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The People of Ephesus R1545

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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August 15, 2022 4:00 am

The People of Ephesus R1545

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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August 15, 2022 4:00 am

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God has an encouraging word for you would be today. The Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton about the people of Ephesus in just a few moments will be opening the word of God, the Bible itself to acts chapter 18 Dr. Don Wilton well-known author and evangelist in this message about the people of Ephesus were to discover how only were they people like us but we can learn like they did follow Christ better how to become the men and women of God that were called to be, as we do so no other were available for you to pray with you and for you were here at the other end of 866-899-WORD.

That's 866-899-9673 or Let's open our hearts and God's word together as we study about the people of Ephesus with Dr. Don Wilton want you to turn your Bibles this morning to the book of acts chapter 18. Watch what I'm about to say. As we journey with pole on we were about to begin his third missionary journey.

That's what I'm focusing on is this incredible man that God hears as he went from town to town from city to city because God told him to do that and what a difference he might, and it's it's amazing as we study this. Each city presents a unique circumstance, just a unique circumstance and end today. I've been top of my message I mean is this not brilliant.

This the most brilliant type in your neighborhood. The people of Ephesus. I mean I came up with that all by myself. The people of Ephesus listen don't you just love your own city. Your own town unit everywhere I go I meet people I say with a mouse. I will you from well you know I grew up in such and such a town in such and such a state, and that's where I'm from, or people will describe where they found the place you from actually is very important and you know towns and cities like churches, all unique, you know, one town, one city is not necessarily the same as the next one ought I tried to teach young preachers and pastas.

Just understand one thing another congregation is the same every congregation has a character you know is a is a pasta is it is a pasta it's very important for me and for us as leaders to understand the five of our congregation going to try educators. Every class is different and it's made up of people, not black, will we just going to do this in the same way you tap into if if I may use the word the personality of the people who reside in you don't change the message.

This gospel cannot change but you make the application of that gospel in accordance with the personality, the character all of us who are parents you deal with your children coming from the same mom and dad but you deal with each one of them in accord with the people that they all I wish I could tell you that we treated. We love them the same equally but we approached them we treated them even discipline them differently. My two sons who are now grown with their own families. They only 18 months apart and they like this Robin great database frames in the world. They will almost black twins in some way, but they 18 months apart.

But I'm telling you they both of the more incredible preachers ministers of the gospel today, but they all different personalities you with me on that when when my two sons were growing up, I could just say something to Rob. My older son son you don't do that. That's Charlie nor to your view and and it would be like I'd punished him in the worst possible way. I mean it was like everything. Not great.

I'd say them, son. You just know you.I'm just going to tell you you do that again and he'd stand and look at me and say what's that in your nose like he never heard a thing. I had to literally send grid to Cyprus and ban him to an island in the Mediterranean for six weeks just to get his attention.

I'm not going to go to my daughter she had me wrapped around her finger, daddies and daughters are entirely different. She was allowed to do anything she wanted and mock her brother still remind me so just Ephesus.

I want you to just type take a look so him in the lost stage of of peace. Second journey, which we didn't deal a lot with he actually stopped in Ephesus.

This is the loss.

Now he's coming back to Ephesus. He's coming back. He's now about to spend some serious time and I'm going to be unpacking this over the next two and this this place your cold Ephesus right thing is is a very interesting place, probably limit living. Tell your couple of things about at first very prominent in the Bible is, you know, Paul wrote his letter to these people. It's called Ephesians the letter to Ephesians the Ephesian people.

What out what else would you think about with emphasis. Do you know in the book of Revelation chapter 2 verse one. It's the first of the seven churches in the seven churches of Asia minor. The church at Ephesus became the leading church Christian church. It was it was very strategic.

You can see it because the GM see lots of beautiful scene with oldies islands here in Ephesus was right on the edge of the GMC. It was situated between Smyrna on the north coast of North America and Miletus on the southern coast, which are very strategic and during the time of the Romans. Emphasis essentially was a Greek colony very important to hear that it was a Greek colony so it brought into the streets of Ephesus, an incredibly strong Roman influence. In fact, Gustavus Caesar was a very prominent season one that we know of most of all, Augustus Caesar introduced a whole series of reforms that impacted and were carried out in Ephesus through the Romans that occupying and turned emphasis into a very prosperous city. They even had her up. Now when you go to Ephesus today. The port now sits like 6 miles in land strings of dried up and the topography has changed somewhat. The movements in some of the earthquakes have altered the location of the port side sits like 6 miles in and buds very strategic. Some of the most famous people we have another. Have you ever wondered what happened off to Jesus on the cross looked at John and said to him.

John behold your mother Mary when when Jesus said that John John behold John, I'm about to die. You are my brother and there is your mother take care of your mother so what did John do with his mother. He took her to Ephesus in her grave. Mary the mother of Jesus died in Ephesus John himself. We know had the experience on the island of Patmos. This is where he received the revelation the book of Revelation on the island of Patmos.

I want you to see how close Patmos is to Ephesus. This was in John's backyard and John ended up writing a lot of the book of Revelation in Ephesus.

We don't the manuscripts on if you would just give me five hours every Sunday I could explain some of this to you because you got to go back into the early manuscripts, many of which I've had the privilege of studying because I didn't Greek New Testament at an advanced level and many of you have not had that option. So in textual criticism of the Greek New Testament which is also one of my majors textual criticism of the Greek New Testament you go back in the original documents. This is how you you connect all these little pieces together, so to speak, and so right here. You not only have told him talk about: the influence of John the influence of the doctrine of lost things, you got the death of G of Mary the mother of Jesus, you got this incredible port city and this place became quite a cosmopolitan meeting place of culture so became highly cultural. You were somebody if you came from Ephesus back in the day Ryan and it it was a good. It was a good place to live.

A good place to be and it it was a valued place. It was a highly thought-out place. So when you go to Ephesus today.

You'll even see the big library of Celsus. There fact it's very the ruins of very prominent and then you walk down from the library of Celsus and you run into one of the most Megan empty theaters ever in this empty theater seats about 2500 people and very intact today and next week I'm in a talk about that because when Cole began to clash with everything that was going on in the city. They dragged them right there to the empty theater watching the amphitheater because that's where all the people could get together and really give it out put it on pole as he was telling them about Jesus and then of course allowed. I'll explain this a little bit more later on. Probably one of the most prominent things.

Here is the temple of Artemis ART EM I is the temple of Artemis very prominent fact there. The room still standing today and if you want to know who the who the godliness of Artemis was the Romans quarter. The broadest Diana and me tell you this godliness. This, she was the goddess of fertility, childbirth, and there were several other things, wildlife, hunting, old things, which was very prominent. Back in those days. This this this God she was the goddess of Chester see chastity.

She got fertility, chastity, childbirth. I want you to just think of all of these things so occult grew up around the goddess called Diana Artemis that erected a temple and the color began to dictate the religious fervor of the city people followed the cult. God is an and I know historians will shoot me for saying this. I think this was part of the original PP movement, a man, because everything goes. I mean this was the one who you belong to this you know and you all sat around, smoked a joint and felt better see him bringing back my background there from the 60s and because this culture infiltrated folks.

It was like turned a highly cultural people into a cultish people. Well it's going to be through the stitches speak they just love everybody and into this comes pole. I want you just think about. So think about your own city right now.

I want to read to just a few exits cannot do that. I'm in a read to just a few exits because it's quiet. It's quite a long story.

Next chapter 18 that start with verse 24 now Julie named Apollo's.

A native of Alexandria, came to Ephesus. He was an eloquent man competent in the Scriptures you been instructed in the way of the Lord being fervent in spirit, and he spoke and taught accurately the things concerning of Jesus. Now watch this little note to even though he only knew of the baptism of John. Important. Let's go to chapter 19. This is in Ephesus and it happened that while Apollo's was at Corinth pole Boston the country and came to Ephesus. They he found some disciples and he said to them, did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believe and they said no we have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit and he said to them in into what then were you baptized, and they see into John's baptism before I read the next page of Scott Auster questions anyone here who would suggest that John could save anybody. Forgive the interruption will be back with more of Dr. Don's message on the people of Ephesus like discover more about Dr. Don Wilton and all of us at The Encouraging Word meetings

It's a great resource for other messages like this. Key elements in your daily Bible study that help you grow and so much more I can that's or could he do this talk with someone to pray with someone. I just now 24 hours a day you can call her Caroline at 86689. That's 866899673. Even though the world is becoming increasingly challenging place to live in the Christian Jesus's sacrifice on the cross remains in message of hope for everyone discover a deeper understanding and appreciation for seniors death on the cross and Dr. Milton's powerful sermon prompts along with the bonus book the cross of Jesus by Maureen W.

Weir speech which explores the entire crucifixion in detail. These powerful resources are your slab with your gift of support The Encouraging Word. Thank you for listening today.

Now back to today's message. The people of Ephesus with Dr. Don Wilton, let's go down to verse eight. This is all happening in Ephesus any into the synagogue and for three months he spoke boldly reasoning and persuading them about the kingdom of God between some became stubborn and continued in their unbelief. Speaking evil of the way of the Lord before the congregation, he withdrew from them and took the disciples with him, reasoning daily in the whole of tyrannosaurus by the way, it was a great teacher. The word tyrannosaurus is the derivative of the word tyrant and some historians, why, why am I telling you solder just tiny little tidbits of information you but some historians the word derivative is tyrant tyrant. They believe that he was so astute he was so learned. He was so highly hello that students referred to him as the agent painted tyrant menu get in front of tyrannosaurus reason tyrant you put so much education on you. You want even begin to think anymore.

You'll get an overload our let's go down to verse 11 and God was doing extraordinary miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs or aprons that he touched that touched the skin were carried away to the sick and the diseases left him, and the evil spirits came out of them now got out of verse 20, so the word of the Lord continued to increase and prevail mightily so the people of Ephesus as we try to begin understanding as a people as to what exactly is it that God is trying to teach us what about these people. What about Ephesus I'm gonna make this statement again in order to effectively reach anybody for Christ.

Make it your business to know who they are.

You want to reach your city for Christ become well-versed in the cultural and social political societal make up of the people into which you are bringing the gospel Dr. Billy Graham told me frequently over 25 years he would tell me so often about crusades in pots all over the world. You know that with the Billy Graham Crusades and now with Franklin and will preaching all over the country and what God is doing this to Brian would look at me need say to me, Don.

You know, we would go into a city, sometimes two years before the Crusade began. They would have advanced teams going in those advanced teams would go and live among the people and they would prepare why the number one reason was to understand the city into which he was bringing the gospel. Mr. Brian would Spain treat that he's dangerous, if not months getting reports and studying and preparing his heart whether he was in England using India, where the reason Africa, Asia and the United States. He would Spain countless amounts of time understanding the people and the culture and the makeup and the politics into which he was bringing this message, which is alterable under change. So what can you say about the people of Ephesus.

I'm going to just touch on this number things.

Among these people. First of all, some of them were taught passionately when Paul arrived there was passionate teaching going Apollo's bolus was there and he was just one of many, and he was teaching the word of God passionately so they was the presence of the gospel, even though the Bible tells us that he was doing it, not with the full complete understanding of the gospel, because it hadn't reached him yet it was still Jesus was still fresh KB looking here that the word back then they didn't have the means they have the printed Scriptures right the sum total passionately but some also believed sincerely but they didn't know the Bible tells us in chapter 19. One of the first things pull good in the context of these people would say to them, and you receive the Holy Spirit. That kind of he Austin. The most important question you could have all because he understood what was going on, but they were very sincere in what they believed to John the Baptist you can go to any city in the United States of America and you going to find some a lot of very religiously sincere people you can believe deeply in your heart that your church into which you are born is the means by which you have salvation, but the Bible doesn't say that the church can give you salvation but you can be some of the most wonderful sincere people I've ever make in my life really believe that the church you belong to the church and you going to heaven and they were very sincere about archive Abbott frames your very sincere about doing works works can mean some of the most unbelievably sincere people in the world believe they genuinely believe because they go on a mission trip will they give their money or they do things or they pray certain prayers and they are as sincere and I respect them. Paul came in and said listen, have you been baptized in the Holy Spirit and who is the advice it will draw. They were very sincere. Paul didn't get up there and say not give me a break. You know that only Jesus can save you listen you could be so sincere that you deeply respect the Pope and you absolutely believe that the Pope is the man and he is absolutely what he says what he does and you believe that you can be as sincere as you can possibly be.

But the Pope cannot give you salvation. You could be so sincere that you believe that Billy Graham is the man I want it. What an amazing man. That's what happened here in our world today is full of religious sincerity, but do you know Jesus, I present to you, Jesus, I'm so grateful that these wonderful churches and Institute him so I'm so grateful. I think Paul here was looking at this cosmopolitan group of people polled say to them.

John baptized with the baptism telling the people to believe in the one who wants to come that is Jesus, people listen to this. You only have and only can receive forgiveness through Jesus, not John the Baptist, not the Pope. Dr. Don Wilton not your church membership, not goodness, it's Jesus it's Jesus is the one you ready to give your life to Christ the radio talk about other questions you need answered.

We're here for you right now it 866-899-WORD I pray you jot that number down stored in your cell is available 24 hours a day to connect with one. I was happy to talk to listen to pray. That's 866899673 m keyboard to keyboard on our that's The Encouraging and our pastor and chief encourager Dr. Don Wilton God has spoken to you hesitantly and you ready to give your heart to Jesus.

I'd love to help you right now. Would you pray this prayer with me and accept Jesus into your heart and life.

Dear God, I know that on the center. I know that Jesus loves me and died for me on the cross right now, I repent of my sin and I confess my sin to the Lord Jesus Christ come into my heart and save me today and forgive me for my sin. In Jesus name I pray, amen. If you pray that pray we'd love to get alongside of you and celebrate with you and send you some literature and help you as you begin to grow and I want you to know that I love you very very much. And by the way, don't leave, don't go away. What ever you do is I'll be right back. If God has stirred your heart in the message. The pastor day.

I pray you let us know how we can minister to you. You can meet us on our website, The Encouraging or give us a call. Let us begin a conversation with you. It 866-899-WORD that's 866-899-9673. It's our joint report that every single day someone new says yes to Jesus Christ for the first time to the ministries of The Encouraging Word. It all happened because of many of you have chosen to become encouragers. Hello my friends I want to speak to you personally today from my heart to your I don't think there is ever a better or more important time for us to respond to our world by standing up for righteousness.

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