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The Government And You, Part 2

Fellowship in the Word / Bil Gebhardt
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August 25, 2020 8:00 am

The Government And You, Part 2

Fellowship in the Word / Bil Gebhardt

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August 25, 2020 8:00 am

What does the Bible say about human government and our role in it?

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Today on Fellowship in the Word pastor Bill Gebhardt challenges you to become a fully functioning follower of Jesus Christ thousand years over the world have been biological compared to American and yet we find ourselves whining and complaining define our own government any kind of governing authority said I don't want to do this. I don't think this is right. Julie said joining us today on this additional Fellowship in the Word pastor Bill Gebhardt Fellowship in the Words the radio ministry of Fellowship Bible church located in Metairie, Louisiana when Pastor Bill Gebhardt now is once again shows us how God's word meets our world because all people are sinners. If you don't have government. What do you anarchy. Now here's what we know when you get people power you know the saying.

Power corrupts right absolute power corrupts absolutely. Is that been the case right. History is you give anybody power Of the president of the PDA you get empower and all of a sudden it's like who are these people because that's our sinful nature but without human government you have anarchy complete anarchy.that's why establishing the government warning so he says the government is by divine decree is what he says, he said, for there is no authority except from God, and those who which exist are established by God.

Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God, and he said they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves to oppose human authority is to oppose God.

God said you oppose human authority you pose me.

I've established some sovereign over this. See now if they're telling you kill your babies don't preach the gospel oppose you see their things were standing for but he said when you just oppose it for the fact that well. I think this is what I want to do is interposing me that's what he says right there government is by divine decree to resist the government is to oppose God and he says in verse two to resist government is to invite punishment.

He says those who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves.

You reap what you sow.

That's part that sounds like this is really important to God. And Paul was writing took Romans were under narrow see what we want to say. Start a revolution, just throw the bum out CME and that's the that's what we would think. But the whole view is God's is now there's more to this than what made sure I you have to understand when I say am sovereign over everything.

You know that means everything you see, I know the end from the beginning I got this he says anniversary. He said for more's are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil.

Now, by and large, is that true yes is always to know know, but that's what human government does what is human government do it controls the population.

That's what kind of guys versus the anarchy so human government in one way just controls us or another. A lot of human governments been tyrannical by the way, understand who's writing this Paul. So let me ask you a seaman treated fairly by all the human governments never, never, I mean a Mason tone they leave him for dead. And he's saying no you have to do this in effect when you read a book about whether he's in front of Felix or Festus or anyone like that ever noticing about Paul is respect. He respects every one of them pagan governors.

He respects them and they've given him nothing but trouble since okay my master told me to respect them and listen to him so he says do you want he says to have no fear of authority. He said do what is good and you will have praise in the same row. By and large, he said good behavior works out better than bad behavior. If you're on the interstate. You consistently drive somewhere between 65 and 72 how many tickets you can get now like to see you like to drive 110.

Is it likely you might get a few and then lose your license but you could say but that's what I want to do my car safe and hundred 10. I don't care. I'm going to do it.

You can't make me.

You can't make me stop at a stop sign.

You can't make me when they can make a make it unpleasant for you.

You see what I mean you can't listen I want to serve my right ear. This is what I want to do so. No human government said no, no, by the way, if you understand this about history at all, thank God you live in America, I mean the kind of human governments and of one people's lives for the last 6000 years over the world have been by and large horrific compared to America and yet we find ourselves whining and complaining define our own government any kind of governing authority is like I don't want to do this. I don't think this is right truly sad, generally speaking, he says government is actually can promote good he said, for it is a minister of God to you for good. What he means by that. It's not every governments good but government is good for you. That's what he say government is good for you. When God has an institution.

He says that institution is good for you having a government around us is good for us anything God installs like that is good for us. The reason for that is take typing to God's institution of marriage is a good for us. Let's not have Mrs. live forever.

We want to have sex with anyone we want to want everyone to everyone to be good for us, not according to all the sexually-transmitted diseases you can get all the heartache you can bring in your life.

You see gods as I give you Mary's the punisher. I gave it to you for your good governments the same way. It's for your good.

It's better for you. He said, but if you do what is evil. You better be afraid, for it does not bear the sword for nothing will punish you. That's the way this works is a minister of God. Now understand it's a minister of God narrows government is a minister of God.

Now there's administer godly principles. No, but it is human government is an adventure who brings wrath.

On the one who practices evil is always been the case. That's the way this works you Christians did they listen to this. Roman emperors told Christians that if they didn't disavow Christ but take a minute Coliseum and feeding the wild animals. Christiansen go ahead time the Romans could not get over this. These people would quietly and submissively walking to the Coliseum and being alive why master said about what what was the outcome. They won the Roman Empire for Jesus Christ.

The Romans couldn't get over it. Romans had baby girls that leave them on the city dump them even when the city dump the die just to live by the city dump. Christians immigrated they took the babies and raise them as our own rooms like who would do this.

What's wall with these people see that's the nature of this bigger fish to fry, much more important.

The early Christians community obedience to these verses change the world. They changed the world you know and it's interesting in my somewhat that's all back the neck not apply today at all. You heard me say this before, but probably the largest healthiest church in the whole world's in China in a communist country.

They don't have any buildings. I don't have them church services.

They don't do all that, but depending on who your reader somewhere between 100 hundred 50 million born-again Chinese you're the Chinese government is now set a bottom for the good people they work hard. They stayed to work. The good for the morale of the nation.

Now there vehemently opposed them on one level, but on the other level they still struggle with this. How can these people be so good when teaching secularism completely. Here is dogma. And these are believers in Jesus Christ, and their winning their country and they submit to their government were not us were not submit where Americans see our government is so much worse.

The nurse well it's not. We know that maybe the problem is not the governments. Maybe the problems with us and what we want to do. He says some mouse he says in verse five. Therefore, it is necessary to be in subjection.

Back to the same idea, not only because of wrath, because government will punish you, but also for conscience sake, not just because of outward conformity, but for inward conviction.

When I mean it's the right thing to do. How do you know it's the right thing to do.

My master told me received God tells me. The Lord tells me this. It's the right thing to do. Not just because I outwardly conform but out inwardly, obey that's what he is saying out inwardly, obey call, so this is good for you. In fact, if you have a nonconforming I know my rights attitude. Let me say something to you, it will hurt your spiritual growth.

It will have an effect on you just like any other. Send us it will hurt the way you spiritually grow.

Then he says in verse six goes right back to where Jesus was full. Because of this you also pay taxes for wars are servants of God.

He said they were ministers of God.

Now they said there servants of God. This is narrow. This is far from God. As you can get yeah visa government is the government.

He says they are servants of God while devoting themselves of this very thing taxes for Ross again same word if you were Jewish believer, you just hated the tax system. The Jews levied six different taxes on their own people.

24% a year, so a Jew was taxed by Judaism, 24% of your income went Israel. Then Ron came in and they taxed everything and mad tax gatherers would extort even more so you had to pay 24% of your income to Judaism and then you had to pay all the Roman taxes and that's how the Roman Empire worked and worked on the basis of all the taxes that are raised in the demand submitted Concord so you can imagine a lot of Jews are saying I'm getting sick of this.

I don't like this at all.

But notice he says exactly what Jesus rendered to all, what is due them.


Well I think they're unfair because I think you're unfair, there's no way in the world on pain. I see every right to cheat on my income taxes because we all do, don't we.

Everybody cheats not a slave of the master said don't cheat sheet not because the government makes it so they don't cheat.

By the way they do almost made it so it's hard to cheat because of a catch you cheating.

They will penalize you. But that's not what should motivate me. What motivates me is what does my master say I'm a slave of Jesus Christ is adultery you seek to worry about that I'll take care of you see that's the way this works with all these taxes. I love that Jesus rendered to all, what is due them tax to whom taxes due custom to whom custom fear to whom fear and honor to whom honor weathers are general responsibilities. God says look I take care of governments what you think of just about it. Historically, Nebuchadnezzar was an egomaniac you know any egomaniacs in government and out government has a way of attracting a lot of egomaniacs, especially if you're Emperor of the Roman Empire or the Babylonian Empire now what the guy doing Nebuchadnezzar turn them into account is a pagan in tournament or cow I did was graze on grass. Why do you do that is when reminded on the chart that you you call yourself a God make a statue, need tell your people you're a god, but I sovereign. What about Nineveh.

One of the most for agencies in the world. God said to Jonah go to Nineveh. There's an outcry, met city I want to fix that once I got it and so what are these people even in the modern era were similar words Nazi Germany were stolen see where where are these people gotchas I haven't particularly looked at in my hands is a just God. You see, that's expectation, but that doesn't change your responsibility to this principle, the God based on that's what he says taxes to whom, taxes, customs, in whom custom network is tell us, and that means do web things like sales tax is accustomed.

Pay yourself then he says fear to whom fear nobody means there that fear that were for fear. Phobos means in this case sincere respect.

I show you respect.

So if you pulled over by a police officer some respect for the government. Just as I said possible for Felix and Festus and show them respect, not because they deserve respect because his master told him respect them and said okay I will.

This is hard for a lot of us will want to show them respect, and as they agree with us, and then the last one honor to whom honor to me That Happens over and over in Scripture.

You See This Happening in More Than One Single Occasion Is the Way This Whole Thing Works Go with Me for a Moment That It Would Close to First Peter Just for a Moment.

Chapter 2 Verse 13 Peter Writing Now Submit Yourselves Know What's the Next Word Say for the Lord's Sake, Submit Yourselves for the Lord's Sake to Every Human Institution, Whether to a King, As Will the One in Authority, or to Governors As Sent by Him for the Punishment of Evildoers in the Praise of Those Who Do Right, with Peter Saying Saying Exactly What Paul Said Is the Same Thing. How Many Governing Authority.

Should I Submit Myself to Every Single One of Them. He Said, for Such Is the Will of God, That by Doing Right. You May Silence the Ignorance of Foolish Men.

People Asked Me This All the Time. Can You Tell Me What the Will of God Is. I like to Know What the Will of God Is, I Want to Know the Will of God for My Please Let Me Know What Does the Will of God for Me Me and I Don't Know That but I Know Certain Things in the Bible Say Their Gods Will.

There's Only A Few. This Is One of Them. I Mean, I Want You to Think about This Is What Peter Wrote Peter Said, Submit Yourselves for the Lord's Sake to Every Human Institution, for Such Is the Will of God. How Much Clearer Could I Be the Master Said It Is a Know You Do It Why Your Divorce Should Be in the Difference It Makes. This Is Written in the Second Century by an Atheistic Roman in Power.

He Wrote This Christians Are Distinguished from Other Men, Neither by Country nor Language nor the Customs Which They Observe, He Says, for They Neither Inhabited Cities of Their Own, nor Employ a Peculiar Form of Speech, nor Lead a Life Which Is Marked out by Singularity the Course of Conduct Which They Follow Has Not Been Devised by Any Speculation or Deliberation of Inquisitive Men, nor Do They like Some Proclaim Themselves to Be Advocates of Some Human Doctrine Goes on and Says They Are in the Flesh, but They Don't Live after the Flesh, They Pass Their Days on Earth but They Call Themselves Citizens of Heaven. They Obey the Precursors Prescribed Laws and at the Same Time Surpass the Laws by Their Lives. They Love All Men and Their Persecuted by All. They Are Unknown and Condemned and They Are Put to Death and They Say, but Restored to Life. They Are Poor, yet Making Many Rich They Are in a Lock of All Things and That They Abound and Everything. They Are Dishonored and yet in Every Dishonor.

He Says They Bless Others the Art Evil Spoken of, and yet They Are Justified They Are Reviled by People and yet They Bless People They Are Insulted and They Repay the Insult with Honor. They Do Good. Yet They Are Punished As Evildoers, and When Punished.

They Rejoice As If Quickened in the Life They Are Assailed by the Jews As Foreigners and They Are Persecuted by the Greeks. Yet Those Who Hate Them Are Unable to Assign Any Reason Why They Hate Them. The Reason Is They Are Slaves of Jesus Christ.

Those People Changed the World, Partly Because of Their Attitude during Human Government. They Saw Themselves As Slaves of Their Master. They Submitted the Government and They Were Brutally Treated the Sediments on like Any of Us Today. All This at Some like Us at All. For Many of Us Are Managers.

This My Rights, My Rights, No One Would Tell Me What to Do. But Your Master Already Has Its Prey.

Father, We Live in These Turbulent Times but It's More Than Just That.

I Think As Believers We Often Just Don't See Ourselves This Way We Have Such Great Freedoms in This Country Because It's a Democracy We Can Even Raise Her Voice and If We Don't like What's Happening Father.

We Can Even Have a Legal Protest and That's Good Things, but Father Were Not Here for the Sake of This Nation Were Here for the Sake of Our Master. We Are Blessed and We Thank You for That Father. What We Are Here to Be Salt and Light in This World.

Father I Pray for Those Who Hear Me This Morning That They Don't Keep Asserting Their Own Rights and We End up Alienating the Very Culture That Were Trying to See As Our Mission Field. Father Way We Have a Singularity of Purpose to Do in This Case and Every so That You Will Be Going Because When That Happens, We Know It Is Pastoral on the Radio Ministry of Fellowship Lord, If You Ever Miss One of Our Broadcast or Maybe You Just like Listening to the Message One More Time. Remember the Good a Great Website Called One That's One and You Can Listen the Fellowship and the Word Online That Website You Will Find on with Today's Broadcast so Many of Her Previous Audio Program at Fellowship in the Word. We Are Thankful for Those Who Financially Support Her Ministry and Make This Broadcast Possible. We Ask All of Our Listeners to Prayerfully Consider How You Might Help His Radio Ministry Continuous Broadcast on This Radio Station by Supporting Us Monthly with Just a One-Time Gift Support for Ministry Can Be Centered Fellowship and the Word 4600 Clearview Pkwy., Metairie 7006 if you would be interested in hearing today's message in its original format that is a sermon, the pastor will deliver during a Sunday morning service at Fellowship Bible church visit our website FVC that FVC and LA.O RG at our website you will find hundreds pastor Bill sermon you can browse through our sermon archives defined sermon series are looking for.

You can search by title.

Once you find the message you're looking for an online work you prefer, you can download the sermon and listen at your own.

And remember all this absolutely free of charge.

Once again our website FVC for pastoral gift card unseasoned and hard. Thank you for listening to Fellowship in order

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