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From Addict to Advocate (Part 2)

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy
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July 8, 2019 10:41 am

From Addict to Advocate (Part 2)

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy

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July 8, 2019 10:41 am

This week on Family Policy Matters, NC Family brings you Part 2 of a 2-part series with Mike Lindell, inventor of MyPillow and founder of the Lindell Recovery Network. NC Family President John L. Rustin speaks with Lindell about the role his faith has played not only in his recovery from drug addiction, but also in his business and his philanthropic work. Lindell also discusses his upcoming business projects.

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No involvement there was a direct bring you part two of the two part series featuring Michael and Bill, inventor and CEO of Michael is also founder of the Lindell recovery network which works to help those struggling with drug addiction.

Hope recovery in foundation triggers that help my kids still don't very well don't get older. That would mean they won't talk to me not mentor it didn't help that help punch into the topic they're going to go Mike won't talk to me.

I can't deal with the nonmetropolitan or better on call 24 seven. Just like my call center that that had that exact same thing happened to them and they made it through to get on the phone with or get on the and and there it is so easy for that person to talk to Guy Pruitt because made it through the other benefit our spouse, then wake I went to treatment of my right didn't get that job and by the way this is going to be one of the biggest employers in the country of employee thousands of men person is no better mentors and people to become for the people that have been through it and good and been faded and the president.

I was there when you signed this opiate bill and that's an amazing bill that plugs him so I'm bored with beating the this opiate addiction that our country one of the biggest things for our country today is about that. I really think with this platform basically explained the whole thing help in the healing about and then the membership is going to be a full circle and I know I've been there and that it works in the attic in the attic been through this works. Their success rate is off the charts. I put it up against the whole, the whole thing is over 90%. I want to go to 100%. People are dying every day and I want to have a TV show where it's going to be on the beyond her every week applicable purport to get great stories of hope that a bid to all the good things going on and that about hearing about all the negative to the positive people need to see the whole. Let's also think about hope my court ruled that his faith had in your success not only as an inventor and entrepreneur and a businessman, but also in your successful recovery from drug addiction: the hundred percent. I mean, even when even when not when when you see me where my cross on TBI me I got was okay for me. I wanted to be that person and at night we the different things I've done with my company will sit and pray about it will make her mold in it and I don't backdrop what I'm told. God help me do something I have one timely someone came out of my board room back when when I met the president before he was president. I didn't know anything about politics. I was like coming out of us all, I didn't know what I did note a liberal, conservative, and I had a private meeting with the with Mr. Tromp he had reached out to be about making American all to stop tonight. My first burst like you always wear your cross are your Christmas to give Mr. Tromp go through the divine appointment, but after I met him I felt God for to go all in and my one of my board members said you know are you sure you know you want to do this, or whatever. I walked out of there.

I was Mme. Mike tells them all of the bursaries that we get we can get all this way, but you not listening to God and I walked back to all that God cannot simply put people out there all the time anything but your busy day. Mike with my pillow right now every single day. God rewards for doing no problem.

356 trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all ways acknowledge him and he will guide your pal, I live by those words now and and it is more than 40 every day. I don't care what it might look good for me are not put the outside like why you doing that I bought. I just trust in the Lord. We had a time in 2015 work, or 2014 we were intruding going under my pillow and I prayed to God, show me what to do and we went. We actually had to kinda build Noah's Ark for all the business that we're going to guess that I didn't know how we are going to get it and and got a big dog. You know I did a total minimum one minute commercial myself. But God could never speak before I was always a clear rejection. I was very shy. The first infomercial I ever did a grill producer came in the night before we were doing to reach you for the worst I've ever seen God. God knows my biggest weakness of their osteoporotic cloud and he turned it into the huge platform and give the plate the biggest role in you know to get back not only what I'm giving back now that I can go out after I was saved on February 2, 2017 when I came out of there. I was able to go out and Skype. I spoke of 50,000 millennial US-based alien pulled a little bit of my story and not prayed with them for an hour. Three weeks later you know I'm not good like it were an amusement park in my granddaughters since you know always to the telephone. Hey, I got saved. I heard his story ever historic for my granddaughter finally had my grandpa and we need to go on right but let all the things I'll be speaking all that I've done I still got David's grave on November 8, 2016 and right now in our country to bring God back into our schools that God back into our country and to and for me to go out and I am not a shame to say that Jesus is our bizarre chairman of the board and for my pillow and I'm not. I'm not ashamed to call. There was a crack at it and I just put it out there and I think that gives people hope and they go you know what I have problems to. We all had problems, but nowhere in a time where we up to the turning point in our country's history and are that many people excel basically to say people's stories of transformation like mine listening to a radio show and cast from the same family you can sign up to receive and to listen to the show online resources that need a voice that explains anyone sign namely 19 Mike I know you as you said to have been politically active. I know you had a great cameo in the movie unplanned for listeners to see that film and for those who have not I could encourage you strongly enough to go see that I think you are actually in a backhoe and knock down the Planned Parenthood saw Windex the parenthood clinic close which was awesome. How would you encourage folks to maybe entrepreneur may be, starting up a business just can't seem to get the idea off the ground, but people who have faith. How would you encourage them to get to keep their hand to the wheel keep their Nose to the grind stone and not lose hope.

While one thing like that like you brought up that movie unplanned. I didn't think I would be involved in that. I got involved. I even put money in court that I forgot. I prayed about it and I was very proactive in my prayers and I went in that that got a lot of pushback but it but yet it was amazing and I tell entrepreneurs out there for your three things I'll say you are living in the best time ever for an entrepreneur right now. People with the higher wages and everything that this president found in the unemployment rate it all time low in history. What I'm seeing is entrepreneurs know what products and services they can go out and take him because they got a safety net, you can always go back and get a job, a good paying job.

You can take chances.

You haven't took before.

One of the things that whether you're in any business or service you need to watch your deviation.

First of all learn from a mentor that you trust. It's been a like visit all the information you can gather, but when you get there you need to learn and you get your base but you need to watch for deviations because I'll tell you something good happens, you better learn why it happened and duplicated something bad happens, you better learn from it and not to do it again and correct yourself.

Those that the deviations are the biggest thing for me and then followed what the Lord wants you to do and never back down from that and then funny or bring you a quick announcement. I'm actually coming out with a thing called my and I am taking because I was so I feel so bad for entrepreneurs with products that come into our country and their copy by overseas they get up on platforms like Amazon, they get copied they get in the box. You know they can't get in the boxcars you get there stories I could tell you that are horrible that these products get left or copied and they never get up and around Wyman to help out then for entrepreneurs were betting products you can look put a product up on you can you can apply this other plate with other company and how the trust is better young and now you're going to have a PSA platform for these entrepreneurs to put your product up and I'm at a beat as a trusted platform on the be all over the TV and radio directing people to this platform and if this can be great for the entrepreneurs that are not so that that you are able to get their great products out each one have a story behind them trying to an eyewitness told you I got this building I bought work where I'm in a come in on the film, the entrepreneur hey I met this guy's got a great night. Great product. It is up here and these products are getting help you in your be up to help you like physically and mentally in your favor help the entrepreneur and his company's products or world changing out. I I'm not Nazionale.

But it's not going to be longer. I'll bet you within a month will help the whole platform operative companies got a product out there. They don't know what to do and because rebel person how to how to fight these come these huge companies out of Silicon Valley that are hard to navigate and I'm too nice right now. By the way as well: my Lord, I was talking about some else that I started badmouth the Google you #Google will go Mica obviously you are involved in lots of different things and were so grateful for that.

Thank you so much for taking time to out of your very busy schedule to share with our listeners. Your personal story and how that is manifested through your faith to just be an outspoken example, an ambassador for Christ in a very effective and successful business person. Some work in our listeners go to learn more about your story in your work to not only support entrepreneurs but also to help addicts turn their lives around in a positive way.

Well, Michael J. or Google my name you can get there, but the other two platforms that are launching the Galindo recovery

These things are going to be like, but you can get your catchall is like the Michael J either one. I want to encourage everyone out there that went with with that that is a Christian that is to be outspoken. We need to get out and it's not just you know God's guidance had a not just go to church on Sunday.

We are called to be disciples. We need to get out there and it did just put the name of Jesus out there night and night. I encouraged everyone out there to do that and where the big Bible ever right now we are in the best of times. I don't care what you see on TV but the tribes were living in your never, these are amazing, and it went like this. It's already turned but you know what we just can't get complacent. Everyone got a get out there and get: this is about salvation and not for eternity.

Thought I'd encourage everybody to not be not living here and just get it out there. Also more.

That's a great word of encouragement and was that what you have to in here but I want to give that website again and again that's Michael J Lindell LIN DEL Michael J and listeners go visit that site and keep your eyes and ears open for these other exciting ventures that Mike shared with us today and without my Galindo I want to thank you so much for being with us on family policy matters. Thanks so much for having been listening to family policy matters weekly radio show and podcast on a family policy Council. This is been part two of a two-part series with my fellow inventor and see you Michael and to listen to the show online into your part one of this website and see again that's in see and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter

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