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R1142 I Believe in Heaven and Hell, PT.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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July 5, 2022 8:00 am

R1142 I Believe in Heaven and Hell, PT.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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July 5, 2022 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Have an encouraging word for you and me today from the Bible itself. Dr. Don Wilton argued you on The Encouraging Word today the topic is heaven and hell all my goodness I believe in heaven and hell and more than that I believe God wants you to spend eternity with him in heaven, and even more than that. It's not just about the fire insurance we have to save us from hell and provide us an opportunity in heaven but taste of heaven on earth right now. When opportunity to walk with God in such a way that we don't think I can be easy. That's not what I mean in all but Dr. will to share with us about how as we understand our our belief in heaven and hell, how it changes the way we live today as we study God's word know that were available to talk a prayer connected resources at 866-899-WORD 9673 or now on will Reiki's word upon our hearts today, I present to you, God's Encouraging Word. This absolute truth, I'm sharing with you the truth. That's why believe these things, Jesus Christ is real to me. He's my Savior and my Lord, I'm not a religious man, I'm a Christian man. Religion cannot give me what my Christian faith gives me religion gives me a belief in something Christianity gives me my belief in someone. His name is Jesus and Jesus say that I am the way the truth and the life no man can come to our father which art in heaven, but by me.

I want to invite you to trust the Lord Jesus as your personal savior to I want you to give your life to Christ today, not tomorrow because you may not be alive tomorrow.

None of us are guaranteed tomorrow. I pray you and I will be alive tomorrow but none of us know this is the accepted time. This is the day of salvation.

This is the moment that God is giving to each one of us as we gather together in papers across the world today. God knows from little places and big places under trees in rooms of every kind and persuasion among every person of every culture in every continent in every manner. You are not good ever imagine. And it's the same word Jesus loves you.

He died for you.

He wants you to be with him in heaven forever.

I believe these things do know that the Bible tells us a number of things about heaven and hell. We share just a few very brief things to die about a huge eternal subject number one.

The Bible tells us that both heaven and hell are places real places, folks. In Luke chapter 16 Jesus told the story about two men, one a rich man and the other man a poor man and about the two labs and about how both of these men died and faced the absolute certainty of life off the day. You see, until I had studied these things.

I always was under the impression that when a person dies that they did the Bible say is not a single person who's died is dead. Eternity is real and both heaven and hell are real places Jesus said one man died and he went to hell. The other man died and he went to heaven. The Bible uses many different terms to talk about hell hell is the final place. That's what the Bible talks about in the book of Revelation hell is the Final Pl., Bible talks about the abyss about Gahanna about Hades but hell is real Jesus said so. Across the world today. People are trying to get us out. Hell, people write books everywhere in the Wayne today preaches the spamming employee puts in will not talk about hello face, it of friends somebody but hell is a real place. My friend sometimes it's a little frightening to have that direct comment, but hell is real place is a real place and I think that one of the enemies tricks is that he tries to get us to think that it is not what's going on your life is the enemy playing tricks with you. Let me tell you on a solution to that one route yourself and more Scripture.

The more time you spend in God's Encouraging Word. The stronger your roots will be and to invite others to pray with you through whatever's going on, and we stand ready to pray at 8668 24 hours a day.

Would love to connect with you at 866-899-9673 let us pray away that fear of health that you should place in heaven. 866-899-WORD 9673 that right after this with the conclusion of today's message from Dr. Don Wilton here on The Encouraging Word. Are you thinking are rejecting God. Vlad is the investment time your email.let's deal down across Pierce said I need to be forgiven and free you ever wondered how to let him in return.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength outback Trent Lott Dr. Don Wilton wants to help encourage and inspire you to pursue the godless proceeding after Jesus is available on CD or DVD any amount right till 110 out Spartanburg, SC 29304-3899 where online@The Encouraging Word LYG thank you for your support The Encouraging Word around the world today's message from Dr. Don Wilton reality about heaven and hell.

People try to get us out people's everywhere today preaches the spamming employee puts in will not talk about hello face, it frames somebody but hell is a real place. My friend, I don't like it, least of all do I like preaching about it but I'm so happy to tell you that just as real as hell is heaven is equally real.

It's a place Jesus said I'm going to prepare a place for you, and in this place called heaven. They're all many mansions.

It's incredibly in fact, when Jesus told us to pray. He began his whole prayer by pointing us to heaven. Father walked in heaven heaven is a wonderful place we brayed someone about it today, but it's real.

All I can tell you what I believe the Bible teaches. I believe according the book of Revelation.

Following the bright white throne judgment. As John tells us in the Revelation that the new Jerusalem will come down out of where we know heaven is right now we know that heaven is up there. We know that heaven is up there right now while we are alive. We know where heaven is because God is up there, and Jesus affirmed that because when he ascended, he went up into heaven, and in fact, his disciples stood around and I looked up, Jesus went up. He didn't go down. He went up and the angel came in a firm that said why you spend looking up because the same Jesus who went up to be seated at the right time. The father is going to come back down will in Revelation chapter 21 God comes down out of heaven back to this, I believe that's why, in the book of beginnings in the book of Genesis that God created the heavens the galaxies the magnificence of the body only created one and on that earth. He placed the garden of Eden.

This perfect place where God came and walked among man and then man soon became separated from God and from that moment on we read he died she died he died she died and man from that moment began the soil and spoil God's beautiful creation, accepting that God from before the foundation of the world. Headings lost the plan for the redemption of mankind, that we through Jesus Christ might become re-created read my every join reconcile only the righteous God, and when it comes to the new heaven and the new earth. I believe implicitly in my heart that heaven will come down from up there and this place will be re-created back to its original creation. The garden of Eden. This is where we shall live. Yes, some people call it heaven on earth. It most certainly isn't right now except for those of us who live in America. Of course Bible say is both all places. The Bible also says that both are populated now. Right now at this very minute, both the populated Jesus say that Jesus told the story about the absolute certainty of life off today. Jesus told us that he told the story about a man who died without Christ, and he winked into outer darkness. Bible says he was placed in eternal hell and we read about this unbelievable time that he had down day and all the issues that go on, but the fact of the matter is that hell is populated the popular theory today is that somehow you and I can become reincarnated out of this is not in the Bible. In fact, some people would even put forward the theory that you can be purged of your sin and that only what happens is people go to a place called purgatory, but ultimately at some time. All people will be elevated into the presence of God. The Bible does not teach that in fact there is no mention of that in the Bible God's absolute truth. This Encouraging Word that's what makes this moment so special. That's why today is the guy that's why right now I want to invite you to give your life to Christ because God loves you. Jesus died for you. Don't send away your day of grace my friend there too many people dying on our highways and in our streets every day. Group setting, church services, and worship by way of television and the being in Crusades and of the gospel of Jesus Christ and yet have refused to trust Jesus Christ and it's too late it's too late. See the Bible say is that both are populated just as hell is populated so is heaven.

Paul put it like this. He said to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord course I love the story that the Bible tells us concerning the transfiguration of the Lord Jesus when the Lord Jesus himself took three of his disciples up on the Mount of Transfiguration and he was transfigured in front of them and guide them a living portrayal of what it means to look like and sound like. Often we die and he brought alongside himself to people.

Moses and Elijah who were long dead and there they were, Jesus was sending a message to all of us heaven and hell are populated by I believe in heaven and hell because both are predicted in the Scriptures but not on the places they not only populated but they are predicted infecting John 14 Jesus said let not your heart be troubled. Believe in God you believe also in me.

In my father's house there are many mansions, many dwelling places. I'm going up there to prepare a place for you and if I go up and prepare a place for you, I will come I will receive you to myself, that where I am that you might be also write throughout the postural epistles we find God's servants talking to us on the inspiration of the spirit of God concerning the reality that confronts us with the eternal prediction about eternal hello Jesus speaking on the Mount of Beatitudes. Recall that the sermon on the Mount Jesus said in Matthew 522 referring to people who call one another foods.

And that's another subject should not ever call someone a fool because of you do, you might end up in the flames of hell.

Jesus said he predicted that right throughout the Scriptures. There are so many passages predicting both heaven and I believe in heaven and in hell.

See, I'm a Christian man that this is my my textbook. This is truth, I would. I wish that we could call another Senegal convocation. Or perhaps going consult with the famous theologian, I want to know what God sees. I want to know what the Lamb of God has done for me and I present to you today, the Lord Jesus about the places both the populated. Both are predicted to know the Bible tells us to the both the permanent both the permanent both heaven and hell are permanent never go away. In fact, in Luke 16 when Jesus told us about these two people he he talks about the man who finds himself in hell this man who had everything.

Remember the Bible say he was clothed in purple and fine linen and he fed sumptuously every day.

He sounded like a real American, I mean he even that doesn't sound the same when I say but he had a real good, but he didn't know Jesus. He couldn't take his wealth with them. He couldn't buy his way out he couldn't support enough charities couldn't do enough, she Jesus wants us to have a personal relationship with him. And when we do, then we want to share what he is given us in order that his name would be glorified in this mankind that point he big boy.

He begged Abraham the place where God is.

He said please want you just give me some to drink. Now I cannot do that. Well I tell you what want you just use know I cannot do anything for you because there is a great chasm that divides heaven and hell not. Jesus said it's permanent is a great divide. I remember when I wrote my novel the absolute certainty of life off the bed how much I have to pray when I got to that point in the novel, trying to describe in the in the novel in the story fashion what Jesus said about this great divide wheat we don't like permanent bowl teams might lose yesterday and we're already thinking about next week might be, will win next week. We don't like permits.

We don't want to be locked into something that we don't like.

And Jesus says you never have to be there to begin with. You don't ever have to be locked in the permanence of hell at this man. The Bible says when he understood he is absolute, eternal predicament. You all of a sudden change the begged for those that was still on the earth.

He begged for his five brothers, you see that I hadn't died yet but I was sitting in a worship service. They were listening to God's Encouraging Word by turning all night. Television programming heard that man talking about Jesus by Maureen that Bible study clause on Wednesday morning. I read the book but I would not believe the Bible says that both are permanent. In fact, when the man that Jesus spoke about in Luke 16 realized he's eternal predicament. He said one of the same someone back from the grave. What he didn't seem to get was that God's already done that Jesus came back from the grave and yet there are still people who will not believe the side that Jesus said they have Moses and the prophets, let them hear them. Moses yet this truth that I've been reading to you today God's word. The law of Moses that got that it's about the prophets like the post-preachers who stand up for and shared God's truth in the searching will type out a group of people, men and women and young people and older people while standing on the street folks in the sidewalks of society, telling people, begging people, pleading with people to give their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ. This is the gospel message of which I am so deeply and profoundly honored to share with you today believe in heaven and hell. Both all places in both all populated and both are predicted in both the permanent but there's one more point and I close with this. Both are possible see the Bible say is that you read the full bottle you're against no man can serve two masters.

When Jesus came and died on the cross. He didn't give us and I think so. Maybe I'll find out. So relationship he gave us his absolute would it it is not. It's a subject that troubles me greatly to talk about hell because I know I'm not going there but I'm not in my heart I don't want any of you to go. They least of all my friends and my family and loved ones

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