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R1021B The Model Example, PT.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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May 31, 2022 8:00 am

R1021B The Model Example, PT.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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May 31, 2022 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Learning by example is something we all had to Dr. Don Wilton's message is all about the model example right to welcome you to this time of studying God's word The Encouraging Word.

The Bible itself. Dr. Wilson takes us to Philippians chapter 2 in just a moment as we begin the broadcasting wants me to remind you where here for you. Connecting a number of ways to pray with you and connect with powerful resources like loneliness, how to be alone but not lonely today is the last day to grab that powerful resource, and you'll find on our website and large. He I know it's been a comfort to me and some special friends and my family have given it to loneliness how to be alone but not lonely you'll find it on our but now let's hit the Philippians chapter 2 with Dr. Don Wilton on this edition of the charging were you think about men and women in uniform, I said to myself the other day what is it about their tremendous example that we love. I don't mind telling you folks, when we have times when we honor men and women in uniform and those who have laid their lives down. It is an emotional time for me think about the soldier ferment, you try to put down on paper what is it that they do that makes them so special to us. First of all, they volunteer their services in the United States. Now that might not be true elsewhere, but that's what happens in my country how men and women volunteer their services folks cannot just say this when I served.

I didn't volunteer.

I know what it's like to be conscripted.

I did not volunteer. I know the different your pasta knows the difference. Not in this country, we honor that they volunteer their service. I was forced to go. I had no option if I did not do it I would've gone to jail for four years. None of you have ever lived under a system like that. Have you they volunteer their services. Number two, they lay aside their personal privileges.

Men and women in uniform, I mean can I just say this lovingly, with due respect to all those who are in uniform you could be doing a lot of other things but you willingly lay aside other privileges.

A lot of the freedoms that you have number three they put on a shared uniform. I love the uniform of our men and women don't you, but folks with older the magnificence of the military uniform. It's the uniform of a slave, a real servant when you put on the uniform you share servant hood.

That's what happens to him before they become like only the others you put on the uniform when you walk out a city street. You put on the uniform you become like all the others you just a number. It's now 35 years since I served in Africa. I still remember my number is anything I knew was my number is.

That's all I was was a member in my blood. Top because all I had around my neck.

Was this uniform and dogtags. I just a number. It's it's like it. It's like a you just become like all the others. Number five, they assume a common identity it goes. It goes more than just becoming like all the others.

There's a common identity when you're in the service that they said there's a kind of a brotherhood. That's hard to describe. Number six they humble themselves when a person signs up for the military over the generations in America. It's an act of great humility. You and I look at it and we say wow or that's that's a real man gets a real woman. We we understand that but folks, it is an act of great humility to serve in uniform. If you've never been there, because it means that you on Saturday. Everybody and you have all these people with heavy shoulders and stripes on their shoulders and they all have authority argued seems like all got authority you go to humble yourself when you going to the Miller treated the line is drawn number seven they lay down their lives.

That's why we have a time like this. They willingly lay down their lives. Folks, it's one of the hardest things to come to grips with these brave men and women over the generations in our country have died on the battlefield. They willingly lay down their lives. Just get a hold of. It's like they say that I'm I'm thinking I'm going to serve the Lord. I'm going to lay down my life. I'm going to give my life I'm dead. Sacrifice my life.

I'm going to serve even though it may mean my day. It's hard to get a hold of that, but there's 1/8 feature that I love about all men and women in uniform, they wear the badge of badge of honor for him will honoring people today from decades ago generations ago that badge of honor that mark of distinctiveness is a full badge of honor. It doesn't diminish if it's not taken away by the day of that individual generations upon generations find themselves in an attitude of gratitude because of those who have laid down their lives.

Now, such as the model of the Lord Jesus. Out of this passage. It's an amazing thing. We show you what the Bible tells us about this great model.

The model example why want to talk to you about Jesus today in verse six Bible tells us that he volunteered his service to God. Folks, this is a deep theological question here. The Bible says here.

Listen to this. It's very very important being in the very nature of God that he did not consider equality with God as something to be grasped. He volunteered his service to God.

It was God's will that Jesus go to the cross but Jesus the son of the living God became obedient to the father even through his death upon the cross. What is it mean that literally means that the Lord Jesus Christ refused to hold onto his divine rights and prerogatives as God, he never ever in his life and ministry denied his equality with God, but he never used his power and authority. God for his own personal and want to even went up on the cross, he could have called 10,000 angels to destroy the world and Satan free. That was his prerogative up as God, but he volunteered his life.

I love to read history books.

I do that all the time remarkable gentlemen's name was Ted Roosevelt. Interestingly enough, he was a Brig. Gen. served in the North African campaign. I've read a lot about Brig. Gen. Ted Roosevelt, you might've guessed by now he had a famous father who just happened to be president of the United States of America. During that time how Ted Roosevelt was an interesting fellow. I'm not going to get all details about him, but from what I understand, according to the historians. One thing you can say about Brig. Gen. Ted Roosevelt that his father was president of the United States of America. Come on in chief Brig. Gen. Roosevelt never prayed on his position as a son of the commander-in-chief heat on his own and did what he did according to the merit that he believed he needed to do. Jesus volunteered his service to God.

Secondly, laying the siding's personal privilege look right there in verse seven he made himself nothing. He made himself nothing, he laid aside his personal probe, folks, do we have time to talk about the privilege, the Jesus had as God's son. He turned to his disciples many times he said excuse me gentlemen you see me you seen the father because I am the father of one why is Jesus. What is this example here.

He laid aside his personal privilege. He made himself nothing. That means that although he was of God. He divested himself of five things he divested himself of his divine glory. He divested himself of his divine authority. He divested himself of his divine attributes. He divested himself of his divine riches and he divested himself of his divine intimacy with God the father because he was the son came and laid aside his personal probe in order. People like you and me could have life. What a Savior number three. He put on a shared uniform.

The Bible says in verse seven.

The second part that he took upon himself the very nature of a servant. He put on a shared uniform still hold on a minute book. Can you imagine that Jesus allowed himself to look like me and you put on our human uniform.

That's what Jesus did. One example he became a slave by waiving his rights as God number four, he became like all the others well verse seven that the Bible tells us in that light, a Pocket PC is being made in human likeness. That word likeness literally means folks in the Greek text. It means to be made like something else, not just in appearance, but in reality, Jesus didn't become a pretend when he became like all the others when he was made in the likeness of men. He took upon himself and all the sorrow of the world, even though he himself knew no sin. He was tempted in all points just like you and me without sin. Please forgive the eruption such powerful teaching Dr. Dunn as he reminds us, Jesus was tempted just like we were without sin. There is good news in the fact that you if you said yes to Jesus Christ have Jesus living in you.

You don't have to depend on your willpower anymore. Oh how we'd love to pray you through a tempting situation, circumstance maybe just there's a concern you have know that we are here to pray for you at 866899 word 24 hours a day 866-899-WORD 9673, and perhaps even today at your listening this teaching from Dr. Don Wilton, you realize that you have been trying to conquer this temptation. Trying to resist it without God.

Start with letting Jesus into your life. First, he will empower you to do things you never dreamed possible. Like to talk to someone about getting elected Jesus Christ call us right now. 866-899-WORD will reach with one of us who would love to let you know how you could give your life to Christ and have that empowerment in your life as Christ lives in 866-899-WORD 9673. Now back to the rest of today's message. The model example Dr. Don Wilton became wary he actually even got all the mad through everybody out of the synagogue in the tank became hungry needed something to eat place to put his head down became like all others, but number five he assumed a common identity. He assumed common identity. Bible says here in verse I took at first sight and being found in appearance as a man just like military personnel, assume a common identity when they sign up for service so it is that Jesus assumed common identity. I love the Army Navy Air Force from Marines and Coast Guard on Levaquin. These minutes are. It's an incredible thing. I think these members of the Armed Forces who came here today. Thank you gentlemen, thank you for that. It it's it's a that uniform does something you know you can look at the different branches of armed forces in the branches of service here in the United States. Each one of them carries an identity doesn't boy so proud one. I learned many many years ago and I can't tell a Marine 90s in the Army and on tell Army guy. He's in the Marines and so on and so forth is a distinctiveness. There's a is a pride is a joy and so it ought to be. That's what the Bible tells us that he was a recognizes a man because of this common entity.

Because of this uniform because he became like all others, but number six. This is very important.

Jesus humbled himself.

Look at verse I the second part, this is a wonderful word that Paul is trying to tell us something here about our attitude. He says and he humbled himself, he humbled himself.

Can you imagine the King of Kings and Lord of lords, reducing himself to a birth canal squawking baby in a lowly manger about what you think about this. I mean how low can you go, he humbled himself, he just humbled himself.

You see when you get to this point he moves from Jesus form to Jesus attitude and the humbling of the Savior in his incarnation is demonstrated by the fact that Jesus was never better. He was never the friends he was never humane thing to about what he's role was and what he was. He was never the mom he was never accusing about Paul said let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. And so we get to number seven. He laid down his life. I love going to Israel ago. They almost my goal is to go every year going again in November this year.

You need to come with me taking a group a lot of people going leaving Monday, November 30.

Why do I say this, I'm telling you when you go to Israel folks and You Stand Way, Jesus stood. When we come to that place, that place of the skull. When we see the place where Jesus died and was hung up on that cool Roman trick.

Excuse me folks. The picture of Jesus laying down his life is not a pretty picture.

It doesn't show a picture of Jesus all clean with these hidden group to the side with her pure clean white linen cloth draped around. He was literally beaten today this fall of execution was despised by the Jews and the Jewish tradition believe that anybody who was quick nap have any semblance of hope of life here often. It was the ultimate cause of humanity and Jesus said, bring it all.

Bring it all because this has come to any weather is whining and gnashing of teeth on because I am the only begotten of the father tries bring it on myself. This will delay down his life. I think so much of Lieut. Andrew Conard price that he is had to play because he was willing to lay down his life. You know all the times that I'm around Andrew Conard.

I'm always just so proud and so grateful because I never hear a word of complaint come from. It just boggles my mind.

He never complains to me I never see him with a he's always he's always got a smile.

He's always got a good attitude is always positive resource. Now he's going to Harvard and he he's a he's a man of such distinction.

Pray such a price as the son of God was willing to lay his life down for people like you and me beaten and bruised and so where does that leave us and leaves us at the final moment Jesus wears the badge of honor today. That's what verse nine through 11 is all about Jesus wears the badge of honor.

Unlike the soldier folks as much as we honor the men and women in uniform. There are three things, not even the greatest hero that is ever lived on this earth can do for you and me because the Bible says there are three things that Jesus is the only one he can.

He's the only one who can do this. Number one is the only one who can forgive you for your soon to tenant Andrew Conard cannot forgive anybody this I cannot not all military personnel who have ever laid their lives down for whom we are so deeply proud.

Not one of them can ever forgive any person sent only Jesus can number two. Only Jesus can re-create your life. Not a single person in uniform, no matter how gallant, no matter how much they've given up, no matter how proud they make us not a single person in uniform can ever re-create your life Bible says therefore if anyone is in Christ, that person becomes a re-created person brand-new is this someone today you need to become brand-new you want to start all over again get tired of patting your own canoe you been looking for meaning and purpose. You don't go to next. I want to tell you about Jesus.

My friend, give your heart to Jesus, but there's 1/3 thing. Only Jesus can grant to eternal life.

Only Jesus can do that no person, no matter how brave, no matter how gallant, no preacher, no church, only Jesus because God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who ever believes in him should not die but you have eternal right today modeling song. That's the real secret, my friend. That's the real secret I'm tiny it's all about Jesus not want to invite you to give your heart to Jesus today. Won't you please accept that invitation. We believe it's not an accident that you happen to be listening.

This broadcast of this podcast right now in this particular's time of your life and perhaps today is a day that you don't need to move forward in the same. You need to change the course correction of life adjustment even listening to Dr. Wilton teaching and preaching from Philippians 2 now as he steps in the studio. Open your heart to what he wants to share next are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that on the center and I know that Jesus died for me today. I repent of my sin and by faith I receive you into my in Jesus night, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting. You welcomed the family of God.

I'm convinced some of you just paint along with Dr. give your life to Jesus Christ. Maybe for the first time, maybe re-dedicating your life. Either way, Dr. Wilton has free resources. He wants you to have right now absolutely free to call 866899 word that's 866899673 or email him he would love to pray for you and you make sure we get these resources to you if you mail Don Dio again.

Dr. Don's first name Don just love to hear from pray for you. Make sure you get those free resources. Speaking of resources. Best place to find all her resources on website G that's TW you will find great resources like this. Hello everybody you know my friends love me as Don Wilton pasta friend, neighbor, and husband. Grandpa and Andre to tell you people around the world just like you know and identified Dr. Billy Graham is that man gone you to reach so many people around the world for the Lord Jesus Christ.

I had the privilege of knowing Mr. Gray very personal, intimate way, both as his friend and as he supposed. In fact, for many years I drove up to his Montreat, North Carolina and visited with him every Saturday just like friends do every week.

We sat together and ate together. We discussed politics, friends, places, people, we loft our kids will we did everything one could possibly that's why I wrote this wonderful Saturdays it's all about personal relationship and I hope, pray that Saturdays with will be a blessing to you willing spine and will encourage your justice. Mr. Graham encouraged my heart and changed my life?

That's just one of many great resources available on our website right now I TW that's TW today, as a matter fact, the very last day for loneliness how to be alone. But not only of course will get it for you if you miss today but to move off of our website kind in the background.

After today, tomorrow, exciting new resource popping up, you'll see that again.

Be sure and follow us on our website TW why you're there you can find opportunities to follow Dr. Wilton twitter feed all of our social media.

We would love to stay connected beyond this broadcast. Just know that we're here to encourage you. We are The Encouraging Word at

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