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For The Sake of Our Children (Part 2)

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy
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October 28, 2019 10:14 am

For The Sake of Our Children (Part 2)

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy

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October 28, 2019 10:14 am

This week on Family Policy Matters, NC Family brings you Part 2 of a speech delivered by Dr. Ryan Anderson of The Heritage Foundation at NC Family’s Major Speakers Dinner in Charlotte, NC on October 8, 2019. Dr. Anderson continues his discussion about what all children are entitled to in their lives, and how those rights are in jeopardy in the culture war of today.

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Policy matters and engaging and informative weekly radio show and podcast produced by the Carolina family policy Council hi this is John Rustin, presidency, family, and were grateful to have you with us for this week's program is our prayer that you will be informed, encouraged and inspired by what you hear on family policy matters and that you will feel better equipped to be a voice of persuasion for family values in your community, state and nation. Today we bring you part two of the keynote address delivered by Dr. Ron Anderson of the heritage foundation at NC families. Major speakers dinner in Charlotte North Carolina on October 8.

Dr. Anderson is the William E. Simon Senior research fellow at the heritage foundation in Washington DC and is a highly sought after researcher, writer and speaker on many of the most pressing issues facing our culture today. We hope you enjoy right so what would come next. In this kind of concentric circle you.

We owe our children a life.

The right to life to protect their life to welcome them into life will our children relationship with their mother with their father. The next that we all are children a upbringing that reflects the truth about God.

One of those next things that we would always to give our children a sound religious formation to teach them truths about the creator of the Redeemer but the sanctifier teaching our children truths about the most important things in life.

This is why the very first clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution deals with religious liberty and you will receiving and a host of areas is that the ability of families to form their kids in the faith, and then to live out those faith commitments is being threatened always give you one example right off the bat is during oral arguments in a burger fell to the Supreme Court case that redefining marriage.

Justice Alito asked the solicitor general during the Obama ministration what's gonna happen to Christian schools that continue to teach that marriage unites husband and wife will they lose their nonprofit tax status. The way that racist schools lost their nonprofit tax status. He mentioned the case Bob Jones University, a famous Supreme Court case in which a school in evangelical school at the time that had a policy on no interracial dating. The IRS revoked their nonprofit tax status. Salinas, as I if the Supreme Court redefines marriage will be Obama IRS now revoke the nonprofit tax status of Wheaton College of University of Notre Dame of Gordon College of Regent of liberty is fill in the blank for your Christian school and not just colleges but K-12 abuse and your kids to a private Christian day school name you send your kids to private Christian high school will all of those schools now be on the wrong side of the government and with the sister general said was chilling. He says I don't deny it. Justice Alito that's going to be an issue. I don't deny it.

It's going to be an issue. He could've said of course not. Justice Alito racism is utterly different than Orthodox Christian beliefs about human sexuality and so the Obama administration will never treat people who believe.

Marriage unites man and woman the way that we treat racists. He could've said that he could try to have a little distance between the bad outcome that he knew Alito didn't want to see him and Doris and studies that look that's can be an issue had Hillary Clinton one of the last presidential election, it would be an issue right now. There's no doubt in my mind, given what the Obama ministration was doing in its last months of office that they were heaving away to pass the baton to the Clinton attrition. Everyone assumed she was an Emmy-winning.

The election may trump his administration is remarkably good and really just been undoing step-by-step by step. All of the religious liberty violations that took place in the prior administration. If you think about this religious liberty wouldn't even have been a main topic for a dinner discussion like this. Prior to the Obama ministration. Can you think of any high profile religious liberty violations during the George W. Bush and ministration, or even for that matter during the Clinton Bill Clinton ministration. Pres. Bill Clinton was the one who signed the religious Freedom restoration act into law and then when Indiana passed the same exact bill and Gov. Penn signed into law the state gets boycotted just like your state Boycotted after HB two the left all of a sudden has the side of the policies that 10, 15, 20 years ago were common sense bipartisan unanimous policies. All of a sudden now your human rights violator so one question will be, will you be able to educate your children in the faith will faith-based schools that teach the truth about marriage and teach the truth about issues for the government has strayed from the truth.

Will they lose their nonprofit tax and is will they lose their accreditation with what's good of going to a nonaccredited college work for the site.

If you're under the age of 16. You have to go to an accredited school either a state run government run public school or a private school or homeschooling program. It has that has met the states standards for education.

What then happens after you graduate in certain professions are close to you. What if you can't become a doctor unless you're willing to perform abortion or you're willing to counsel same-sex couples that are having marital trouble, or you're willing to turn men into women and women into men will get to that a little bit later, but the religious liberty challenges facing the country there's been a pause button. That is been pressed during the past 2 1/2 years. It's not a stop button, not a rewind button. It's a pause button and as soon as there's a hostile administration back in DC. You can expect all of these religious liberty cases to come back with a vengeance, whether that dealer who deals with Little sisters of the poor and the fact that they had to spend eight years of their lives suing the federal government fact that the owners of Hobby lobby had to sue the federal government affect that Wheaton College had to sue the federal government don't think that any of these cases are settled and done with forever. The traumatization is settling these cases, but the next demonstration will have another hostile regulation weather comes from the Department of Health and Human Services or the Department of Education and the Department of Justice and so really need people relieved lawyers really need policymakers really lobbyist activists pushing back on this and it can come at both the federal level, or the state level, so most of you are probably familiar with Jack Phillips the Baker he was sued under a state law, a bad state law that said that he had to make custom wedding cakes for same-sex weddings. He was then tried under the state human rights commission that was packed with a bunch of political appointees from a left-leaning administration and during his own initiative hearings. They compared them to Nazis and Teresa's ridiculed his faith.

That's why he wanted the Supreme Court 17 to 2 because the treatment that he had received under a state tribunal had been so biased even got to the left.

He used to vote for him. This was in a five for when the Supreme Court was a 72 that could happen here. This is what's at stake when you see North Carolina contemplating the past, the sexual orientation and gender identity law. Some of your cities have these laws but state why you don't and you don't want to with these laws do they take sexual orientation and gender identity. They make it a protected class. The way that race is a protected class service. Think of all the ways in which it's illegal to run a racist business as it should be.

It's illegal to run a racist school as it should be.

It's illegal to be a racist lawyer as it should be an out plug-in sexual orientation and gender identity, so that if you believe were created male and female and male and female credit for each other. You're now homophobic or trans phobic to be treated in law the same way as the racist that's what's at stake that's what Jack Phillips was facing so what we owe to the children as a way in which they can be formed in their faith and then live out their faith without government penalties. I want my son to grow up to love God and to live out his faith every day of the week, 24 hours a day right don't want him to be the type of Christian. That just goes to church on Sunday morning for one hour and start a checkbox for this week right. None of us want that for our own lives or for our children's lives. We want them to build a live out their faith at work in their families and their communities, their charitable activities and what happens when the government says no, the green family.

You can't live out your faith at work. The greens are the owners of Hobby lobby Jack Phillips you can't live out your faith at work. Little sisters of the poor. You can even live out your faith in your own charity.

These people run nursing homes for the elderly as they approach death and they were told no youth to pay for abortion and contraception that Roman Catholic nuns why do they need a contraception and abortion in their healthcare plans.

This was utterly to make a point. The Obama nutrition was trying to prove a point about the sexual issues that if you disagree with them on the sexual issues you were part of a basket of deplorable's you remember that phrase I didn't create the phrase. There are many people who think that way about people like us and it's a sad political reality. But that's gonna be coming back in this coming election lesson I want to say this is a kind of a new topic. The last time I spoke for John at one of these is only three or four years ago and I don't remember saying a word about this and that's the new question of gender identity, and even sure the phrase gender identity was on any of our radar screens four years ago. It wasn't until Bruce Jenner as he was then known when on 2020 for that to our special and announced that he was becoming Caitlin gender that this really became kind of like a primetime topic. In fact, I think that was the first primetime interview devoted to transgender issues and out today at the Supreme Court very important case involving title VII of the Civil Rights Act asking if the word sex in the Civil Rights Act means gender identity and transgender status. There's a chance that you have unelected judges us rewriting the law. Thankfully with Kennedy retired him with Cavanaugh on the court, it seems much less likely that would happen with the current Supreme Court justices than what might've happened two years ago.

Both of trumps picks corsets and Cavanaugh been outstanding.

That is, from a purely jurisprudential perspective what's at stake here is what we saw was that this the LGBT activist they knew they were going to win over fell. They knew that they had Anthony Kennedy's vote, and so they pivoted from the LGBT part of the acronym to the tea party and for the past 20 years.

We had a discussion about gay marriage.

We had debates about gay marriage.

We knew what the LG and the B part of the acronym meant and we never really had a discussion about the T part of the acronym and then overnight. Bruce Jenner goes on national TV and in the Obama ministration issues at dear colleague letter telling every bathroom, every school in the country that they have to do their bathrooms based on gender identity they have to do dorm rooms based on gender identity they have to do sports teams based on gender right overnight. Will Lorena Lent Lynch is suing your state because of HB two. Recall that the Obama ministration sued the state of North Carolina because you said no were to keep it as a biology not subject of identity that object of biology is how were going to govern our public facilities. Not someone subjective identity, but this is when I first kind of started digging into the question, what does the gender identity part the transgender part of the acronym really mean and this is when I was first really trouble because I first encountered people who had transitioned and indeed transition and so I end up writing a book about this topic and partly because after having done a book on the gay marriage debate and having done a book on the religious liberty debate. There is nothing left to lose.

That's a very liberating feeling Janis Joplin when she says freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.

There's actually a lot of truth in that statement.

And so for my primitives like anyone who hates me, they can't heat me anymore and the people who hate me. Already there this this new book will give them anymore.

Additional reasons to hate me and the people who don't already hate me this new book isn't gonna flip them on me is what I discovered is that the way that they're now treating children subsisting per minute with the children focuses each child as young as two or three years old if their consistent, persistent, and insistent there. The opposite sex should be treated as the opposite sex.

Given a new name a new pronoun and wardrobe have access to new bathrooms at school play on the new sports team and if you doubt that this is happening at those young ages do Google searches for Washington Post and Los Angeles Times and five-year-old transgender child or three-year-old transgender child on the right, your PC will see these newspaper reports kind of the parents being proud of the fact that they have the youngest transgender child, which makes you question who's really driving this decision-making process you listening to family policy matter.

This is been part two of a three-part series featuring Dr. Ryan Anderson, who deliver the keynote address at NC families annual Charlotte dinner on October 8. Be sure to tune in next week for part three to list no one, and to learn more about NC families work to inform, encourage and inspire families across North Carolina go to our that's in C Thanks for listening and may God bless you and your family

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