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R1012A Model Example

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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May 30, 2022 8:00 am

R1012A Model Example

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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May 30, 2022 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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God has an encouraging word for you and me today. The Bible based on a message for the model example that Dr. will complete Philippians chapter 2 giving us a perspective on how we can model our lives after Jesus Christ directly and then that's both physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, as God leads us through this Bible study over these next couple of days know that we're here for you to pray with you and for you anytime at 866-899-WORD. That's 866-899-WORD 9673 or meet us on our website at G that's DEW so my friends are asking about this fresh new series about what it is to be alone, but not long to find those details on our website at oh are with Dr. Don Wilton. We have so much for which to find Claude and Randy.

If you are wondering what this is all about. It's just about the Lord Jesus Christ. That's why we meeting today is to tell you about the Lord Jesus, and I'm going to invite you to give your life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now we gonna talk about a lot of sacrifice today and we going to think very seriously about those who have laid down their lives for us and you know if we were to go back over the decades. It would be an amazing thing. If we could truly understand the extent of the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform, the stories, the hero is and today we going to be focusing Randy all of that right squarely on the Lord Jesus, we just sang about that. It's that the name of Jesus, that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, and I often think about that passage we going to come to it in just a month fact you can take your Bibles and open right now with me to Philippians chapter 2 Philippians chapter 2 lot going on lock to give thanks for today just as we thank you Lord for the lives that have been laying down for the freedoms of our nation and for the families and we give honor to them today we gain discovering just a moment. The model example of all and that's why I'm telling you today. It's all about the Lord Jesus, I don't want anybody today to be signed.

I wonder where he's going with all of this I want you to know right now right up front. Have you ever opened up a book and you start reading in every now and again you gotta cheat a little bit, look at me like that you will do that I'm not the only one you read that novel and you get up to chapter 1 and you read verse one in your finger just happens to go to the final page of the book because you just want to know what it's all about.

Don't you so I'm not even going to cheat today.

I'm not going to pull the wool over your eyes. I'm going to get straight to the point that I'm going to tell you that everything that we talk about today has to do with the Lord Jesus sees the best friend that I've ever had and did you know something. Did you know that it took the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ in order to give me my freedom did you know that it took the fact that Jesus died for me that I have life folks everybody watch me. We live in the greatest nation in the world.

I speak as one who knows I have lived.

In fact, I have gone the uniform of a foreign nation marched under a different flag. So for those of you like my sons and my daughters, who are born and raised in the United States and for those of you that have had a goal and you growing up in the environment that you've grown up I want to tell you something you would not have what you have today under the Lordship of Jesus Christ without the fact that there are thousands upon thousands of men and women who have gone the uniform of the United States have given up everything have laid their lives done. Did you know that as I stand here this morning. I am looking forward to lunch. I'm sorry.

I'm just going to be honest with because I'm gonna have lunch with my grandson today. I don't. I'm not concerned about any of the rest of my family. I'm going to have lunch with both today and that's the bottom line.

I'm willing to take a pizza or anything with apologies to John Langford in the Nautilus fitness center.

It's my grandson but you know something I can stand you and Sam looking forward to lunch.

You know that as I speak to you.

There are special forces there a man and woman in every branch of the military, the don't have a lunch to look forward to run.

You know why they there because of you and me. So if you woke up this morning and you look like you are recovering from hookworm treatment you need to change your attitude. You need to stop being so grumpy and bent out of shape and stop complaining about everything that's going on. In fact, what we going to discover in this passage is that Poole comes right out of the hatch and he said I want you to know something about attitude. I want you to have the mind of Christ in you, let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. Well, just on a human label. If there are so many men and women who have laid down their lives for me and for the freedoms that I enjoy and for the excellency of this grand nation. These United States of America. What right do I have to stand up. Get a day and complain because my food wasn't served quickly enough or think the world is coming to an end because of the awful gas prices or think that somebody here owes me something or behave badly toward my parents want to speak to you today about the model example this is gonna knock your socks off. This is amazing. Now look at in Philippians chapter 2 and I'm going to begin at verse five. Follow along in your Bibles with me. This is what Paul says.

He says your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus. Hold on, will I going to stop right there. That is impossible. Paul is telling me that my aptitude my mindset the way I think, which translates into the way I conduct myself shouldn't be a literary image of that which Christ has set before me.

Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ, who, being in the very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but rather made himself nothing. He emptied himself, taking the very form the nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death, even death on a cross walk to the soul, resulting therefore God exalted him. That is the Lord Jesus to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus Christ every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the father. That is why every time you hear somebody take God's name in vain. Every time you cringe with every movie you watch every coach you hear cussing God's name from the sideline. Every time you hear someone use the name of Jesus Christ as a swear word God tells us why. I have yet to hear anybody in Hollywood on any movie. Use the name of Buddha or Mohammed or Confucius or Don Wilton or Dr. Billy Graham or their favorite preacher or a president of the United States of America or a prime minister of Great Britain. I have never ever heard not one single person in all Hollywood, not even has use of Mohammed as a class why you think because they are afraid of the Muslims, why do you think they were afraid of the Buddhists. Why do you think they are afraid of the president of the United States in this nation where we have free speech on the right to say anything we want know they use.

I Jesus may read that again. Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess on earth and under the earth that Jesus Christ is Lord, all to the glory of God the father, I want to thank Hollywood for reminding us repeatedly that Jesus is Lord. They do a great job from Steven Spielberg to Michael Moore thank you gentlemen, you can't help yourself. And it's not a matter whether or not you believe in Jesus. The Bible says that Jesus is Lord, you can squawk like a chicken you can parse all the legislation in America that you want. But I'm here to tell you on the authority of the word of God that it is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only one he is the sacrifice and the Bible says that God was in Christ Jesus reconciling the world to himself. You must give your heart to Jesus what an example you not often think about men and women in uniform, I said to myself the other day what is it about their tremendous example that we love.

I don't mind telling you folks, when we have times when we honor our men and women in uniform and those who have laid their lives down. It is an emotional time for me think about the soldier ferment give a try to put down on paper what is it that they do that makes them so special to us. First of all, they volunteer their services in the United States. Now that might not be true elsewhere, but that's what happens in my country how men and women volunteer their services folks cannot just say this when I served. I didn't volunteer. I know what it's like to be conscripted. I did not volunteer. I know the different your pasta knows the difference. Not in this country, we honor that they volunteer their service. I was forced to go. I had no option if I did not do it I would've gone to jail for four years. None of you have ever lived under a system like that have they volunteer their services. Number two, they lay aside their personal privileges. Men and women in uniform, I mean can I just say this lovingly, with due respect to all those who are in uniform you could be doing a lot of other things but you willingly lay aside other privileges. A lot of the freedoms that you have number three they put on a shared uniform. I love the uniform of our men and women don't you, but folks with older the magnificence of the military uniform. It's the uniform of a slave, a real servant when you put on the uniform you share servant hood. That's what happens to him before they become like all the others you put on the uniform when you walk out a city street. You put on that uniform you become like all the others you just a number. It's now 35 years since I served in Africa. I still remember my number is anything I knew was my number is. That's all I was was a member in my blood type is all I had around my neck. Was this uniform and dogtags. I just a number. It's it's like it. It's like a you just become like all the others.

Number five, they assume a common identity it goes. It does more than just becoming like all the others. There's a common identity when you're in the service that they said there's a kind of a brotherhood. That's hard to describe. Number six, they humbled themselves when a person signs up for the military over the generations in America. It's an act of great humility.

You and I look at it and we say wow boy that's that's a real man is a real woman.

We we understand that but folks, it is an act of great humility to serve in uniform. If you've never been there, because it means that you on so that everybody and you have all these people with heavy shoulders and stripes on their shoulders and they all have authority argued seems like all got authority you but I humble yourself when you going to the Miller treated the Lord the line is drawn number seven they lay down their lives. That's why we have a time like this willingly lay down their lives. Please forgive the interruption will be back in just a moment with more of today's message. The model example by Dr. Don Wilton Dr. Don Wilton remind you were here for you. Happy to connect with great resources and pray for you 24 hours a day at 8668866899673.

Many are calling about this wonderful resource called loneliness how to be alone but not only it's paired with a powerful message from Dr. Wilton, fear not reminding us that there are 365 different references, saying, fear not in God's word, one for every single day. If you're finding yourself in need of an encouraging message to help you push back on the fear and remind yourself that you can be alone but not lonely. This is just a resource for you, or perhaps want to share with a friend to find all the details on our website TE W that's TW or call for your copy at 86689673 for your gift of $25 more you receive this pair of resources that will not only strengthen you and encourage you also be fueling the ministry of The Encouraging Word. This listener supported ministry is fueled by your gifts will discover more on our website at He is now back today's great teaching with Dr. Don Wilton folks. It's one of the hottest things to come to grips with these brave men and women over the generations in our country have died on the battlefield by willingly lay down their lives. Just get a hold of. It's like they say that I'm I'm thinking I'm going to serve the Lord. I'm going to lay down my life. I'm going to give my life I'm dead. Sacrifice my life. I'm going to serve even though it may mean my day. It's hard to get a hold of that, but there's 1/8 feature that I love about all men and women in uniform, they wear the badge of badge of honor for him will honoring people today from decades ago generations ago that badge of honor that mark of distinctiveness is a full badge of honor.

It doesn't diminish if it's not taken away by the day of that individual generations upon generations find themselves in an attitude of gratitude because of those who have laid down their lives. Now, such as the model of the Lord Jesus. Out of this passage. It's an amazing thing. We show you what the Bible tells us about this great model. The model example why want to talk to you about Jesus today in verse six Bible tells us that he volunteered his service to God. Folks, this is a deep theological question here.

The Bible says here.

Listen to this. It's very very important being in the very nature of God that he did not consider equality with God as something to be grasped. He volunteered his service to God. It was God's will that Jesus go to the cross but Jesus the son of the living God became obedient to the father even through his death upon the cross. What is it mean that literally means that the Lord Jesus Christ roof here is to hold onto his divine rights and prerogatives as God, he never ever in his life and ministry denied his equality with God, but he never used his power and authority. God for his own personal and want to even went up on the cross he could've called 10,000 angels to destroy the world and say can free. That was his prerogative up as God, but he volunteered his life. I love to read history books. I do that all the time remarkable gentlemen's name was Ted Roosevelt.

Interestingly enough, he was a Brig. Gen. served in the North African campaign.

I've read a lot about Brig. Gen. Ted Roosevelt, you might've guessed by now he had a famous father who just happened to be president of the United States of America. During that time how Ted Roosevelt was an interesting fellow. I'm not going to get an old details about but from what I understand, according to the historians. One thing you can say about Brig. Gen. Ted Roosevelt that his father was president of the United States of America, the commanding inching general Roosevelt never writing on his position as a son of the commander-in-chief heat on his and what according to the merit that he believed he needed to do. Jesus volunteered his service to what a powerful message from Dr. Don Wilton today and as we think about that example, Jesus provides for us.

Perhaps there's something in your life and my life that we realized doesn't need to stay the same.

There needs to be a change of course correction. If you need to pray with someone about that course correction where here 24 hours a day at 8668 were. That's 86689673 or you can meet us on our website keyboard that's TE W

Perhaps, rather than call us right now.

Let's just take a minute the pastor stepped out of the pulpit and in the studio to share what's on his heart.

Are you ready to give your life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I'm so happy to hear that wanted to pray this prayer dear God, I know you love very very much and I know that the Lord Jesus Christ came God on the cross so that I might be forgiven of arson today. I repainted myself. I confess my sin to you, and I invite you to come into my heart, my life, Jesus name I pray, if you prayed that prayer.

Let me be the first one to welcome you to the family. This is one I hope that you know how much I'm going to be praying how very important this is for me hold so we can talk to connect to the right place you can begin this wonderful journey.

And in just a moment I'm in a come back with the final perhaps God has given you that opportunity to make a change to pray along with pastor while ago to give your life to Christ or rededicate your life to Jesus today.

If so, Dr. Don has wonderful resources he wants to put your hands absolutely free if you call us and tell us about your decision at 8668 were. That's 866899673 or if you'd rather, you can connect with us on our website as well. TE W TE W real discover wonderful resources like this ever felt lonely, isolated or abandoned. No one escapes the feelings of loneliness caused by separation, loss or isolation can strike anyone's place within each of us basic need for relationship with him this month with your get to The Encouraging Word you will receive Dr. Don Wilton's powerful message fear not spent loneliness not only these powerful resources will help you overcome your loneliness and find comfort, security, and companionship in God. That's just one of many great resources on our would love to connect with you this week.

Tomorrow we continue in this model example message from Dr. Wilton and between now and then, perhaps you find other great resources on our website TE W that will help you at this particular season of life is a matter fact, many times were looking for just the right thing to get that graduate someone who just graduated high school or college launching in the next season of life. Find a book on our website. Dr. Wilton called see you at the finish line.

A wonderful book for just that purpose that add many more resources are all on our website G appraisal. Consider visiting this week that's TE W all

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