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DS #14 Daniel 7

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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February 12, 2020 8:00 am

DS #14 Daniel 7

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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February 12, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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God is doing unbelievable things he did it for Daniel for you and me. Let's see how in God's word. This is The Encouraging Word featuring the Bible takes preaching of Dr. Don Wilton well-known author advance of pastor and today as we dive deeper into this book of Daniel in the study of how God is working in Daniel's life and how it applies to you and me today what you know we're here for you. We love to pray with you and 866-899-WORD.

That number is 866-899-9673 would be happy to connect with the online as well.

TW DEW right place to connect with not only more resources but also our social your social sorry. Let's connect now Dr. Don Wilton there's nothing more wonderful than people citing you know he's a jolly good chap. There's nothing more wonderful than knowing that society and the community think highly of you, but for the Christian man, God puts you and what he watches is not popularity in writing what the watchers is what we do without popularity. That's what God watchers Daniel found favor Daniel was a man of body was different. In fact, he was someone who came from outside in. Daniel was a man who found extreme slavery and the site of King Darius of the Medes and the Persians. Daniel was a man who had high principles.

Daniel rose like cream to the top.

He was put in charge and he found favor and I believe that God began to watch Daniel to see what kind of man he was going to become when he found himself at the top let me tell you a couple of people who rise to the top.

If you are a grandfather or grandmother. You have risen to the top, you have found favor if you got grandchildren you already steamed above all, if you're a business leader you found favor if you have your own business you found favor if your' church found favor if you're a schoolteacher you found favor with God puts us in varying positions in life and he tells us. Listen, I want you to know that you found favor and I'm watching you watching what you're doing with the flavor that you found but he doesn't believe it. Note the second transportation responsibility.

You see, whenever there is flavor there is responsibility that walks hand-in-hand with the verse.

Second part of verse to the site.

Traps were made accountable to them so that the king might not suffer loss. It's cool responsibility and what God was doing to Daniel was that he was saying team. Daniel listen, I'm not only going to cause great flavor to come upon you, from the highest ruler in the land but I'm going to a company that flavor with increased responsibility.

I want to see what you going to do with the responsibility that you got. If we want to put it into modern-day terminology.

What God was cited.

Daniel was listen favor is always accompanied by some in other words, the higher you rise the mold. God expects of you in terms of your personal responsibility. We have a far greater responsibility to do that which is well pleasing in the sight of God and the higher we become in society and in favorite with man. We have a responsibility to please God.

So I should imagine that somewhere in the scheme of things that God was looking down upon Daniel and watching him. Other people were accountable to Daniel. He was responsible before God and God wanted to watch what he was doing with let's talk about it for a minute. Perhaps you have a business tonight.

You have responsibility.

What are you doing with perhaps you have money to live. What are you doing perhaps your father or mother to my what are you doing with responsible are you putting a test on he's watching you.

He's trying to determine whether or not he's going to increase blessings upon you. He's waiting he's watching there's the task of favor. There's the taste of responsibility. But there's the test of leadership. It's right there in verse three.

The Bible says.

Now Daniel so distinguished himself among the administrators in the site trapped by his exceptional qualities that the king planned to save him over the whole kingdom. Watch how this just begins to roll. I mean it just gathers momentum. Yet he finds flavor. He's given responsibility. He's placed in exceptional leadership under the kingship of Darius Sutton God is putting into this man's hands the most unbelievable things one could ever imagine God's watching W ever been elected to something and spent an enormous amount of time wondering how in the world you got elected in the first place. I remember when I was in the 12th grade in high school and in the British system by little bit different, but when you're a senior in high school and I have people called prefix and prefix all the top students in the school and they are elected by the students and confirmed by the faculty and I was in a Quaternary high school like we would have your and claimed the election and I was elected Deputy head prefect of my senior class like the second income on the whole school and I remember going home and advise and I walked in and I said to my mother mother. Can you believe what happened to me and I remember that little mother of mine looking at me and sign. Well son, it's not a matter of fact that you got elected to a position of leadership. Perhaps God wants to see what you going to do with it once you've got it. Perhaps God wants to see what you going to do with the once you've got a year later I was a Lieut. in the Armed Forces and I had a lot of authority maybe. Maybe God would never have a lick me become a Lieut. in the Armed Forces had not something way back there in senior high.

Something even though it might've been small and incontestable my baby gone baby gone would've saved. Listen, he cannot handle these things so I'm going to let them go on and get a doctorate and not listen. I'm not going to let him go on and become cost of the church because the risk of allowing people to follow the leadership of a man who hasn't stood the test of leadership never stops, not the ones we think we arrive.

I'll tell you what'll happen to you journey your house burn down you go through every kind of physical struggle you've ever had supper everything from headaches to nausea you become bankrupt. Everything will come against you will be as though the whole world begins to come around you and God will stand up inside you, and I've given you responsible leadership and recounted standup. Let me see what you might excuse me, Daniel, I'm looking for someone that I want to put the prophecy of the eternal age into their heart cannot afford to let that live in the heart of someone who doesn't stand the taste before the taste of betrayal offerings. I agonized over this.

You see, right there in verse four the Bible says that this the administrators of the satraps tried to find grounds for charges against Daniel and his conduct of government affairs but they were able to do so by could find no corruption in him because he was trustworthy, and neither corrupt nor intelligent, listen to me.

Folks, the Bible. The Bible tells us that Daniel in the midst of all the suddenly found himself having to deal with the taste of betrayal. It was so subtle.

Gary was a man who had found favor Gary was a man who carried responsibility. Jerry was a man going through the taste of leadership and in the midst of these who there was betrayal, may I say to you, beloved friends as a believer in Christ Jesus you gonna stand the taste of betrayal when you stand up for righteousness. And when you're a man of God and a woman of God you gonna have to go through the taste of betrayal sometimes will feature gonna be knocked out from under you, you don't deserve it. It's not right. It shouldn't be there, but it's going to come. Sometimes you gonna get betrayed by those whom you love most. Sometimes the trail is going to come from the most unlikely source you not going to understand that you don't even know that it's come when it comes but when it comes it's going to come and God's going to say wait a minute. If Jesus Christ blocks down from the garden 70 on the cheek by one of these disciples unto the cross is the least so what was he moved into the first taste, which is the taste of faith. All I back this.

Look at verse five with me. The Bible says these men said finally. These men say do not Batman. It meant they ran Daniel through the whole gamut of the taste of the trailer and when they just couldn't get it to work.

Finally, by saying we know exactly how we going to get this book we gonna hit him right smack dab in the middle of his face.

We gonna hit him right smack dab in the middle of his faith, his faith in God. We are going to dabble in his faith in God. We can upset the apple cart. Have you ever meet someone who gets up and leaves because of something that the preacher said because of something that happened somewhere, somehow, something has come into Sickly applecart. I believe people some detours from the founding fathers lost his family life come back. Look what happened here in verse five. Finally, these men said we will never find any basis for charges against this man. Daniel on the last it has something to do with all of his God. The taste of your faith. Satan wants to get you boy he will get out those things I and you supposed to be Christian folks.

When you have even moral and political issues in the community. We got some coming up and don't be surprised if a newspaper suddenly starts reflecting a taste of faith. This is not the way Christians are supposed to behave and how can you still call yourself a Christian folks listen to it can come from every white. This wise outcry that way. Over this way under that wife taste your fiery sometimes you find yourself in a marriage relationship, and one or other of the spouse sadly does not have a live living, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and what they'll do is they'll constantly try and then there was the next one, which is the taste of famous verse 629 what basically happened here as I summarize it. They were exasperated and so they went to the King and I said I'll tell you what we gonna do.

We are going to go and we're going to get them get Daniel exactly where we need to get them and we are going to construct or reconstruct an old ancient Persian rule that says if the King agrees that the public have to bow down and worship him, then it is written in stone and it cannot be recanted but cannot be taken back one scripting issues.

This decree says everyone has to bow down and worship me. He cannot take it back and it carries with it a sentence of death, and so they filed on the taste of so they began to go through the taste of famous this is unfair. Folks, this is just unfair and that Disney classic and talking the lion King holds call right at the beginning of the line came Satan's most magnificently he says life's not fair for I shall never be king. Our writing walls and is who said life sprayer anyway because it's not free course is not everywhere you look and laugh laugh is not clear who said life was fair said life is equal and fair. God didn't say that life is not fair but when it comes down to spiritual values God puts us through the cast happened to me Lord you God says well I just wanted to see how you will mold. I've looked off to myself. I go to the fitness synchronize new gyrations in gymnastics. I only drink carrot juice.

I never eat fried food. I haven't had a doughnut in six years, look at me I'm starving on wasting away on the picture of health, Lord, I am in the hospital. Or maybe there's a disaster in your home and and maybe you lose a loved one, and your heart is broken down in the just want to see how you walk? There's a savings taste. The taste of response. Bruce came to town.

Daniel responded to the unfairness.

Verse 10 is the key verse in chapter 6. Listen to now when Daniel learned that the decree had been published.

He went home to his upstairs room with the windows open toward Jerusalem three times a day. He got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God.

Just as he had done before taste of response.

Nothing changed as far as Daniel was concerned he was a prayer warrior when he was blessed and he was a prayer warrior when he was coerced. He was a prayer warrior when he was off and he was a prayer warrior when he was down he was a prayer warrior when they were winning the war and he was a prayer warrior when I was losing the war he was a prayer warrior. When the stock market was up and he was a prayer warrior. When the stock market was down he was a prayer warrior when he was healthy and he was a prayer warrior when he was sick. He was a prayer warrior when he was blessed and he was a prayer warrior when he was not blessed he stood the test of response and so God put them through the taste of fear. Just think about it for a moment from verse 16 through 21 God takes this great servant allows him to be put into the dandelions. Just think about the journey that he had undertaken he'd stood the test of flavor.

The taste of responsibility. The taste of leadership. The taste of the trail with taste of faith, the taste of play in the taste of response and so God says all the lines that you can you imagine then do we perhaps have any idea of what the lines vision was really about that we read about it when he was released on the lines then about what happened to those about putting Mary's place. The Bible says the lines pounced on them and crush the bones ache them alive before they could do a thing.

Those lines were vicious they were part of the society in which they live and die with the ultimate punishment with they were used to absolutely crush the bones of Christians in Platonism and the enemy from every walk of life. Daniel knew what was about to happen. God allow these people to even though he had stood the test of time and said to him, to the lines being with you. I find I don't know but I might've fallen on my face and said, Lord, I cannot take anymore, but what more do you want me to do. I mean, how much more do you think I need to go through many more things about going to do in order to demonstrate that I love you.

Are you doing me that all through all of this you still going to put me in the lines, then God saving you go.

He stood the test of fear see the Bible say the Daniel stood in the lines.

Damon looked in his head and heart toward God the taste of fear is a test by which the man of God and the women of God into the face of God and stand with their hands held with an absolute conviction that God is able to do exceeding the above all that we could all scream and play. That's the taste of fear that means when we enter the hospital and we all die knows them and and the doctor says that it is hopeless we are able to stand the test of fear.

I have the most precious little go this morning in our congregation come up to talk to me. Off to the worship service and I gave her a big hug and she looked at me and she said mom broke I send you notices broke and it was you could see the black and blue and then her mother said to me, pasta. She has to go to the doctor tomorrow to get it fixed immediately in the studies heart I knew what mama was saying to me she was saying pasta my little girl is so afraid of going to the to get a nose fixed so I just put my arms around and I see you know Dr. Dawn broke his nose to the one day I ran into a tree on a ski slope is not funny folks. I and that's why look like I do and I said you know I had to go to the doctor to and you know I think that I think everything's going to be just okay and we had a word of prayer together and I said well the doctors going to fix your nose tomorrow is machine.

She's anyone hit her not go to broken nose and you're afraid taste of fear which is always followed by the taste of faithfulness he see in verse 22. The Bible says that Daniel Alonso, the king live forever.

My God sent his angel and he shut the mouths of the lines, they have not hooked me because I was found innocent in his side. Curators nor have I ever done any wrong before you okay taste faithfulness. My office question of you and me to not when our time comes. We go to be with the Lord on other people going to standard fuel insight is one thing you can say about this man. One thing you can say about this lady she was faithful to the end.

He was faithful to the Lord, and he wasn't ashamed of it and when he made a mistake. He stood up and said excuse me I'm wrong when you need to do something. He got up and he did it because God and put it in his heart he was faithful he was faithful to the house of God. He was faithful to the people of God, and he was faithful to the word of God. He was found faithful and so he pasta final taste, which is the taste of deliverance.

You and I can look right there in Daniel chapter 6 and verse 28, so Daniel prospered during the writing of Darius and the reign of Cyrus the Persian. And so it is that God decreed that Daniel was ready to carry the seeds of time in his heart, so that people like you and me can gather around bonds with the overall story which is able to challenge refreshing out what taste what taste, what a challenge. What ablation it's exciting to watch God. He is our master encourager here on The Encouraging Word. We realize that the most important step we have to take before we see God really work in our lives is just to say yes before these are very important thoughts coming up next Dr. Don Wilton are you ready to give you half in life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now.

I know that I was and I know that Jesus God today. I came to see Jesus timeframe. I would welcome you today into the family of God. This is something you please select this date and drawing the lines maybe right now, pray for those there are some right you realize things cannot stay the same. You got to make a change. We love to pray you through that. Maybe put some resources in your hands like the free daily Encouraging Word Bible guide to help you grow in your faith every single day help you stay the course, not just change direction, but stay in that new direction following Jesus, give us a call. Let us put these resources in your hands at 8668. That's 866-899-9673 or that's TW and what a great resource. You'll find is this grand book from and grandma lots in the myths of life changes and losses. We each need to Frank confident somebody will come alongside us and share every step of our journey.

Someone who will listen to us advocate for us and comfort someone we can trust this month for your get that's the part two The Encouraging Word. We will send you the inspiring book Jesus and me by and grandma lots in Jesus and me lots draws on biblical knowledge and personal stories, including her recent cancer diagnosis is understand third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, 868-9993 copy of Jesus and me today The Encouraging Word viewer and listener supported hearing God's truth around the world. Thank you for your support. Thank you for listening more time that phone number is 866899967 course. Yes, we want to provide that Jesus and the book for you. But we also want to know there are number of resources absolutely free and the most important source of power prayer we would love to pray for you

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