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R756 Finding Strength in Weakness

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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March 5, 2019 8:00 am

R756 Finding Strength in Weakness

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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March 5, 2019 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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We can all use some encouragement today in the Bible based Dr. Don Wilton on the word.

Today's message is finding strength in your weakness will have the Hebrews chapter 12 in just a moment please know we're here for you. 866-899-WORD will connect you on the phone or online@theencouragingword.r. I'm going to invite you to type your Bibles this morning and turn with me to Hebrews chapter 1212 chapter of the book of Hebrews. I would recommend you fostering your seatbelts because God is going to speak dropbox like he does every time we study his word to give, not Hebrews chapter 12 the latitude versus your verses 12 and 13 of Hebrews chapter 12 remarkable because the Bible talks to us about something that is so close to my own heart into your hot want to speak to you today on finding strength in weakness, so listen carefully to what God has to say. Hebrews chapter 12 verse 12. Therefore, by the way, all therefore therefore agrees.

You want to know what the president's right ear. Therefore, there is saying to us because Jesus Christ is everything, because without him. You can do nothing. Therefore, because of who God is, there is strength in your feeble arms and your feeble knees. I don't want to show hands yesterday, but is there anybody today who has feeble arms and lead I'm going to explain that in just a month.

Verse 13 Mike label pause for your feet in that lane may not be disabled but rather healed. Now you have the focus sharing Hebrews lies in the latter part of verse 13. The website is in that lame may not be disabled but raw that healed well who the lame we not going to be able to understand that unless we understand who he's referring to. Well, in the context of the Scripture in Hebrews at the first of three groups of people.

I'm going to share with you very quickly discover like I did that all three of these groups of people are right Canada) on this campus.

I joined together with thousands and thousands of our brothers and sisters worshiping with us as an integral part of our worship service by way of television. All of us today are going to identify with these three groups of people so all the lame number one, the wannabe Christians here in this context there was a group of Jewish people that they wanted to be Christians.

The message that looked like Christians. They even acted like Christians. But guess what, they were impressed that you suppose there are some people worshiping with us tonight who want to be Christians.

I want to be by think maybe they maybe but I'm not going to repeat that there are people folks in America today that have done everything right the bottom by not want to be Christians Bible says they are lame people. If I do not do something will become disabled and by the way, to be disabled, means to be rendered completely useless. Nothing more you can do about all right.

The second group, not just the wannabe Christians, but the week Christians, we Christians the week Christians. So those are definitely not love the Lord Jesus Christ. But they lost their first love. I'm privileged to do a lot of marriages, wedding ceremonies, I got a bunch more coming up wonderful time. I think all of us can identify with what it means to fall in love couple fall in love or those stars come out old hands smoochy smoochy I mean can't keep their hands off each other.

I'll do some premarital counseling and I bought a vengeance I stop, not just look at me, would you mind looking at. Focus on me for a minute not mean they are so in love. They get married children coming to the home you meet up with them. 10 years later I still married a week like looks like it's gone out no longer touch each other hardly say good things to each other like still married. I'm not married I am divorced I looked again. That's it affected I didn't have children, I probably wouldn't waste their time. We Christians are the ones who are most susceptible to stumbling blocks Bible says all things a little. To me, but not everything is expedient means it's not a matter of legality. God says to me Don Wilton listen, it's not because you the path of the church in Christian and it's not that there's something wrong with you doing this thing. The fact of the matter is you might become a stumbling block to a lame Christian this week. Christians can't have. There's 1/3 group that's the weary and worn out Christians Bible tells us who are the worn out Christians like the tired ones.

You know why I do not particularly enjoy talking about giving money in the church cannot cannot just let's get this out the white folks I tell you why it's not a pleasurable thing Randy Amin I'll talk about money. Believe me, you know that this takes money to do things, but I tell you, always in the back of my mind I know I'm looking at an entire sea of people who have given and given and given and given and given can you wear out with you giving sure you can can you way serving the Lord, you better believe you can pray for the Chama deacons because they all read everything every time the doors open folks that get to the end of the year in office.

They all can you where acting ministry, you better believe you can.

Can you give wearout singing in the choir.

Those relentless rehearsals can you wear out, playing strength, turning up and Jimbo gets on your car, you better believe you can can you wearout going to church absolutely you do things for God and someone comes and complains you can wear out boy worn out Christians Bible calls you and me lame. The Bible says unless we do something we gonna become disabled.

See the word care, my friend has a very special word for us like my mother call Thursday I was driving down the road. I said hello what is the snow I want to just tell you something I know nothing about engines and motorcars when my motorcar breaks down. I did not take the time I have a word of prayer. By the way that works it works on tiny obscene great miracles happen.

I mean, I've seen engines just back into the socket as I kicked the time but I get this noise I tell my wife is annoyed. She said I know there's a noise so we both forgot to people saying there's a funny noise in the motorcar. What is it I don't know. So I go to the garage to get the thing fixed up and I drive up into the garage and the man is the expert walks up and he gets out a piece of paper and he says to me now. Dr. Wilton, what exactly is the problem with you motorcar I said I don't. I haven't a clue what exactly is it doing it just explain what he has a look at it like call me that excited me now pasta a week. Glad you brought you motorcar in October, you might've driven for another 5000 miles but hundreds current condition it could suddenly stop, even with your wife and daughter in the middle of an interstate. That's a lame motorcar goes black and actually all I can play the team leads me not you up to these men and women who plan and I get nice.

I'm in the team leads me says I know the team needs you, but delay you need to get attention because you are lame.

If you continue to be lame you gonna end up becoming one disabled, then you can't play your out folks. It's an interesting thing because what God is using here is another athletic mentor for which we identify what he talks about the three components of our bodily athleticism which gives one a ring ring asked lame and ultimately decide he talks first of all about hands and arms. Then he talks about the knees. Then he talks about the feet so if I was an athlete and I could do track Chuck on the and I was running down I tell you what happens to me. Folks if you look at an athlete running a race. The first thing that begins to drop when my running and my running out of juice. They all begin to fool the most powerful athletes pump with their arms. The next thing that happens, you got it needs. I mean I just get wobbly man. The third thing that happens is your feet you get off track.

They start crossing of heaven told a lot of people what I'm about to do. You know that 30 odd years ago when I was in the Army in Southwest Africa.

The stupidest thing. One day I joined the boxing team approach. You gotta understand this and we had the boxing tournament in the mom desert of Southwest Africa on the skeleton Coast where nobodies being it's an unbelievable side rot on the side of your parser panning Southwest Africa nothing but desert by set up this makeshift ring, we've got about 5000 troops. The turnout for the boxing tournament and armament. I'm in it for trying. Man I'm turning never blocks to die in my life 130 of the first bout that I had was one before I got in that ring. The troops were cheering for the one they wanted. I looked across folks. They put a worm in the coming coming coming against a man of my caliber folks. I see this is written socket knocking cool. I promise you folks without bragging. I will go over there like that and I'm not these local Army. He just went down arms. I thought I was Mohammed Ali. We came to the next back that evening well the next friend of the Guardian that ring he wasn't quite a worm folks he was, like me, we were sort of even I survived three rounds. The judges gave me the fight to the one I want to rounds. He wanted tell you I was amazed my face this God took me out. I took him out. It was a slugfest I survived. I got into the same font. Two days later Borat trying I had everything man came out. Then Don slapped us around the ring.

I had everything I finally got in. They got under the ring, looked up it was George Foreman folk. I am telling you I looked at this icy doing to me.

Have you ever run into a concrete truck at 100 miles an hour. This man walked over to me These arms up now. The coaches told me what happened to me was this. Often my first author. The first little tap that he took to me the first thing that happened was my hands drop apparently. So I said George, do you see this target to do whatever you want to with me you have an open invitation while he said thank this man didn't care for me too much. He didn't even know me.

I didn't know him.

I still don't know what you folks. I don't know what it was that hit me but it did they tell me off to its that what happened is my arms drop.

The next thing my knees crossed. Have you ever seen a man whose needs actually cross not to convert the thing that happened is that my got kind of out of whack. They lost they track this foot crossed over that one. This one said there's something wrong and try to reverse it and come around on the inside that my knees were gone. My hands were down when I woke up in the mainstream somewhere down the road and redo this verse therefore strengthen your feeble arms your weak knees make label paths for your feet in order that those of you who are lame will not be rendered useless, but rather strengthened, renewed, he just wants request. Why did they become Lane. How do you become lame to give you a couple suggestions number one sickness will render a person lame folks listen carefully today. There are many precious people that have been sick so long that they are being rendered lame, God sees is something that can be done. Sickness will take the stuffing out of you like you can't imagine. Number two sadness. I don't know that some of us can really understand grief. There are some people I know that have lost loved ones, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, that kind of sadness or just disappointment. Being let down time without number. It will render you lame spiritually. Number three.

Some business psychologist counselors were Ted that depression is one of the number one killer is in America someone this parents can I just say something to all the parents here today what your kids you know your children better than anybody. One of the surest signs folks at something's not right.

Joy goes out of the faces, watch your wife, my brother watch your husband someone's depression. Section next 16 like a sickness cancer. It will begin doing patient take over your spirit Randy you lame don't do something about it will end up disabled. I have met people over the years who said boy I wish I had done something if I'd only done something about it. I wouldn't be in this total predicament at the end of the road. I've met some people have said man.

I've given up number four saltiness salt gives flavor.

What can cause us to become Lane take the salt out of your life, you gonna live a life that is tasteless. Many marriages alike that there was plenty of salt when you got married. Plenty of salt when you got ring on your honeymoon. Plenty of salt when your first baby was born. Plenty of salt when you will celebrate Christmas but something's happened gradually. The salt has been taken out of your life, your marriage, and so it's not tasteless what happens become meaningless and total second same as the first. You can do something about. Don't give up you give up. You decide.

There's nothing more you can do.

I'm telling you what's gonna happen. You will become disabled, but I've got good news for you to say is you can be God, since please forgive the eruption. The voice you been listening to is Dr. Don Wilton our teacher here on The Encouraging Word and he's got so much more to come.

I pray you stick around for us. If you have to get away know you can connect on our website, The Encouraging and catch up with all that's going on in the great teaching Dr. Don Wilton that's If you arty know you want to get a copy of CD or DVD of today's message or another of Dr. Don's messages.

Call us just ask about it. 86689 I that's our number 866899673 would love to connect with those resources would more than that Dr. Don Wilton to remind you we are here to pray for you at 866899673. Now back to today's message finding strength in your weakness. Number five sinfulness does it all the time so you mean my sin causes me to become lame, absolutely. It's the number one course send you living and send you practicing sentence unconfessed sin. Stuffing's gone out of your Gloucester joy. You need to draw the line site mobile well what must be done.

Let's office what must be done because there are two imperatives you and God tells us number one strength that's what the word says in verse 12 strength by the way, that's an imperative and literally means Mike strong again is I wait a minute now how do I strengthen you see the word strengthened. They referred to my weak hands my wobbly knees my feet that are giving out that gone astray. How do I strengthen them. How do I get back to where I pick my hands up where I stand tall. How do I rejuvenate my marriage. How do I find the joy that I've lost track and I once again wake up and say you know that it's not so bad all through how can I pick myself up off the floor from being defeated cannot do that I cannot do well. It carries with it three ideas that help us number one remember, you want to strengthen you want to find healing through strength you need to remember, and you need to remember who God is what you needed but your attention on him remember who God is number two, you need to release that sounds confiscate writings, doesn't you say wait a minute now foster on lame I'm going to the coming disabled telling me to let go years can I say this folks to scare me always on time. The lab right you're trying to hard in yourself. You and I cannot do it within ourselves conduit God can do for you and with you, not as a machine but God by his spirit will give to you the energy and the resources that you need in order to find strength for the journey and then number three resign, resign, that means give up give up on yourself give up on you turnabout it's not a matter of just letting go. It's a matter of stepping back, turning it over to him completely. You've got to do that if you going to find strength.

Let me tell you what most Christians do most Christians, I shouldn't say most certainly not true here.

Many Christian some Christians as soon as you begin to become lame. You know what some Christians do they stop going to church while the great lessons the Lord called me when I became a cost. It was that place, believe me is when I became pastor of a church, God told me, listen does matter how lame you feel you gonna be there buddy gonna put a smile on your face and you going to be at your base. You will never step down.

It doesn't matter because and I've come to understand folks what are we going to do.

Folks, we gotta remember who God is.

We go to release it and we got a resign. Well, there's a second imperative Mike label. By the way, the word there in verse 13 is Mike label parts the word for pop in the Greek text is the word from Kia which literally means tracks and he's talking about the tracks that you leave the way you walk when you become lame. You get off track.

How do you get back on track to me give you a number of thoughts you're number one, you need to realign, realign, that's a good thing to do. Realign your focus number two you need to re-envision vision is so much an important part of our personal lives. God has placed you there for a purpose re-envision Tyco family by the way, your wife, your marriage, sit down, realign re-envision number three. Realize that you cannot do it alone. Got to come to that point number four Reese sit down with pen and paper when your children restructure lot say I don't need to do this I don't need to do that. I don't need to do this.

Number five refurbish you need to move some new furniture in get rid of the old furniture number six re-dedicate your life turn it over to Christ. That's what it's all about. Are you ready to find strength and weakness, or there's an imperative day. My wife, everyone seems so often she walks into a house and I love mama and I'm one of those I just piling my wife is just got an unparalleled ability to turn the house into a who.

My home is is just precious. I love every seat I sit on my bed. I mean everything about which you walk into my home. I'm telling you, and she'll look around your site.

I think we just need to get a new carpet of you not say what she will say no we just need refurbish a little bit.

It's good to just have a little change just happy that she say no top folks not everybody can get a new cop. My point is this something about even walking into a home that you love and there's a new cop how to explain it does something for you so you like my car by the way new tar. My wife boarded for me just in Utah.

I thought I looked jolly good. When I got dressed this morning.

Utah old suit, Utah, but I just enjoyed putting on Utah. Besides that, my wife got it for me. You know something. Some of you listen to me folks, some you need to just throw away some the old tires done by a few new one. Please don't misunderstand me. This is not about buying stuff you need to you need to move out some of the old furniture in your heart move it out some new furniture you want.

Do it if you done realign and re-envision. You know you got it. You gotta restructure your new all these things all part of the big picture and here's what happens is what happens folks you end up you know what it's like life is like, and you end up saying a whole man I'm worn out and frazzled. I feel so lame. I don't know if I want to do this on art in the van I've just had enough. No salt in my life. My marriage is over, you'll never understand many more men the more romance I want to do with my kids. My office is in trouble or whatever it might be.

All of a sudden you strengthen, you begin to Mike label those parts and I God just to get single bones. It's kinda like what's happening. God gets hold you begin to stand up straight. This was an boy I'm still gonna struggle with this bad of my love got all these things why I thank you Lord I I would strength the journey feel like I can stand up straight again. Some of you going through divorces just hurting me down hard. You some of you good kids who disappointed you. Some of you lost all your means and your finances. Some you know just folks, that's life. Life is just just a lot of things. Lot of stuff. A lot of things lot heartache, disappointment, managers Jerrica because what the Bible seems Bible says if you willing to strengthen Mike label pathway, which is doing is what happens you will not be disabled, you will be healed. You will be empowered strengthen my love our pastor and how he loves the Lord and love sharing God's word God stirs your heart today.

Let us talk about it.

Let's pray with you about it 866-899-WORD that's 866-899-9673 or connect with us It's a great place to discover all the resources we have, including the new going after Jesus message from Dr. Wilton dear Cheryl with the details on how you can get your copy, revolutionize your prayer life in 2019, with pastor John Wilson in his powerful, uplifting and faith building message. The promises of praying for others. You will come to understand the wonderful gift of prayer in your life and learn to delight in the privilege of approaching God's throne on behalf of others. The promises of praying for others giving yours on CD or DVD to enjoy and share with family members and friends for your gift of any amount to The Encouraging Word this month right to us in PO Box 2110, Spartanburg, SC 29304 or call us toll-free at 866-899-WORD or visit Thank you for your support and generosity will be a tremendous blessing to The Encouraging Word ministry as we continue.

He had in 2019 bringing hope and changing lives through God's Encouraging Word are times gone for today but were continuing to connect and this phone number 866899 word 899-9673 dorms tomorrow with Dr. Miles of the Christian

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