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R1173 Strong In Grace

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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June 27, 2022 10:58 am

R1173 Strong In Grace

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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June 27, 2022 10:58 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton


Every single believer is the recipient of God.

If you love Jesus Christ. If you're a believer you have received God's grace.

Folks, this is a this is a powerful statement when Paul looked at Timothy as he was sending them out into the mission field. What he gave to him was a Kaman.

It wasn't a suggestion when he said to him, be strong in grace what Paul was saying to him was Timothy Christian man Christian lady Christian boy Christian go you are strong because God's grace is in you. You are strong because God's grace is in you not, you may be strong, you might be strong or going to serve the Lord in some way in order to become strong, strong, be strong because of the grace of God was the voice of Dr. Don Wilton teacher here on written word. As we launch into this wonderful Bible study about strong and grace were together. Another were available for you.

We are the Encouraging Word all about sharing God's truth with the searching world today, you can help us do that by ordering an audio or video recording of… And remember there are a lot of ways you can connect both online and the Encouraging or give us a call right now at 866899 word 866-899-9673 would love to play with you and for you or connect with some wonderful resources will help you grow in Christ. Now Dr. Don Wilton I want you to know that the Lord has put something in my heart concerning my own life and all I can do is pray for you. Do not let these things cost you by some of you stand on the age of becoming irrelevant as far as God is concerned. Not that God ever declares any of us irrelevant, but some of you my friends are leaving very weak pathetic Christian lives. Some of you are playing the game.

Some of you do not fully grasp the magnitude of God's grace. Some of you are leading powerless lives in some of you are struggling so much when all the while, God has done something for you that you cannot do for yourself. This is an Encouraging Word. I'm going invite you to step out the realm of your own mediocrity.

I'm calling you and upon you to listen carefully to what God has to say in times like these I invite you to open your Bible to second Timothy in chapter 2 going to break down something for us in our overriding theme in times like these is strong in grace, strong in grace all I'm going to do is read to you. Verse one of chapter 2 to the because in verse one of chapter 2 of Paul's second letter to Timothy God's servant makes a statement that is deeply profound. It is so rich it's so monumental it's so life changing and I can assure you I can guarantee you on the authority of God's word. You ask the Lord to write these truths into your heart, you will be deeply encouraged in your walk you'll be strengthened in your resolve from parents to businesspeople and doctors, nurses and lawyers, teachers, retirees, sons and daughters of God will move really invigorate your life in verse one of chapter 2 Paul makes the statement, he says, you then my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus now may the Lord write this word upon our hearts to give to important facts that I simply want to put on the table with you today about the Christian life, one that the Christian life is changed life in the rich heritage that God has parsed onto me as my father's son, which I pray that I would pass on to my sons and my daughter and you and I who are called of God to stand up and to be counted for Christ Jesus.

Paul here contextualizes this lease as you. Be strong in the grace of Christ Jesus that is in you and the babies, the two most important facts about the Christian life that first and foremost the Christian life is a changed life and I heard my dad as I listened to him on spec question of each one of you in the thousands. You worship by way of television is your life trying.

That's the Christian life no more.

Did you raise your hand in a worship service no more. Did you just simply pray a prayer you just become a member. Is your life changing you different, because if you're not different. You've never met Jesus Christ, you cannot know Jesus Christ and continue the same as before, the Christian life is a changed life, but it begs the second most important fact and that is simply this, that the Christian life is an racist life, but some wonderful news to share with you today the Christian life is the greatest life. This message is designed to do two things. Number one to help you know what you have in Christ, folks get ready for this because we are about to discover that this is not something that you acquire. This is not something that you earn.

This is not something that you work for.

This is not something that you pay for. This is not something that you have one minute and lose the next, listen carefully. If your life is being changed you all. Christ, by the power and the presence of Christ in you, and I want to help each one of us understand that you can know what you have in Christ, and second of all, to help you to use what you have for Christ.

As I look at my life today. I'm asking the Lord I'm saying, Lord, please help me to understand what I have in Christ.

This grace that you have placed in me that you've given to me and understanding what I have. Please help me to use what I have, to be faithful to you.

Help me to appropriate the deep wonderful spiritual truths that accompany God's grace in me to stand up when I want to sit down and label me to love morning to give more to serve more in the meter to be the kind of man that you want me to be. This is what I pray for each one of us every single believer is the recipient of God's grace.

If you know Jesus Christ today. If you're a believer you have received God's grace. Folks, this is a this is a powerful statement when Paul looked at Timothy as he was sending them out into the mission field.

What he gave to him was a Kaman. It wasn't a suggestion when he said to him, be strong in grace what Paul was saying to him was Timothy Christian man Christian lady Christian boy Christian go you are strong because God's grace is in you.

You are strong because God's grace is in you not, you may be strong, you might be strong or going to serve the Lord in some way in order to become a strong, strong, be strong because of the grace of God. How do we understand this together.

This strength in the grace of God in times like these.

What is God trying to tell us. Every believer is a recipient of God's grace and therefore biblical facts that attest to every believer. A recipient of God's grace. Number one because God provides his grace to us. Love those passages in God's word you take. Romans chapter 5 in verse one.

The Bible says, therefore, having been justified by faith we have peace with God in and through the Lord Jesus Christ. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not die but should have eternal life because God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might believe and when you believe in Jesus Christ you become 12 by his spirit who is the giver of all that God is Christ in me. I'm not not been bought with a price God provides his grace to us. God is made it possible for us. This is such incredible good news.

You know you go to the city of New Orleans.

Waterson city New Orleans is making good come back from Hurricane Katrina.

I lived there for 15 years. At one time. As you know most of that city was destroyed hundreds of people were displaced thousands of people lost their homes. Many lost their lives.

The places being completely turned upside down and that's coming back.

She knows you walk around the streets witnessing and sharing your faith in Christ and as you go about from one place to the other. You can you can feel the sinfulness of the city of New World. The food darkness.

You don't have to walk around the French Quarter to come to understand how that Satan has his grip on the city. It's no different in Spartanburg, South Carolina. You know that as we worship in our towns and villages. Satan is on the prowl. Never before in the history of our nation are we facing a graded dilemma when I said, regardless of your political affiliation. It is not my friends. It is not my friends. It is not going to take a new or old president in the White House of the United States that would change America. It's going to take a radical act of payments on the part of people before a holy and righteous God because only Jesus Christ can change the hearts of people forever.

Somebody say a man please forgive the eruption will be back with more Dr. Don Wilton's message on strong in grace. In just a moment. Dr. Don insist I interrupt to remind you that this is not just a presentation.

The conversation already. We've been praying with people at the other end of 866-899-WORD.

I'd also doubt it's 866-899-9673 and I will connect with one of us 24 hours a day to talk and listen or pray and also connect you with some powerful resources we have a wonderful collaboration on her website right it's two resources one from Dr. Wilkins friend Chuck Colson was with the Lord now called my final word. Dr. Wilkins, DVD and CD on the final authority. God's word is you go to our website you see ways you can get that and as you do so as you invest with a gift of $25 or more, your helping us present the gospel. Remember, Dr. Wilson receives no compensation takes no salary. Even all the books he's written all of that goes to sharing the love of Jesus Christ with just one more now about today's great teaching with Dr. Don Wilton. Every believer is the recipient of God's grace because God provides us with his grace to love in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us, but every believer is a recipient of God's grace. Second, because God invites us to receive his grace, God invites us to receive his grace. Ephesians chapter 2 in verse eight and nine for by grace you are saved through faith, not of yourself. It is the gift of God not of works, lest anyone should boast. Paul reiterated time without number that are taking a hold of the love of God in Christ Jesus has everything to do with these merciful favor upon a people such as you and I were born dead in our trespasses and in our sin. God in his love and mercy because he is rich in love and mercy. That is the very heartbeat of the attributes of God himself. That is the very fabric of his grace, his mercy and his love invites us to receive his grace. Have you received God's grace the lines of being drawn precious friends.

You either belong to the Lord Jesus, so you don't and for some of you today God is giving you are probably not, but I believe God is giving some of you a final opportunity to accept his invitation to trust him as Savior and Lord.

The work of God by his spirit not. Do not blaspheme the Holy Spirit whom are talking to.

Who are you today what is God saying to us as a people, invites us to receive his grace because he has provided us with these grace and believers are the recipients of these grace number three because having provided that grace and having him directed us to receive that grace.

God admits us into his grace of folks this third point is is unbelievably deep so I want to go slowly and deliberately. I want you to hear this when you give your life to Jesus. When you repent of your sin and you call upon the name of the Lord God by his spirit knocks at your heart's door. When you see your self in the light of God's holiness. When you understand that without him. Your distant to an eternal hell separated from him forever. When you know in your heart before Helena righteous God that without Christ there is no salvation and you came before him, and you call upon his name, and you can face with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and you believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead and you say it's at that point but God admits in his grace. Romans five verse two.

Paul made this point abundantly clear when he said that having made peace with God through Jesus Christ. We are now given access into the grace of God and by the way, that word admission really carries with it the idea of being introduced into the Christ life.

It's very much like when our children are. You can go to any parent can say what part of your life. You hold back from the kid you and I love our children so much and with all the hustle and bustle of these little ones that we love so much what we do as parents and grandparents.

We introduce them into all the blessing of who we are what we do, how much more so our heavenly father written admits us into his grace, love, Ephesians 2, verse 18 for through him for through him we have access to the father by one Spirit.

Just think about that or if you were to go to Ephesians chapter 3 in verse 12 Ephesians chapter 3 in verse 12. In him and through faith in him we may approach God with both freedom and confidence. I want to pull looked at Timothy and said listen, be strong in grace, God's admitted you, God's grace is yours every believer is the recipient of God's grace, but you must believe first don't do what half of America does folks half of America whites until there's a crisis. We the people we wait for the hurricane wheat we we wait for the tragedies of the collapse of the twin towers we wait for our grief.

We wait for the tornado to come through our community and then we all suddenly run the God that gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme and then as soon as the houses reboot. We walk out again until the next crisis doesn't work folks, God is not a puppy dog. God is not pleased with our country. He's not pleased with you is not pleased with me what he wants me to know is that he's provided his grace to me through the atoning sacrifice of his son. He's invited me to receive that grace by faith, and having received that grace by faith he makes me he gives me access into this obvious price and having done so let's me understand that as a believer. I'm a recipient of all of God's grace because God preserves us by his grace as a powerful statement, folks. God doesn't save us by his grace and then leave us to frame for our sill.

God saves us by his grace and then preserves us by his grace is so many passages of Scripture love what the writer to the Hebrews says in chapter 4 verse 16 Hebrews chapter 4 and verse 16 he says let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence so that we may receive mercy and find grace in our time of need you I need right now I want everybody worshiping with me right now I want you to think about your life, your marriage, your family, your children, your circumstances, your finances, your physical needs. Listen to this passage. Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence so that we may receive mercy and find grace in our time of need. Just listen to this. First Peter chapter 1 in verse five the apostle Peter talking about believers says that we are kept through faith.

And as we are kept. Through faith we are shielded by God's power until the coming of salvation, and that metaphor, by the way, that is, use they is is a wonderful mentor for because it it shows us that as believers, that we are garrisoned about by the protective custody of God's grace God has us in the palm of his hand. He knows you.

He loves you is on your team.

If God be for us, who can be against us.

If God be for you, who can be against you receive God's grace. My friend is the sphere of God's sovereignty. So who is God. Just think about God for a minute.

Who is God, God's will. Powerful is the creator of the heavens and the earth. He's omnipotent. He's omnipresent is omniscient. He sovereign without him was not anything made that was made when you and I are protected when we are preserved by God's grace is because God's grace and lives in us. In other words, the sphere of God's sovereignty is made available to every believer not only the sphere of God's sovereignty, but the result of God's attributes. Attributes are an essential commodity. I got attributes you got attributes and the Bible tells us that God's grace is not only the sphere of God's sovereignty, but it is so God's attributes and if it's the zone of God's attributes.

It's also the galaxy of God's holiness and so when I know that Paul says to me last this long.

In God's grace. It means that what is a made available to me is the spare of God's sovereignty and is attributes TV and is its compaction. And he's right, and his righteousness and see God's holiness may remain sorry sooner right God well well grace grace meaning from the Lord for me.

My word day precious friends be encouraged strong. That strength is available to you right where you are. We love to talk with you. Pray with you but I have the opportunity to connect with resources that will help you grow in grace as well. You can call us at 866899 that's 866-899-WORD 9673 or would love to meet you keyboard to keyboard that's the Encouraging before we get away closing thoughts and our pastor Dr. Don Wilton God has spoken to God love pray this prayer with me and accept Jesus into your heart and life. Dear God, I know that I miss. I know that Jesus loves God right now I repent of my sin cannot confess my sins coming to save forgive me for my Jesus name.

If you pray this prayer we love to get along literature grow and I want you if you just pray along with the pastor Dr. Don Wilton to give your life to Christ or we dedicate your life to Jesus all welcome to the family of God. Or maybe it's welcome home. We want you to grow in your faith. Dr. Wilson has prepared some free resources just for you if you call us will send you our numbers 866899 word that's 866-899-9673. If you've given your life to Christ or we dedicate your life. Let us know so we can send you these free resources. You can also meet us on our website large. He that's TE W where you will discover great resources like this this month as a special bonus offer.

You can purchase varies with daily as a brand-new four CD audiobook audiobook is narrated by Dr. Don Wilton and would be of great also be great to listen to in the car you will enjoy hearing about the beautiful friendship between Terry and his friend and pastor time built with the audiobook. We are offering a DVD collection and very grand gathering of souls. This documentary gives the history of the Crusades from the first evening 1949 to the remarkable behind the Iron Curtain, Far East, you are sure to enjoy watching this collection of timeless Crusades. Please visit or call 86689866999673 times today but tomorrow Dr. Wilton has a powerful message from second Timothy call fight like a soldier. I hope you'll join us and let's stay connected between now and then on our that's TE W

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