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Changing Culture One Student At A Time

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy
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October 13, 2016 12:00 pm

Changing Culture One Student At A Time

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy

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October 13, 2016 12:00 pm

NC Family President John L. Rustin talks with Kristan Hawkins, President of Students For Life of America, the nation’s largest youth pro-life organization that has helped establish over 1,000 student pro-life groups. They discuss a growing pro-life sentiment among millennials and what you can do to help the pro-life movement.

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Now our portion. This is family policymakers with NC family Pres. John Weston thanks for doing this week for family policy matters are just values. Kristin Hawkins, president of the life of America, the nation's largest youth pro-life organization that is helped establish over 1000 student pro-life groups, particularly on college campuses across the nation. Students for life of America works tirelessly to train and equip high school, college, medical and law school students to be active and effective voices for life on their campuses and in their communities. Today we will talk with Kristen about recent polling that continues to reveal just how strong the pro-life sentiment and belief is among today's youth and how students can get involved and effectively engage and encourage their peers to be voices for the voiceless Kristin. Welcome to family policy matter to try to have you on the show. Well we appreciate so much what you do, Kristin Kristin. I know several new poles have come out this summer, particularly from Marist and the Knights of Columbus as well as the Institute for pro-life advancement that looked at the demographics of those that are involved in today's pro-life movement. Tell us what these polls revealed and how their findings fit into recent trends that people are against abortion and make it your binary search apparently had ever 53% of millennial actually agree that abortion should be both Kate and Byron for finding the club. I got a research ball are finding something that we know our fall shell out there That life anyway, for Sandy would feel comfortable telling abortion offering to help a doorway to try to sound like we caught the light 11 interesting and I know millennial's often get a bad rap, so to speak, from conservatives appearing to take a more self-centered stance on some political issues also approaching politics often comes from a libertarian or liberal position. How does that caricature measure up to the true views and actions of millennial's from your perspective when it comes to the issue of life.

Let's check for 2012 research of what happened with the money about where millennial what were their views on multiple issues about what both hold a pretty little and they follow very little on those big social issue When it comes to abortion and really thought about It yesterday.

I doubt you, Bob University, their abridgment everywhere In our bottlecap being and display showing where party, whether public and the Democratic Party stand on the porch of the farm that hypothetical question Entire political part, I would interesting article. We already know that a lot of that millennial their coming up blank. He got that Bob not any party. I haven't been there for a party.

I love your public care. I'd already had a guy out, but all of them, even if they were liberal or conservative, pro-choice or pro-life. They were turned off. I the money. The fact that Planned Parenthood is putting so much in the election.

Michael putting so much into lobbying efforts and interpret no bull got back from the battle Kristin to work. Can we attribute this generational shift on the issue of life. In other words, while Camille millennial's starting with their grandparents generation with life, then their parents generation on this issue. Certainly knowledge is wall and really treating it like generation dollar number 340 office commercial that he why they first thought that bounty technology 40 year electric that if elected, educating people about how biology what might I think the partial birth abortion ban huge staffs now in the 90s with Ali legislative efforts to parent.late-term abortion procedure present could be tilted by Bush finally signed it into law on time and it would be public relation after getting people to understand just what happened during partial birth abortion and you found it yesterday on People don't do not know how extreme our abortion laws are and when they're old governor how the people themselves all shot.

Unfortunately, a lot of lawmakers have made considerable progress in recent years, efforts to hold abortion providers to the same or similar standards and standard of care as other medical providers is interesting to what we see intense opposition to these types of measures from the abortion industry.

The Marist poll actually found millennial's were the strongest supporters of equal medical standards. What you think the put that particular point in this debate resonates so strongly with young people coming there are having their family never question they want to make sure that what she could she come back out her child, but she is very self-centered, very common argument of the abortion facility should be shut. The other inventory surgical when you might agree with me about the so-called abortion easily can say yeah you're right that each facility should be medical requirement. Common in NC family Pres. John Rustin truly believe the outcome of the November 8 general election will have an impact on the future of religious liberty, the sanctity of human life the stability and prosperity of families across the country and the fundamental character of our nation than any election in our lifetimes. In recent years we have seen for too many Christians sit out elections friends. We have a unique opportunity to step up and be leaders for our nation. Just like Esther in the Bible. I truly believe we all have been called for such a time as this help today by ordering NC family voter guides to distribute in your church, community group, and neighborhood NC In addition, get your own individualized voter guide to print out and take to the polls with you. Also, NC electioneering course, which means that both major parties revised and adopted their party platforms with their respective convention this summer.

Did either party, make any notable policy changes related to protection for the unborn things like conscience rights for medical providers as well as taxpayer funding for abortion. In those party platform like a great place to live.

It thanks to Ted Tyler's work shop made it. She's responsible for the ship he pro-life patient just recently authored a clock out at the water right after the block that she put out right before this year party party on the other hand, has done extremely notably here at that point how they are happy and officially change the form to keep for Their proportionate whenever, wherever you will be required to pay for any length abortion of our how pregnancy my what the circumstance they want you to pay for in a long-standing democratic tradition needed help. When he was 25.and here they are saying they want to wipe away that limit the right that dollars are putting US prisons with new files and student organizations across the nation, is a mention of the outset of our discussion. What are some of the most effective and positive ways for students to be a pretty large voice on their school campuses this school year. We all encouraged it is to find a pro-life Bob like I had any money to go out? Tell me, tell me your local resource Center figure how I think I should get out there and you really see this outline, something that transformed you see this landlocked hero abortion facility at 6 AM Friday morning looking down crying and you see her. A few hours later doing the exact same thing.

I realize that this is place that we need you to take your Bowl like you said in your pro-life delegates call me something that people's one of a lot so make sure you have a student you like. Love you like It picture you see your visible that we have a lot rain event.

It's like there afraid I will actually ship to deal with many other celebrities of the crop. How can students get plugged with a pro-life student group is not one already on their campus. How can they were to get one started or XOR directly about it like door. Let us know what campus you're on campus. If your child or grandchild writing right behind him and will get back here to tell you where the contact information that there's not all you want.let's create a brutal information only with the website students for again students for Kristin I know you been involved in the pro-life movement for a number of years and this is great information and very encouraging that we see trend in the direction especially among millennial's, and in other young folks in our culture for life. Words of additional encouragement would you offer to our listeners across the state of North Carolina. I know many of their hearts or or very open to to get involved in and to support groups like student for life and the nuclear family policy Council.

Words of encouragement would you give to them interfere other students listening if you had an opportunity to come to sit down with them and just personally say hey look, I really appreciate your support for this issue.

I want to encourage you to go out and make a difference. What would you say to them.

One thing for everyone to wear your hat back.

I think people need to have hope that you needed encourage their changing our culture, student price of each investor time pressure that whether you're a grandparent, parent or college.

1/3 time that I don't work outward site and we know that lives are being lost everything okay. Better being luggage family there being torn apart all across the country. It doesn't matter what stage of life. There's always somebody get Bobby know we have programs that the flag for church Church Bring a pro-life regular educational give it your church you get involved. Start middle school and college Out we can get something going here grandparent talk your grandchildren talk about moral absolutes but rather your ball very important. There's always something you can eat all volunteer local pregnancy resource. Dr. child so much that every individual can do many of our listeners are encouraged so much. Bob and so appreciative Kristin of all the great work that she will do it student life of America and I just want to thank you for your time for sharing this wonderful information and again I want to repeat the website so that people can avail themselves of that information in the again students for and without Kristin Hawkins. I want to thank you so much for being with us on family policy matters and for your very important work.

Engaging the culture and especially young people to be voices for life in the unborn in our nation. Family policy matters. The production of NC family to listen to a radio show online, and for more valuable resources and information about issues important to families and Alina go to my website and see follow us on Twitter and Facebook

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