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R1481 Defying The Odds

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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May 5, 2022 8:00 am

R1481 Defying The Odds

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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May 5, 2022 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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No matter what you feel you're up against God is on your side, you had 5 yards to the Dr. Don Wilton so good to invite you in this time of studying God's word together were headed to Genesis chapter 7 with Dr. Don Wilton will know all through evangelist Pastor and today his message defying the odds you with the power of God and the truth of the word of God to literally defy the odds that you may be facing right now. If you're facing those difficult situations and need someone to pray for you. We are here to do that as well The Encouraging Word you can meet us on our website.

T. W anytime that's TW but you can also call us the numbers 866898668999673. We would love to encourage you now Dr. Don Wilton thank you Jesus night aiming like you be seated well.

It's wonderful to be together have a time of fellowship like this. Marching headlong into the summer months and I think I've already arrived and the well. Lots to talk about lots of places to be defying the odds so I'm going to say, listen up real carefully as this what I'm about to share with you, not from this book, but I gave them this book for reason and here's the reason everyone of us knows especially as life progresses every one of us knows that life is not just food with a bed of roses. Life is jolly tough and sometimes it's flat out ugly and sometimes it's very painful and we go through deep waters and we go through China go through huge mountain peaks we go through deep troughs values. I mean, you name it, it just it goes on and on and on and on every step in life is preparation for the next step in life, what you hear and what you do now is you sitting here right now. Would you do with what God sees to you is going to impact what you do when the clock strikes 12 and we we know that to be true. Life is fragile.

It can, it can turn on a dime. You know Jared, I had no idea brother when you got up and shared about your friend just got to me man and I'm so sorry and up I I'm I'm in if you don't mind if I can use I see you I see you. You'll pain even in the context of the man of God that you are, you know, and the joy that you know of knowing Christ doesn't. It doesn't mean that you don't feel and hurt just as much as anybody else does. So watch this now I'm going to do something here today I'm going to be in Genesis chapter 7 Genesis chapter 7. So if you got your Bibles I want you to. I want you to terminated Genesis chapter 7 on the show you something. I'm going to I want to just focus, beginning with just one verse Genesis chapter 7 verse five.

If you took away nothing from today as we worship the Lord take this verse. Genesis 75 and no did all that the Lord had commanded him know I did everything.

There were no exceptions. Noah did all that God commodity not going to tell you how ridiculous this is, amongst other things, God seen Tim Noah start building a boat it was a problem with no water anyway. Noah did all God commodity. Seek God knows about the floods and God prepares us and you know his case. He told him just build the boat so guess what he both about any questions. I guess the interesting thing guys watch this. The masses of people around him thought he lost his marbles if if you are going to defy the odds in life.

I'll guarantee you two things you gotta do what God tells you to do and you gotta be prepared for a massive group of people to think that you lost your marbles every step you take is preparation for the next step so you might say. Will this just only applies to graduates, but I promise you this.

All it takes is one and for you and I do suffer major consequences.I want to show you something of this in this book I use all the illustrations so you not tell the story in here.

In case you didn't know it. On page 20, and others. The story of beautiful Hannah. So basically fact is a letter that I wrote verbatim from her daddy.

Mickey said basically and many of us were here at the time you remember you know we going all the way back to 2006 beautiful girl man you couldn't, you wouldn't find a princess like that diagnosed with cancer. All of the things she became homecoming queen of Norman Tom that none of us will ever forget. And God took a hug and the journey of her mom and dad and her two brothers remarkable. They defied the odds. I'm going on askew because many of you identify with us and speak to Jack and Christina Cleveland.

I actually was with them on 9/11 when they went through what they did but look at them today.

Look at the sebaceous keys today in this book, I tell the story of Derek and Ginger Parks and I'm I don't have time to break it all down, but they became pregnant with twin boys. I feel like this was yesterday, and there were major medical issues and I one of the twins in the womb was going all the nourishment the other one and I'm maybe being a little simplistic, but the other one was destined to just die. In fact, it was strongly suggested of the parks that they abort. You see, they believe in the sanctity of life they know who God is. Basil way beyond these things.

I'll never forget how that family came together that journey I caught I can't even go where mom went.

I can't imagine what she went through all that time they made some decisions because every step you take is preparation for the next step and two boys, one by the name of Carl and the other one by the name of Qiagen according remember how much they waited for something like 3 pounds to bombing.

They were they weren't supposed to live, then swing by this mom and dad could hardly even touch the twin boys.

They spring it seems like the weeks ran into months. It went on and on and on and on.

This couple got stronger and stronger and stronger. Well look at them today. You want to find a more precious couple you are and find more precious twin zoning Carl and kind. I just love those boys. They run right over me. Today they not anymore. Two and 3 pounds. I just want you know that and they are you know these these boy. I mean their sister is and she is as precious as you will get anybody guys watch that everybody listen up, you couple that loves the Lord. I mean, couple that serves the Lord you can you can line it all up. They defied the odds. This book, by the way, is dedicated if if I wrote in the dedication you ever want to do something cool just that dedication out put it in a frame and hang it somewhere where you look at it let me read it to. This is who this book, defying the odds is dedicated to this book is dedicated to United States Marine second Lieut. Andrew Connor committed to Christ and strongly encourage despite losing both legs in service to our nation and was defying the odds. He's growing accomplishments are matched only by his magnetic spirit and matchless resolve. Just like Noah when the floods came, the best was yet to be. I know what I'm talking about because I was the first man to see and I'll never forget all my life. He was on recognizable. I could not recognize Andrew as the young man I had seen grow up that when Wolf to Iraq that served in mother tree that was solid, I could not recognize.

I was there with these father. When the doctor told him what I heard the doctor tell him today and was married to a beautiful young lady. He's an older, thriving in business.

So what are you going through right now what you going through what flood has come upon you life all of us couple things. Let's try and contextualize this about Moses number one couple things about about Noah Garrett is you ready number one.

The earth was spinning. Bible says in chapter 6 man began to multiply. People will being born corruption began to sing the earth was turning never that the sitcom thing.

When the world turns bolos dummies smooching in the kitchen. I didn't sit and watch it. I just heard you talk about okay, here's the first thing the world was turning changing this is back now know was born a few years before us. Number two people were imploding as the Bible says in chapter 6 and verse 12 God sold the earth, and behold, it was corrupt all flesh had corrupted their way on the earth.

Okay guys get ready for this.

It will boggle your mind this at panic attacks, you will come under and from the people that it will come from it will blow you out the water. The floods that will come against you and the source from whence it comes people were imploding.

The Bible says all of us have sinned and come short of the glory of God. This is what God says in verse 12 that some staggering, he says, look at all flesh had corrupted their way/the human souls.

That is not in line with the heartbeat and the soul spirit of God is corrupt your listing to Dr. Don Wilton our teacher here on The Encouraging Word. Please forgive the interruption doctored on one thing to remind you that we are here to encourage you not just in this broadcast but be on the broadcast on our website 24 hours a day at G and on this phone number 866-899-9673 many folks right now are being encouraged by this truth that you can be alone. Not long.

It's a powerful resource on our website right now ITE W to consider taking a look at it. That's TW also the place to find great insight on the fresh new book from Dr. Wilton about his time as the pastor Dr. Billy Graham hello everybody you know my friends know me as Don Wilton foster friend, neighbor, and husband. Grandpa and I made it to you people around the world just like you know and identify Dr. Billy Graham is that man brought you reach so many people around Jesus. I had the privilege of knowing Mr. Brightman very personal, intimate, both as he's frame and as he supposed. In fact, for many, I drove up to his Montreat, North Carolina and visited with every second. Just like friends do every second together to get. We discussed politics, friends, places, people read aloft here.

We did everything one.

That's why I wrote this wonderful Saturdays it's all about personal relation and I Saturdays leasing willingness just as Mr. Gray encourage my heart and changed my life.

God bless you, and that's one of many great resources doctored on written I believe 10 or 11 books already and they're all available on our that's TW or call about getting your copy today at 866-899-WORD 866-899-9673. Now that today's great teaching with Dr. Don Wilton got them going to point fingers going to shoot lots of it's going to give you a slamdunk number three God was instructed looking at Noah God was instructing. I mean this is full of so will the earth is spinning people are imploding and in the middle old is God's talking and giving instructions to his man, just like he is talking now, maybe right in the middle of your flood number four. Noah was following that sake versus Noah was falling. Noah was he wasn't just listening. He was doing he was acting on, so I want to give you full shatterproof lifelines today just dropping these and I had 750 of them and I brought it down before ready just for things if we understand what happened that we understand what God teaches us about defying the odds show they are number one.

Observe spiritually. My friends if if you not doing this means so many of you that's very evident awesome God to let you look at the world through God's eyes, not through man's eyes. Don't let Wall Street be the liens through which you look at the world.

Don't let a Hollywood movie be the liens done done played any thing dictate you on how to observe the will. When you start seeing the world the way God sees the world you going to be, the fire of the odds that come against you because you're seeing a godly perspective. Number two associate carefully. Not any observe spiritually but associate carefully cop said I'm going to say it again.

Some may look at me and say man you obviously an old fuddy-duddy and you're out of touch with reality. I'm gonna say if you don't decide all site probably the number one corrupter and the phyla of people or other people you bet, associate carefully, you know, one thing I noticed about Noah all these people were mocking him. He stuck with those around him that were following God. So, don't you think this is what happens to a lot of our college student, I mean they you mean they love government fund man's got everything going on. You have a great time. It's nothing more wonderful.

I miss my college days and I had plenty of them. Trust me I had 14 years of it. I hear the squawking chick dumps her daughter college. How long you been out you will Rudy toot toot toot.

I had 14 years of academic studies.

I did and I listen guys, I'm not understand all of the and all the fun and the oldest, stuff is what happens.

Many of our students will graduate go to college and as soon as they walked through the door like come under the influence of others come on man, let's drink this man and all it takes. Let's go here.

Listen, there is not a single thing wrong with going to the beach. You better just be careful who you go to the beach with can I just say that again before anybody walks out. I love the beach man somebody try me. Go have a bull man eat everything all the seafood that you can never find include scallops had the whole 9 yards. Nothing wrong go enjoy yourselves to be very careful who you go with guys is I'm telling you he's got your number. She's got your number you want to fall off a balcony on the fifth floor drunk out of your mind, so that your motherless on a spring break thing.

It's not about anything other than who you hanging around with associate carefully.

This is not popular preacher. This is not the average graduation ceremony that tells you to just go out and do whatever you want to do.

Number three. Cultivate deliberately cultivate deliberately don't stop, you may be a parent right now and God's given you beautiful family. Don't stop not keep cultivating your spiritual life deliberately keep on being in church keep on being in that life group keep on singing in that group.

Keep on worshiping the Lord keep on reading the Bible keep on praying.

Keep on hanging around as much as you can with people looking to build you up and not break you down. Keep on asking God to help you to make the decision. Cultivate deliver this virtual life is a discipline plan number four trust trust. That's what Noah did. I such a powerful point to me know this is going on.

God sees me the boat so you it wasn't any water. There is no way to float his book God was helping him because God, you know, trusting in God is a very precious thing.

It's faith.

Indeed, it is faith. Dr. Don's prayer today's youth, not just heard him preaching and teaching the powerful word of God.

But you've heard the Lord himself remind you that he loves you.

He has a plan for your life, but it starts with a decision. I pray that you will open your heart to what Dr. Don Wilton share with you next on The Encouraging Word are you ready to give you part of life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I'm so happy to hear that wanting to pray this prayer with me. God, I know love and I know that the Lord Jesus died on the cross that I might today I repainted Larson. I confess my sins and I invite you to come and my life in Jesus name I pray, if you prayed that pray that Mimi the first want to welcome you to the family of God. This is one I hope that you know how much I'm going to be praying how very this is called us we can hope to connect to place you can begin this wonderful journey. And in just a moment I come back with the final if you just gave your life to Christ. Bring along with Dr. Lee dedicated your life. Dr. Don has remarkable resources he wants to put your hands if you call us and tell us about your decision. I phone number is 86688668999673B. This keyboard keyboard will do that on our that's TEW

Please know that we were called we were called Encouraging Word, because God has called us out to encourage you not just in this moment.

For 24 hours a day. And speaking of encouragement. We have a moment for one closing thought from Dr. Don Wilton you know before we go today. What a day of worship. We've had you know you and I have in the middle of our hearts, our beloved nation how much I love so proud to be American.

You know, this cost is seen by so many of our Armed Forces across the world and we hear from meaning. Meaning we love them with my they are our real heroes and I want you to join with me as we are praying for them that God would protect them and their families and loved ones, let's do that right now showing just before we got wanting to join with me, Lord Jesus, I'm joining with thousands of people write down trying for our members. Our brave, brave members of our community and our world.

Many overseas. Strange places families left behind. Lord Jesus, listing every way. Jesus will be back tomorrow with a powerful message from Dr. Don Wilton: well done, faithful servant. I hope you'll join us and bring a friend

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