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Medicare Alpha-Bits

Finishing Well / Hans Scheil
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July 14, 2018 8:30 am

Medicare Alpha-Bits

Finishing Well / Hans Scheil

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July 14, 2018 8:30 am

Proverbs 1:20 says  “Wisdom calls out in the streets”.  It is important to seek this wisdom when there is still time, especially surrounding retirement. This week Hans and Robby give wisdom surrounding Medicare and all its Alpha-Bits.  


Medicare can be complicated, but it is not that complicated! It is all written out by the government, but the information is hard to decipher. It is also hard to find an unbiased source to explain it. Supplements, parts, plans, and prices; there can be a lot to learn about. Let Hans and Robby do the job!


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Finishing Well
Hans Scheil
Finishing Well
Hans Scheil
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Welcome to finishing well brought you by Cardinal Drive, certified financial planner belongs at Shiloh best-selling author and financial planners helping families finish well for over 40 years of finishing well will examine both biblical and practical knowledge to assist families in finishing well, including discussions on managing Medicare IRA long-term care life insurance and investments and taxes.

Now let's get started. Finishing well, finishing well today with certified financial child today show love Medicare Alpha bits is a lot to that alpha bits because you know those who ever looked at Medicare at all know there's different aspects of it like this part a part B, part C and D and those are just but when it comes to sub supplements. Then you got another bunch of alphabets ABCD through. I guess Jay goes further than James so there is a method to all that madness that I really prior to the today show.

I had no understanding but when you look in the Bible. It is an interesting thing that happens there in Genesis 3, after Adam and Eve fell, God gives us some real insight into Jesus and how God operates and how Satan operates when he curses Satan right there. Believe or not he uses Alpha and Omega in a way with you really understand the beginning when he said to Satan when he cursed him right ever to put enmity between your seed and her seed and he will crush your head, while that word head in Hebrew, if you you'll find it corresponds from that into the alpha. The Jesus refers to himself as the Alpha and the Omega, so that alpha actually we all know what the alpha dog. But the Omega, the Omega dog is another guy and it says that he will crush your healing you may know that you know Satan goes after Jesus's heel, which happens to be Judas right and enter and you look at the way that Satan goes after something like a predator is going to go after the back of the herd.

The ones he can call off the week and so those kind of practices in the insurance company. From what I understand, because one of the real gifts that we have here with Hans and certified financial planner batons. You've been in this business since Medicare came under this Medicare supplements came on us.

In 1976, 10 years after the stir, but that's a long time ago right and left. As years enough to see what happened then it was kind of these Omega the that the bottom feeder situation of predatory and or insurance practices that will lead to this whole alphabet. What was really going on in the Medicare business is there are all these different versions of Medicare so but when were all said and done they were all pretty similar. And so, but she had this company to have this little whizbang saying in this county have this whizbang thing they keep adding little things so that the salespeople could really go out and call on these older customers and offer them Medicare supplement insurance and the people had really no way of understanding this, or the necessity of it and so the salesperson could really my father used to refer to it as romance. They could romance the whole thing and so they were really incentivized to change the people's policy every year so they go out and sell them a policy the first year, the media could not unlike the car business where no furnace lapse in the headlights and the Gabriel this year to make it look like you got a tray.

Oh yeah, well then they did you come in the next year and they'd say, man, you can't live without this I got this new company with this new policy and they'd make a substantial commission over and over and over In the companies set so you really had people paying substantial amounts for their Medicare supplement they were getting different ones every year they were a bit confused about their plans and you really had salespeople like me profiting from this and then you had the companies obviously profiting from this so go on right right and so it interestingly that the free enterprise system somewhat at work because these companies were trying to figure out just like you know what would appeal most to you no good to their customers and so they came out with these plans with a lot of whizbang's Inso desk you had the original parent plans a through J, but the government stepped in. Yeah because they figured it out.

After a while they said this this business of just changing people from company to company and the salespeople would change from company to company and just as cold rolling the business number one and then this business of very steep commissions or giving the person paying the salesperson a high percentage of the first year's premium.

They just came out of regulations that ended all that and then they standardize they just took all these policies are available since the 1990 uses in 1990 and was called lives.

The stamp wanted to, I was 32 than 14 years in the insurance business, but they called it the standard what they do standardize plants so I just said okay so the most basic plans can be a and we had this one whizbang benefit that can be of the we had another whizbang benefit that's can be a C we had another whizbang benefit that's can be a D to where you get all the way up to half and then you had the benefits that just pretty much paid all your part B a R a and part B deductible and then in those days you had drug benefits on those 3 Major Way all the way up to Janice. My point is, they made the policies 10 policies.

These are the only policies that you can sell have to identify them by the letter and they're exactly the same whether you buy from Mutual of Omaha Blue Cross or United American or United healthcare is an F plan is an F plan is an F plans can pay exactly the same, presumably to make it easier for customers to understand with their buying then they outlawed the steep commissions they made the company's levelized it so you make the same commission for six years.

The people and change in policy, policy policy, at least you think that yeah yeah so that was the intent of the law. So the good news really, although it's not been widely disseminated at this point in time is that if you have a part seed no matter who you bought it from.

It is exactly the same coverage and so now what should be essentially a decision based on price between these different companies was actually a plan C right but you're right, a plan C across every single company is about 50 of them available or a plan Africa plans. He is exactly the same and the difference is the price so the reason were even talking about the stuff of these guys talking about stuff from 1990 Emily tell you it's relevant because just shocking to me that when I wrote the book a couple years ago wrote my book 3 years ago I was shocked by this. Then I put in my book, but I just continue to be. As I sit down and people find this show in these explanation so profound and how can this be the 28 years later. This is complicated and that complicated marriage is really if we sit down with people with a clean slate.

I can get them cleared up, and five tenants just literally if I can get him to just take where they've gotten to and just set it aside and sat with a clean slate 5 to 10 minutes. It just amazes me that with all this regulation and all the stuff that when force that some of that I didn't particularly like when it went for is the consumer still didn't know about a 28 years later right in and in the beauty of it again is that it is all written out with a clean slate.

The complete cardinal guide to planning for and living in retirement, which is also a car Tom and if you want to find out more about or talk about today. Of course you go to seven ways tab and download the Medicare page right out of the Medicare chapter or chapters you have both books you can do right there you can download for free so you don't even need to buy the book if you want to buy the book you can get it on Amazon and you can get to Amazon right through our website. Cardinal in you go to the seven worries to have me go to Medicare. He downloaded or you just go down to the bottom of the thing and you click on that'll take you to Amazon, you can buy the book. It's a dollar 99. If you do it on a Kindle and is 799.

If Amazon sends you the paper copy but it's well worth your time just for the chapter like you said you could just get the basic chapters on Medicare should clear up for it pretty well yet because it goes into okay this is planning. This is plan B and this of advantage and plan G.I. etc. etc. so you can kinda see that.

Plus your own idea, but one of the ways that people haven't gotten this information is it for the most part, people only represent one company.

So then I can tell by the way, you know this yeah I hate the MMU just as the big companies control the advertising that's reading to get your education slowly but surely. But you're going to get it.

You can get through the insurance department that you're going to have to seek it out.

So the real problem here is people just haven't been informed by a neutral source. They've been you know called on by people who represent one company in their company probably charges more than the lesser companies on the list and they just generally have no interest in teaching you this subject in its fundamental understanding what you doing that they're exactly the same from company to company Medicare supplements in speaking about. If you have the same letter and you go across all the companies are exactly the same except for the price in writing our website under Medicare. You can run your own price comparison without even calling him go on there you putting your age or gender. Your ZIP Code the smoker not and you hit Cowan. They could even be less than that if you qualify for household discount. So you will what we strive to do in our practice and we found is beneficial for us in the end is just a equip the consumers with information and education and really show them right because one of the things you have there in the chapter that were talking about is a price comparison for somebody this age and you can see it. It could be hundreds at THE umbrella with the same person with the same circumstances. And so, what an advantage at least to have this piece of the alphabet just got interesting. Will the next section of the showman to tell you about a client of mine is become very good and just what he arrived at and how he came to be a client just over this point, right okay today show is Medicare and the alphabets at the center speak your listening to the complete cardinal guide to now you're actually listening to finishing well, it's about the book complete cardinal guide to planning for living in retirement with certified financial planner pond salsa much more coming up as we hope you are enjoying finishing well brought you by Cardinal visit cardinal for free downloads of preview shows including episodes about Social Security and Medicare, IRAs, long-term care, life insurance, investments and taxes as well as Han's best-selling book, the complete cardinal guide to planning for and living in retirement. Plus the accompanying workbook. If you want to follow along with today's topic download free PDF cardinal by going to the seven worries tab of today's show topic, just scroll down to useful documents once again for free resources shows going to get Han's book the complete cardinal guide to planning for and living in retirement or the work will go to cardinal you have a question, comment or suggestion for future shows.

Click on finishing well radio show and send us a word. Once again, that's cardinal cardinal now to finishing well brought by Cardinal as well. They show or talk about Medicare alpha alphabets you may know that Jesus referred to himself as the Alpha and the Omega is actually before the beginning and after the and its eternity that was put into our hearts for Jesus being the alpha bitty that kind of way he does things it says in Genesis 3 that he's gonna crush Satan's head and that was a prophecy [in Genesis, but the predatory practices of Satan. In other words, going after the back of the herd biting at the heel like Jacob grasped his brothers heel and ovarian lies in you know some of the reasons for this alpha bit, but to give again a quick summary of why people think wow this is confusing. There is some alphabets in this writer insists coming so when you go to Medicare itself. You get per day which is hospital, part B, which is your doctor expense, part C, which is when you when you get rid of part a and part B and you get urine traditional Medicare. You get it from a private insurance company and part D, which is drugs so that's all Medicare from the government and then the insurance companies through the government and the regulation named the Medicare supplement plan. A plan B plan CDEFGHIJ it's just of you talk about alphabet soup. It's just it drives people nuts because there put in all the stuff together and stuff. The dozens like Sesame Street which one of these things doesn't belong with the others. I mean it's it's it's confusing rights of the supplements are essentially in our people talk about the doughnut hole at and you must supplements.

That's the Medicare advantage. That's the part C okay and part D the donut hole is in the drug plans over on another part is an easy to do with us up. See you can see there's a threat, but you don't need to memorize all this stuff to become, you know, knowledgeable enough to be a consumer of this you don't. We don't need to get you to that level at I can clear this in pretty short order. If I can get people to just get that stuff out of there.

We can figure out what plan is going to be best for them and then just explain that and explain going into the future how they can keep that as affordable as possible and that could be changing companies every couple three years right which is the beauty of representing several companies as you can constantly see who is giving you the best price for the essentially the same product that essentially it is the same product yet. It's exactly the same but again you have a story for us of your sentences. So this guy has become is a client first and provision from a very dear friend yeah he's a medical doctor retired and he 70 some years old. His wife is turning 65. He got some information from us. We got the book to aim. He read the book, he decided he wanted to come in all the meet with me face-to-face and I didn't really know it's of other problems he want to talk to me about this Medicare supplement just in a perplexed name and where where it was. He learned through my book that he had plan F which is the most comprehensive plan he was paying about hundred and 80 bucks a month and he learned by going to our website that he could buy exactly the same thing for hundred 20 bucks a month from a different company and so would he want to explain this is logic of risk as a scientist, he solves a very intellectual solve problems, get a big ego, and rightly so eat you know he dealt with insurance and Medicare.

His whole career so he said he told nieces. This is where I missed.

He says I understood that these policies are exactly the same. I also understood that the F plan. The most benefits. So I bought that I just assumed nieces. This is where I got myself in trouble, that since there exactly the same. They have to be the same price, nieces logic would tell you that.

So I just bought it from a company I was familiar with its paid real well.

He unused much doctor expense in the last seven years, but come to find out he was paying 60 bucks a month too much and then his wife would've probably gone down the same road and so after we had a short meeting we we we got his wife taking care of her about 90 bucks a month. She's younger than him women's rights on Medicare supplement or a little bit less than men. Anyhow, he was just thrilled, but with the then got out was all the other stuff that we've really helped him with his life insurance. That was all you have big misunderstandings between his company and the disability benefits on their he didn't have any coverage for long-term care even really understand how that's not covered by Medicare.

He does now and we've made preparations for that and so making reference back to our earlier show look when we get people explain on this Medicare we get there. Price lowered we get there coverage cleared up there thrilled. But you know, in the scheme of things we need that much form coming we just it is real tangible where we really help people is then after that, where we help them with long-term care. We help them with their stay.

We help them with their legal documents to make sure that when they if they get old and can't take care of themselves that their children won't have to scramble around for money and things like that so just the point house and make with this Dr. I mean so, so a person of his means 60 bucks a month at me. I think one of the reasons he was still paying that as he could. I just think there's a lot to you that are paying way too much for your Medicare supplement or your parents are if you're a younger person listen to us and just a simple phone call or going in and verifying this on our website, you might be just shocked to find that out right again.

The reason why this show is called finishing well it is that there's all kinds of wisdom that that cries out in the streets. According to Proverbs, that's there and it's available it's this particular situation, you can go there, look at the seven worries. Tab one is clearly Medicare and then you can download for free. All it! ABCD EFG out of Medicare supplement plans what those are, or what is part a meaningless part B of regular Medicare. Those things are all available for you and as you begin to understand these things.

Obviously that's actually the entry point into where you can get some real help for your family because her time on your right, absolutely, and I'm scared today because most people don't understand this stuff real well even smart people like my doctor friend who researched it, you know it, even if they feel like & really got some doubt there today and it's confusing house presented so most people end up buying this Medicare supplement insurance based on personality so they could talk to a few people and they end up buying it from the person that they like the most and then another piece of good news this stuff pays off real well is once you by Medicare and Medicare supplement its claim filing is automatic then you bought it from somebody like it pays off well eat nevermind there jacking up your premium or was too high to begin with, you know the message that you're getting from the people that have called on your don't ever leave me. Don't ever think about leaving the men they don't ever say that to you but that's kind of the hidden message in the relationship. What I don't want customers on that basis I want people to be doing business. I want my customers to like me but I don't want that to be the primary reason the deepest sentence I want them I wanted to be a logical rational were given in the best possible deal they can get my weather meeting the needs of their family handle and let them be on in our just saving 30 or $40. As other issues were different wasted manage those resources for other things. It may be important to their long-term. That's exactly what we did with the good doctor if you took $180 a month for his you multiply that times two in his head. He had 360 bucks a month. He was gonna kick out for Medicare supplement. We got him down to 120 and hurt 90 there's $210 a month they got from us that there saving hundred 50 bucks a month will we apply that toward the purchase long-term care venture in a cost of more than that, but that with that there was a good start right and so you know. But as you mentioned earlier, you know, it's one thing to save $150 and month. It's another thing to get a bill for six grand for long-term care and instantly a help that unique in that you do a one month right in their your life is just totally changed and and all the more reason to seek wisdom while there's time right because was sure and so let's talk about age for a second when when the people need to start considering this alphabet city well with Medicare. I mean, most people don't consider it until they or their spouses turn 65 communities through 64 1/2 they start looking at maybe some people early research, but about that age and it's actually a little later than you know would be helpful if you'd look into long-term care in your 50s tell you most people don't some people do people the dealer people that have had to experience with their parents or some very bad experience in their get a jump on it.

People look at it in their 60s loudly bye-bye but what when I say those two ages. There's a lot of people in their 70s and 80s is just think it's too late for me and it it is not is if you have a plan for long-term care.

Really, regardless of your age ye eat. You know my book is available to you and it it's going to give you some wisdom that I will be glad to talk to you there's some planning things and there's some things we can do to prepare to make it easier on your family. If even if we do it we have clients in their 90s where we really dealt with their children and we've made things better for them when the person ultimately needed care height there is no substitute for experience. As you can hear, and Hans is been in this and since the 70s and and watch the process and seen what's going on, and so you know the taken advantage of the wisdom of something reason he's invested his life and being able to help people finishing well again. His book the complete cardinal guide to planning for living retirement is all available right there a cardinal if you did contact Conseil send you out the book for free here. You absolutely will if you just do it. You go on the website you send middle message say book offer we we we be happy to send the book out to no charge and what a resource select essay wisdom calls out of the streets, whether that's what they get a hold of them and get it but I can tell you Hans you taught me a lot. Thank you so much for listening today it's the listeners that really make the show and got we hope you enjoyed finishing well brought you by cardinal visit for free downloads of the show previous shows on topics such as Social Security, Medicare and IRAs, long-term care and life insurance, investments and taxes as well as constant best-selling book, the complete cardinal guide to planning for and living in retirement and the workbook once again for dozens of free resources past shows what you get. Hans book go to if you have a question, comment or suggestion for future shows. Click on the finishing well radio show on the website and send us a word. Once again, that's cardinal cardinal

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