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Frightening Developments For The Abortion Pill

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy
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January 19, 2017 12:00 pm

Frightening Developments For The Abortion Pill

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy

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January 19, 2017 12:00 pm

Melinda Delahoyde, President of Gateway Pregnancy Center in Raleigh, speaks about some frightening developments in regard to abortion pills and the push to make them easily accessible to younger and younger girls.


War of worldview between believe that every light created God therefore had value versus those who believe that literally live not worthy to be met hi this is Tracy Greg's director of communications for NC family sitting in this week for John Reston.

I'm delighted to welcome back our guest today who has been a lifelong leader in the pregnancy center movement Melinda Della Hoyt served for many years as president of CareNet, one of the nation's largest and oldest networks of pregnancy centers. She recently agreed to serve as president of Gateway pregnancy Center in Raleigh which is located within a few miles of five college campuses just a little warning parents. This radio show contains some graphic information that we believe is very important for you to have, but it may not be good information for sensitive young ears. This is the second part of a two week discussion with Melinda last week we talked about some interesting transformations in pregnancy centers across the nation this week were going to discuss some frightening developments in regard to abortion pills. There is a push to make these easily accessible to younger and younger girls and to minimize doctor involvement in the process.

Melinda, when the idea of an emergency contraceptive or the morning after pill first came up almost 20 years ago, the idea that was presented to the public was that these pills would prevent conception from happening. Is this still how that works. There's a lot of confusion. Sometimes people have between what the quote unquote morning after pill and the abortion they are not the same thing we morning after pill is exactly what you describe the abortion pill is a pill that can be taken up and we of the pregnancy that literally is given into does the first dose cuts off the blood and food supply for the unborn baby and the second dose produces the contraction in which the unborn child expel and that is the abortion and it was known as a chemical abortion and that's with the abortion are two very different thing.

You know Tracy, I think it gets some helpful get a little bit of a bigger perspective about what is going on with abortion in America and I think the most important thing to realize is that abortion is a multi-millions and millions of dollars profit industry in this country. I think we saw with some of the videos that came out last year with fetal body parts for sale and what's going on this money is the driving force and it is literally an abortion industry. That industry is very savvy they are absolutely committed to taking away any restraints any restrictions on abortion whatsoever and they want to make abortion as easily acceptable as effective as anonymous as possible so that is why the abortion pill and the dissemination of that pill. The wide distribution of that bill without restriction without it easily as it can be given to a woman and taken my woman that the goal of the abortion industry just a little warning parents. This radio show contains some graphic information that we believe is very important for you to have, but it may not be good information for sensitive young ears. And so what we're seeing now and it will or other transient medicine. How would medicine either access to medical professional. Being able to go over the phone or Skype or whatever. Instead of going to someone's office is at the very same trend that the abortion industry is looking at and trying to implement so it used to be that you needed to see an OB/GYN to get the prescription for the abortion go.

That is no longer the and you can receive that from any medical professional and have that privately take that pill home and about abortion in your bathroom and then relate back in some way to a medical professional, but I think people, especially young women taking the abortion pill. Oh my gosh.

I swallow pickle and the babies gone no no it's a painful process with cramping and bleeding and all the things going on with the possibility of infection of complications after that pill is taken and it's a two-part process and literally you you go in your bathroom, close the door and deliver that baby in the toilet and I hate to be so graphic with our listeners, but what we were talking about here is a grisly and graphic reality of awarding unborn and so now that abortion builders testing being done in the Western states, California and Oregon to see if this pill can be distributed through telemedicine. If this pill could be distributed at college health centers so that young woman and and particularly working in Raleigh with with five colleges and 51,000 college students. The picture in our minds is a young woman goes to her college health center as I would like to have the abortion pill. That pill goes back to her dorm room into the bathroom and house that abortion and no one needs to ever know. Except anything that is the goal of the abortion movement that no one needs ever know that you don't have to go to an OB/GYN for the prescription that it is as easy access. Anything could be an outcry from any person should be. But wait a minute.

If this is about women's reproductive health which is both the code phrase that is always used. Should we be even more concerned about the effects of that pill about the possible complications about ensuring that she is receiving adequate even more than adequate medical care for procedure like this. Instead of making it anonymous, accessible and easy to find anywhere at your college health center because abortion and because it big business in America. We do not have these questions being brought for your listening policy matters a resource from to listen to our radio show online, and for more resources that will be a voice of persuasion in your community to our website and see so in this country. Is there any assurance that women will not be taking the abortion pill after 10 weeks. State regulation in arcade, for instance a woman must have an ultrasound should be sure that she actually is pregnant before she takes and what is the gestational age of that baby, so there are safeguards like that states can put in safeguards to regulate the use of the abortion but the point is in the in California and Oregon to the most liberal abortion state. It never comes. Like all the sudden here. This is it it comes to testing and states that are very pro-abortion and and then the testing will begin to see will let's do another Beta test of this.

Let's see how this works. So right now is all in the testing phase giving it to college health center just how far we can go down the telemedicine wrapped so to speak, but but that's all things, they come in stages like and and it's no surprise to anyone in the life movement that this would be going on because the abortion bill is money and it does exactly what the abortion industry wants to do. It normalizes abortion. It makes it anonymous. It just makes it part of women's healthcare, which of course everyone for women's healthcare.

This also brings up another issue students for life of America several years ago did an undercover investigation, it pharmacies to determine truth behind reports they had been hearing that predators were accessing these abortion pills to cover up abuse or sexual activity that sometimes involved underage girls. Their findings were very disconcerting in terms of how little control or oversight part analysis of the situation that was leading to the request for these pills. The risk of these drugs being used to cover up situations like abuse, incest, prostitution, etc. seem like another very good argument maintain an enhanced not lessen degree of regulation over these abortion pills. Well, I think that it's so ironic that on the one hand were working so hard to stop human trafficking to protect our young women to protect those most vulnerable young with predators from human trafficking from sex slavery, and of course were all working hard and want that to end. But at the same time the liberal abortion laws and ask her to pill yet there there boxes so to speak. Have a great interest in them not becoming pregnant but when that happens in that industry, which obviously it would happen then they can use those women, young girls and with that it's it's not protection for that young at all and it's not reproductive health care for her. If someone was in charge of her who was illegally enslaved her and committed all kinds of crimes against her to then go and get that pill and force her to take it for their financial gain. Not for her protection. Here it and see family. These are the kinds of issues that we tackle every day. Of course on the state level. We are out there trying to provide as many protections as possible and they could certainly get involved with us but do you have other suggestions as to what people can do if they are alarmed by what they've heard during this radio show and want to get involved many fronts to get involved and after 40 years of abortion and its consequences, and the abortion pill and all the things that working now.

I think people need people who will leave in a Judeo-Christian worldview and believe that worldview are the ones that we want to govern our civil discourse, our society, our legal system because they are life-giving they they are protection they affirm the value of every human on if we believe that people believe that then I would ask them to look at where they can make the best contribution isn't in the compassion side of the life movement pregnancy center ministry or center where they can be directly in contact you to ground game so to speak.

Is it working on policy issues and working through the great work.

Tracy got you all are doing and working with others in their states.

Is it true the legal system and raising up a whole team of attorney the next generation who will protect and value. I think that people need to decide what kind of contribution do they want to make because it takes every facet of a society that wants to protect and cherish human life at all stages many different fronts on which were fighting Americans because it is a war of worldview. It it that is what is at the core of all the life issues is a war of worldview between those who believe that every life created in the image of God and therefore has value versus those who believe that literally there is some live not worthy to be let in. Once you move away from worldview that has a God, moral God at the top of that hierarchy and say we will decide who lives and who dies. That will always dissolve into those most powerful rules.

Those who are weak and we really appreciate all of your insight on this work were nearly half time for this week's can you tell our listeners where they can go if they want to learn more about you or the books that you've written, or any of these issues. There's lots out there that available and I would just encourage you to go online and find out information resources in the way that you can be involved protecting unborn lines protecting human life and and being a participant in this Friday where the doors are still open to do. Melinda Della Hoyt, thank you so much for being with us on family policy matters bank Tracy would break you've been listening to family policy matters a production of NZ family to listen to our radio show online for more valuable resources and information about issues important to families in North Carolina go to my website and see and follow us on Twitter and Facebook

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