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R1446 Without the Holy Spirit

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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May 26, 2020 8:00 am

R1446 Without the Holy Spirit

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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May 26, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

Has an encouraging word for us today to the Bible-based reading of Dr. Don Wilton and a message on the Holy Spirit. The book of acts. It's so good to welcome you into this time of Bible study again will start in acts chapter 1 in just a moment, but Dr. Wilton is excited about something that's taking place on our website right now. I'm sure what you climb on a wonderful book from his friend Warren. Where's B is just an explosive opportunity to see how even those bumps in the road become things that God uses to move us closer to him and better in the center of his will. Details again are on our website at large, he that TW or you can call us at 866-899-WORD. Our phone number again 866-899-WORD 9673 for resources or for prayer anytime day or night. Now today's message with Dr. Don Wilton site this morning that I'm about to share with you something that is indispensable, indispensable that you will not cannot do without, so I'm going to just come right up front, to say I cannot do without the Holy Spirit cannot live without the Holy Spirit, so I want you to open your Bibles to the book of acts chapter 1 everybody needs to be there by whatever means. If you are using an iPhone, and you've got your Bible app open that up. Go to your Bible app right now. I use a hard copy. I got my copy of God's word here also have a Bible app.

I got several copies of God's word different versions on my iPhone but I never bring my phone into the pulpit because I might have a root interruption and I don't know what I would say to everybody in my phone started ringing but it happens doesn't. We want to be in acts chapter 1 of my friends.

I'm going to say something to you and and I'm asking the Lord to help me to know how to say this is a don't want you to miss this going to say it again and again.

There are three before even open the Bible, but there are three questions in America today, that all absolutely pivotal in America.

They are pivotal in the church. These three questions I'm about to put out here, just very quickly before you install. Now they are number one. What exactly is, who decides to recall a deacons meeting. Do we consult the Pope. We wait for Congress to make a decision what we did that we never get one but I'm just saying that we all spend so now the question of sin in your life so I'm not even I could start who decides matters of marriage, same-sex marriage, abortion, morality, name all any any name in any of your personal life. What who decides what sin was, what is number two who decides how we should live who decide what how do you make a decision on on living. Now I'm I'm a Christian man. There a lot of things that I can do and that I do how do I know if my living my life is the way God wants me to live that life but good things.

But how do I know if what I'm doing is pleasing to God.

Yes the third question, how do I how do you and I understand God's judgment given heard someone say get over it.

God's guards never going to judge people rarely who decided that if you ever heard someone say, you know, doesn't matter one day when you die, everybody's gonna be okay because God's not going who decides who understands how do you get a grip on the issue of God's judgment.

So watch this now.

I wonder speak to you for a few minutes on the subject without the spirit because what we going to discover is that Jesus made it very clear that unless the spirit it's by the spirit of God. Now who is God. God is God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. Three and one Ryan God the father seen Jesus to this earth.

Jesus was here in person. So Jesus at the time at which the New Testament was written was there with the chair. The beginning of the church with the disciples, and with these men and women who were learning about them, and then all of a sudden he was about to leave, he personally because he was with them. So if they want to know anything about sin, our street, they want to know how to live right, go wash Jesus that they wanted to understand God's judgment and why is that he condemns sin, and will have no part just go off Jesus, but there was a problem.

Jesus rose from the grave and then ascended back up into heaven and left them with no one. So now who do they always did Jesus turn around saying here's what I want to do. I want you to become all these denominations, Presbyterians, Methodists, Episcopalians, Baptists, and what ever you as a church denomination decide it is it is what it is. So we just gonna let all opinions be opinions about sin and about living and about righteousness and about judgment about what's right and what's wrong. We just gonna throw it open. Jesus said I'm going back to heaven.

I'm going up there and you're on your own. So just why don't you kind of just get together and be wise and just be good and just get everybody together and you make the decision so the Presbyterians say this in the Methodists either. Some Baptists say this in the Catholic say this in the don't want to ever be. Baptists say this and the pagans say that whatever it is it is because you know if it is currently it isn't right because of it is it isn't and if it isn't, it is so. It just depends upon what you is with you is not gonna cost me to say that again sign acts chapter 1 acts chapter 1 and verse eight. This is what Jesus said. He said you will receive power off to the Holy Spirit comes upon Jesus said said I want you to know you are going to have power. Power what power that would how they means the ability not of your own, but I mean you are going to be able to do things understand things get hold of things and determine things through me. I'm going to do it for you because I want you to know even though I'm going back.

I'm sending me back. I'm coming back the Holy Spirit. I'm going to come back down on you and I'm going to well, you're not going to food you and I'm going to do something for you that you cannot do for yourself, no Presbytery, no Methodists, no Baptist nobody of any do not know the person. No human being.

You cannot do this. You are capable, and if we want evidence of that. Just look at us Americans with the most blessed people in the world.

We are a people who pride ourselves on religious liberty. We base everything that we on was God in whom we trust, we grow not to understand these things and we're in a shambles because in America today.

Anything got an opinion about it. That's it.

I present you this chaos leads to lofty RP leads to godlessness and godlessness lead to the absolute collapse of the nation. We don't need North Korea to buy a missile at America to tear this country apart is God out of America and America will fall apart from the inside. I cannot go to loan what happened. By the way, and ask chapter 2 just the first four versus the Bible says when the day of pain because arrived, they were all together in one place. One of the many reasons I've pulled out church to read one of the many reasons off course. Because the picture of the New Testament church is the regathering of God's people. We are never going to get ourselves in a rut because as soon as you get yourself into a rut.

Years and years and years and years and years, you begin to summarize and sit down and you begin to regard yourself as the solution. God says you not going to do without me.

So when they were together in one place.

Suddenly they came from heaven to sound like a mighty rushing wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting in divided tongues of fire appeared to them, and rested on each one of them individually and they were filled with the Holy Spirit that began to speak in tongues of other nations, as the Spirit gave them tricks. Now we know the rest of the story and I'm not going to get understand this is how God enabled these people to be able to go out into all the world and tell them the truth about Jesus, you see Jesus care, love us so much he looked at us.

He looked at the man that were around him and he knew he said you know I'm about to leave you and I'm going away but I'm not going to leave you alone because if I leave you alone. You cannot do it.

You not going to be able to figure out sin you not going to be able to understand how to live and you certainly not going to be able to come to grips with judgment now and judgment in the future.

I have condemned the Prince of darkness. I can damn him.

I condemn those who are against me told us in John chapter 16 but you never going to understand that I the one who loves you so much good. At the same time condemn those who are opposed to me and who reject the you'll never understand.

I remember one man saying to me one time in New Orleans, Louisiana.

I could never be a Christian. I said what I said I couldn't handle being part of a God who can damn people like that. See he doesn't have the Holy Spirit.

He doesn't understand does not understand that the love of God doesn't understand the incredible love of God that would invite all people to give their hearts and lives to him that every single person ever born is invited to take hold of Jesus Christ and to receive the power of the Holy Spirit and to be able to have set which is in them that will enable them to do all these things by the spirit of the living God. So the other three questions that I think these are three critical questions that the disciples had to on three mandate number one. What exactly is give you will be back in just a moment with rest of today's message with Dr. Don Wilton · disposing these critical questions. The disciples were answering. I pray that you and I would realize that this day in which we live many questions being posed how we provide answers as a part of our testimony in one of the joys of every single day here at The Encouraging Word as we send out an email from Dr. Don Wilton with a touch of Scripture more than a touch of culture but a piece of Scripture, a piece of insight about that Scripture courage in word I believe could change the way you face every single day, 365 days a year and you can sign up online right now at T. W like to have a hard copy physical copy those are free as well. You can call and ask your coffee at 866899 word 866-899-9673. We would be excited to put that in your hands absolutely free ballot dive back into today's message with Dr. Don Wilton. So the three questions that I think these are three critical questions that the disciples had on three mandate number one. What exactly is that's question number one when when your last study this great passage here when we go through the beginning of the church. When we look at ourselves, what exactly is sin. People mom and dad what are you teaching your kids what exactly is sin is the how exactly should we live our lives, how should we live our lives. Everybody just quote unquote do their own thing. I want you to listen folks, we put so much individual giftedness so much to give all of us together. That's a real picture of America to me. How do we live according to God.

How do we do that which is well pleasing in the eyes of God. And then, of course, number three, does God really judge come on give me a break. This God is God really going to judge those who have rejected him really. You gotta be kidding me mean God is a God of love. How can you say God is a God of love and at the same time that God judges people and can damage them to eternal hell see his heart from me, you do iniquity because I never knew you. This doesn't how do you understand these things. That's why Jesus said listen, the spirit of God is going to come and wait for the power of the Holy Spirit. Why because the spirit of God does three things for us the spirit of God does three things for us. If you type the spirit of God out of us without the spirit. It let's just let's just pretend for a moment that the spirit of God is not in us as believers.

I'm going to to I'm going to say this from a 10 you folks when I coming to worship like this. I know that the spirit of God is here. I can sense the presence of the spirit so when I walked into church. I'm bringing the spirit of God with me because he's given me every one of us.

When you know when you've repented of your sin and you've given your life to Christ. You have all of the spirit, not just a little bit of how we can quench the spirit we can grieve the spirit. I'm not talking about that, but the Bible says you don't get a little bit caring a little but they we get all of God not part of God. God doesn't loan us and all for the weekend and then take it back. He's on back on Monday so when I come into church.

I bring the spirit with me, but the spirit of God is also here in this place because the Bible says wait two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them.

So we got hundreds of people here gathered in the name of the Lord and thousands upon thousands by way of television and The Encouraging Word broadcast ministry across the nation. We know listen folks right there. I can guarantee the spirit of God as you would somebody say amen I mean you just know it.

I've often said, you know, tongue-in-cheek. It's pretty hard to come to church, recovering from hookworm treatment when you run headlong into the spirit of God. God the spirit is here that's what he's doing. He's powerfully means moving so let's just imagine for a minute that he wasn't here without the spirit number one without the spirit. They can be no conviction of sin. I just explained the will to you. I just explained you to you can be no conviction of sin.

35 years ago I was preaching in Pensacola, Florida. Massive outpouring in this crusade that I was preaching in on the on a Monday night a man walked down the hall and I prayed with him, gave his life to Christ. The same revival meeting. I'm was privileged to be preaching in the same man came down and I thought, you know, obviously didn't teach them right and he doesn't understand that he's given his part to Jesus and so I went and sat down with him and intercepted wanted to help them to understand he's new walk, and he said no Dr. Wilson. He said that that's not the issue. He said I'm back here again because of something that happened lost 90 CUC 15 years ago I went through terrible divorce case. It was a terrible divorce he said was so bad. He said both my ex-wife and I we we both valid if that's what it means to be married. We never going to get married again. Never ever going to get married again if that's what it means to be married. We want no part of it and he said so about eight years ago I met this lady here in Pensacola fail in love with her, but I'd made a vow to never get married again so we just moved in together they fall in love.

They just moved in together.

What's wrong with that. Who cares. They love each other, moving together in this pasta from this church came to see me as he knew me because I was part of the church. He said I what's so angry with him. I threw him out of my house said you don't ever coming here and tell me whether I should or shouldn't. And who said that sin anyway. I love her I love her.

That's all that matters. What's wrong with this, the unpardonable sin to move-in not be married. What's wrong with me. What's wrong with we get a lot for me. What's wrong with what's wrong with me. What's wrong with you just move it. Who cares what's wrong with that sound familiar to you through the pasta route. I said tell me the rest of the story quickly said were lost not set I ran headlong into Jesus said I gave my life to Christ said, I went back to my home and they was the lady that I've been living with his said I love her. She loves me and he said, but for the first time in my life when I walked that I didn't love any lease but all of a sudden I can't explain it. I just knew that us living together without marriage in the eyes of God's he said. I walked over and knelt down. I said sweetheart I love you to bits nothings changed. He said, but I can't explain it to. We can't do this when you marry me and he said not only that, he said, but I ended up leaving her to give her heart to Jesus and said to me brother Don, when you look she's in the balcony. She's going to come down tell you the story all over again. And you know that same pasta called me about 10 weeks later and he said to me brother Donnie said we just had a wonderful church.

You know that the Holy Spirit see I can stand here today which I hope I done it a point a finger to about three big ones pointing back at me where we stand folks as a church we need a deacons meeting. Who decides what's in Gardner's's word does I don't spend 30 seconds debating people. 32nd debating people when it comes to some what is God's. So what does God say about what you doing right now Norske what your mama thinks your daddy will you all how comfortable you all whether or not someone would mind what the church's teachings. All the relevant without the Holy Spirit is no conviction of sin without the Holy Spirit is no power to convict of righteousness there's no power to be convicted of sin.

This note to be convicted of righteousness. Now that little word righteousness. They just take the first part Edward RIG HT right living. Righteousness is living right. What's this, according to God's plan.

See, I'm a child of God now want you to know that I try very hard not to let you down. I really do not know that I and I apologize sincerely for the I try very hard. How do I live my life in line with the righteousness and holiness without the power of the Holy Spirit.

I cannot do number three take the spirit out of your out of my life. Your life the churches life there is no power to convict us concerning judgment we not going to see how God judges and we not going to understand how God loves that we not going to accept what God does, we need God's power. The power of his conviction about sin.

We need the power of his conviction about righteousness, righteous living. We need the power of his conviction concerning the judgment of God and when we meet those three. When I'm convicted of my sin because of God when I'm convicted concerned righteousness when I'm convicted concerning judgment. It puts me where I need to be in the light of God's powerful message from Dr. Donnan in the true that when we open God's word, the illumination of the truth of Scripture helps reveal some things that we need to make adjustments on is there a course correction that you need to make like to have someone to pray with you and pray for you.

In that course correction. Maybe even it's a new beginning a brand-new Genesis, so to speak. All how would love to pray with you at 866899 word that's 866-899-9673. Perhaps the most important decision to be made is what Dr. Dodd can share with you next. Are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that Iversen and I know that Jesus died for me cross today, I repent of my sin and by faith I receive you into my heart. In Jesus name, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God.

This is exciting news.

If the Lord has spoken to you today to the Bible teaching of Dr. Wilton or his challenge, even moments ago and you've given your heart to Jesus Christ maybe rededicated your life to Christ. We have some wonderful free resources. We would love to put in your hands to let us know you need, let us pray with you and pray for you and celebrate with you as we welcome you to the family of God. Our phone numbers 866899 word 86689996730 m online it discover great resources like this. While many people around the world are at home with their children and grandchildren. During this time of crisis. Forget about their spiritual nurturing children need to be clicked and prayed for before they go back out into the world with your gift of $25 per buck to The Encouraging Word you a copy of bedtime devotions with Jesus Bible resource will help equip parents to share the good news with their children special Bible was written by 100 trusted pastors and leaders including Dr. Wilton. Also included are 100 emotional numbing appearance, answer questions that children may have colonized at 86699 Wade and request bedtime devotions of Jesus Bible today. Remember if you do not equip and prepare the next generation the world well The Encouraging Word you are and listener supporting ministry guidance and supplier needs for listening today. More great messages from Pastor tomorrow. These messages call Joseph story diving in Genesis chapter 50 together tomorrow at the same time. Till then, say with us know where they will pray with you anytime day or night at 866-899-9673

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