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The Fear Of Serious Disease, Part 2

Fellowship in the Word / Bil Gebhardt
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June 19, 2020 8:00 am

The Fear Of Serious Disease, Part 2

Fellowship in the Word / Bil Gebhardt

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June 19, 2020 8:00 am

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Today on the Fellowship in the Word pastor Bill Gebhart challenges you to become a fully functioning follower of Jesus Christ. What happens when you even hear about someone wake up in the middle that I can get away from this clause by way all that is speculation.

It's all speculation recently thinking about is the knowledge of God is what he is saying taking Every thought to Christ are my thoughts. Speculation on my thoughts based on the knowledge of God joining us today on this additional Fellowship in the Word pastor Bill Gebhart Fellowship in the Words the radio ministry of Fellowship Bible church located in Metairie, Louisiana going pastor Bill Gebhart now is once again he shows us how God's word.

Our world was bought his own battle with cancer is in remission right.

He says when we face a serious disease. The first thing we should do is talk to God asking for guidance and then take advantage of the best medical assistance available as Hezekiah did. Ultimately, our God is Jehovah role-play the God who heals you.

Whether he owes us with a miracle with medicines or in the world to come. When an interesting way to put this God always feels sometimes a miracle sometimes of medicines and always in the world.

The prognosis the prayer the promise in the prescription and all seems like it's going so well, but now there's a problem in chapter 39 verse one and two we see the symptoms but not the problem is is and at that time my back valid on the Sunna ballad on the king of Babylon sent letters and a present to Hezekiah for he heard that he had been sick and had recovered.

Hezekiah was pleased and he showed the bent them. That's the Babylonians. He showed the Babylonians all his treasure house, the silver and the gold and the spices and the precious oil in his whole armory and all that was found in his treasuries. There was nothing in his house, nor all and always dominion, that Hezekiah did not show them the please understand the Babylonians are the Babylonians are the people who destroyed the Assyrians's kind of an interesting thought. Why would he do that well. We find out why he would do it in second Chronicles 32 I just read the verse listen in those days. Hezekiah became mortally ill and he prayed to the Lord of the Lord spoke to him and gave him a sign, but Hezekiah gave no return for the benefit he received because his heart was probably therefore wrath came on him and on Judah and Jerusalem, Hezekiah took that 15 years and that healing is a issue of pride. He became so powerful that he shows the Babylonians all the treasures that he has Isaiah in a paraphrase way shows up and says what were you thinking and by the way, Babylonians came down, ransacked it all and to call back about this, even though the prayer was answered. Everything kind of went wrong. After that what you find out with the problem here with with Hezekiah is simply this is the heat died down on his problems, his passion for God died. I see it all the I see people who get a really difficult prognosis and boy there in church or church to get right with God.

We pray for that sometimes or become well again. Boy I see marriages are hanging by a thread that they want to get right with God and then they do they go see Megan see what ends up happening. He uses an issue of his pride. As long as he had a problem.

Boy he wanted to be close to God world like that. But once he receiving the blessing that is just as happy to be on his own. By the way, it doesn't get much better Manas of the man I mentioned, born three years after the healing becomes the next king and his horrible one of the worst things ever in Judah, idolatry, sorcery, everything you can imagine didn't turn out that well those 15 years, someone paid even the whole country.

But you see the problem instead of being full of thanks and gratitude. Hezekiah was full of pride. So we see the prognosis the prayer the promise the prescription and the problem sooner comes the disease and suffering. My perspective is so much different than God's. We seldom see the benefit of it all and yet there's tremendous benefit. You see it all the way through scriptures you nobody told Paul he said no I'm not going to remove the thorn.

You see, because you have the thorn are weak and when you're weak you let me be strong in your life. Spurgeon, the great English preacher said this, I daresay the greatest earthly blessing that God can give any of us is health with the exception of sickness. My sickness drives us to God. Using sickness makes us dependent on God. It has a real advantage you can learn a lot from Hezekiah, but the real question comes down to winded be better than when we face this and ultimately we will all face in one way or another, when it be better to face this with peace than with fear she will not be better to face it. Would you rather have peace or fear.

I think therefore things we can do to really help alleviate the fear that we have of serious illness or terminal disease.

The first one is found in second Corinthians chapter 10 and verse three here and listen with the apostle Paul says, he says, for though we walk and he means live for though we live in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses we are destroying.

Don't miss this word speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. See the very first thing you can do when you're facing a serious or terminal illness is capture your thoughts.

All we need to do that. What happens when you even hear about someone you love has got a really serious diagnosis like this, you wake up in the middle that I'm what you do you really start thinking about all of the terrible things can happen.

We can get away from. We just constantly think about it that way by way all of that is speculation. See, it's all speculation. What we should be thinking about is the knowledge of God is what he is saying taking captive every thought to Christ is the are my thoughts. Speculation are my thoughts based on the knowledge of God.

Let me give you an illustration. There was a young woman missionary named Isabel Kuhn an amazing woman in her early 20s.

She was agnostic. She came to Christ and ended up going to China as a missionary.

She eventually gave her life to breast cancer in 1957. She wrote several books, but one of the books you wrote is in the arena when she realized that she not only had breast cancer, but it was very likely to be terminal miss what you wrote. She said I had to refuse to allow my imagination to play with my future. That future, I believe, is ordered of God and no man can guess it for me to let myself imagine how or when the end would come was not only unprofitable, it was definitely harmful so I had to bring my thoughts into captivity that they might not dishonor my Lord Jesus Christ, she realized it designed to capture my thoughts I mind focused on the word of God is one that can stop you from losing heart in second Timothy chapter 1, Paul said God is not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and a sound mind. You have to capture your thoughts because if you don't your thoughts one crazy you can't stop it. Almost always, it's fatalistic thinking which makes this just more fearful. So the first thing we can do is capture our thoughts. The second is found in Ephesians chapter 1 district couple pages to your right.

Ephesians chapter 1 in verse three Paul writing the church of Ephesus says this Blessed be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ and then he spends the rest the chapter telling what all the blessings are, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing.

Notice there's not a calm and then it says only if you're really healthy. All of these blessings are yours. Whether you have disease, whether you have health, it makes no difference at all. You see, not only should we capture our thoughts whenever you're facing a serious disease in your life or terminal illness counter blessings, count your blessings. You see, it's a matter of focus not only the heavenly blessings. It seems to me that so often in times of illness are blessings become clear. I'm always astounded like that.

I'm always amazed that when you really love someone and you find him facing a terminal illness that you end up saying things to them and acing things to you that you probably should've said the whole time you were both healthy. Think of the blessings the prayers of friends. People tell you there praying for you specifically a note from a loved one to encourage you neighbor emotional on a verse that gives you comfort flowers that remind you that someone's thinking about you. Just think of those kinds of things all the little blessings goes a relational blessings. Think of all the other blessings. Think of what you still have instead of what you're afraid you're going to lose Ed Dobson's senior pastor of Calvary church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and he is been fighting a battle with ALS for 11 years and this is what he writes about counting his blessings. He says in the midst of my disease. I began blessing God for all the gifts of life. I bless God for each day. I bless God for the ability to shower and clothe myself.

I bless God for the ability to button buttons. I bless God for the ability to lift food in my mouth even though I can no longer do it with my right hand.

I bless God for everything that I can do and for every gift that comes from him to me 11 years, counting his blessings capture your thoughts, count your blessings, and then if you just turn the page did Ephesians 2 in verse 10, after talking about the great grace of God and how were all saved by grace. The apostle Paul says this for we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. Capture your thoughts, count your blessings.

Continue your life.

Continue to see so often we get that kind of diagnosis we just want to stop it now is is no. We were created for this to continue our life. When a lesson for us. On her deathbed, Isabel Kuhn was battling cancer is now that you find yourself only in bed. She drew up a daily schedule that fit the limits of her strength in bed. She worked on a book engaged in ministry of prayer.

She read. She studied English and rejoice the letters and cards. It came from all over the world for and when she lacks strength even for these activities. She wrote sound health and a normal life. I cannot have all on this platform. Therefore, I accept the fact that I do not fret about it on March 20, 1957 she went to be with her Lord fullface enjoying on that day. She wrote facing the end of one's earthly pilgrimage is not melancholy for the Christian. It is like preparation for the most exciting journey of all.

And so the platform of my dreaded disease becomes nothing but a springboard for heaven know about you but I like to have that attitude at the end one attitude seeing the joy she just continuing her life on his deathbed. Elisha gave counsel to Joe as the king of Israel. What is deathbed he still a prophet of God's you see I think. So often we think that the only time I can do something, as I really feel great jury watch the NBA executive said you can't get much done in life. If you only work on the days you really feel good and only have disease week. We don't feel good, but were still called by God to continue our life you see in or something about the good works of the deathbed that exceed all of the good works is so genuine wine you see it so genuine wine. Just imagine that Puritan preacher Thomas Watson said this a sickbed often teaches more than any sermon. Of course it does its authentic it's real. Capture your thoughts and count your blessings and continue your life, and one last thing, turn the Romans chapter 8 verse 18. I love the English words used here. Paul says, for I consider consider means to reckon consider means I really believe this considerably means that this is the way I'm gonna live my life.

The letter Paul says, for I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us is that I really believe this, I consider capture your thoughts, count your blessings. Continue your life and consider your future consider your future as opposed doing by the latest Paul knowing about suffering unbelievable amount of suffering, but notice what he says I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not even worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us that we illustrate that Mr. city you're informed that you one free trip, but this is like any other free trip. This is a two years around the world.

Anywhere you want to go free trip by private jet only stay in five star hotels okay in every country seagoing to get the best guide from that country or city to guide you to show you everything that's there in every place that it's applicable, you're given a free shopping spree to stop and get anything you want while you're there now. This is a free trip. Now when you finally get the final notification that you've got it. It's in the mail you see it on the counter, you come home from work and you think this is it.

This is going to my itinerary. This is how it's going to happen and then as your opening up the envelope you get a paper cut and then you say you know that's just wrong.

Everything is it's all wrong now. By the way, please understand I am not trivializing terminal disease. I'm comparing it to the eternal state Sen. Paul said I can even compared he's considering the future one close by letting the Lord speak John chapter 14, the gospel of John chapter 14, Jesus says this to not let your heart be troubled. Please don't be afraid. Please don't be anxious please don't worry. He says do not let your heart be troubled. Believe in God believe also in me is in my father's house are many dwelling places. If were not so I would've told you, for I go and prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to myself, that where I am, there you may be also. That's his promise in that something my father's house are many dwelling places. Yeah I know it's a big place is a but I got a special place for you. I love that imagery upset over all the years but I love the idea that when I would get there. There is no used metaphor. There is a door to apparently a very nice place and a welcome mat on the front of and it says welcome Bill.

You see, that's considering my future pieces look I want your heart to be troubled.

I don't want that to be the case. I understand the consequences of the fall and the curse on the earth, and disease and dying get back but you don't have to dine fear. You can die with peace. You see, you can die with even inner joy. You certainly can die with hope. You see, that's the point that is making capture your thoughts, count your blessings. Continue your life and consider the future, and when you do that you have a Paul calls the peace beyond understanding and only when the piece comes in. Maybe more importantly to almost all of us the fingers up the spring father. This sermon applies to every single one of us. Some of us are facing serious illness right now.

All of us will face it likely in the future. Father I pray that we met kind of disease or illness comes our way that we know we have the freedom to pray our humanity to cry out to you and to shed bitter tears father. We know there's more than that.

We know that you care for us.

We know that you have sent the Holy Spirit, the comforter to comfort us. We know that your word can bring us peace and comfort. We know you have surrounded us with other believers who could also come to our aid in those difficult times, but father one thing we need to know is we don't have to be filled with fear not as those as Peter writes, who have no hope because they have no Christ father for someone here today who does not know you, and does not have a personal relationship with you, through Jesus Christ, may I simply say to them that they too will fight that final battle with pain in life, but without Jesus Christ. Not only is there not piece in the battle.

There is no peace forever more.

I would invite them to put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ and his finished work and we can have peace about that because the tomb is empty is been resurrected from the dead is ascended into heaven, and if they would put their faith and trust in Christ, the promise of Scriptures. They are born again into your family and the Holy Spirit takes up residence in their soul.

They have the assurance of eternal, maybe not let this pastoral giver on the radio ministry of fellowship in the world.

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