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Finding Peace of Mind in Christ

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly
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March 15, 2021 6:00 am

Finding Peace of Mind in Christ

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly

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March 15, 2021 6:00 am

"Duck Dynasty" star and author Phil Robertson discusses his colorful past as a (self-described) "scumbag" and "beer joint" owner who sought out worldly pleasures at the expense of his young family, and describes how his relationship with Jesus Christ has transformed his life.

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I just did that for the ladies know their Sonoma heads of the chair for most of the one and only Phil Roberts of Andy's Duck Dynasty to hear from him today on Focus on the Family with your host focus president Jim Daly and I John Pope John. We really appreciate the Robertson family and have enjoyed getting to know them several interviews over the years and today we have an opportunity to hear from their patriarch Phil Robertson as he tells his own testimony in more detail than we've heard up to this point back in his high school days. Phil was an amazing athlete earning Allstate rankings in football, baseball and track and in college. He was a starting quarterback for Louisiana Tech and got a Masters degree in education. After graduation, Phil spent several years as a highly acclaimed teacher in Louisiana schools but by the time he was in his late 20s. Phil had succumbed to alcohol and drug addiction and had abandoned his wife Kay and young sons. And that's where we'll pick up the story today. Here's Phil Robertson speaking at Gateway church in Southlake, Texas. Today's episode of Focus on the Family almost normal woman like you. That's how we all got here first birth that first birth gets us on the earth right that got you on the earth that second birth get you off the earth pretty go the mother of all stories hello. God does work in mysterious ways before I became a child of God. Only beer joint.

My little sister told one of the brothers at a congregation matter in West Monroe, Ben Arkansas, my little sister told that guy.

One of the brothers if you could convert my brother, you could convert it he would bring many many people to Jesus and she Asked Him If He Says Go on the Far Is at 75 Miles. I Don't Know about Going Way up and There You Know Going to Appear.

John Is Ever Going to Have To Go to the Beer Joint As Ray Is. Finally She Talked Him into It. So They Come in Unbundling to Me. My Little Sister Goes around to the Front of the Bar Passing out Tracts. Everybody Is Getting Dragon around As a Religious Bible Thumper Doing Any They Started Get Little Hostile toward My Sister so I Had to Go in and Break Data. The Guy Walks and She Brought the Preacher and the First Thing I Asked Him Was You, Some Kind of Preacher. He Said I Am. I Say Let Me Ask You Some You Ever Been Drunk. He Said I Have I Said so Why Are You up Here Telling Me about Get Drunk Because You Been Drunk Just like I'm Getting Drunk Right Now Right to Make a Long Story Short, That First Meeting He Walks outside and Tells My Little Sister When They Get in the Car. I Don't Think He's Ready. A Year Later, I Ran Ms. K of an Owl Was There.

I Think Jase Was to a Little Baby.

I Ran a Mouth, I Will Slack Getting High, Getting Drunk.

I Was a Scumbag and a Heathen. What's Amazing Is a Year after the Initial Meeting with the Preacher. Mild Loving Lap That Our Office about You Talk to Him Just Sober up a Little Bit and Talk to Him so She Talked Me into It and He Shared with Me What I'm Fixing to Share with You to Make a Long Story Short, I Decided since I Didn't Even Realize Who Jesus Was Too Busy from November Open Get Drunk. I'm Thinking, How Did I Miss That Couple College Degrees. Now They Didn't Say Anything about God or Jesus. What Is in College and Get Your College Never Brought Him up Father-Son Holy Spirit. The Only Time I Heard the Word God Mentions When I Was in College They Would Use His Name in Vain.

So I Decided Having Been a Haven for 28 Years and I Put All My Breaks. The Preacher Didn't Have To Tell Me to Repent. I Knew What Repentance Meant. He Didn't Have To Say Philip, Let Me Explain You What Repentance Means Fail All That and You Know A Lot Although You Know That Don't You. You Know I Doing Good Is Your Love Is Joy, Peace, Patience and Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, Self-Control so That in the Big Long Explanation. I Knew It Was Time and I Was Motivated by the Gospel of Jesus. And I Said Will Not Serve the Evil One.

All This Time.

Now I'm Fixing to Serve God. So I Go from This Way to About-Face and I'm Going That Way Now and I'm Was Committed to God and Made a Pact with Them. I Said I'll Run Wide Open for You. God As Fast As I Ran Wide Open for the Devil for 28 Years. So Now Been at This for a 442 Heathen for 28 Son of God. For the Last 42. Trust Me When I Tell You This Last 42 Has Been Way better than the first 20 8P the red stop, please has come my way.

What is it fail. What's the rarest of commodities. What is it that came your way. Peace of mind finally got it. You're never going to have peace of mind without Jesus Christ, Amber, it happened fits of rage, sexual immorality, hatred, discord, fractions in the jealousy you know the list of sins I gave you list the fruit of the spirit. About five minutes ago. Now you're getting the list of scenes you want to keep that up, they can borrow God, no Bible. Tell me about it. Now all our work with his people who are getting high, getting drunk is that what I'm going to trust me honey when I tell you I know exactly what you're going through. I been there and realize it was such a trap until I got I get out of the trap that Satan had me and I look back and I said what was I thinking. The truth is I wasn't thinking so I been delivered from Satan. So now I went from didn't get drunk to be in a son of God, and now shark of socks I've written us and use the problem with fame one.

It's a big headache to his pain can't remove my seeing yours it can't do it. And on top of that use MFL. You said you were rich. It's not going to help me when it comes to being raised from the day had all the money in the world is never going to be able to raise it from the dead, Texas right better keep first things first: they're going to have your funeral and mine. You can go now. They're going to have my funeral. One of these days in the fields to you can go like that you can say like the guy told me one time you put that on the unit will tell me I'm going I said oh you go.he said no sir but it gets everything I want to tell them the good news about the resurrection of Jesus, but he was sad. I'm not all that hassle you go that somewhere I can about it with his and so are you argued with him for 30 minutes trying to convince him he's going to die. He left the house and nobody telling me that going to jump six weeks goes by and the guy that Browning he said you know the dude was arguing with you about Diane feel. I said I remember he said he just did. I said what happened doing the city was knifed to death in a bar right up the road. I just wonder what he get the ground floor. I wonder if he thought about our conversation. If in the beginning God did not create the heavens and the earth.

If that's not what happened.

You're not getting out here so what's the scoop. You have two problems. You cannot fix. You can't fix him one as you claim are your mother admits about earlier.

You know what you are a sinner because you didn't know what the law said you know what I was your about two hours all your prayer for you at your mother's breast is yearning. However, how ever you were a toddler good to go. But when you hit them teenage years alone in there somewhere. Something happened. The commandments started coming and you didn't understand what you had from Adam what you inherited from them was the ability to know the difference between the you had that now leads up good and evil. What God told, I don't know Toledo that because if you do you need an x-ray will know what is good if you do one every last one of us found out what evil was at some point. So when you started being sexy tomorrow early early early so you violate one of God's commands using how many does it take just one and you've been dead in your sins. Ever since you used to be dead in your sins and transgressions in which you used to live for the Savior.

When you follow the ways of the world and you followed the ruler of the kingdom of the error. This spirit who works in those who are disobedient, you're like oh my goodness. So when physical death comes along and you're already spiritually dead in your sins you're cut off forever eternally God is not like our government can't pay them off. Can't rope a dope and get around and you say God is just so for the saved here. I'm like, be thankful you are blessed because your sins have been forgiven, your sins are covered. No sin will never ever be counted against you to give you peace of mind knowing on top of that you can be raised from the dead.

How did it happen something rather large must've happened in year one, because we all say in its 2016 years since it what could've happened that your counter is based on you know why your account by the creator of the cosmos has become a human being coming forth out of a woman's womb just like all of you same kind of birth.

The difference between this one and all you he got to the early teenage years, and he grew in wisdom and stature, and he may have better made one mistake he never violated the law. 100% God 100% human, and he never made a mistake. That's why this Bible says everyone who sins breaks the law that you, but not him and fax sin is lawlessness. But you know that he, God becoming flesh if you could speak a cosmos into existence at a word.

By faith we understand the universe was formed at God's command, something like I'm a redneck something like do it the cosmos. There and that God becomes one of us and walks on the cosmos. One little bitty please earth he's working on it. You talk about a story what you call that the mother of all arrivals, the creator of the cosmos becomes a human being. You know why there's no one like Jesus Christ. No, God becoming flesh, the creator of the cosmos through him. He appeared to him is no sin. Jesus is rehab right you say I get in Gina's rehabilitation has come my way. No doubt about it. Redemption has come your way. Holiness is come your way.

You have to stay in Jesus. You have to walk a CD and while you're on the earth. You say, and no sin can touch me, no sin can never touch it. Under law, you have to be perfect under grace.

You just trust God and try it when you stumble, there is provision for you sin. The blood of Jesus is to give you peace of it gets goes you're going. Don't be like that guy that you will not for God in flesh to love Phil Robertson being the scumbag that I was a scumbag I told you filthy language, my mouth. I didn't know any better dad and my sins. The guy who wrote most of the New Testament we converted again because he was running dope across 10 African-Americans. He was a brother, his mama one of her sisters asked me to go down and plead for mercy with the judge's consul, Texas. I said I'll do it. So I drove down there on the day the old German citizen and I got up and made a plea for my brother who was fixing to be sent to prison. Please cut him some slack. You have any problem with dealing with a drug dealer state of Texas despite suggested to get there that I have no problem with that. I don't want just as it is I'm asking for mercy judge.

He gave my brother I was there when the cinema and Willie was there when he walked outside the prison gates. Willie said, was it worth it. He said no it was not worth the dotted all so 12 1/2 13 years he spent in prison. I said Paul you come to my house to stay there no charge. You live with me. Ms. K to get 20 feet emerita girl who was half black and had Latino we merit them in my yard, and the local rednecks would drop about launching their boat down the way they were looking over their, and they some Mexicans, Blacks and rednecks eating cake and singing songs to God.

Rednecks rednecks arousal pool of lost my boat over at us all about going home. He said I knew right then there gotta be a God. They see God. God. Paul was thereafter been in prison all them years you see what the family of God is like.

We are known for our love for one another, God became flesh on the cross for the sins of the world. Jesus is his name. Three days later he solved your grave problem all your problems have been solved. God, this UK so it's not just that you are encouraged doing repair turn to God, believe the gospel hope they will baptize you in a few days. The old you will disappear and the new you will come, God will seal the deal.

Now that you purified yourselves by obeying the truth. Peter said love one another deeply, from the heart for you been born again. I told you the first bird did you hear the second bird being born of God of water and the spirit will get you a beer. One things for sure you're not get out of here alive. You have no chance if you keep getting drunk, you're probably down early, early death.

You say I have no shot to get out her lab. None I'm saying how good they have dreamed this story Jesus is at the right hand of the father constantly cleansing us from any sin he's given us imperishable seed implanted that marks you for the resurrection. I pray that you responded that if you haven't father.

We love you we got one shot from my vantage get out of here alive. It's putting our faith in the death of your son on the cross, but their 2000 years ago and three days later raising him from the dead, guaranteeing ours father you have told us plainly, as in Adam all die.

That is a fact irregardless of that challenge me on it, but in Christ all will be made alive, each in his own turn Christ the firstfruits, and then when he comes all of us father for our loved ones who have gone on before us the saved are still alive there just separated from their body right now. Their bodies are in the cemetery, but their spirits, their souls are with you in the Lord. When you come back Jesus you're bringing them all back with you. That's why you have told his father. First Thessalonians 413, you told us we shouldn't grieve like the rest of men who have no hope. We believe Jesus died and rose again so we we know father he's going to cyber grave problem when it comes back to comes back before we die. Your changes on the spot and will live forever. Thank you for that great hope help us grab a hold of it with both feet stand on its not Joan. It's and live happily ever after. Thank you father name of Jesus. Amen. Is Phil Robertson's beginning at Gateway church in Southlake, Texas, reminding us all of the hope that we have in Jesus on today's episode of Focus on the Family boy that is powerful stuff and let me just say if you turn to God during Phil's prayer. Please let us know we'd love the opportunity to congratulate you on the best decision you'll ever make.

And we can send you a free booklet called coming home that will give you some direction on next steps to take. You give us a call in numbers 800 K in the word family 800-232-6459. You can also find that coming home booklet online, you'll find the link in the episode notes and if you're intrigued by Phil Robertson story. I highly recommend you get a copy of his book called happy happy happy my life and legacy as the duck commander.

It features many more stories about Phil's younger days, and the lessons he's learned over the years get your copy from us here Focus on the Family. And remember, the proceeds will go directly into ministry, as we do what we can to help your family thrive in Christ and once again our number is 880, family, or follow the link in the episode notes to make a donation of any amount to the work of Focus on the Family. Next time will have encouragements and hope for couples on the brink of divorce from Dr. Gary Chapman. There is an often cited in the my office. I can understand that you have no hope for your marriage. I can see that I can feel that I have hope for your marriage so want to go my for a while… He will on behalf of Jim Daly and the entire team. Thanks for listening to this Focus on the Family podcast. Please take a moment and give us a rating sure about this episode with print what you on John Fuller inviting back next time is once more help you and your family thrive in Christ

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