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It's a Pokenberry Christmas (Part 1 of 2)

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly
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December 24, 2020 5:00 am

It's a Pokenberry Christmas (Part 1 of 2)

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly

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December 24, 2020 5:00 am

On this special Christmas broadcast, we're featuring the episode "It's a Pokenberry Christmas" from our children's radio series, "Adventures in Odyssey." Listen in with your family as Whit and Eugene travel to Pokenberry Falls to help George Barclay, who has lost faith that he should be a pastor – which leads to a bizarre series of events! (Part 1 of 2)

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Focus on the Family
Jim Daly
Focus on the Family
Jim Daly
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Focus on the Family
Jim Daly
Focus on the Family
Jim Daly

On today's special Christmas Eve edition of focus on your point here and presentation from our adventures in Odyssey team.

Here the Christmas banquet.

You know every Christmas we have a banquet for the homeless and the unemployed people can't afford to feed themselves. A nice Christmas meal is a lot of manes on how to be honest with you charge have been terribly happy with your work here is a master you come up with programs like this don't come close to paying for themselves and what happens, you come back to me crying for more money is going to be a fun and lively presentation for you on today's Focus on the Family and your host is focused president and author Jim Daly I'm John Fuller, John R. Adventures in Odyssey team is so creative and talented and I think it's one of the best things we do here Focus on the Family to reach children and their parents, and especially with the gospel message and today's drama takes a unique spin on it's a wonderful life. One of my favorites as we hear the story of George Berkeley, a pastor in Polk and Barry Falls who is discouraged about a struggling church and his ability to do what God is called in to do and it's a great reminder that even when we feel inadequate, which you know is probably most of us at different times in our lives that God will put people into our lives and allow situations to occur where we can see glimpses of what he's doing in and through us and so I hope in the midst of your celebrations today is your trying to get everything together.

You can sit down with your family, to hear the first part of this heartwarming message and I'll encourage you to stick with us all the way through will have a special opportunity for you to learn about the Odyssey adventure club. Later on, let's go ahead and here now the special presentation from our adventures in Odyssey team. It's called it's a Polk and Barry Christmas on today's Focus on the Family is something wrong.

I got a letter from Mary Barclay this morning. Things are going very well and pulled in very Falls. It's too bad, what exactly is the problem.

George is terribly discouraged. Had a hard time pastoring a church.

Their attendance is low.

Having constant battles with one of the elders very wealthy leader in town named Barry Lionel according to Mary George feel so bad thinking of giving up his work there.

Sounds terribly serious. It is there anything we can do well.

I was thinking that it might help them to see an old friend from Odyssey Christmas is only two days away. What what about your family.

Jason and I weren't supposed to rendezvous with Janice until the day after Christmas. What about you, honey. No particular plant is Christmas. Mr. Shanks decided to take his entire family to London for the holiday. What do you think it would be advantageous for George Berkeley to see two old friends from Odyssey if you don't have any plans. I'd love to help Barclay just getting a big head you got a college scholarship party for you later. Big deal. Yeah right what you're talking Barry Falls what are limbic sent Jimmy Barclay has just set the world's record in Polk and Barry Falls at least four sliding down but is halfway across the ice of violet light to where is my marker the bingo. No fixed name and the question on everybody's lips Barclay Jimmy's record yes, but can she be Jimmy's cold help you preen to talk to Mr. Lionel about things at the church car. Yes, in the big car it's got a limousine current because Mr. Lionel has a lot of money and can afford to have a big car. We will you need more money for music like we have acquired sheet music for the special occasion specials you and your family occasionally do we sing because we can't get anyone else to music livens up. The service helps worship not paid to be a canary. George no surround on this item.

Here the Christmas banquet. You know every Christmas we have a banquet for the homeless and the unemployed people can't afford to feed themselves.

A nice Christmas meal is a lot of manes on the it's worth that we think. Not only does it give them a hot meal but I think it feeds a little hope to be honest with you charge have been terribly happy with your work here is a pastor to come up with programs like this don't come close to paying for themselves what happens, you come back to me crying for more money. I'm not crying you're begging that's a whole lot worse. All I'm asking for is another months worth you put any real pressure on the congregation to increase their ties.

Times are bad. A lot of those people are out of work/not my problem but has to be somebody's problem was with the church an excellent question. I just don't understand you, Mr. you have no family, no children. You can't begin to spend all the money so I suppose I should give it to a lot of miserable years like the church to spend it for me.

Your head elder. If we can't turn to you than who can we turn to another excellent question leads to my real purpose of this meeting. I have come to the conclusion that this church is not necessary to this town.

People want to go to church and drive over the report town and they are thriving sure you understand the concept of thriving sure I'm doing this for a small congregation. You know that is only so much I can do to draw people in charge. Frankly I am tired of keeping the church financially afloat things to do with my money in the land better things to do with the land. The church is sitting on it. Make a nice addition to resort golf course with what you imply saying that you have a lot to gain if you close down the church you want everything else around here, why not that I may as well Joe for all the money I keep on saying forgive me but I thought you gave us a matter of duty back to God. Part of what he's given to you. I don't mind typing to God. But I'm getting fed up with supporting the rest of the lazy wrap around here who will pull their weight. I don't think your help. Things all wait a minute.

Hold on. You can say whatever you want against me. I mean, why ever came to this town. I still don't know when you talk about the people the congregation like nothing but just because they don't have money like you do or drive run big limb or run a resort that doesn't mean they're lazy or don't pull their weight in the time I've been here I've seen people work hard just to survive the church not from the surplus.

Like you, but from the hearts so just remember that this wrap talking about your fellow Christians were good, decent and caring is not good to you more frustrated rich old man there. She my book there men and women of God, willing to do the best for him with what little they have makes them richer than you ever know all that interested in your book your dramatic speeches talking about not sure I know exactly what you're talking. Excuse me for this month. Barclay will close the deal will I'm sorry everybody but I think a look over the church from an Cialis now. Yeah, I think a better later.

Marie Ellis here is going on here. I didn't expect you back today. I thought you were sledding with your family. I was, until Mr. Lionel showed up. Forget about that. What you doing looks like a tornado went through this place were we robbed no actually I I did this I I lost something the deposit slip for the $800. I thought I'd put in the bank last week. I don't understand. I thought I deposited the money for the bank statement came and it was on there so I called them and they have no record of the deposit at all. They checked everywhere so I been looking for the deposit slip. This is impossible. I'm sorry pastor I think I deposited the money I mean.

Where else would it be, but I can't find that slip. I'll help you keeping I never said I was a good treasurer for the church. They voted me into the position I was out of town remember so sorry. I feel alright, alright, let's let's think about this will go over everything you've done such took the money to the bank okay okay so you stop device and then you went to the bank I think so. Maybe I never know maybe it was a lollipop instead. I don't care about what you bought Ellis we can find the money. Don't you understand and pay our bills this month.

Are you sure you didn't hide it somewhere. Maybe the secret place I've gone over the whole entire town pastor even places that have unlocked ever since I lost my pilots license for listening Ellis to think, think. I think I'm up there I cannot think that you realize what this means Christmas bonus no means going to church it means no more local worship personal contact in a long tradition of Christian variables is gone all one of us is going to be me recalled it poking very Christmas audio drama for kids produced by Focus on the Family adventures in Odyssey team and you can enjoy more of this award-winning children's drama by signing up for a free trial of the adventures in Odyssey club which allows you to stream over 900 episodes online anytime. Learn more about the free trial of the adventures in Odyssey back now to this exciting story on today's episode of Focus on the Family anything you every line we now know some kind of interrogation must like my cookie office along with reef and everything else we hold so nothing another red letter day for the Barclays is you have to play that thing now practicing for tonight. It's my debut embarrassed myself in front of everybody. Do you like change now 00 everybody what everybody combination Christmas and scholarship celebration for Donna. I thought we were doing that at the church were doing it here. I don't want everybody coming here just too cold since he started that utility savings program. Next, you might be appropriate to give a speech to how should I know.

Ask your mother so you tell us what's wrong, what's wrong like somebody to tell me what's right when we doing here anyway we give up a nice situation Odyssey to come to this. This probably drafty old town forgotten easily get crummy drafting measly old house you are or Stuart wisely down here to witness his father's nervous breakdown in bed bed little Tommy Welch was trying to teach him to ride his bike in one of the pedals broke the pedal broken the bike I just bought like it was new George anyway. He fell off and hurt his ankle to be fine the doctor talking to the doctor.

Why was Tommy teach them to write a bike anyway because you have time this afternoon. Remember you promised to show him the basics and then left for the church to go up and talk to good idea spread the joy. So what happened to you for uncle Phil, I still I can see your ankle without you getting up this brought the pedal to bed with you. See what I can do just leave it with me. Stuart now you know what I want you to do.

Learn wants to take it easy. Stay off your ankle so it won't swell up so but if you will rest then maybe you'll fall asleep and dream about, then you'll have a whole room full of bikes, motorcycles, souped-up cars, maybe even a mobile home in your dreams, out my back and rest can answer that my hello Mrs. Welsch yes to its fine thanks to your son. No, I think you hurt me. What mother are you anyway letting your son try to teach my son how to ride a bike racing expert realize that the roads are icy out doing okay, so maybe I can afford a new bike for stored, but that doesn't mean that it hello hello can you blame you to contact Chris I Safran, I know what I'm suffering from.

I'm fed up the understand sick and tired of all the Jimmy, would you quit playing that ticket was to play over and over again. It stop it George to give you a timeout and send you to your room. I'm sorry Mary everybody you just have no idea going all about.

Now that I think your father needs our prayers till so you have no idea where he went on how long I see we can exactly hide in a town the size you and I'll take a stroll and maybe we'll just bump into okay very don't worry, I'll call you back an hour okay that sounds ominous. George left the house a couple of hours ago and hasn't been heard from since.

Things that bad. Apparently, it seems the church treasurer misplaced $800. How now the church can pay its bills and will probably have to close down. That's terrible.

No doubt Mr. Barclay feels responsible. I'm sure he does what do you think frame of mind to do something drastic. I honestly don't know what I suggest we split up and have a look around the town. Excellent suggestion I'm in trouble. How ironic. This morning I was a warped, frustrated old man what my now still work frustrated old answer but I desperately need your help.

Fat chance Barclay I told you my feelings about the future of the church. Why would I want to save it now because deep inside you. There's this man just like me more frustrated young man. Yes, you see the potential in this first church of poking very falls you know the ministry could have with just a little more time, charge you know I don't believe that for a minute, why would I hand over any money when you probably just lose wrong here, clutching up broken like cattle like a good luck charm you go to the rabble.

You believe in. So much for only you can write that I won't help. Time to put this thing out of our misery right you hated working at this church almost as much as I've hated: shall we son let it go find another church year skills is bound to be hired as custodian or a part-time youth minister somewhere. Still meanwhile just direct mail churches worth more dead property is quite valuable. Meanwhile, son. You go home and enjoy Christmas with your family.

What I said go home its overcharge you time to face up to the truths of the Lord the end of my rope that you called me to be a pastor here, it's nothing but an uphill climb every step of the way Mr. line is right, whatever it was, you want me to do the church with my family and my friends on the face of to feel that everything sorry just this should only take a minute like to get new pedal for my sons bike so he will have it for Christmas this, it's Christmas Eve tomorrow on the open part of the day with me and I'll see what I can do. What is your name and phone number.

George Berkeley wait a minute, your son is Stuart right right get what my son Tommy took time out of his busy day to try to teach your son to ride his bike and what did we get to some the phone from you about it but kind of pastor you talk to my wife like that. She cried for an hour terribly say a word, just take a bite out of my shop sir, or do I have to slip you a bicycle chain is convinced I'm going I'm going to see all you have it either. No wonder where he could of gone will be held by process of elimination checked all the places the very Barclay thought he would go well, let's think of the places we would never suspect that he would go when you suggest snowfall is increasing and it's getting high don't know if you were George Berkeley, and in dire straits. Where would you go. Maybe we better stop thinking about George Berkeley as we know.

And just think about desperate man who may feel as if these rich rock bottom in that case I would be inclined to go to that bridge over there approached the rail and think about throwing myself into that icy rushing river, just as it appears that man is doing, even while we speak what you say that man oh man, that's George Berkeley no, I'm sorry to say that for today with the end right there in the middle of the really exciting story as we wrap up this Focus on the Family broadcast for Christmas Eve we purred the first part of and adventures in Odyssey episode called it the poking very Christmas and Jim. This is been such a creative and fun twist on the Christmas classic. It's a wonderful life that has John and I can't wait for everyone to hear. The second part tomorrow, so get the family together on Christmas for the rest of the great story of course this is just one of more than 900 episodes available of adventures in Odyssey and you can find out more. The link is in the episode notes also John we want to tell our listeners about a very special opportunity to enjoy a 30 day scripture reading plan with some of the adventures in Odyssey characters. It's part of a project called the public reading of Scripture.

The Scripture comes in audio form and it's designed to be listened to as a family had a meal before better. Anytime characters from adventures in Odyssey like with Connie and Jason read selected passages of Scripture to you and your family. Here's a sample from a reading the features wet himself hello with let's read the Bible together time the feast of Patient Took Pl. in Jerusalem was winter and Jesus was walking in the temple and the calling Solomon so the Jews gathered around him and said to him, how long will you keep us in suspense.

If you are Christ Jesus answered them. I told you the works that I do my father's name, their witness about me, with you because you are not my my sheep hear my voice and I know I will snatch them out of my life was given to me, is greater than all snatch them out of the father's one job were excited about this great opportunity to help families engage with God's word in a family setting along with these well love characters from adventures in Odyssey it's art Christmas present to you the free audio readings can be accessed in a couple of different ways. If you're in adventures in Odyssey club member you can get those readings from the club at thousands of thousands of families enjoyed being a part of that club you may want to consider joining as well seeking access streaming episodes of adventures in Odyssey and other great parenting and then we will provide a link to the Bible reading plan from our website. The details are in the episode, and next time you can look forward to the conclusion of the poking very Christmas Jim Daly in the entire thanks for joining us for Focus on the Family I'm John Fuller inviting him back tomorrow on Christmas day is once again help your family thrive

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