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R797A God’s Commissioned Officer Part 1

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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July 18, 2022 4:00 am

R797A God’s Commissioned Officer Part 1

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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July 18, 2022 4:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Remember, my friend, God love Bombay remember my friend that God called you by my feet did so to Samuel. He did so to Abraham.

He did so to soul deep inside of Moses's automated and he did so the hundreds upon thousands upon thousands of people just like you and me.

Remember that one day God will welcome you by my house and I'm in the Lord's army, discover more with Dr. Don Wilton today.

This is The Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton evangelist today. Dr. buttons messages on God's commissioned officer the next couple days will be talking about God's commissioning of you and me and he has a commission for every one of us plan a purpose. A unique plan and purpose as we study God's word. Together we see that revealed in each other's lives, and we enjoy the opportunity to pray each other into that revelation that understanding as well. I Pray with You.

Let's Connect Right Now pick up the phone and call 866-899-WORD that's 866-899-WORD 9673. Now today's message with Dr. Wilson stop doing what you're doing and pay attention. I've got an announcement to Mike to you God has a very special plan for you. God has a purpose for you. God wants to use you.

Despite what you have to say about despite how you feel about it despite way you've been, despite how helpless you feel God wants to use you and bless you some of you are looking at me right now & pasta that's impossible if you just had the faintest inkling of my life. You would say right now there is no way that God would ever want to use me some would say to me today Foster. I have sinned previously against God. Some of you would say that you are guilty of every known sin known to mankind. Some of you would say to me today. It is impossible considering the circumstances of my life. I'm just going to settle for the fact that I'm going to live. I'm going to carry these burdens around on my shoulder in my I'm just going to suffer the consequences. I'm a big boy. I'm a big girl I deserve what's coming to me and it's over. One day I'll die.

Some of you would even look at me and say to me Foster I know Jesus Christ. I know that he's forgiven me, but he could never use. I want to speak to you today about God's commissioned officer and I'm going to invite you to turn with me in your Bibles to Romans chapter 1 and verse one.

Get ready stop doing what you're doing.

Pay attention. I'm going to promise you something today. I'm going to promise you that if you listen to what God has to say that your life will never be the same again. God will take even you just the same as he is taken evenly and just the same as he took somebody by the name of Cole, a most unlikely candidate and did extraordinary things with his life.

God's commissioned officer before I read you this passage I want to tell you about someone that I make in my life is someone well known to both my parents and my parents in law served alongside of them as colleagues in the ministry for many, many, many years. His name, claim date, I don't know all the details of his story and I probably need to be reminded of some of the smaller details, but I do know this much that claim date was a total rubbish I what that means in the English language is that he was next to worthless.

He was an angry, hostile on individual grew up in England and when the second world war broke out claim Gates as did many of our own people here in the United States. He signed up and they became part of an incredible military machine. Unfortunately, for this foulmouthed uncouth individual by the name of claim he was captured by the Germans's story is remarkable. This was a man who placed very little value on life. This was a man who was exceedingly angry about life. He drank like a sailor cost like a trooper.

He hated himself hated God and hated everything in between.

The Germans took him into captivity and he became one of the POWs. The prisoners of war.

He was placed into a German concentration camp. Very cold during the winter time and some of us have watched some of the great epic movies like the great escape starting the late Steve McQueen and you will remember how that story tells the real-life account of how brave POWs did everything they could to try to Skype from the German prisoner of war camps. One of the methods they use was that they would dig tunnels. Now the ground was rock hard and evidently if you read the history books.

This was a remarkable feat with extreme bravery and they would literally have elaborate schemes and coverups and certain of the main would dig while others watched, in case the German guards came in and they would systematically dig tunnels. The tunnels would go down and they would try to gauge how far could go and come out, God willing, in a forest outside of the prison camp and then at the appointed hour in the middle of the night a whole number of these prisoners of war would go down into these tunnels.

They had fake Paul sports and documents clothing that was an elaborate scheme to escape and they would get out these tunnels. We know sadly that many of those who are Skype with recaptured and they were executed.

Many of them on site was the penalty of trying to Skype. Some of them did a Skype and get back to freedom. In this particular prisoner of war camp there was a big old Scotsman lay by the name of chalk and what claimant tells about the Scotsman is that chalk was a Christian man right there in the heart of Germany and 1943 Jock I Scotsman had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ made love to tell people about it and of course one can just imagine how that irritated claim. In fact, claim totally hated the Scotsman every time he saw him, he would tell them about Jesus and he would sing amazing Grace and all the hymns of the faith and claim hated him the more he sat well. The Germans cottoned on what was going on. So they decided that they would try to instill fear into the prisoners of war and they would take them out into the middle of the parade ground and get them to dig a huge hole in the ground and they would just keep digging going down down down down down until eventually they would have one of the POWs in that whole would be digging and the wolves were driving and it would Barry's father and ultimately kill one of the prisoners of war, and that very activity would put fear into the hearts of all the POWs and calls them to be less inclined to want to escape through tunnels that they had been digging so that was the method behind the madness claimant tells the story how that on one particular occasion I was standing in the middle of the parade ground already. The whole was a bottomless pit.

They couldn't see the bottom, and they knew that the next person that was selected to take hold of the rope putting his feet around the rope and repelled down into this hole to dig a little more would most likely be the man who would never come out of that hole. The wolves were already losing big chunks of clay they knew it, and the inevitable happened. The German guards came up and they selected claim guide said you the next one you get into that whole came tells how a fear came over his heart, but he wasn't about to show anybody so he took hold that row and he was just about to rappel down into that bottomless pit. When he felt too big hands on his shoulder, turned around and looked into the face of jock Scott. He said to him probably and different language. He said Tim what are you doing jock jock grabbed him and said claim you're not getting in that holy said of course I said no, you're not. I'm getting in that holy no place. He said not to be stupid Scotsman he sent back home. You got three little daughters waiting for you and Scott and a pretty wife Sadat but nobody said I didn't care about life.

I don't care about anything. I don't have a why I don't have children but nothing to live full hated everything about black I'm getting in that whole. It doesn't make any difference will drop the Scotsman took hold of claim full steam over to the side looked in claims price and saving claim.

Great. I am getting in that whole and the reason I'm getting in that whole claim is because you are not ready to die. The story is a sad one because jock, the Scotsman went down into that black hole and before he even touched the Baltimore. Four wolves came crashing in the POWs surrounding that tragedy began to dig and scrape losing their fingernails trying to get hold of the Scotsman before he smothered to death. I finally got to him and apparently he was looking up. His eyes were open with a smile on his face, but sadly draw can smothered to death and he responded, just a few months later the American Allied forces liberated that prisoner of war camp in claim guide to say free with these way across Europe caught a boat across the English Channel began to drink like he had never drunk before he began to behave like you've never behaved before began to hate himself began to hate black began to hate everything double what he divided it before, but on the training went up into Scotland somewhere to find the home with Dr. Scotsman Lou chalk it being gone for five years. These little girls didn't even really know what he is what they that he looked like claim, tells the story is as he came up to this little cobblestone way leading up to this little Croft cottage in Scotland. Three little girls with peering out the window and I saw a man in a uniform and began to shop together.

Standing these coming oh that is coming me is coming that is coming that is coming in. Claim walked up and knocked on the door and when he opened the door. Their little faces fell in one turn to the mommy and said he's not my daddy mommy forgive the interruption. Are you ready to give up if so hold on.

Maybe a story like clams or others. You've heard remind you the truth that God is ready to restore each and every one of us, whether it's a simple course correction greatly needed course correction or radical transformation. God is ready to do it right where you are our phone numbers. 866-899-WORD we would love to connect with you and connect with great resources before the days out.

You can hear about the courage to overcome resource a wonderful DVD an interview with the pastor not will talk about that just a minute but just know we're here for you right here right now keyboard to and on the phone at the other end of 866899 word I pray you would jot it down stored in your cell know that we stand ready 24 hours a day to connect at 866-899-WORD that's 866-899-WORD 9673.

Now back to today's message with Dr. Don Wilton claim didn't even greet the widow just turned on his heels walked down court trying back to London drank like it never drunk before so big sign on the street one day. That said, come to sunny South Africa. I believe it cyborg the ship you went to sunny South Africa and say putting a little town. The harm that I've been to many times food with many German immigrants. He drank like it never drunk before hated himself like he never hated before had nothing to look forward to nowhere to go and one night in the middle of the night he collapsed in a drunken stupor in a pool of his own vomit.

They just happened to be a young nurse on her way to the local hospital begin her night drinking. She looked out the window the emoticon so this pitiful heap of humanity lying in a pool of vomit. She took pity on him, put them in emoticon took him to the hospital where he lay in a drunken stupor, for I forget how long until eventually he opened his eyes looked into the face of this young nurse and this nurse looked at him and said to him, young man. I don't know who you all. I don't know what your name is. I don't know where you've been and I certainly don't know where you think you going where you ready to die right there in that hospital bed that nurse laid that young drunken pitiful form of humanity to trust Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord Trinity like a fairytale because Cameron married that young nurse for decades. They serve churches and ministers and told people about Jesus not only in South Africa but here in the United States and all around the world.

God took somebody like that together with the precious wife and turn them into his commission offices.

Are you ready to give up.

I want you to note something with me. In Romans chapter 1 verse one is what the Bible says pull a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle and set apart for the gospel of God I submit to you today that God has always cold individuals by name expected. Listen for it. Act upon it. Go back in the Bible to the very beginning you going to discover what I've discovered and what countless millions of people just like you and me have discovered that despite our sinfulness, that when we come to Jesus Christ and we willing to confess our sin that he calls us by name.

The apostle Paul was a most likely candidate.

Yet we find a man who persecuted the church.

The Bible tells us that he breathed threatenings and slaughter against the house of God and against the people of God. This was a man eminently qualified in little.

This was a man who was so qualified according to law, that he actually thought that he was serving God by persecuting the church of God. This was a man who was so bound by legalism that he knew not. Which way to turn. He was so desperately unhappy he was so deeply immersed in pharisaical. He didn't even understand that God's grace is the free gift of God, even through the Lord Jesus Christ with somebody who is so no understanding that he was one of the goals club. He was part and parcel of the whomsoever's.

This man was so veteran twisted that he would have done anything to desecrate the very God that he thought that he would soon God's commission officer. Remember, my friend, God made you by name. Go back to Adam and Eve and read the story remember my friend that God loves you by Monday. Remember my friend that God called you by now. He did so to Samuel Eaton said Abraham, he did so. This all deep inside of Moses inside of me and he did so to hundreds upon thousands upon thousands of people trust like you and me. Remember one day God will welcome you by name.

I love the story of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke's gospel when the one man found himself in the pitiful torment of eternal hell. He looked up and he saw Abraham and he called them bond. Remember the transfiguration in the presence of Elijah and Moses and the Bible says that upon is going to be written down in the Lamb's book of life God's commission on Christian you would have you been waiting think you going God's not through with you, my friend.

I understand more and more each day how the same man could have said I am what I am by the grace of God there but by the grace of God I am really here.

This recurring stream right throughout these encouraging words from Paul's letter to the church at Rome. What about this commissioned officer I want you to note for things that I believe will bless our hearts today. Number one. He was an individual person. He was an individual person. It's a powerful statement. I want you to think for just a moment about the millions of people come with me to London. Come with me to New York City. Come with me to Atlanta, Georgia.

Come with me to ask North Carolina come with me to the Westgate mold and see the seething mass come and watch you and I try to hide behind everybody else how we try to become amalgamated in Matthews into the others so that nobody will notice us, and yet God knows I remember 34 years ago as a 17-year-old youth being taken to the troop train station by my father put on this huge train packed dock with young recruits. We were hanging out of the windows we were leaving for two years and we knew what was lying ahead of us. I remember the hundreds upon hundreds of people. I remember arriving at the base camp that we drained and so much hundreds of us remember being assigned to first special forces the officers training unit of the armored division. I remember they selected 325 of us by number. We all had a number I still know my number. I still got my dogtags that if anything happened to me they could identify me, not by me but by my I have been hanging in my study that I will never forget that I once was a common I by the grace of God. Perhaps the individual person's talk with God's got going on in your life you don't believe it's an accident happen to be sharing this broadcasting connecting over the phone number 866899 word or the website The Encouraging right now we would love to connect with you.

Pray with you and for you, and before we get away. You've heard the preaching of our pastor but he's got one special thought that he wants to share with you right now you know I I want to say something to you personally.

You ready for this. Thank you to powerful word visits more one powerful. I want to thank you you see the sun hardly rises or seats in the day that we don't see people come to know Christ through this road course ministry every day and you like that possible through your prayers. Most of the financial God is doing something right and in our world today. This medium of television very.

This is very very God is allowing us to going more and more states of America. Thank you for helping us make this possible. And let's never stop praying that people would come to know Jesus are based spoken to you to the pastors preaching with the pastor sharing to respect just respond right something to yourself for the very first something you come back to realign yourself following Jesus. Nothing held love to pray with you to put resources in your hands.

We would love to connect you to a local Bible church if you don't have a church fellowship. Have a wonderful network purchased literally around the globe that we would be happy to try connect you with right now. If you give us a call at 86689 at 866899673 m online. The before we go I want to say thank you to so many who have stepped up and prayerfully and financially supported the ministry The Encouraging Word this year things we've never done before. We have doubled the amount of people listening to radio and television online people lives are being changed and every single day for giving their hearts to Jesus. First, this fruit ministry is why I can so earnestly said, would you consider prayerfully financially supporting the ministry gives a call right now at 866899 word and say the Lord led me to give. Maybe it's a one-time gift maybe like many you want to say I want to give every month it's 510, 5000 whatever the Lord leads you to that.

That's figure is up to you. Many people, the average gift is $30 a month dollar a day. We call those encouragers and some special resources that we send out to every encourager.

Would love to include you as well discover more on our or give us a call will give you all the details at 866-899-WORD again. I go with Beverly to try to talk you into giving ministry get her to work if the board is leading you want to respond want to give us a call 866-899-9673 or meters online The Encouraging courage. You can tell Dr. Don Wilton is is part of God's gift to him as a powerful biblical teacher scholar but also just as a simple man of God, ready to encourage us and call us to a ministry matter what time of day or night. The phone number that Dr. Wilson set up now 20+ years ago, 866899 word always connect to someone like to talk pray with you, or maybe connect you with the resources that will help you grow in your faith number again is 866-899-9673 stand ready to talk. Pray with you. We also loving connecting with so many of you online these days. TW that's our website hope while you're there, you'll sign up for the daily Encouraging Word email from's a powerful bit of insight and application of God's word again.

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