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R991A Has The Time Come? Pt.1

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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June 13, 2022 8:00 am

R991A Has The Time Come? Pt.1

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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June 13, 2022 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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The time, what a powerful question. Let's discover the answer in God's word together.this is The Encouraging Word the Bible-based teaching of Dr. Don Wilton will own all very similar professor and pastor and today let him pastor you and me.

Second, simply jump for an answer this question has time studying God's word together, especially in seconds.

In the next couple days and what you know that we're here for you. We would love to encourage you perhaps pray for you and 866-899-WORD 866-899-9673 or on our website at Jean right now. A wonderful resource it will help you be a Christian witness. Now more than ever it's online at are Dr. Don Wilton folks I'm going to invite you to open your Bibles this morning to second Timothy chapter 4, second Timothy and chapter 4 I want to say a few things before I dive into the Scripture. And as always you going to need your Bibles because God is going to speak to our hearts this morning and a very significant way has the time, we are living in a very interesting day in day.

My purpose today is not to do an analysis of the world in which we live. So, if you will beg my pardon. I'm not going to do that but I want to leave the table from God's word. I want you to be able to understand something very important when going awesome God what to do about what is happening and I will what's going on is Jesus is about to come back, always living in the Las Vegas folks there were some very interesting things going on right now that happened before but not quite like this tree farm, the World Bank, foreign banks are actually talking about.

I mean they actually talking about a one world economy. This is no longer speculative the conversation the is.

Let's have just one currency in the world by dominating Europe when I used to go to Europe in the 70s and 80s.

We go from one country to the next. If you were in Germany about butcher marks and then you'd come up to a border post to going to France or two into equally and you have to go through and show a possible can of visa and then your change order butcher marks for the French Frank or the Italian lira what ever it might've been today.

You don't have to worry about the fact you don't even go through cross that use the U are just one currency. Now there are still some countries like England that have not bought into that system, but they will.

Some people refer to Europe as the United States and Europe. NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty will has become raw, though somewhat interesting in its makeup. The old wall so that we would be dismantled is bearing witness to the rise again of Russia. Russia has not gone to sleep. There are strange alliances being set up between Venezuela and Russia and Cuba and the communist alliance that so many of us thought was dead and gone is the rattling of the saber in the Baltic states the old Yugoslav republics might've been done away with. But the cultural divide is still there amongst those people following the breakup of the peace agreement between Israel and Hamas, the militant wing of the Palestinians that God is out with an iron rod was broken. Israeli jets went into Gaza and hundreds of people were killed and Hamas is launching rocket attacks against some of them I believe even hit as far away as Beersheba.

Israeli towns are under attack again. I haven't even got into the currency the world markets are all inextricably intertwined. No longer can you say that well this countries having a recession in America will go and bail them out.

What happens today is when one country begins to weep. The whole world burst into tears. Everybody weeps today on the Internet and the use of computer technology becoming so involved. Modern technology becomes redundant almost as quickly as you purchase your out of date hard to keep up soon as you buy something that's just hit the market tomorrow.

Something else takes its place you can go to things like Google Earth. The world can zoom in on your house and watch your own dog running around in your front yard is no longer an issue.

We moved rapidly into and everybody's business tax lists society and some people believe that the economic recession is going to interrupt the feeding frenzy on credit cards, but it's not because it's the only white people know how to survive in increasing the today you don't travel with cash in your pocket with told that people could get a new computer. I believe I'm told I do know that these accurate statistics that something like 19 6% of all people do all their finances on a computer pay their bills. Things today: Hebrews paper is redundant. Today you can just click on here and say I don't want any paper in my house anymore. I just want to get it on my computer and everything comes, you can go and check your accounts you can balance your books.

You can borrow money, you can ship money money you can do it on just one little instrument you can carry that on an airplane with you in good you don't even need to look up anymore. You just need something to stick in the side and it works, and wireless. Today is the order of the day, and access people about access, I'm told, I don't know this, that anybody who wants to can check you out. I can find out everything about the criminal system that is developing our world today is remarkable and the control of people is unprecedented. Yet we are in the church like this. And God has blessed us and we Solomon cost a fresh vision for our church. We're enjoying unprecedented unity and our people altogether and we gathering in God's house and we crying out to our heavenly father and the question that I have on my mind is has the time come and even more importantly, Lord, what is it that you would say to my heart as the posture of a precious precious group of people that I love so much. What is God telling me I want to invite you to come with me on a brief journey this morning as we awesome God to help us to become church with every member wants to invite anyone and everyone to come to First Baptist Church to encounter the living Lord Jesus Christ. And if that be true and God wants to us, our hearts desire.

What is it that he expects from us what is the Lord telling me is your pasta well in this passage in second Timothy chapter 4 is a remarkable passage.

What I want to do today is something perhaps just a little different.

I want to share with you what God has told me because I believed so implicitly in God by his Spirit that God takes these word's word never returns void and God will take his word and he will apply to your heart because it's God's word and hearing second Timothy chapter 4, we find the apostle Paul speaking to Timothy and this is what he says in verse one, in the presence of God and of Jesus Christ to judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I give you this charge. Preach the word, be prepared in season and out of season correct, rebuke and encourage with great patience and careful instruction. For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching is want to hear. They will turn there is away from the truth and turn aside to myths. But you keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry from already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time has come for my departure I have for the good fight and I have finished the race, and I have kept the faith.

Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award to me on that day and not only to me but also to all who have long for his appearing as your pasta. The Lord has told me that there are four things that I need to be aware that I need to do and folks. I believe that God is speaking to our hearts today. Listen carefully number one know that God is watching always know that God is watching. That is a profound statement as we move into a fresh year as we consider all the strife and the turmoil in the challenge of the world in which we live. As I stand in the spring put somebody by Sunday as we teach Sunday school classes as we go on youth trips.

As we seek to become the kind of congregation where everybody and anyone can come to First Baptist Church to encounter the living Lord Jesus Christ. What must we do always know that God is watching what a solemn charge in the deep responsibility and yet doesn't just simply say that we need to always know that God is watching. He clearly defines that for us. What 26 he says always be aware. First of all, of the Lord's presence what he tells us in verse one, in the presence of God. Did you know that God is here this morning.

I folks that is a deep theological statement. God is here watching the house. God now father he's not somebody on the outer circle of life.

He's in. He's with us, God with us. We sang about him just a little while ago Emmanuel, God with us.

God in us, and we need to always be aware of the Lord's presence cannot put that in the modern day terminology folks like never before. We better watch out how we worship God because of his presence. Your listing to Dr. Don Wilton. Please don't go away be back with more of today's message in just a moment the doctor done. Once you know they were here for you to encourage you every day on our website. DEW that's TEW when most respected and influential Christian leaders of the world is Mr. Chuck Colson is with Jesus now Dr. Wilton because of Dr. Don's last 25 years, spending summers ministry in prisons that connected and had a friendship and relationship and so the book the final word. My final word from Chuck Colson is a part of our offer today DEW It's a combined resource with Chuck Colson Dr. Don Wilton about the authority of Scripture and how it will empower us to be the kind of Christian witness would call to be in this culture that we live in. The details are on our while you're there, be sure and sign up for the daily Encouraging Word email from Dr. Donna was it's absolutely free. That's now back today's great teaching with Dr. Don Wilton we better be careful how we speak about God will watch it. We better be very careful how we conduct ourselves in the house of God, we better be very careful about where we go we knew how we act and where we where we interact in society because of the Lord's presence money that Paul takes it even further. He says not only be aware of the Lord's presence, but be aware of the Lord's judgment and he puts that for us in context) verse one look at it. He says who will judge both the living and the dead. What we do.

Most of all, and correctly so is most of us believe that we put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ, so that one day when we die. When Jesus comes again that we going to be transported by the Angels into the presence of the King of Kings and Lord of lords, and that is so true. But folks pull hearsay is that God is not only the judge of the day he's the judge of the living. You know that he watched what you put in that offering plate this morning. He knows he's judging you took God today going to judge you for that. I know that that's tough talk, let me ask you this. What did you do yesterday where were you what you put in your body, what did you look at with you being I'm not asking you to got water cricket match with me. This is this is a deep theological question.

He says always be away because the overriding principle I'm standing here is your pasta today I'm saying now Lord, what you expect of me as a pasta as the shepherd of the flock. What you expect to me what you're telling me God just simply sign the watch out I'm watching. Always be aware of the gods in the house of his presence.

Always be aware of the Lord's judgment.

He's the judge of the living and the dead. But just about how did you talk to your wife this weekend. Anyone here use a four letter word anyone had indicted you type in my anyone use God's name in vain.

Anyone tell God how hot it was a Christmas he's the judge of the living and the dead folks our Lord is not a fair way of the God doesn't just come out when the sun shines always be away, watch out. I cannot just be very honest with you. There's a part of that. That puts the fear of the Lord into me. You know you my smile at this but had my family over Christmas we wanted to go see a movie and my dad said all I want to go and I turned my dad's brothers did and said no you're not dead Civil War, we sin because you really movies don't don't ever take my dad to movie you ruin it for you. He will not put up with junk. I said you not going with us. Now you're asking more. How come you went when I was a PG movie actually turned out to be a very good movie to know something.

Folks, this just something about that and I was my dad always used to say some would you take Jesus with you, he would ruin. One evening after another for me when I was a teenager at swat. To this day, no movies with dad. Always be aware of the Lord's presence and of the Lord's judgment but notice there in verse one is 1/3 thing. Always be aware of the Lord's coming.

He says who will be appearing coming again united first Thessalonians 4, Paul talks about the fact that the rapture of the church is going to take place. It's a dramatic passage dead in Christ will rise and those of us who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air. And so shall we ever be with the Lord only list that has the time, what must we do. Only God knows when he's coming. By the way the world is being in conflict before folks they been economic problems and I will before and sometimes a lot worse than what we've been through gone off some of our senior adults.

What was like to live in the 20s and 30s in the 40s during wartime gunnels that tell you today's a walk in the park compared to that step in before. Only God knows when Jesus going to come but the Bible says we must encourage one another about you, but one thing I want to do is I want to always know that God is watching. That's the first number two always preach God's word. That's what the Lord is telling me this new year what he says in verse two pieces preach the word. Always preach God's word. You know some people might say will pasta you being here for just on 16 years now, and we appreciate the fact that you preach from the word of God. You know that I just inherited that for 25 years Dr. Alastair Walker preach the word of God. Prior to that Dr. John slaughter and you can go on the way back. I'm grateful folks I'm here today. That's why love to preach the word of God preach the word that's the question why does he say preach the word be ready in season and out of season at all times.

It doesn't matter whether stocks or stocks are down preach the word and that great stocks are up stocks down preach the word with you turning preach the word be ready instance, season and out of season with you got a job with you not preach the word why well just to give you a couple of reasons why he says someone because it lets God speak folks you don't need to hear from me. We need to hear from God and God speaks through his Word. Bible says my Word will not return void. Lets God speak number two if the Mons discipline study you preach God's word in the Mons discipline study folks watching everybody watch me to stand in the scope it every week, week by week, week by week. Charlie hard work.

I'm not saying will get up and shed a tear to study God's word involves discipline study if you're a Sunday school teacher. You are teaching God's word. It involves discipline, study to come to grips doing Bible studies our ladies Bible studies coming right across. We put some in our discipleship. Leaders who are teaching our young people, the word of God, discipline, study that's an amazing thing when you study God's word. God will bless your heart. He does it every time, but there's 1/3 reason because it covers every issue when you preach God's word covers every issue that is wife of 90% of the time is your pasta preach systematically through the word of God's goodness. One of these days we need to go back and remind ourselves old books and sections we've gone through arming verse bond member preaching through Hebrews took us 75 weeks or something. I remember preaching through the book of Revelation took us two years to get through the book of Revelation about 1214 years ago Gospel of John Nehemiah you know when you preach God's word. It covers every issue. Do you know that in all my years here in Spartanburg. I have never had one person come and say to me you picking on me when you preach God's word you'd never pick on anybody. God does the picking by men going up in the morning and say well let's see what would've gone you been listening to Dr. Don Wilton as he's been preaching that is our prayer is that we would all be convicted by the word of God to make a difference. To make a change in her life. Perhaps you like to have someone praying with you or for you about whatever God stirred in your heart to the teaching of Dr. Wilton today by phone numbers 866-899-WORD and will connect with one of us 24 hours a day. Happy to pray and earnestly intercede with you and for you on behalf of what God is stirring in your heart number again is 866-899-9673 before you get away you for Dr. Wilton as he's been teaching and preaching from the pulpit. Now, as he steps in the studio. Open your heart to what he wants to share next are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm so happy to hear that wanting to pray this prayer with me today. Dear God, I know that you love me very, very, I know that the Lord Jesus died on the cross that I might be forgiven today. I I confess my sin. And I invite you to come to my heart to my life in Jesus name I pray, if you prayed that prayer. Let me be the first want to welcome you to the family of this one. I hope that you know how much I'm going to be praying for you and how very important this is for me. Call us so that we can talk to you connect to the right place you can begin this wonderful June. Just give your life to Christ. We dedicate your life will have a doctor with us to pray for you intercede for you to do that collectively, as well as Dr. Wilton has some wonderful resources you want to have free. As you grow in your next steps are phone numbers 866-899-WORD 86689967 call for your free resources as you grow in this new decision to follow Jesus Christ.

We dedicate your life would love to connect with those resources the number again 866-899-WORD 9673 or on a website TE W that's he will find great resources like this. Jesus Christ is the final authority is the only standard by which Christians should live their lives. He's the only solution to everything that we face in life as you give a gift of support to The Encouraging Word this month you will receive the message.

The final authority by Dr. Don Wilton along with the bonus duck my final where holding tight to the issues that matter most. By Chuck Colson. These resources will equip you with the assurance in reliance and knowing the power of God serigraph. The Encouraging Word is a viewer and listener supported ministry. Thank you for listening today are times gone for today but Dr. Wilton continues in second Timothy tomorrow with more of this message has the time, hope you join us. 20 now and then drop by her website. TE W and discover more about who we are as The Encouraging Word lifts up the name of Jesus and every day sees lives changed the power of God's encouraging

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