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Understanding House Bill 465

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy
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July 24, 2015 12:00 pm

Understanding House Bill 465

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy

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July 24, 2015 12:00 pm

NC Family president John Rustin talks with  North Carolina Representative Jacqueline Schaffer (R-Mecklenburg) about an important piece of pro-life legislation that she sponsored and that recently became law, House Bill 465—Women and Children’s Protection Act of 2015.

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This is family policy matter programs produced by the North Carolina family policy Council of profamily research and education organization dedicated to strengthening and preserving the family and up from the studio here is John Rustin, Pres. North Carolina family policy Council, thank you for joining us this week. Profamily policy matters. It is our pleasure to have representative Jacqueline with us on the program represent a shaper was elected to the North Carolina Gen. assembly in 2012 and represent State House District 105 in the southern end of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County also currently serves as general counsel for shaper associates an executive search firm, and as a nylon attorney for the Alliance defending freedom. She formerly served as a government affairs attorney for the American Center for Law and Justice in Washington DC, and years ago. I'm happy to say was an intern with the North Carolina family policy Council representative shaper is with us today to discuss an important piece of pro-life legislation recently became law in North Carolina hospital for 65 the women and children's protection act. She served as the lead sponsor of this bill and were to be talking with representative shaper today about the new law and what it does to protect women and children in North Carolina representative Jacqueline shaper welcome to family policy matters were so glad to have you with us today here. Well, it's just a great seeing your lives through the ranks at ACL J and now being a member of the state legislature and I do remember years ago when you served as an intern at the family policy Council, we knew that you were a bright and rising star and are just delighted to have the opportunity to work with you on the site Gen. assembly.

I mean, I like a lot of folks that bad.

I'm not a what you care about what I would end up getting in a relatively short amount of time later. I'm grateful for that year. Thank you, will turn our attention to hospital for 65 Gov. McCauley sign this bill into law on June 12 after it passed both the North Carolina House and Senate. The passage of this law is a major pro-life victory for North Carolina.

It really builds on important pro-life games that have been made during the last two legislative sessions both in 2011 and 2013 no hospital for 65 includes a number of important changes to our abortion laws to talk about those specific changes in a few minutes, but first I want to ask you our lives and shaper how significant in your opinion, is the enactment of hospital for 65 to the pro-life movement in North Carolina to help the poor 65 along the lines I coming in and working for you and I and I think what we arty person you are ultimately able to come up with why really great legislative victory on behalf of women and children that are affected by the abortion industry, many thanks. Many provisions in Delhi. We were able to take significant measures to ensure that women are eking out an abortion who are considering everything competent here, and given the appropriate time when I like that better that life-changing decision. We really feel that the finished product that we have that we are so grateful that the governor has signed into law really got it. Thank you for when mommy and I am really really excited about it might very big step forward for the pro-life. Well, I couldn't agree more knowledge talk specifically about what the Lord is the change that received the most attention has to do with extending the mandatory waiting period for abortion the North Carolina from 24 to 72 hours.

Tell us about this provision, while extending the waiting period for abortion was such a significant and critical part of this bill really nailed it on the hat.

I mean, it is the part that a lot of credible profession hopefully have an opportunity to talk about that. I'm not really the most important part of the bell tower waiting. So I met a lot before House Bill 465, one was required to wait 24 hours after repeating information from her doctor before she could actually undergo the abortion heater as part of our incompetent law.

I'm not he could receive that information via telephone or in person and a very important part she could she can receive information just a phone call It extends that 24 hour waiting period on two new 72 hour waiting period are really the reason that we see it as much critical part of the pellets because, quite frankly, it's a lie, and at the most.

To promote the emotional well-being of women who are considering this very big decision. I'm in the House committee heard it and I'm health we heard numerous testimonials from women K) personal heart that lender can't be right back on out on their behalf, which they Meeting we had the common theme I wish I had more time before I mean that I wish that I had waited before having an abortion irreversible. Something I I would have changed my mind. I had had more time and I wish I could go back. We feel that extending 24 hour waiting period to 72 hours. It gives women more time to think through what is truly a life-changing and irreversible decision, it allows them the opportunity to consider the option because there are options other than abortion are all your testimony as well from Dr. that we had individual to come to CFN in any traumatic or critical kind of situation.

Now, whether attendee in the abortion situation or another medical situation individual human being.

You know they want and what you get specs because they are face of the devastating population and really the best one for any person under this kind of circumstance. Is this too late to hear the option that they have back when I do know we heard we heard that there were some people who did not even know that there was support for both emotional and financial information, or if they had frankly been been asked to wait a few more days.

They might have made a different outfit of the plan and testifying to let me know what it was very heartrending to hear that I'm statistically a longer one considers that the decision to abort the less likely she is to make that efficient hard to pinpoint an exact number, but say that we reduce the number of abortions in the state by approximately 1000 per year for every day that woman right before boarding the new law that an estimated 2000 lives saved per year.

Yes, that's why they very easily. This is a critical part of the legislation say blacksmith you went into a lot of emotional grief format told the board of emotional distress.

So I'm very very excited that we can able to get this piece of legislation were so very similar stories, especially from pregnancy resource to a lot of who are really on the front of dealing building relationships with women who are considering abortion debate. So a very similar story over and over again for another key part of hospital for 65 deals with mandatory annual inspections of abortion clinics Bob estate part of the enactment of hospital for 65 what did the state require regarding the inspection of abortion clinics and what does this provision change about those instructions. When I came into the house and how the opportunity to jump on board for life legislative project we were starting to look at what the state was doing, inspect abortion clinic then what we found out is that, in large part state simply wasn't doing them and there are few cases where a very egregious complaint for prompting inspection now but we got pretty deep into the situations and found that many clinics at the time were operating under unsanitary conditions there are just conflict. The horror stories about the improper administration of medication. There were individuals under the age of 18 who were you are involved in committee activity and enforcement. The state wasn't really inspecting them these things once were coming to light.

So you know the Department of Health for Carolina did come under new leadership in 2013 and we learned at that time that the department itself was coming to the conclusion that we were on that it really wasn't discharging its duty in this respect despite their own findings and that the legislature might come in and be absolutely sure that we were regulating these clinics appropriately on this is this is no simple procedure. This is no light thing that that is going on clinics that we want to make sure that that women who are seeking to obtain an abortion on their doing so in a state carry out the fair Oaks under under house built for 65 what we had tonic that we are requiring that every clinic line abortion performed going to receive an email inspection and important Internet.

It felt to make sure that things are going correctly, that things are going the right direction unit this is that this is a medical scenario and we want to make sure that carry conditions existing procedures are being done appropriately that we don't have these cases, the improper administration of medication are individuals who simply should not be participating in the medical procedures at the vet. They are not part of it. But in addition to the action what what the new law requires that DHHS now has to publish it finding me know what a dummy action that the abortion clinics on their going to publish the findings from his report on the women's rights in the website.

I was part of DHHS can you know we simply want to make sure that for those women who do find themselves taking abortion you are going to undergo that applicator on that they're doing selling a statement.

Well, there was also an additional provision of certain requirements.

All physicians would be able to perform abortions in North Carolina tells about that. If you would deliver a III think is a very common sense provision. Essentially, the new law requires that sufficient to perform abortions, other than in a medical emergency that they must be board-certified or at least eligible for fortification in tricks or gynecology at a minimum, they have to have sufficient training in safe abortion care abortion complications while at miscarriage management. You know, we really we really want to make sure that the people that are best trained to be performing procedures are the one you are actually doing them want to make sure that all find most trained individual are the lines that are engaging in this kind medical feature with shapers we close. I think it's also important for listeners to understand, especially with important him as some people would consider to be controversial legislation like this. People who have opinions on both sides of this issue we heard a lot from abortion advocacy group. Susan's legislation was moving through the general assembly if you will, just to give a sense of what you were dealing with is a member of the legislature pushing such an important bill through talking a bit about the battle that you faced over about 465 and some of the tactics that the abortion proponents used to try to deceive the spool sure you know when when anyone engages in these types of legislation whether a lead sponsor you signed on to lead our your simply voting for you wherever you are. Not that I you're going to battle. This is a hot button issue for people at the very emotional issue for people. There was quite a bit of battle over getting hospital for 65 three Lynch and and really the most frequent tactics that I saw coming coming from abortion advocate, those you would not support helpful for 65 really really does Boil down to a misinformation campaign what it was about specific provisions in the bill market would think that I or my colleagues, but that in committee on the house for you know, we have things that works. Taken out of context or simply misrepresentative people I'm against it gives people the wrong impression about the Dell. I think that the best way to combat that is to spread the truth about the Bellin and really get the facts out there and you know whether it's an angry constituent who called Penarth committee member who doesn't understand, getting public testimony when I have the opportunity to explain what the bill actually does and what it actually doesn't involve a lot of problems that way and I am" you're always on people who disagree with you on issues there on their people to just plan parenthood and and the ACLU and in other groups that that frankly support abortion on demand, and they don't want any of these pieces of legislation getting forward and take a provision of the Dell out of contact or they don't give you all of the information they don't tell you that there may something that already offering 24 hour waiting period that can start with a phone call that was a big issue that came up.

People didn't know that that women can start that time.

The 24 hours and now the 72 hours with a simple phone call you have age groups you are misrepresenting what dealt with the current law does and you really have to get the fact that Darren and I always encourage people read the bill before you question about why why were pushing us forward. Unfortunately with Jaclyn Schaefer were nearly out of time for this week. But before we go. I do want to Jim thank you for your hard work on house bill for 65 the session but in addition to this bill. You have also been a primary sponsor of religious liberty legislation that a number of other very important measures.

We truly appreciate you being the champion that you all for the sanctity of human life for religious Plenum and for so many other profamily issues in the Toronto Gen. assembly. Thank you so much for your service. So much time. It really is an honor and I'm I'm I'm grateful to have you work on a piece of legislation and Kayla to promote my general family felt really thinking that we follow matters.

Information and analysis of the North Carolina family policy Council join us weekly discussion on policy issues affecting the family. If you have questions or comments, please call 919807081 or visit our website and see family doctor award

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