to Indiana about a year ago. The this this wasn't our first choice we had different plans for these four years, but over the mantle in our home for now 21 years has been that verse from Jeremiah 2911 or know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

And we don't know what the future holds for her family. We thought we'd see it better from Indiana and will see her way through it with faith. You have been a champion of the pre-born and and for adoption and foster care and orphan care. Things that we care about very strongly Focus on the Family and in fact the pro-life issue had led you into politics even though the issue in one sense should not even be political.

What are you and Karen doing now as private citizens to advance the cause of human life will thank you for acknowledging the work we've done with when I ran for Congress. The first time successfully in the year 2000.

Our kids were little and they would tell you to this day they remember mom and dad saying were selling our dream home were moving back to her hometown spend all of our savings for the babies so we told her kids. So for me to been a part of the season of service where I was able author.

The first legislation to defund Planned Parenthood in the Congress work we really pass pro-life legislation that made it all the way to the Supreme Court expand adoption in Indiana when I was governor was deeply meaningful, but I must tell you Tim is an old friend. It is hard to describe the sense of privilege. I felt being vice president in the most pro-life administration in American history and I saw this administration from day one stand without apology for the sanctity of life and not only in policies like making sure taxpayer dollars were not being used to fund abortion at home and abroad. Also, and in the way we we protected conscience rights of doctors and nurses around the country stood for religious liberty. But in the end it was those 300 judges on federal courts, including 300 just three justices rather on the Supreme Court of the United States that I know I can uphold all the God-given liberties that we cherish in this nation and as we stand here today. We all know about the draft decision that was leaked from the Supreme Court. My hope and my prayer is that that draft decision will soon become the majority opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States that will will send Roe versus Wade to the sheep of history and give America a new beginning.

On the right to life. I want to pick up on that.

If I may. We are, as you say awaiting this major decision to either uphold row or toss it as you say into the dustbin of history to major decision by any objective measure. If Roe is overturned. Mr. VP, what do you think the next chapter of the pro-life movement will look like or should look like, well, I have longed for the day that we would restore the sanctity of life back to the center of American law Roe versus Wade was was wrongly decided, morally and legally. Essentially overturned pro-life laws in all 50 states with one fell swoop, and when we think about the fact that 62 million unborn children saw their lives ended before the day that they would be born the incalculable impact that those people would've had on our nation and then also when I think of the fact that for many women abortion leave scars that can last a lifetime. I just I I rejoice in the idea that we could have a new beginning. But if row versus Wade is overturned, while those who oppose that step by the Supreme Court will tell Americans over and over again that it somehow bans abortion. All that would do is return the question of life to the states and the American people and you asked earlier what we've been doing. I've I've been speaking in crisis pregnancy centers around the country.

Pro-life groups are proud to say our daughter, Charlotte recently spoke at Wisconsin right to life and I think people do well to know that it is. We pray for a new beginning from the Supreme Court will also recognize that should Roe versus Wade be overturned.

It will simply open up a new opportunity in all 50 states in the territories of this country to pass pro-life legislation and what that should look like Tim to answer your very thoughtful initial question is, I think it should look like compassion. I think it should look like the work the crisis pregnancy centers have done. I think I think you will see 2025 states around the country adopt strong pro-life protections given the opportunity to post row America, but I also think the you will see those same states pass unprecedented support for women facing crisis pregnancies prenatal care care for young mothers for unwed mothers and I also think you'll see a wave of adoption reform so that when women bring that baby to term that that they they could know that they could raise that child or that with Grady's be able to place the child in a forever home. I really do think the hallmark of a post row America for pro-life Americans like you and me and like the millions it would listen to this broadcast should be defined by a commitment to life and compassion in the same breath. I want to deepen a comment you made a moment ago which deserves more discussion. I think the federal government continues to fund abortion sellers like Planned Parenthood, to the tune of over half $1 billion a year. Mainly, of course, through Medicaid reimbursements and title X grants. Despite the great efforts made during the Trump Pentz administration to rollback that funding, what with the country and its families look like Mr. VP, if we instead spent that money on supporting adoption and helping mothers in need time of long believe that the abortion is morally wrong, but I also think it's morally wrong to take the taxpayer dollars of millions of Americans who chairs the sanctity of life and use it to support organizations that promote or provide abortions, others there's a loop holders that there's a essentially of a wall that these Planned Parenthood clinics allegedly create that allows them some access to resources that support their non-abortion services, but all supports the same thing.

It was one of the reasons why. In 2006, at the urging of the late Henry Hyde very author of the Hyde amendment. I was encouraged to introduce the first legislation to defund Planned Parenthood and I must tell you this is an issue about which as you know, Tim, there's been broad bipartisan support through the years where it for many Americans regardless of where they stand on the question of abortion they still understand the wrongness of using taxpayer dollars to fund that which leave a majority of Americans find morally objectionable and so I think the time is come to defund Planned Parenthood.

I'm grateful for the leadership of people like Congresswoman Vicki Hartzler, who's continued. That fight. I was proud to cast the tie-breaking vote as vice president to give states the right to defund Planned Parenthood but I really do believe that the largest abortion provider in America should not be the largest recipient of federal funds under title X. My whole is with new majorities in the Congress and ultimately new leadership that the owner of the Pennsylvania Avenue.

We will achieve that in the in the near future. I want to step forward. If I may, for a moment to talk a little bit more about the thing that you spoke about. As we opened our conversation, your faith and its impact. You have always said that marriage, family and parenting are the center of your life with Karen.

All of that rooted you said in Jesus Christ. But now our nation is facing very large levels of fatherlessness. The lowest marriage rates in American history, historic fertility and childbearing at sobering lady.

Low levels yet, marriage, family and parenting has never been more important, what can our nation do about this far beyond the control or the direction or the scope of Washington and the federal government will first and foremost is for people understand there's there is no force more powerful than prayer and praying as the as the Bible tells us that those with turn the hearts of the fathers to their children ought to be on the lips of every believer across the country who shares your very eloquent concern about fatherlessness in this country and I know people are praying. To that end in and I will tell you that I continue to be inspired by ministries across the country that are reaching out to many families, particularly in our inner cities who are struggling under the weight of fatherlessness coming alongside, particularly young men, although boys and girls both need fathers, but it seemed like boys have a greater propensity to find the wrong path without a strong father figure in their life where they replace it with a different kind of authority figure that leads them the wrong way not, but I think there's great work being done across the country, but ultimately I really do believe that that the key for us going forward is to is to do what in many respects I've sought to be about throughout my career, and that is to create an opportunity society and the truth is that the for many families living in our inner cities, particularly predominantly minority families. Often times face struggling economies. Few jobs. Failing and dangerous schools, which itself wages war on families and for our part, I was. I was proud in our administration 10 with the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for African Americans was Sen. Tim Scott, my great friend. We created more than 8000 opportunity zones that directed billions of dollars to create jobs in underserved communities around America and of course I was just this last week in Michigan with the second former Secretary of Education, Betsy divorce, working to enact educational choice in that state in the African-American community has been ahead of the broader population on the need to let parents choose with their kids go to school for decades, and we know that the key to strengthening communities to strengthening families is to is to strengthen the education, the kids are getting and I do believe the time is come to let every parent in America choose where their children go to school regardless of their income area code with its public, private, parochial, Christian Orthodox or room homeschool and I believe the combination of those things will strengthen the foundation under the family in this country and in ways incalculable. You bend out great with your time.

Two quick questions. If I may, first Focus on the Family.

As you know cares very deeply about the fate and state a family of marriage. The healthy raising of kids flourishing faith, etc. the author of the U.S. Constitution. James Madison, one of your heroes said that conscience is the most sacred of all property conscience. What's the way forward to on shackling our faith in public is granted by the Constitution is the I think you put your finger on the begin with is the mean. The truth is that for many who share our worldview for many conservatives, we may be the last line of defense on the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution, I believe is the most important secular document in human history. It is created. The freest and most prosperous and most powerful nation in the history of the world, but there are those that want to walk away from the principles of limited government want to walk away from the God-given liberties enshrined in the First Amendment see in this cancel culture today in the platforming efforts to silence people with whom those on the left disagree their people want to do away with our second amendment denying the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms course I don't to tell your listeners about the consistent assault on the freedom of religion across this country so I can I think for all of us are really believed him that the place that every American should be able to rally around is the Constitution the ideals of our founders and then let's hash it out in elections.

Let's divide it up. But let's but at the end of the day let's let's all keep faith with Constitution. I love you.

George Washington said once that he said the Constitution is the guide I will never abandon. That's my hope. My aspiration is my prayer for America in the generations to come.

Find Mr. VP some believe that if you can just change the government you can change culture and some believe that in fact culture pushes up against the public square. Many Christians of course believe that politics left or right is downstream from culture to culture leads. How can we as a nation work toward a healthier culture for families for religious liberty and for the sanctity of human life.

Well, I I put myself squarely in the camp that the pulpits across this country throughout our history and today have and will always have more impact on the life of this nation than any podium. A politician never stands behind. I truly believe that when you look at and you an article we both love history you look at the American founding, and recognize.

It was the sermons thundering from pulpits up and down the eastern seaboard that drove the quest for independence and one is a country of our own you think of the great progress we made toward a more perfect union civil rights progress we make in our lifetime in this country. All of that with very very few exceptions, was driven from communities of faith and and so I isolated. I'm very optimistic about the future of America.

Because I will tell you in all my travels as VP and all of the other roles us are. I've come to to fixed opinions and that is the this is a freedom loving nation and this is a nation of faith, people all across America cherish faith and I I think more and more are turning back their hearts to him.

That foundation of faith and and in so doing, I have every confidence that will will as the Bible says will you will hear from heaven, and he'll heal this land, but it will be because of the prayers of the faithful as it has always been that will have a brighter future for America on that Reaganite and optimistic tone. Mr. VP, thank you so much for your time greatly appreciated and all of us and Focus on the Family are praying for you and Karen in your faith. Thank you to asked him gig line Focus on the Family VP of external and government relations speaking with former VP Mike pants at John something that caught my attention was when the former VP described in one word what the pro-life movement should look like you said compassion.

I love that there are women who are hurting and confused and scared and they may have an unplanned pregnancy and they don't know where to turn for help. Maybe they're embarrassed for anyone to know they're pregnant and that leads to ending the pregnancy secretly, quietly, though they may not have chosen God's best for their baby and maybe they didn't really understand at the time they were really doing the church's response should always be filled with compassion and love for that woman.

They need to know the scope of God's grace is love and forgiveness that's available through Christ, no matter their past decision-making religion what I hear you saying is that we need to be first focused on understanding and loving people, and then at the same time sharing truth right that the pro-life cause is not about winning an argument. It can't be about proving that were right and someone else is wrong.

I think as the church were doing a pretty good job in this area of compassion, but if were going to influence the culture to honor and preserve life.

We have to be willing to step up and help women and men, for that matter involved in these decisions in some very practical ways. There are lots of things that we can do. It's a commitment that work and have to make as we become the hands and feet of Jesus in the lives of others and we impact them for Christ. And I can only say you know with the Dobbs decision if it goes the way we think it will go.

It makes it a 50 state field of play. We gotta get engage in 50 states and do what God called us to do the wonder ways that we can help you grab onto and sees this pro-life moment is through our C life 2022 series of videos and a simulcast experience that happens next Tuesday, June 4 on our campus of the digital experience features vignettes shown on all the focus social media sites with really inspirational stories and messages from prominent pro-life voices including Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens and Jeannie Mancini. Phil Wickham is leading our worship, come and see what God has in store for us this year and join us for sea life 2022. Next Tuesday, June 14 you'll find all the details in the links in the show notes or call us are numbers one 800 K and the word family, John. Let me also add man this is so critical focus is trying to work with the pregnancy resource centers and other service facilities you think about a Catholic hospitals Protestant hospitals in pro-life states were we can work together to create an environment of life.

I've talked to several of those governors they're willing.

They're open there ready.

I think in many ways they need some guidance on how we can do this.

This really puts it back to all 50 states and I could easily see the states that support life in a bigger way than, say, Colorado or California that are supporting death until the last moment of birth me think of the gruesome mess of that, but I could see a few years from now the states that have supported life that family is thriving in those states that moms and babies are thriving in the states, but we have a lot of work to do and focus is gonna play a role in I hope you as a supporter to this ministry will be willing to help us right now $60 saves a baby's life through option ultrasound, but that is just the beginning. As we talked about working as an agent to bring groups together in these various states to deliver services for moms to work with Christian business owners to provide job training job placement hospitals for pro bono medical services to work with those pregnancy resource centers to help equip these moms with cribs and diapers and other things. All of us need to be involved locally. The churches can help get involved in volunteer also work with focus to bring life to the states and I just think those states that don't want to work toward life, they will unfortunately hang a shingle of death out for those babies when I so appreciate your heart there. Jim and again, let me turn to you our listener and say you can make a difference on this issue of life by getting involved. Certainly we would encourage you to support Focus on the Family as were stepping up in big ways.

In the coming days make a generous donation today. However, God leads and help us continue this work at Focus on the Family and thanks in advance for your support and thank you for praying for us as we continue to step up day in and day out next time on this broadcast when you hear from Jim Burks I can. I'm not saying that there are tough issues. There are tough issues today and we have to face that fact. But in the midst of it, isn't there a chance that we could just dance a little worse thing a little make a better on behalf of Jim Daly and the entire team here at Focus on the Family.

Thanks for joining us today. I'm John Fuller inviting you back tomorrow as we once again help you and your family thrive in Christ. In light of the Supreme Court's recent decision on abortion are you ready for what comes next and how should we respond as emotions run high as Christians we need to be ready.

Focus on the Family can help you prepare.

Join us every Monday to hear inspiring stories from people who their own pro-life moment and experience God's love to learn more, go to moment moment

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