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R1479 God’s Promise For Praying For Others

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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March 18, 2022 8:00 am

R1479 God’s Promise For Praying For Others

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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March 18, 2022 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based teaching Dr. Don Wilton about God's promise.

Praying for others as we head to Ephesians chapter 3 for today teaching Dr. Don Wilton another were connecting on our website as well. 24 hours a W online O are now Dr. will about the promise of praying for others before we begin we going to be in Ephesians chapter 3 and I want you to pick on something here because I promise you this is shatterproof this is something that no man can interfere with this is something that God has given to us that we can do some Oscar very pointed question. It's a rhetorical question I'm asking that if each one of us today. Each one of us who is on your mind today that you know that you love that you praying for some of you got sons and daughters that you praying for right now we have one another with praying for our country from nation with praying for unity for oneness for the power of God's burden for his presence. What is gonna have to say to us just bow your heads with me for a minute. Father we pray for inmates incarcerated in prisons all across the United States more this week alone.

I spoke to doctors and lawyers and engineers, and teachers and brick masons and welders and bus drivers and postal workers and mothers and fathers and uncles and aunts people from every walk of life and not pray for them. I want to know how to pray for people. I want to understand the power of prayer. This incredible privilege that you given to all those of us who know you and call upon your name. Teach us from the word. This is our prayer that we pray together in Jesus name, amen. I'm going to read to you this passage and and I want you to know that this passage that I'm reading to you is just jammed out. It is so deep it is. So wonderful. It is so precious and I don't even know really where to start when it comes to this issue of of of the promise that God is given to us related to this issue with praying for obvious as we pray for each other's we pray for our church. We pray for America so I said I was going to begin in verse 12, but if you look at verse 11. This is according to the eternal purpose that he has realized in Christ Jesus our Lord.

If you allow me I must just unpack this passage God's eternal purpose. Everything that God has given to us is made possible in and through the Lord Jesus Christ in the room. Look at verse 12 of Ephesians chapter 3 in whom we have boldness and access with confidence because about play him him to see on on a hunger to get through this. We have boldness and access with confidence through him. Are you despairing for someone that you love to. I know you all, because we will know you are because we older. Do you know that there is a broken heart on every pew. If you and I could just understand what the person next to us is going through that we don't necessarily know about. I'm telling you it's a precious thing to be part of the family of God. So here we have the eternal purpose of God the father realized in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have boldness and access with confidence because all through our faith in him. So Paul Saint-Sans Q don't lose heart. I love that. I remember Paul is speaking personally here to the church at Ephesus. The whole group of believers that are immersed in every kind of circumstance and he's turning the tables on himself and he says listen I know that you will concerned about me and you will praying for me and you know that I'm being hounded at every turn, and I'm being beaten to a pulp and I'm being persecuted and harassed and all these things are all askew not to lose heart over what I am suffering for you which is your glory. And then he turns the tables and he says for this reason I bow my knees before the father and inosine show this is what Paul is doing. He's got such a profound understanding of the privilege of prayer and the promise of praying for others. He says look, I know you're all praying for me and don't you worry about you just keep on praying for me but my suffering you know God's got it all and don't stop praying for me and then all of a sudden in verse 14 he turns the table he says. For this reason I bow my knees before the father from whom every family in heaven and earth is named, that according to the riches of his glory. He might want you to be strengthened with power through his Spirit in your inner being.

How alloy doesn't stop right there so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith and that you being rooted and grounded in love, may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and the length and behind and the depth and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you might be food with all this of God and look at verse 27 so now to him who is able to do far more abundantly above all that we could ask or even think, according to him the power that is a work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and forever. Amen. Somebody say amen Herod is right there, you know that lost verse by the way, is that final salvo is that final great shock that comes from the very portions of heaven itself.

So I'm to hear him because of what he has done in Christ Jesus, and to boot. The fact that he enables us to tap into. He is, and call upon his name to do for class what only God can do.

No wonder he's the one that can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or even think the promise of praying for others, you know, just coming out of the front door. There are four wonderful shatterproof promises of God. Roger, this is how he begins. He says let me just put this on the type is for things down faith access, freedom, boldness and confidence. It's all right there in verse 12 verse 13, number one faith powerful teaching forgive the erosion will be back with the rest of God's promises for praying for others in just a moment Dr. Don Wilton remind you we are here for you.

Praying together 24 hours a day at 86688668999673 or connecting online as well. At TEW that's DEW where you'll discover great resources like this seeking to devour your grandchildren evil run Street pouring out online streaming young false promises, the word of God and anything in the world you are again encouraging Dr. Wilton along with the prayers that avail you, Bible-based resources younger generation Jesus Christ wine same. That's just one of many great resources on our website. DEW why you're there, be sure and sign up for the dating. Email from Dr. Don again. That's all on a website online. Margie now back today's great teaching Dr. Don Wilton. That's the first wonderful promise of God concerning pray.

In other words, what are you saying here in this passage is because you have faith in God through Jesus, therefore if you've ever wondered what right you have, to seek God's face. The right afforded to you has been made possible because of the righteousness of Christ in you, if you've ever wondered what right you have to go to God to ask him to do something for those that you love the right that you have comes through the right afforded to you by the righteousness of Christ which is in you accept powerful state folks when you know Jesus Christ. Christ dwells in your heart and because he is the son of God through his sacrifice.

You now are enabled by faith to come directly into the presence of God, our heavenly father. That's the first of the wonderful promises they just lays down as a foundation.

The second is the word access.

He says right there in this passage that we have access. That means that Christ through his sacrifice has given to us the means by which we can gain admission into the very presence of God himself.

You just think about that. Can you imagine that God our heavenly father because of our faith in him through Christ has given us access to every one of us. The third word is the word freedom of boldness that he uses.

They said he sitting whom we have boldness that would be if you unpack it. Boldness, that word is. It literally means the freedom.

In other words, what God has given to us this wonderful promise in prayer is the freedom the boldness to be able to come before him with everything and anything that is in our hearts. You know, we often out of consideration for each other. We will cite you and I wonder whether I should tell my wife that my husband that you know I don't know you know when when we without us senior students on buses going to prisons. We have this little thing TMI you know too much information.

You know you got, like, draw a line here. I don't need to know that noting you buddy, but when it comes to our heavenly father we find out in in this in unpacking this beautiful expression of the access that we have by faith that he's given to us freedom. The boldness to come to him tell it like it is just telemarketers shared with nothings too much for heavenly father that which one today.

Who amongst us crushed heart take it to the Lord in prayer.

You know there's some people that are so deeply burdened so hurt, so food with pain. I love that word boldness and the freedom it it's the maneuverability that we have through the accessibility that we have because of our faith in him and then the fourth wonderful promise of God, as that would confidence the cases in verse 12, in whom we have boldness and access and then with confidence with confidence. You know what one of our wonderful people came up to me the other day and and possibly good Christian.

They said to me, pasta you know you speaking you go will you ever get nervous. That's was a questionable course on sod. We older, we all we will experience you know nerves you know crowds and the things that we have to do. God tells us that in the context of all of these things that we experience, whether it be nerves or were afraid we suffering from anxiety maybe you been beaten down so many times you don't think you'll ever stand up again because one you maybe you been praying for your daughter for your son for so many years. It's almost like I don't even know what to pray about it. That would confidence is a beautiful word. It's a rooted word is God, not any here is our prayer buddy offenses. You and I can have confidence that would confidence the spiritual would confidence is not lack arrogance.

It does, it's not accompanied by a striped so to speak.

The confidence that we have is not in our ability. It's the confidence that we have in our access ability and our freedom to be able to share everything with our heavenly father because of our faith in Christ because of Christ in us, and by the way, no believers are excluded. I appreciate very much because we all have a part to play. I appreciate praying with people that serve one of the greatest privilege that we had never loose sight of the fact that you can pray to. We can will will engaged in this so what is this, do faith access, freedom and confidence wanted it hounded to translate into poles life so you pull it if we could perhaps consider it like this post talking here to the church at Ephesus business body of believers, moms and dads and grandparents in old and young men, people from every walk of life and end policies.

For this reason I bow my knees. Now all of a sudden we see what faith and access and freedom of boldness and confidence does in terms of poles, life related to the people for whom he is now trying I didn't enabled him to pray for five think so I'm just giving them to you very quickly labored number one for strength in her right there in verse 16 he says that according to the riches of his glory. He might want you to be seated. Word strengthened. Do you know what life does to us weakens us the relentless pursuit of life, sickness will do that.

It's debilitating. You know we've got some people that they go back they were in hospital.

They face. It's just like relentless emphasis deep care because he's talking about a spiritual strengthening. That's what it begins for strength. Secondly, for indwelling. Look at verse 17 that Christ may dwell in your hearts, and by the way that the word will means to take up permanent perpetual residence move-in move-in, you know, can I just say this as a church. You folks have given to me and Karen I'm appliance you given to us such joy in our lives.

One of the reasons is because you moved into our hearts.

You moved in. By the way or not, you know, I just want to say this to anybody.

If you don't have a church home.

Do it move-in be all the way. Just do it man as long as you hover on the outside as long as you sit on the border fence you neither here nor there, move-in, and our faith in Christ is the very spiritual moment at which Christ moves in with us and in this prayer that Paul is offering here not only for strength that he talks about strengthened with power through his Spirit in and look at the words that you use you in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts, and that is a present continuous tense. It's that he wants us to not he's reinforcing that which already is buddy just wants to pray that you and I would actually know that you know sometimes we can live where we are and be who we are, but not really take hold of the blessings that God has given to us.

We can be believers we know. Pray we believe in pray, we actually pray, but the indwelling presence in our hearts of the spirit of the living God is the very root by which the grounding of my is the Spalding of the outpouring of God in every circumstance of my life. This is beep strength, indwelling number three power maybe pull the pray for power, which is a recurring theme here in this entire epistle, but he talks about a criterion verse in verse 18 Loki said in order that you may have power to comprehend with all the saints, the power that word the power to comprehend means that Paul prays that the way that you that we that I would have the power to cross to take hold all many years ago my three nieces whiskey and they father. My older brother Rocky was watching them and offer get one which one of the nieces. It was, but one of them slipped on the ski lift and fell out of the ski lift and was left dangling. I'm telling you now on the ski lift holding on and my brother was so helpless because he was way down there looking up, and he could see his daughter holding on and I remember this is been pretty odd years. 30 years ago. Not I see them Rocky hat. How did you feel as a father looking up at your door to what dangling on a ski lift and had she fallen almost certainly would've been killed and it's like a helpless feeling and all he could think about his home go home And she managed to hold on until I came to where she could be rescued at pull something. This issue faith in access and freedom and confidence in prayer and label pulled to pray for strength for indwelling in full power to comprehend power to hold on with all the saints what the bricks and the links and Baha'i and the depth of God's hold on hold and God power up that you stand up that you would be otherwise up and that you would be to the fight that you have given through the Lord Jesus Christ number four assurance verse 19 and to know the love of Christ that supports his knowledge that word to know carries with it the idea of the assurance that I have in Christ to know that I know and slacker marriage relationship. The only one I keep thinking of is my own. You know when I think back all those years ago when I sail in love with her all man this thing since chewing gum. You know, and when you first a married and in all it's just wonderful and all the race, but man it's like I didn't really know how to describe it but if you been or edit for a little while, you know what I'm talking about what a prayer to pray the assurance that you know and then finally the fullness he it enabled pulled to pray for them for fullness that lost part of verse 19.

I really want you to see that I'm going to pray on my knees, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God, that you may be food with all the fullness of God. That's a beautiful prayer to pray for someone to be food with the fullness of God. God is so lost and so mighty and so powerful he saw burning all his ways he's love is so pure and so great this is. These are recurring themes that, can you imagine not poor here. This is what he's on his knees praying for people about he didn't say don't pray for the sick, because he certainly did.

But there is so much more. Don't you stop go deep for the fullness of the knowledge of Christ that you might be food with the fullness of God. And you know then he tried incisions into that wonderful salutation that we now unto him, therefore based on this unto him, the one who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that you could score even think if you consider these things.

The promise of praying for others involves and is inclusive of anticipating that God is going to do that which is seen any thing that you and I if you praying for it. Just quadruple it because God is going to do it, and a whole lot more powerful teaching from our pastor Dr. Don Wilton today in Ephesians 3. Looking ahead to next week. There's more gray Bible studies to come.

But right now we're in this moment. It's our prayer every time we open God's word that none of us whether we been walking with Christ for a long time.

Or perhaps you're just experimenting, discovering more about who Jesus Christ is, we do not want to leave this moment without being changed by the truth of the gospel pray as you been listening to Dr. Dorothy's been teaching and preaching.

Open your heart to what he wants to share next are you ready to give you half in life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that Arneson and I know that Jesus died for me on the cross today, I repent of my sins and by faith I received in Jesus name, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting news you displayed along with Dr. Wilton to give your life to Christ and we dedicate your life to Jesus were so excited and want to rejoice with you. Dr. Don would like to pray for you and put some resources in your hands if you call us at 86689 with those out right away.

Again, that's 866-899-9673. Dr. Don loves to hear from you. His email is Don love to pray for you to know how God is working for the ministry.

The Encouraging Word again that's Don Dio and DEW or call us anytime at 866899 word 866-8999

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