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Reasons to Believe in Jesus (Part 2 of 2)

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly
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May 13, 2020 2:00 am

Reasons to Believe in Jesus (Part 2 of 2)

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly

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May 13, 2020 2:00 am

The Rev. Canon J.John highlights a few of the reasons Christianity is appealing - its historical accuracy, the opportunity to be forgiven and the fact that the Christian faith really works. (Part 2 of 2)


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I'm a Christian because it's true. I'm a Christian because I need forgiveness. I'm a Christian because Jesus died for me. I'm a Christian calls actually was quite a declaration from our guest on Focus on the Family your hostess focus Pres. Jim Daly and I'm John Fuller, John today were coming back to message from British evangelist Jay John who we just heard in that clip explaining more reasons why he's a Christian J John is a world traveling evangelist and he and his wife Kelly live near London. He's authored several great books and he's really a favorite with her lesson is indeed in here now is J John recorded at an Easter service in Australia and will start with a brief recap of what we heard last time on Focus on the Family for reasons why a Christian if I could give you more reasons kind of with a totally logical reason why a Christian, for reasons why you should be a Christian is a very famous face in the Bible located in John's Gospel chapter 3 verse 16 it says that for God so loved the world that he gave his only son so you believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life is one sentence kind of captures the essence of what Christianity is all about.

The first reason why I'm a Christian is because Jesus Christ is alive, his resurrection old fancy case. Everything that he said everything that he did the dead 40 days before his ascension into heaven. During the 40 day period that he schools he neither withdrew nor did anything that he told the previous three years. That is why we can believe Jesus about the Palm about the present and about the future.

I am a Christian because Christianity is true. The second reason why I'm a Christian is because I need forgiveness I need forgiveness I get a whole series of lectures Oaks at University and the student comes up to make ice's office and to oil lectures. I've enjoyed the gang I got enough and then he goes. This is what he said. Personally, I believe Christianity is a crutch I sit today. If you broke both of your legs which you appreciate the use of a wheelchair to get around it suggests I would sit if you broken one leg, would you appreciate the use of crutches to get around is it yes I would.

I said I'm a broken possum so you I've never met a person who isn't broken. I'm so pleased I can lean on Jesus while he is putting it back together again. True, I'm a Christian because I need forgiveness. That's why you should become a Christian because you need forgiveness. The third reason why a Christian is because Jesus did something for me free you to create the overdrive. So, for God so love the world, put your name and then forgot so loved John for God so loved your name in the day for God so loved you the he gave his only son. He gave his only son, Jesus came into this world to do something for us on doing my shopping at the supermarket and the lady at the supermarket on the checkout desk. She had a cross around her neck so I said no I said your Christian cheeses will I think your Christian cheeses were you talking about I did you go cross around your neck because I nine name Tracy Isaac trace was not nice.

It was nonstate.

She looked at me as though I was an alien that I just landed from another planet on pointless stuff on the conveyor belt with packing with talking to Tracy listen if I'm hearing here and you said what she hearing that the gas chamber chamber want you wearing again same area so I want to remember how millions of Jewish people died in the second world and then he sits in English around the rearing allowed on the electric chair to chair while you wearing an electric chair hearing. Also, I want to remember how criminals got executed the United date. I think tracing what would you think of me if I was walking around with an acting chair hearing and a gas chamber hearing multi thing which looks so I think tracing is not because this is an execution on to say, Tracy wouldn't think you wearing around your neck.

I think tracing you going to remember this Jesus didn't wear it around his glory on the bank's and we were in this huge supermarket is like the whole place went quiet.

She came into this world to clear our trough to clear our withdrawal when he grew, and he's walking around the stores of the little town in an antique shop. Don't believe it in the front windows.

One of his mouth. The pieces he was one that he painted.

He is before he was famous.

The frame was broken. It was scratched. It was dented.

The painting was the case, but he couldn't go into antique stores like my painting get back to me if you want to back to buying back before he could clean it, restore it, reframe it, Jesus boxes back Jesus. Jesus came into the world and died upon the cross because by dying on the cross he was purchasing office forgiveness from the path unit when I experienced this.

I experienced this on 9 February 1975.

The light came on straight like a light came on. I will I know what it was.

Now I know is that my mother sigil brainwashed.

I could mother my brain has been washed. If you have any new mom was in my brain. You be pleased to go most. It is an incredibly amazing X. To be set free from the path you and I cannot alter the path but we can bring the path to the altar of gold.

We can be cleansed and set free. I'm a Christian why my Christian because it's true. I'm a Christian because I need forgiveness. I am a Christian because Jesus John died on the cross for me to purchase for me forgiveness from the path back 12 us. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son so that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead to give you and me forgiveness from the path you life. Today Anna hello for the future shop. Today today I love it when you read the Bible you read about Jesus you read about who he he walls and what he did and who really is.

It's amazing.

There are so many different images in the Bible to help with charrette Jesus is the bread of life so that bakers can understand Jesus is the altar of life so that plumbers can understand Jesus is the light of the wall so the electricians can understand Jesus is the cornerstone to the architects can understand Jesus is the son of righteousness.

Astronomers can understand Jesus is the hidden treasure to the anchors can understand Jesus's life so that biologists can on the time Jesus is is the great physician, so the doctors and nurses can understand Jesus is a good teacher educators can understand Jesus is the Lily of the Valley to the Flores can understand Jesus is the rock of geologists can understand Jesus is the true vine to the multiculturalist can understand Jesus is the righteous one so that judges can understand Jesus is the pearl of great price to the jewelers can understand Jesus's wisdom so that philosophers can understand Jesus is the one on the side. This can understand Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega so that scientists can understand Jesus is the King of Kings royalty can understand Jesus is the way to the traffic wardens can understand. She said that politicians can understand numbers that she is one) you need forgiveness you should be a Christian because Jesus died for you. You can have forgiveness and the possible new life today and hope for the future, the world Christian has got the word Christ in it. If you remove the word Christ from the word Christian life with RIAA and to help you. I'm sure is a nice guy. I need to many people today say all yeah Christian Chris more in common with the lady we crying.

Think of your life like you can't just remember like a call I can. The color of your life to be a Christian means Christ is in you will call Kaiser in a few minutes on the SKU if he's not in your car putting in the con standout little machine to do that how one might, maybe if you got them in the car you got them in the call others you have and invite them in tonight got them in the car. Where is he you drive your car to church on the blue on the trunk Jesus out for religious happy hour say back in their building 9J Johnny's the boot in the trunk is in the car where on the back seat a bit of a passenger is in the front passenger seat. Bit of a companion but still a passenger. You're thinking we know where you're going with this change on you.actually, you'll thinking he's now going to say is he in the driving seat of the car like I am actually raising the driving seat of the car of your life. Every body he thought yes he's in the driving seat of the car my life. I have one more question for you on your backseat driver to come to an intersection. Jesus turns that I'm going down the right of generosity to another intersection. Jesus turns right on going down the road of forgiveness is one of you to see the movie my big fat Greek wedding on Greek and Greek. When movie came out friends of mine said John is it true is it true true tools will my mother is a travel agent for guilt trip, but my belief in Jesus that my behavior has to affect what I do and how I do it see it's very easy to say all yeah Jesus is in my life. Some of you tonight. You know Jesus is in the car of your life but you need to reposition Jesus.

Some of you go to get him out of the trunk the boot out of the backseat and you go to say Jesus I want you in the driving seat of my life because he said if he is in the driving seat.

This is what can happen.

His current will produce in you and through you, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faith, self-control. So it how even Christians five months five years 15 years. Okay, how fruity are you lacking some of that fruit magical little red light in your car, flashing sign is time for a repositioning for some of you tonight. I got to stand up and say hey I wanted in my life I wanted in the driving seat. I want my overdrive clear others of you go to safe tonight. I need to reposition I'm a Christian because it is true because I need forgiveness because Jesus died for me. I can't give you another reason why more. I'm a Christian because it was made in our next-door neighbors, then all Christians yet they call my wife and I the neighbors from heaven is quite encouraging actually is and that you won't be called the night was the undersigned to the lady, she had a stroke and as a consequence of the stroke. She fell into a coma and had to be admitted into the hospital and on the family came around she was in intensive care. The family came rancid. We just met the doctors and adults is of told us that there is no brain activity on the weekends to switch off the life-support machine in five days and my wife said I was away that day, my wife said listen. Is there any way that we can go and visit before you turn the life-support machine off. They said all w00t you because she was so fond of you and it worked out because I was away. I got back we went on the fifth day so that they often turn off the life-support machine we go to the hospital. We walk into this intensive care room and that she's there on the road we will can III call out to her and I say, hey, the name is from heaven.

I hear my wife like the why we are in intensive care. Sorry sorry sorry then I saw speaking to, and I say to listen, we come to pray for you, so can you get hold of her hand. I hold Kitty's hand.

I hold her brother Isaac Kelly.

Let's pray the prayer that Jesus taught us and we prayed our father, who often have been hallowed be your name. You'll kingdom come, as we said, your kingdom come to work up. She still long Christian Christianity were listen listen I'd been in the ministry for 33 years, Christians on Easter people who live in the Good Friday world. The world is broken in a world that is the tension between miracle and mystery. I realize that you might be in a situation where you feel overwhelmed by these mysteries that if happening to you buttons. Whatever it is, God knows God knows if you have a concern about your health okay wherever you put your hand now, and you ha ha when we are now going to pray for everyone has a health need to Jesus you are the King of Kings and you are the great physician, so are asking you to release more of your healing presence and where there is any sickness, infection disease, we pray that you will flush this out of our systems now where there is been any kind of degeneration were asking you for regeneration were asking you for restoration, and we pray health and wholeness and well-being and quality in mind and spirit, and we pray that you will continue to minister your healing grace throughout this night all through the house of Ousley minister healing to us and maybe we experience this week a tangible sign of your healing artwork.

We pray this in the name of Christ on men I've given you four reasons why I'm a Christian I'm a Christian because it's true. I'm a Christian because I need forgiveness. I'm a Christian because Jesus died for me.

I'm a Christian because it actually works close out this episode of Focus on the Family and a good Mr. I think we can also say that Christianity actually works out so true John and you might not have seen someone come out of a coma while you're praying for them is J John and Kelly did, but I think all of us could say that we see in circumstances where God has obviously worked behind the scenes for our good and get this when we are this program in 2017. People actually experienced healing.

I can explain it. Here's a note we received from Andrew. He said we try to listen to your broadcast whenever possible, and are so thankful we heard Jay John's message.

My wife and two mammograms and an ultrasound that confirmed she had a suspicious mass, we pray for physical healing along with J John and felt a real connection to God. We were blessed with the miracle because today when the doctors prepared to do the biopsy. No mass could be found, and we thank the Lord for Focus on the Family, but more importantly, let me say thank the Lord for his actions.

Yeah that's really incredible and so amazing got so good and boil tell you John, that note was quite a blessing to all of our staff and who knows how many other people were healed of a physical problem or praying along with J John that David didn't have time to let us know. I think that's just a great example of how the Holy Spirit moves through the work were doing every day here Focus on the Family the course, we've seen a lot of tragedies associated with the coronavirus pandemic as well, but we've also seen many miracles and other providential circumstances that could only have been orchestrated by the Lord and it's been great to see powerful displays of faith like Christian singing worship songs in a hospital parking lot.

While the staff sings along on the rooftop. What a faith builder really is the engine that makes me think of something that a recent guest Dr. Norm Wright shared about a nurse who held the hand of a dying patient because the family members just couldn't be there and she didn't want the poor woman to die alone so that nurse stepped in and what an expression of Christ's love and a reminder that we have opportunities big and small to show kindness and mercy and gentleness to those around us to represent Christ to those around us well and what a great word picture help us hold the hands of those who are hurting, that's what you're doing when you're supporting the ministry or focus our phone lines are open and were available to help you if you need to speak to a counselor. Please let us know will be happy to schedule a call back for you free of charge. That's a service were honored to provide to you and we know many families are hurting financially and perhaps physically right now but if you can give today to help us minister to others, we'd really appreciate it if you make a donation of any amount will send you the CD of this message from J John so that you can pass along to a friend or family member who might need to hear we made a special version of the CD without all the extra comments so request a copy when you get in touch with us. Ask for the special CD when you call 800 K in the word family or follow the link in the episode's and others also link there in the notes about the booklet we have called coming home. How to know God can either download it for you. Give us a call and would be happy to send on behalf of Jim Daly and the entire team.

Thanks for listening to this Focus on the Family podcast liberating for us what you and sure about this episode with a friend. Thanks in advance for doing I'm John Fuller inviting you back next time. As we once more help you and your family driving Christ

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