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Kids: You Gotta Love 'Em!

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly
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May 18, 2020 2:00 am

Kids: You Gotta Love 'Em!

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly

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May 18, 2020 2:00 am

Comedian Kenn Kington celebrates funny family moments as he shares memorable experiences he's had with his wife and children.

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Okay George drop on your pajamas.

You want to spike.

She put her finger in my face joys time Eldred can Kingston got some comic relief to hear the highs and lows of life together as a family, your host is Focus on the Family. President Jim Daly and I'm John Fuller well John when times are hard. It's important to enjoy some laughter.

I believe in and that's what we have with our guests. Can Kingston today that Ken is a very popular comedian and motivational speaker and he's got quite a knack for finding the humor in everyday moments with his wife and three kids, so I know you're going to enjoy his message was go ahead and get into it. Here's can Kingston from his DVD called wow moments and pick up after his opening remarks on today's episode of Focus on the Family Digital's not easy, but I got a marriage is wonderful. I love you and is not easy, not easy, but it's worth it tonight and he knew he was married less than a year. That's also you should be proud of.

I can't breathe. He's going to work. He's coming home now stays in hours like we were seeing the differences in that little 5% that's different to drive you crazy. I'm I'm OCD C, my clothes are all in the right order different colors and I can't go by the sink with and washed the dishes in my okay yeah I know you being try to continue so long and so old and I all the laundry below average for women over 36 he's been alive, my life is a condition I have turned G.I. Bill D.

Get it later disorder later. Later later seems to never come get it later is dangerous with the bathroom. One night she left her drawer out.

This is all will go the next you left your drawer. She was didn't have time to time just okay iPhone problem stop was ready. Time this was 19 walk downstairs to get a glass cover. It was dark.

I would open it. I missed it because it was open week of the next morning the pool of blood you left the cupboard door. I did recently to get frustrated with those little pieces but I don't because 95% time. She is one of the little pieces got is blessed me with my wife as a condition for all student language arts teacher and she will mix up words all the time.

It's just entertaining with this agreement. This agreement really hard anymore, just as you say potato I say tomato the same ruling all not even close. And I don't even know what she does understand it.

I just broke the last straw that were driving. She will throw an idea. She does not want to make is nothing we have to do. I just want to put a bug in your ear to chew on. She said what is that look for that.

I don't really get you in my ears, this one with favorites of last year. This lady calls her sister job, new job job I hated you hit your new job. My boss always breathing down my throat. I would hate that job to those extremes.

Another lady said her dad had a spot spot on his hand, called her mom. Hey, how's that spot is anything but next week anyway. I go to heaven get an autopsy optimistic, but I love that about my wife and I made my way.

I only love I need her.

We have children is my least favorite phrases that I might I might have last February was cold last February.

I'm driving Bob's son's school when I hear out of the backseat of what you mean know. Oh my, I might have forgot something might have forgot some not just a little pull hear someone on the side of the room here February driving to school. He might have forgotten what very good, very good backpack. Very good. I thought of those well that was a good guess. So here just I might've forgotten who said she do you know points. Do you want will there's nothing on my ongoing week later my wife told my kids drop only my sons in the living room. Did you hear your mother is good. Your shoes ask you where is the last place you don't. He did not say anything but the look on his face was like well you if I knew I was a college education. I'm something to this conversation was remember my feet. Amazing, amazing, but I absolutely love great student.

Great lastly good kid and I wouldn't know where you'll just come up with something but her mom was like going to Florida. We just go there a few times can I go like Charmaine English 1C world did you really likes the world as a kid because I know it's one walk around reaction what you mean a reaction against taking a fishing pole about life don't get distracted by all the stuff out there. What is is really important in those go through my mind what's really important and I learned this to my kids love God shows me this to my children about a year later they were in bed one night, my voice shared room and we lived downstairs in the room was upstairs in the middle of night three in the morning I hear he was sick. I went up the stairs, walking he's on his bed, standing on his bed like a superhero to do what you doing like you been rehearsing this or some Moloch chocolate milk. Now the time and he looked at me like maybe you didn't hear this right. I'm standing up.

I should get on my knees, daddy mama talk about now. Night night time was bad and he looks at me and one part of this. Do you not get saying all the right's and I lay I will get you all the chocolate milk one in the morning.

But right now it's nine nighttime put his head on the pillow talk about said nobody is nine nighttime and he rolled over. Okay daddy and went to sleep.

As I walked down the steps. It was one of those moments know God is never spoken audibly never heard but it was between conscious and unconscious that part of the soul always like I know this is something more than median and I just whispered can. That's the way I want you to be what you ask for anything and just know that I'm only going to give you what's best when it's best just like I literally stopped on the stairs that recognize those moments are happening and I need help with that too.

When I ask God help me not miss these moments of driving my son to practice last year.

Last year I get to coach you my love coaching basketball driver to pull up to a red light. My son Mike Paul, 14 years old. That's unbelievable.

It's a brand-new Maserati right next to us how fast you think I don't know is I'm not sure that it hit the canvas is a moment you know what I could have one of those he said yes I have one page 40 like you know, I know why I said you you want to be with all this is no only do wouldn't trade you for 10 unbelievable as well like you know you get better. We can hang out together. You can feed yourself you will poop in your limestone. He made it.

I really got an older brother 11 months old and he made it is my older son.

I'll never forget this. My oldest son was probably just about to sleep is just about 10, 11 months, and bouncy seat little bouncy for the baby and bouncy Cody was in one of the holes in it got really quiet when you have babies quiet is not good. I walked around the corner. There is my oldest son straddled over the bouncy seat with a bag of cheese puffs, stuffing them into Cody's mouth like 10 you have children that are close in age and normal they don't belong all the time.

We have a very simple discipline like you can't get along, you sit on the steps sit on the steps of worse than death sit on this.

They would just five minutes seemed like an eternity to like a five-year-old is walking down the hall one day and out of the room where they shared a major thought that good start walking down the hall to investigate right before I get to the doorway. I hear my second son sniffling and my oldest son when you're six years.

I'm surprised they survive beryllium and then I remember we read these books when they were born read books schedule. We did a great reason to make the make choices early and often and let them find out through failure and learn to let them make choices when the earlier there are choices obvious four years old while the sun came in he was exhausted.

One night, this time for bed, her entire like you tired and I thought great part for choice.

I said no you have a choice you like to put on your pajamas and brush her teeth and go to bed.

What would you like a spanking jungles and going to great choice.

That is the choice I would've made a good choice you have children you know they're different love. Months later, my second son returns for Saturday night. He's exhausted. He's staggering. He's so tired like time for bed like your tire will like okay you have a choice. Brush from pajamas and go to bed or do you want to spanking any stood there like three minutes and Mike did you hear me after the spanking. Can I stay on five years later we have a little girl they are different, she or she is on the verge of tears she so quiet.

She's tired like you tired you need to go to bed it's past your bedtime. We are tired you need to go to bed okay choice drop it on your pajamas and brush her teeth and go to bed you want to spank.

She put her finger in my face think that's what details different details. I love this time were you feeling bad about yourself you little little depressed thinking I need some entertainment.

I got no money what to do the Walmart reality TV you got reality right there is a freak show every day right there. I love Walmart.

There's always after midnight. There is always one only with a little kid walk around Walmart to halter top all, what's wrong probably something I'm living for the day that one of those little kids is moments there just those moments in life and I tell you I love those moments we were actually the boys were small. We took him to Disney World. I love you ever seen this or not but the breakfast character sweeping like 40 bucks for cold days. You sit there even wonder why he paid $40 for cold eggs in these big furry people off roles last day we were there we decide we want to Momento a memory.

We took downtown Disney to do a souvenir shop that is all huge wall of stuffed animals and the whole you can get one up anything.

My oldest son wanted shoppers trauma. I watched him freak out and then I watched Cody Cody was right down here to write them once a gram to spinning drills and Cody standing right there not dizzy makes most of the stuff that was gender-neutral. They make you masculine in nature is one that is feminine in nature and that is Duchess My run is Duchess is a will you want to get you and Katie. Katie you tender Tender number want to Katie, the lion King you love lion King County. Every time I made the suggestion got closer and tighter held on for dear life and that's your choice.

He loved this cat For years and I and he never wavered. He loved this cat Mike okay got to get in.

I'll never forget. We came home two weeks later, I wanted to document the bed and I was love to pray over my kids on their little hours printed text. Different parts are just prayer my God-given wisdom beyond their days and give them a heart of compassion, give them arms reach out to others walking the truth but Lord please, please, most of all to the cannot brief you couldn't handle it anymore. There we go all the time so that our good Lord, thank you for getting walked in Cody's time for bed is kneeling on his bed and I walked in and he's back to the choice of what happened about time for bed just clear the water of this Duchess laying on his bed with his little green blanket over and he leaned over because I paid a heavy heart and the names and he said said you can keep the Priceless moment from Ken Kingston on today's Focus on the Family John this has been fun today, but can't made an important point with the last story children mimic us his son Cody was repeating the prayer that he heard Ken say every night with them and I think that's a great reminder for us as parents. Your children are watching, let them see you being a faithful follower of Jesus Christ. That's one of the best things you can do for them, it might be overwhelming for some but Ken gave us a really good first step to take. And that is to just pray with your children give them that model of how we can approach her heavenly father and praise him and admit when we've done wrong and then ask for what we need. That's a great point John and will post some helpful articles about prayer on our website. Come check it out and let me just say if you need someone to pray for you. Please give us a call. Our staff would be honored to hear your concerns and pray with you and if your situation warrants it, they can have one of our caring Christian counselors give you a call back.

I know times are tough for many families right now. For that reason we like to offer you the DVD of Ken's message with over an hour of content for a donation of any amount and if you can't make a donation.

That's okay. Just let us know and will trust others will cover the cost of getting that to you. We want to give your family. This blessing of humor.

That's the point which sure is and her number here at Focus on the Family is 800 the letter a in the word family 800-232-6459 and we have further details. Of course, in the episode notes can also donate online and request that wow moments DVD by Ken Be sure to join us next time to hear how to make your post quarantined life better than ever warrants you the life that God has for every day on behalf of Jim Daly and the entire team. Thanks for joining us today for this Focus on the Family podcast. Please take a moment and read us at iTunes or the Google store and share this episode with the print function. I'm John Fuller inviting you back next time.

As we once more help you and your family thrive in Christ

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