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The Unpardonable Sin - Part 2

Finding Purpose / Russ Andrews
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December 5, 2020 1:00 am

The Unpardonable Sin - Part 2

Finding Purpose / Russ Andrews

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December 5, 2020 1:00 am

Pastor Russ continues his discussion on salvation.

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So what is it made a blessing Holy Spirit is simply means that you resist the conviction of Holy Spirit your entire life all the time is knocking on the hearts of unbelievers that I never open the door to their hearts to the one synagogue cannot forgive is the sin of unbelief. If a person refuses the conviction of the Holy Spirit, his or her entire life and God has no choice.

He cannot show mercy to that person and that person remain eternally under God's wrath. John 336 is who believes in the son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the son will not see life, for God's wrath remains on him. This the hard truth, but the donor that were born under God's wrath were born under condemnation were not bonus children in the terms of the enslaved John 112 says it all received him, to those who believe in his name, he gave the right to become John of God, you'll become a child of God in the sense of belonging to his heavenly family and to your place your trust in Jesus, was that about explains it as follows to commit the sin one must consciously persistently deliberately and maliciously reject the testimony of the spirit to the deity and saving power of the Lord Jesus and Billy Graham asked of this of a person keeps doing this until death. There is no hope of forgiveness and eternal life in heaven.

Here's the thing. God sees our hearts. He takes our faith very seriously, as did Jesus look at verse 14 G's appear to the 11 as they were eating, he rebuked them for their lack of faith in their stubborn refusal to believe those who had seen him after he risen see these 11 disciples have spent three years with him, they heard his teaching explained the gospel them as clearly as it can be explained. He told him time and time again that the Son of Man must suffer or be betrayed into the hands of wicked man he would he would executed and on the third day the sun would rise. Furthermore, these are cycle so all the miracles he did and now they have just heard three eyewitness accounts from both Merrimack the link in the two disciples. These witnesses told the disciples that they have seen the risen Christ and yet like that man with the water rising they stubbornly refuse to believe and yet they be given so much. This is what Jesus strong rebuked them because they have so much yet they refuse to believe public. Jesus reviewed was severe for three reasons. First, they were refusing to believe in the resurrection, which is the ultimate proof that Jesus was and is who claim to be the son of God.

See all of Christianity rest upon this one fact that Jesus arose bodily from the grave. This is the key point of the gospel, the resurrection, the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, you must believe that. Secondly, in Luke 1248, Jesus established a very important principle is it from everyone who is been given much, much will be demanded from the one who's been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. These 11 men had been given so much, yet they still refuse to believe that many people here in America guilty of the same.

We have churches on nearly every street corner.

We have multiple Christian radio stations proclaim the gospel 24 seven country had the privilege of hearing the greatest evangelists of all time 75 years and Billy Graham.

He lives in the state or did he now lives where in heaven. We have thousands of Christian bookstores that are all of Bible's commenters and millions of other Christian books with the given so much and yet so many stubbornly refuse to believe in heaven around North Carolina. We probably have more Bible studies, per capita than any other city in the world.

This is what Jesus said in Matthew chapter 13, the bit while he spoke to the religious people in parables, though seeing, they do not see the hearing, they do not hear or understand in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah will be ever hearing but never understanding you've ever seen, but never perceiving for this people's heart has become calloused by Holly here with your ears and have close their eyes.

Otherwise they might see with their eyes here with her ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them, but blessed are your eyes talking to you folks because they see in your ears because they hear. If you have us to see and ears to hear, is because God chose to give you eyes to see and ears to hear, you can take the credit and of yourself. I personally believe 2020 that God's patience with America is run out. I hate to say that is what I believe in my heart. Can you not see even feel that God's lifters had a blessing from a nation. Our only hope is this is God continues to break us by his judgments. We as a nation repent and turn back to him probably establish this nation.

244 years ago we we better hope that our nation begin with Christians as God judges our nation more severely repents and turns back to God is only thought I think another reason that Jesus rebuked the disciples like about this because they refuse to do what they were getting ready to ask Elvis today believe their testimony their own eyewitness accounts.

Jesus get Ray to send them out to share the gospel. They want to be sure with people who do not as much knowledge of, much as I did it. They will be expected to believe something that I refuse to believe you see the irony. So this is what Jesus came down them hard that we we determined that the internal evidence of salvation is the inner witness of the holy Scripture. What is the external evidence that a process driven site notice the change life faith must be accompanied by works. Listen, there must be some outward evidence that you've not only encounter the risen Christ that directly following him. I just said you know if few weeks ago. I think it was here, so your Christian ethics. Americans are Christians. So I ask you your Christian just I will. I'm really up to them a follower of Jesus, and following the Lord and Savior. That's what a disciple this battle. You can't just say I believe in God, I'm a Christian and then go out somewhere and start using profanity will continue to get drunk and participate in activities that are clearly not Christlike.

People must see a change in use. Let me ask you if you go around about her and ask your friends, your friends can your friends to let your following Jesus, but with a sigh, usual life, the picture of one whose heart is been changed by the gospel see people see a change in your language change changes.

Your thoughts change your desires change if you let your group become an your state any become a Carolina think people will know that you colors change we were in red reword Carolina blue be with the right skill I'm getting to these are serious questions that an endless in your eternal destiny doesn't really matter, but what you what you think that is is what God knows the answers, how would God answer this question about you cc your heart. James 218 or 19 says, but someone will say you have faith updates which show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do you believe that there is one God. Good.

Even the demons believe that into what shutter now what about signs and wonders to the still happening this is more toggled about this, but this is not the major point of this text, but we do need to look at it. Look at verses 17 and 18 again. And these signs will accompany those who believe in my name they will draw that demons, they will speak in new tongues, they will pick up snakes with her hands and when they drink deadly poison.

It will not hurt them at all. They will place their hands on sick people and they will get well I decided I'm not a great deal of time on this is a lot I could say but to do justice on the subject will require a refinement sermon in about five minutes or so to talk about this limit is 20 one thing will be picking up snakes guy it anymore. If you go to Africa pick up a black mamba you got about 30 minutes. Like about your family as a black mamba can get rid of that rep about a black mamba by the way, when I was in after my son's we came upon a black mamba on the path I knows one but our guy got.

I went out and killed the cubelike mom is when they found him because they have enough venom in them and they can strike you 12 times repeatedly very rapidly enough venom to kill 25 men in the knows the kiss of death.

Should you get bitten by the kiss of death you can take your life goodbye.

By the way, I did read a story about a traveling evangelist who was invited to preach at a church in Appalachia, Kentucky, and got there and it was just a simple your Whitestone Churchville using the small building site you would hold about 100 people and he was down in the front row.

The church was packed about her. There's a traveling evangelist in town and the senior pastor was up there introducing them and he decided to walk on up and stand beside the pastor as he was been introduced and he was looking out of the congregation, but that time a deacon while Dan with a basketful of deadly snakes and he immediately was terrified any technical message or Sandhya was backdoor message that we don't have a backdoor issue in that case what you want one. Jeanette indicated that he did share that jugs idea. I said back seriously, what about signs and signs and wonders thereto. There are two basic views one is that they ceased with the apostles so that it at will and what is it what we call the end of the apostolic agent beat me that Paul was the last apostle. Those who hold this view that the signs and wonders stopped with Paul are known as secessionist and pronounce obligors. Some examples are Augustine, Calvin, Luther, Jonathan Edwards, George Whitfield, BB Warfield, Norman Geisler and John MacArthur. They believe that these miracle signs and one is a miracle ceased pretty good group and it we enter the other group. Other Bible scholars believe that the signs and miracles have continued and will continue to the return of Christ. They are known as continuation list some examples are Justin Martyr Augustine date on both lists. John Wesley AW toes Martin Lloyd Jones Wayne Gruden was a great commentator John Piper. I should also say that in our study more about this last 48 hours and I will probably study her again. I should also cited many of the scholars as have variations of these two views and some of them acting change their views over time. Like Augustine and also prickly Charles Spurgeon changes the he began as a secessionist entity.

He keeps starts in miracles. Miss church and he became a continuation list. So what can I add to these incredible scholars not much, but I will say this after spending this week studying the Scriptures from which they both base their views come down more on the side of those who here to continuation but I hold to this loosely I do not consider this a category, a belief following plan category as Jesus died on the cross.

He arose from the grave he was born of the Virgin Mary that this is the inerrant word of God. There's a category you must believe those when you get in here to Sally's greater areas. We can't be dogmatic so there the product review poll if you listen to Kenny Jim Briggs and Grant. We would all be a little bit different on this sensationalism continuation is all you know is I'm right there wrong. My sister gave me that nothing was my older sister she gave this thing that I got my desk. I don't quite understand it, it says what's I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken. Once you give that to me the general okay so John Piper writes this and I'm a level comes I will show you how come walking down the side a little more than the other side John Piper says I am one of the Baptist Gen. conference people.

He believes that signs and wonders and all the spiritual gifts of first Christians 12, eight through 10 of valid for today and should be earnestly desired and sassy basic dental first 2014 one should be earnestly desired for the edification of the church and the spread of the gospel. He goes on to write that he agrees with Martin Lloyd Jones based on what Martin Lloyd Jones Pritchett 1965 when Lloyd Jones there is pretty perfectly clear that in New Testament times. The gospel was authenticated. In this way by signs and wonders and miracles of various characters. A description was only meant to be true of the early church. The Scriptures never anymore say that these were only temporary. Never. There's no such statement anywhere that they ended so some of the cessation of legal argument from silence and that's never a very strong argument just because you don't see it deleted the not happening somewhere. So I personally believe that the cited signs and wonders ceased with the apostolic age is the place got in a box which we cannot do now think we would all say. Even on both sides that everyone agrees that miracles happen. What exactly is a miracle.

Wayne Gruden is a very interesting definition.

This is a miracle is a Latin listen carefully. A miracle is a less common kind of God's activity which arouses people's all in wonder and bears witness to himself. She's all about Jesus is all about the gospel. It must bring glory to God's list of the working of the universe to me is a miracle. But this is not what we mean by signs and wonders or miracles. Jesus said in the signs will accompany those who believe in my name they will drive out demons. They will speak in new tongues, they will pick up snakes with her hands and when they drink deadly portion. It will not hurt them at all. They place their hands on sick people and they will get well this happened to Paul on the album of Malta is bitten by a viper and he just shook it off and with the Islanders so that nothing happened to him they would hear more about what he had to say sleep present the gospel to them because the sun authenticated him as a messenger of God is a true messenger and Angie and Paul didn't you take any credit he just pointed to Jesus and the gospel see what what was the purpose of the signs. First, it was to bring glory to God.

Second was to confirm the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ and 30 was to authenticate and support the messenger in order that people might be, say, PC is always about the gospel.

Anything that is going to bring glory to man is not a true sign or wonder Benny Hinn and those like him are charlatans there so call ministries all about them. That is why they live in multimillion dollar houses and fly around in luxury jets. We all see Ruslan running luxury jet yelled yelled the elders to come confront the guy for to put it about one sadly, the main reason God perform so many wonderful miracles during the apostolic age is recorded in acts with separate goods is the main reason they do not have the completed New Testament canon of Scripture.

When the Kennett was completed, signs and wonders were not needed to support the authenticity of God's messengers as much okay what needed as much. Why not as much as they had to complete, and inerrant word of God, but that also does not mean that signs and wonders completely stopped.

I have listened. I have written numerous accounts of Jesus appearing to Muslims. All of the Middle East and I would call that a miracle I'll call that a sign and wonder those accounts have been documented first by godly authors like Joel Rosenberg, our own Allie Dixon.

I don't think she goes to Churchill over John O'Malley Dixon which she served alongside Tom Dall who wrote this book right here visions and dreams are Serena/like I thought I read it.

Everybody should read this book, you wonder why is it will pull fuel on your faith, not the word of God can do that but it just reports feeling faith and I start thinking I can bring about signs and wonders since I was a teenager in a brother Andrews got smuggler if I never read that book not made is a wonderful book about the miracles that God did with brother Andrew as he smuggled Bibles into the former Soviet Union and that only can explain the mother will miracles the same thing the court and bring in the hiding place at the get that Bible it into the prison.they committed invisible as it will search every body but insert Cory 10 sister that the Bible right there also read about your miracles and signs and wonders in the insanity of God, which is a book about what's happening in the underground church around the world.

The back of this book right here actually met the author, Tom Dall here in Raleigh for five years ago because Allie invited me to come here as I went hurt them. This is just the pastor who God fill called and got the least is a present from his church. What's in the least, and he writes about real Muslims who have had visions of the risen Christ. Just what the apostle Paul, especially the risen Christ is what he says these days I'm take this from the preface of this book. Jesus is introducing himself to muscle something that right now, folks in the least. This phenomenon is not limited to a few isolated locations is not happening in just one or two African nations.

These are modern day signs and wonders does not just one of several hundred people groups affected in India is not simply visiting some lucky town in the least. What we see is Jesus presenting himself to Muslims everywhere. Dozens of Islamic countries and countless Muslim cultures had been invaded by Jesus's love your new Audi brothers. He writes and sisters in Christ live in Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Gaza Strip. They make their homes in Syria, Jordan, Iraq in the West Bank and everywhere there bold and willing to die for Christ telling you recently. Accounts I could put the butt booked out last night about halfway through it and I'll finish it, probably by tonight. Why would Jesus be appearing to Muslims rather than to us with answers obvious they don't have access to the gospel as we do. Most Muslims do not own problems. So for them.

The canon of Scripture is not really complete is not complete. Do you possess it. Traffic the name of the ministry. The ministry in Iran.

Jim, what is it what the law which is the ancient name of Iran and Persia they are smuggling Bibles into Iran right now hundreds of thousand Bibles in Iran Christian is growing faster than any other place in the world, not in America can run in a Muslim country. Paul writes for sprinters 13 verse eight through 12 and I'm almost done here, but where there are prophecies, they will cease whether or tongues, they will be stilled, where there is knowledge, it will pass away for you know in part and we prophesy in part. But when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears when I was a child, I talked like a child I felt like a child, I reasoned like a child when I became a man I put childish ways behind me.

Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror, and we shall see face to face. Now I know in part, do not show fully know even as I'm fully known when were signs and wonders ceased when perfection comes when she's appears then and only then will we see him face-to-face and then the signs and wonders will cease because the ultimate sign and wonder will be with us.

First John 326 dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But what we know but we know that when he appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is the only for that day. Okay, so what should we be doing until he appears what I guess to the last question is a very short answer was his last command go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.

That was the command he gave them then it is our command today. Matthew 2818 through 20's the great commission just as amazed as you're going about your life. Share the gospel. What should we be doing.

We said or not that's thanks given table in a few days with family members and friends who have you lost share the gospel. That's what Chris is doing over there from his sick line share the gospel.

When you come to life again is all that matters. And we don't know when our last day. Yes, you win. The last is some of your friends.

We did get busy. Probably the Lord's return could be in my lifetime, which makes us proud about the next 20 years we got a lot of work today. We have a great Savior, and he will give us all we need to do to carry out his work the spray and the father thank you for your but we love you so much we need you so much as he did God help us have the boldness that these Muslim Christians have not gleaned from the country to say there literally. Some of them. Many of them actually being executed there been killed by the family members because they thought there they become heretics to the cause of this year. They're willing to stay there because they love you so much and will help us to that sin, love, here we get so lethargic in Americas. We have so much we have so much religion we have so much money we have so much comfort. They were choking on and I'm beginning with myself. Lord I pray that you will wake our nation of and I hate to say this, whatever it takes whatever that means is, it may hurt me by family and everybody in this sanctuary and we don't want to be hurt. But if that's what it takes. Lord bring it all. We need a revival in this country and Lord. Often people do not respond from from grace, they respond more from judgment. Things have to be stripped away from us Lord so you can get our attention.

Thank you for the way you can strip away all the items that we have in this country like sports and religion and Hollywood Halloween e.g., more than ever before.

I pray to God that you would not give up on America and I know that you won't underachieve chasing those you love because you want to draw them to yourself. I know that you love this country so much.

Thank you Lord Jesus for your life knowing that I pray, amen Joe stand for the benediction and I want to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving. Try to eat as much as I am present will load up sounds good after December got too much that it Muslim amount of cookers.

But what I want you to think my stomach.

Lord, it's been so patient with me. June 24 25 says to him who is able to keep you from falling and a great thing is able to keep her from falling and we we do for know he does picks us up and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy that was, he shall present us to heaven with great joy to the one to the only God our Savior be glory and majesty, power being a Christian is not about being religious but about having the dynamic alive relationship with Jesus Christ you been listening to finding purpose with pastor Russ Sanders, a local triangle ministry glorifying God by helping men and their purpose for living. You can discover more about finding your purpose in life by checking out the resources finding will connect to finding purpose on Facebook pastor Russ would also like to extend a special invitation for you to join him in over 300 other local tribal men to study God's word together every Tuesday night at 7 PM in downtown Raleigh. Find out more finding This is the Truth Network

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