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It's a Pokenberry Christmas (Part 2 of 2)

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly
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December 25, 2020 5:00 am

It's a Pokenberry Christmas (Part 2 of 2)

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly

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December 25, 2020 5:00 am

On this special Christmas broadcast, we're featuring the episode "It's a Pokenberry Christmas" from our children's radio series, "Adventures in Odyssey." Listen in with your family as Whit and Eugene travel to Pokenberry Falls to help George Barclay, who has lost faith that he should be a pastor – which leads to a bizarre series of events! (Part 2 of 2)

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Last time on Focus on the Family we heard the first of the adventures in Odyssey Christmas special needs of poking very Christmas letter from Mary Parker calls this church is not necessary. This time was warning Belizean rabble around frustrated ritual man the sheet I thought I deposited the money for the bank statement came and it was on their Berkeley field and everything just think it would just feel as if you switch one Eugene's host is bogus. President and author Jim Daly thanks for joining us I'm John Fuller, John. Let's start with the big Merry Christmas to everybody to this is so much fun this time year.

I love it and we hope that today you're spending your day with loved ones, remembering the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ. The greatest gift that we've ever been given and today's conclusion to the story is heartwarming and we hope that listening to it will remind you that God equips us even when we feel in adequate or alone and at this time. Here some people have those deep emotions because they're not with family or they're not spending the time, the way they'd hope they would be maybe for you. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

Or maybe it's a struggle. What ever you may be going through today. We hope that you'll take heart and know that God has a wonderful plan and purpose for your life and even when you feel discouraged.

He is still there.

That's the message of our presentation today will say thanks for joining our family for this special presentation from adventures in Odyssey. It's called it's a poking very Christmas on today's Focus on the Family well there is my clumsiness. Yes, I have missed when it was for help, be the last you doing here perhaps we should discuss it warmer and drier environments back to my house. I suppose tell us? Feeling better so the success of failure by what you should see the bookies writing is dedicated to me and said nice man to George Berkeley my inspiration for this subject which success or failure probably failure on the poster child for this is very perplexing. What is Mr. when I checked in earlier today and now I see no sign that he was ever here apart from the book, why are you here and why were you running and screaming on the bridge trying to save you save me. I thought I saved you save me from the river, but I saved you from leaping to your do are you talking about I was just thinking to get such a crazy idea all well received a letter from Mary stating that you were very discouraged. We then came to visit you to offer comfort and encouragement. Upon our arrival, Mary informed us the you with disappeared. Unfortunately, we are. I assume the worst. The image of you on the bridge reinforced. Evidently the wrong assumption.

Well, I appreciate your concern. I know things are bad pastor, but it's never so save your sermons, Eugene.

I'm not inclined to do anything drastic, but you can be sure that I'm not a very happy man. Everything's a mess. No idea what it's been like for me as I stood in the bridge deck. I kept thinking that Wilhite I just wish I never come to poking very close. In fact, we should never become a pastor. Let's not a very helpful thing to wish what if it came true, then all the people you've touched yet right touched everybody be better on the never become a pastor you shouldn't be so why was just thinking how familiar that concept sound. I'm sorry like to speak up stream. Is there anything out of this here in the jump of the cold water close dry sure warmed up fast drying as if they never been when Gillette said that's fine with sounds delightful. Greetings Ms. concierge last name Horwitz is now you know my son Jimmy were both part of a class camping trip Mitch at the drop off point. Jimmy Berkeley say you collected butterflies together and had to do report for the class. I replied about butterflies. Anybody named Jimmy back is paired with a drink of what I was wondering if perhaps you seen John Avery would check in with me earlier this, but there has to be checked out without talking to me first price check in but that's absurd.

We checked in together simultaneously have my name correct Eugene Nelson clear is now time. No thank you though. If he happens to arrive. Please tell him to call me Eugene Nelson or at the Barclays we make of that God.

She didn't know Jimmy. I could attribute that to a faulty memory, but you have no record of Mr. which was arrival here. When we arrived at the same time and I stood next to him while he checked us in makes no sense whatsoever. What should we do now back to my house. Yes, I would like to make one quick stop on the way you want to stop by a bicycle shop to apologize to Mr. Welch, said he was about to close up quickly. I see someone close. I know, but I figured since you are still here. I'd stop by to apologize sure apologize for what being so angry earlier yelling at your wife you talk to my wife and I will. I feel awful about it. Your son was only trying to teach my son how to ride his bike was a kind gesture and lime to something much. What's the big idea. I live in a shack in Lionel's field and my wife ran away three years ago and took my son. I haven't seen him since that's not possible to don't you remember I was here a couple of hours ago, when I brought in my son's bipedal hand right here in my life had lost look.

I don't know who you like to leave now that you do know I'm George Berkeley also you my drivers license was going to my AAA card might business discount card very befalls donuts by four get one free punch card eight beats me. If you just use me.

Mr. Welch what you want.

You tell us birch well I was just wondering if you had any extra bicycle boxes. I could live in this wind many times I told you not to come around.

Deadbeat. You can't talk to him like that Ellis is been a pillar poking very full. Since since since he stole all that money from the church and if you're sticking up from then you must be just like him, not get lost all of you will call the police. In fact, I think I'll call him anyway don't like strangers in this town. Thanks for drying the palace, it's me George. George Berkeley nice to meet you but I gotta go to the appliance store to see if I can find a good refrigerator box to sleep in. By Mary either. I'm off my nuts or he is you.

Yes, everything was normal until you came running across the bridge US.

I've been thinking about the consistency of the situation causes me to consider rather radical concepts. What if you got your wish your wish about never coming to poking very false, or even becoming a pastor or suffering from gently. Perhaps some are falling in the water pushed us through a time warp of some sort, which in turn brought us into this parallel time in which we are not known or recognized, though I think it's easier to suggest that I don't know what you're talking. What's wrong with everyone around here. Send this thing assumes we get home. My family club we sign up. That gives you access to over 900 episodes online of this tremendous program. So learn, let's go ahead and hear now the conclusion of this special Christmas Day presentation of its poking very Christmas so this is your house courses but it doesn't look like anyone is lived here for years. This must be a trick. Some of these playing games with Mary call a wild stab in the dark but I don't believe there here if you insist what you think you're doing here, home shopping, Bonnie house survived. My glad to see you my house where my wife and kids stand back Mr. and keep your handwriting see them with you. Will you know who I am George Berkeley, but you remember you stood here on the porch and sing Christmas carols to is not today's ago you go to my church, your church pastor. The first trip to poking very false. Now I know you're off your rocker. Why don't the two you come along quietly and will get you to a nice dock look I don't need a doctor you're going to recess just a minute officer.

I have an explanation for this whole thing yeah like whites.

We think it's possible that by bizarre twist in the fabric of time and space. We've been hijacked to an alternate dimension in which the two of us seem to have no identities are you familiar with Einstein's theories about time travel. How about which is the come true. How about we go along peacefully and promise not to cause any trouble now that sounds more like it. Okay, listen up. I see you two clowns again. I'll put in jail thank you, officer. Thanks so when we supposed to do now. I'm not quite sure but it occurs to me that if you got your wish, then you truly aren't a pastor and must still be living where you were before you became a pastor precisely can go all the way back to Odyssey to check out your theory. Of course not. But we can call call who dwells in you have to call yourself what you said my old phone number and been disconnected so much for that. Maybe I should try to call Mr. Whitaker. We don't know where Eunice my logic is correct. To begin with, and how when he checked in with you early this afternoon but if your wish came true. Then he did not check in with me. In fact, he didn't come here at all he wouldn't need to since you're not here to come visit, which means that I should be here either, but I am presumably because we were in the river together one time transference to place this is crazy. It was your wish pastor Berkeley, not mine may want to come closer with greetings Mr. Whitaker it is Eugene coming in today. I'm sorry but I seem to been waylaid.

I'll explain later, there is someone here who would like to say hello. I will it's it's me George Berkeley George Berkeley surprise where are you back in Odyssey back in. Did I leave you caring. No, not at all what you think I wouldn't know after you lost your job, you just really talk about this.

Don't you remember to be honest, when I I don't I'm in a really bad way right now. I need your help please tell me what happened after lost my job became terribly discouraged.

You lost your God and you withdrew from everyone so bad. Mary Don and Stuart did mention Stuart Stuart start (George disappeared in turn from you couple of years at least terribly awkward. Listen 120 where you are at all just having some kind of dream nightmare family left me. We never had Stuart understand what the clock at City Hall sounds some pastor comes around like I this is ticketless. Now, if I remember the Christmas party and celebration for Donna's college scholarship is going to be at the church was switched to my house later.

Maybe for some weird reason everybody still at the church still unwilling to accept reality is no there at the church. They have to be on the church is not sure this is where one not sure of anything.

All I know is this is where it should turn it into a golf can't be truly saved.

The church was thinking since you were here to stop Mr. Lionel there was no one to stop or something they'll want to model the congregation went elsewhere while I in no circumstance honestly pastor, I understand you have a national phone directory for your family.

There is my work is my family book is I want to pastor Harold everyone give me back to my wife. Please living living in. Please use your head when you told me I was worried for a moment there. Are you both all right you're here, I sure am George O nasty bump on your head. Guess I get on Odyssey you hear your poking very false and you're not surprised to see me. Surprised to see looking all over town trying to find they are you sure you're all right my left ear again. Travis get the bank you're here to foreclose in the church and in this house. Aren't you were on the street is married would you look at this beautiful drafty old house. Mary it's going to get a job disgusting that little gingersnap you feel all estimates are swelling's, like Mary, for you have no idea what's happened to you have no idea either. They're on their way. Now the miracle George America is all this pastor Mary.

She told a few people scattered all over town like they didn't ask any questions. I just said if pastor George is in trouble, then count on me like the line to the right. This is lazy.

I thought I I decided I could do better than just think Stewart's panels is a new fight. Thank you Mr. wills and take lessons for my son anytime he wants. Thank you, but I think I'll take George, I'm glad you're safe and so thanks officer bought and it was not sorry about the old phone book trick you know I never run from law. What are you talking about all the a look at the nevermind Eugene greetings and salutations. Sometimes actually I'm George success and failure.

Christian perspective. Thank you. With George Berkeley.

Remember, no man is a failure of the wings wings buffalo wings. That's right that's right I'm not entirely sure I understand is mathematically depending on the 106 times more strikes right right is presented from a very talented adventures in Odyssey team. What a great team. We do have John let me turn this a little to the message we all face times of discouragement or feel inadequate to do what God is called us to do what we can find encouragement from the book of Isaiah, it says fear not for I am with you. Be not dismayed, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you, I will help you I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

That's God's promise to us not only Christmas but throughout the year, God loves us and we find hope in him now as we close, I want to share an encouraging story from one of our broadcast guests to help us keep our eyes on Christ this Christmas, here's M when my kids were little. We went to the mountains to celebrate Christmas with my husband's extended family. What we didn't realize this could happen is we got snowed in and so we had our little Christmas celebration and then the four of us. My husband, my kids and I were stuck in this cabin we didn't have a car to get out.

We can we couldn't get down the big hill with all the snow and so our actual Christmas day celebration was spent in this little cabin. We walked into town in a bunch of snow to get a pizza and we went to the dollar store and we each bought everybody a gift that was the dollar things I found there was little nativity set, and we spent that evening talking about God's love for and how God had sent his son to this really crazy mixed up world because he loved each of us so much and with our Bible and our little nativity set. We had a Christmas celebration and will always remember I love everything about Christmas.

I love the decorating. I love the family time. I love the food and the present.

I love all of what that one day taught me is how much cello rate with just nativity our Bible and with each other.

So whenever I get start to get stressed out about Christmas. I remember that time together.

I remember how sweet it was to chest for a moment. Focus on what God had done for us in that Christmas celebration. I love it. What a great reminder from Kathy. Let me say again have a Merry Christmas from all of us here Focus on the Family

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