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R645A Becoming A Godly Mother

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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June 16, 2022 8:00 am

R645A Becoming A Godly Mother

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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June 16, 2022 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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God has a Encouraging Word for you and me today. The Bible-based teaching Dr. Don Wilton John today's topic is called becoming a godly mother.

However, as son of a mother as the husband of the mother as the father of her mother.

I tell you today's message is rife with insight from Scripture that will help us all knowing, appreciate the women in our life better. Those are women understand how God's calling on you is very meek and wonderful. That's all coming up as we open God's Word, together with Dr. Don Wilton about coming a godly mother while reducing another were here and I will pray for you anytime 866-899-WORD 866899673. Now today's message from Dr. Don Wilton moms. It occurs to me that you have stood and applauded us beyond reason.

We could never thank you enough. I want you to take your Bibles this morning and turn with me to John's gospel in chapter 4 the gospel according to John in chapter 4.

I'd like to tell you something about myself before I introduce off subject to. I am a father, I have three wonderful children, but I believe with all my heart that there is a very big difference between being a father and being a godly father, I want to speak to you today about becoming a godly mother but what we going to discover is that God is going to speak to our hearts today and I want to invite you to open your heart to the Lord and hear what God has to say to you through his word. Dana read to you just a few short verses concerning a remarkable encounter between a woman and the Lord Jesus Christ. This particular passage does not tell us that this woman was a mother it's very possible that she was considering the circumstances that we read about, but something happened in this encounter between this woman and the Lord Jesus Christ and what she became. I think is of singular significance. In fact, I'm going to submit to you that the Bible doesn't tell us all the details about what she became accepting the fact that she did become a believer good life changed dramatically and later run from verse 35 and 39.

The Bible tells us very clearly that the testimony of the same woman was instrumental in leading other people to believe that Jesus is the Christ the son of God, one to read to you just a few verses John chapter 4 beginning in verse 13 Jesus on everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again but whoever drinks the water that I give to him will never thirst.

Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life. The woman said to him in that case, sir, give me this water may the Lord write his word upon our hearts want to speak to you this morning on becoming a godly mother mothers are very special. We could talk about them all day. This story somehow speaks to my heart. But just about womanhood, not just about motherhood but about my own life and I believe that what Jesus Christ is trying to show us here is simply this. When you take a drink of the water that Jesus gives to you that you train from being just a wife and just a mother just a man, just a husband you become godly. As I began to think about this. I thought of a number of questions to ask of the first one we gave the Oscars a very good one who is a godly mother. We need some type of definition this morning, but when I began to ask myself the definition of a godly mother will how we could describe a godly mother. I began to think of so many people in our own congregation.

I thought of someone like Miss Lois Waldo is gone on to be with the Lord Jesus Christ. What an incredibly precious lady. I love the swallow. She was a dear lady, now with the Lord Jesus Christ and I can only imagine David and Teresa or myself and many others who knew her trying to describe what a godly mother is all about. I came to the conclusion that we could probably fill up a couple of books describing the character of a godly mother I'm going to give you five characters of a godly mother just to help us to understand what took place during John chapter 4. What was the soul about this encounter between the Lord Jesus Christ and the Samaritan woman number one. I'm going to submit to you that I godly mother is taken a drink of Jesus water any questions this morning. I godly mother is someone who has actually taken a drink of Jesus water yeah this lady came in she had this encounter with Jesus. They was a will there and she evidently offered him something to drink and Jesus said to her, listen, you can go ahead and you can think of that water data received temporary satisfaction but I want you to know that if all you do is drink of the water that well you going to thirst again. But if you drink of the water that I give to you. Something is going to happen to you that not even you will necessarily understand but you need to do because without that Walter you can never become the kind of person that I intend for you to become. I'm going to submit to you today that the number one character of a godly woman is that she has taken a drink of Jesus Walter number two. A godly mother is one who is determined to automate him with her life and the emphasis here is on the word determine because if one analyzes and one understands life.

Life is full with all kinds of obstacles and problems you talk to the average mother today and they will lay before you, the challenges of life from physical challenges to spiritual challenges to personality challenges the ups and downs. The roller coaster of life the playing the sorrow of the suffering but here is what sets apart. A godly mother, a godly mother is good to honor the Lord Jesus Christ with her life and that their determination lends itself to a spiritual resoluteness and swerving determination within the heart of their mother that no matter what she does what she said is aware she goes over she touches but she's going to honor the Lord with her life. That's the mark of a godly mother number three, a godly mother is faithful to her husband. You might say to me today will plaster what so remarkable about that a lot so remarkable about that my friend is that many men are jolly difficult to live with.

Now that's excluding me. Of course, there are some men that I know that I just jolly difficult to live with.

Now folks listen to this. All around the world today. You've got mother's who have lived with men who have caused them nothing but pain and grief.

Simon the most severest sense of the word and some through all the trials and the tribulations of life, some with uncontrolled unfaithfulness and with all kinds of things that are brought to bear upon their marriage.

I godly mother is someone whose faith to her husband because she is drunk of the war to the Jesus gave to her mother for a godly mother is committed to rearing her children in the knowledge and admonition of the Lord Jesus Christ. And here again the operative word here is the word commitment inside of me pasta.

What is so remote remarkable about that concerning a godly mother yes.

What's remarkable folks. We live in very difficult time. Most of us can identify with the difficulties that confront motherhood today. Many mothers could stand up and testify if they could concerning yes a whole lot of joy but a whole lot of pain associated with motherhood all kinds of claim there is not only the physical pain that accompanies motherhood and childbearing, but there is the pain that is associated with bringing up sons and daughters as they go through all the echelons of life.

The changes brought about by the advancing age moving into their between teenage years and becoming teenagers and always say goodness me, you got a teenager in your house, but what we don't often say is the incredible impact that has upon mother. It's one thing the parts around jokes and the smile of one another but it's another thing to be engaged actively in motherhood. A godly mother is committed to rearing the children in the long-range and admonition of the Lord Jesus Christ. I will guarantee you this morning that there is at least one person sitting here today that the only reason that you're here today is because mother insisted that you, all mom either excuse me boy you get your clothes on. Right now we going to church. I like that don't you. I remember when I was growing up and my mom and dad. We serve the church overseas. My dad did the parsonage was right next to the church brother Chairman of deacons Keith. This was wonderful. I mean listen.

The church was here the parsonage was right there.

I became convinced that a very early age that I didn't need to go to church. I could just lie in bed and listen to my bed breach. I mean he would bellow for.

I thought this is the most wonderful thing but I tell you my mother had another idea. I remember times folks son you get up time to go to church.

You know I'm grateful for mother who was committed to rearing her son in the knowledge and admonition of the Lord Jesus Christ, godly mother, my friends, she is not offset by all the things she doesn't step back because Sunil daughter takes a full she steps forward. She doesn't point a finger and blame in getting your face. She's there to offer a remedy and to help and to be alongside and to show where to go. I mother was committed to rearing children in the knowledge and admonition of the Lord. That's a godly mother such powerful insight from Dr. Don Wilton, our teacher here on The Encouraging Word uncle way he'll be back with more insight in just a few moments he wants us to remind you that we are here 24 hours a day available to pray with you in connection with resources that will change your life for the better defined resources like the fresh new book from Chuck Colson, his final words.

Now he's with Jesus in Dr. Wilton had a wonderful shared passion for prison ministry, but you'll see a collaborative effort from Dr. Wilton Chuck Colson on her website right now TE W and this will be a tremendous tool for you to be a better boulder and yet more compassionate witness culture in which the details are on our and please know that we also stand to pray with you anytime 24 hours a day. The phone number 866899. That's 866-899-9673 and anytime day or night. Dr. Wilton says it's imperative that any of us in all of us have someone as a 2 AM friend to encourage and pray perhaps you don't have someone like let us be maybe a prayer support to help you pray for that right person.

Pray for someone who can come alongside you and be that kind of prayer part accountability. All of opportunistic pray for one another. Our website TE W is also available at the end of this number 86689967 (number one more time, 866-899-9673. Now back to today's great teaching Dr. Don Wilton number five godly mother demonstrates the fruit of this going to Galatians chapter 5 you read what about what the apostle had to say to the church at Galatia. It's a wonderful thing to think about the fruit of the spirit, love and joy and peace and long-suffering and kind. Listen to in the heartedness.

These attributes which are exhibited in the heart of a godly mother.

You see, godly mother is somebody that no matter what the circumstances. She's always there. She shows you how to have the right attitude because she demonstrates the fruit of the spirit.

She helps you to channel your anger. She helps you to develop the right relationships. A godly mother is somebody who teaches her daughters and sons not to have a gossiping, that's a godly mother, a godly mother says no my son know my daughter. That's not how you live a godly mother says this is what you do.

This is how you conduct yourself. This is the way you wanted and not only does a godly mother say those things herself. Lee, in those things. I thank the Lord for godly mother's don't you what it that's somewhat of a definition of what a godly mother is our next question is how a mother becomes godly. How does that happen what I think Karen this encounter here in John chapter 4. It is no accident that Jesus made up together with this woman.

It's a remarkable story really, it's remarkable for a lot of reasons, and I'm not today trying to put this into context, but it's remarkable because she was a Samaritan to begin with. Americans and Jews didn't quite like each other. They hated one another. You want to understand the animosity between the Samaritan and the Jews go and have a look at what's happening between Israel and the Palestinians sign thing. They just simply hate each other but it was remarkable not only because this was a Samaritan and a Jew but it was even more remarkable because Jesus was a man talking to this woman who was a woman and even though it makes us uncomfortable to think like this.

Back in those days.

My friends women were considered less than capable women were not even considered worthy of engaging in any kind of conversation and in fact were considered capable of holding a conversation they were treated like the Caliban treated their women in the Arab world, and I want to tell you something, Jesus Christ the Savior of the world to make a statement that there is neither Jew nor Greek, neither maillot nor female, not low free will.

The Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

This was a remarkable thing back to be read further on down in this passage are going to discover that it ruffled the feathers of even the disciples they were disgruntled with the highest order. They didn't like this to disturb them and upset they status quo extracting data treasury. It brought great disrepute upon the company of they committed believers because Jesus had stooped so low to have an encounter with a woman, but what I'm going to submit to you today is that what this encounters all about. It's about one woman becoming a godly woman. How do you become a godly mother. Well, I can summarize it and then go into details you become a godly mother by taking a drink of Jesus water that you have any questions about that this morning. You become a godly mother by taking a drink of the water that Jesus offers to you. Evidently we know well what it means to drink from the wills that flow up around us in our world today. But Jesus said you can drink that water but you first again you drink of the water that I'll give you you will never thirst again at this woman turned to Jesus and said well in that case, things are let me have a drink, please. How do you become a godly mother. It's simple, but taking a drink of Jesus water. Now the question is what this water.

Jesus gave her do for her will. Number one quenches our thirst quenches her thirst. This lady was thirsty, spiritually.

Jesus said you drink of my water. My Walter is going to quench the thirst number two it saves her life. Jesus was saying to her, listen, lighting. You don't have a life unless you drink of this water will to save his life. Number three. It softens her rough edges. You see, it's no mistake that this conversation have to do with water. Jesus symbolically talking about himself as the water of life. You and I know that one of the qualities of Walters that it softens things that have become hardened and there was this lady who came into the presence of the king of kings and the Lord of lords with a hardened life, a life that had been scarred and marred by sin and Jesus was telling her you take a drink of this water. Let me tell you what's going to happen. It's going to soften your rough edges you take a drink of this water. It's going to quench your thirst.

It's going to save your life. But there's 1/4 thing that Jesus was telling her. He said you take a drink of this water, it will extinguish your fires. It extinguished her files. That's what Walter does. Water is one of the greatest fire extinguishers you know, one of the times that I least enjoying the United States is during those dry periods, especially when we see on television. What happens in California and Montana Yellowstone with these massive fires and down in Florida. What grieves our hearts is the ecological disaster that follows animals that are destroyed. It just ruins the landscape will how do they counteract these large files they get a huge airplane and they fly across the lake and they scoop up hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. Lay flat over that forest fire. They just dump tons and tons of water and what is more to do it extinguishers the file because Lord Jesus Christ assigned to this lady lady listen to me. The only means by which you are going to become a godly woman, godly mother is your fires are extinguish. Take a drink of this water, it will extinguish your files.

Number five cleans her body well we know about water cleaning out bodies. I do remember some months ago.

Meeting with the man and his wife, and they had manifold difficulties, and I do remember that the lady siding in front of her husband. To me she said pasta. I feel so dirty. I feel so unclean. My life is so scarred by the way in which we have live I feel goofy. This lady came to the Lord Jesus Christ. And that's what she was trying to tell him. And Jesus knew that already. Jesus understood the decadence of her life. He understood the sinfulness of her life he was standing before him, saying, surely we could talk about this Walter this physical world and Jesus was saying to her, you want to be cleansed in your body take a drink of the water.

At times the most powerful truths are the simplest ones to be cleansed in the body take a drink of water.

You're listening to Dr. Don Wilton and there's so much more wonderful insight to come from the book of John chapter 4 will die back in tomorrow as well. But today what you've heard what the Lord has spoken to you about is a time to make an adjustment. The course correction per Dr. Wilton as he is been teaching and preaching from the pulpit but now as he steps into the studio. I pray you open your heart to what he wants to share next are you ready to give your heart life to the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm so happy to hear that wanting to pray this prayer dear God, I know you love very and I know that the Lord Jesus Christ came God on the cross so that I might be forgiven of arson today. I repainted my sin. I can face Marson and I invite you to come into my heart into my life.

Jesus name I pray, if you prayed that prayer. Let me be the first one welcome to the family of this is wonderful. I hope that you know how much I'm going to be praying how very important this is called us so we can talk to Nick. I place you can begin this wonderful Druid if you just print along with Dr. Wilton to give your life to Jesus.

We dedicate your life to Christ. Welcome to the family of God. Welcome back, and welcome to an opportunity to see your life change for the good because God is ready to work in and through you like never before. As a matter fact, Dr. Wilton would love to pray for you and put some free resources in your hands that will help you in God's word. Discover how you could not only make this decision.

Something that sticks something that you you stay committed to but something that will revolutionize you in a loving way from the inside out. These resources are absently free and available at calling right now it 866-899-WORD the number to call is 866899967.

These resources are powerful tools from Dr. that will help you grow up to us to connect with us on our that's TEW is free resources and other great resources like this hello every body you know my friends know me is gone pasta friend, neighbor, and husband.

Grandpa, I'm going to tell you people around Noah not any fun right that reach so many I knowing Mr. Wright very personal, intimate as he sprained his.

In fact, many I drove up to his Montreat carillon and visited every sector just like frames.

We sat together to get. We discussed politics, cranes, races, people we loft kids will we did everything one could possibly that's why I wrote this wonderful Saturdays with it's all about a personal relationship and I hope, pray Saturdays with Betty will be a blessing to you will and spine and will encourage your heart, just as Mr. Graham encouraged my heart and changed my life. God bless you. It's a powerful vote when you read it or get it on audio. It's while you're there, discover more about Dr. Don Wilton why Dr. Billy Graham chose him to be his pastor the last 20 years and the integrity of his and not receiving a penny from those books you buy.

Not a penny from salary if you give to The Encouraging Word and I courage to consider doing so. Every penny goes to the mission of sharing the love of Jesus and sing lives changed around the globe every day discover more TW

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