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R629 Future Events Pt.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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January 20, 2022 8:00 am

R629 Future Events Pt.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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January 20, 2022 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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You should encourage fighting together today in the Bible is Dr. Don Wilton all future events is today's topic to discover that and more resources like true events on our website by TW DW Dr. Don Wilton began to look at the first of the seven general categories of future events that Jesus spoke about himself in the Olivet discourse Matthew chapter 24 reports what Jesus said while on the Mount of olives with these disciples just prior to his bed. That is why it is called the Olivet discourse. The Mount of olives became and is today a very significant place because that's the place where Jesus met many times you can picture the scene. It's also the place where Jesus the same to go back to be seated at the right hand of the father. It's the place where Jesus will come back to when he comes back for the second time. It also looks across.

If you stand on the Mount of olives and you look from the Mount of olives toward Jerusalem looks down in the scenes on the city of Jerusalem, and many of the pictures that you see on television taken from the Mount of olives looking across at the bell in the bottom of the rock, which is a highly disputed area of territory between the Palestinians and the Israelis currently controlled by Muslims the temple mount will be talking a lot about that.

It's by no accident that this was the place where Jesus spent a large portion of his lost days before he went through the Kidron Valley and lost by or through the garden of Gethsemane and climbed up the hill onto the Mount of olives way he delivered this discourse in today's terminology, perhaps you could say that this was a sermon that Jesus preached it was a it was a Bible study. It was a lesson that he that he and Jesus was saying something and he was on spring.

What I believe to be three very important questions that the disciples lost in Matthew 24 verse three.

You can read about those questions that the first question lost tell us when this will happen Jesus and just spoken about this beautiful temple, and the fact that it was going to be brought to ruin more tell us when this will happen.

The second question is right they will be the sign of your coming, it's a big personal question relating to the Messiah and I remember that the disciples believed that he was the Messiah, even though they would use most of the Jews did not believe that he was the Messiah because they were still looking for deliberate someone who would brandish a sword and set them free from their Roman oppressors. So the disciples were asking a question, perhaps in response to the things that Jesus had taught many times in Jesus ministry that he might ask Logical reference he referred to the coming kingdom.

He used phrases like the kingdom of God is at hand. He spoke about the fact that he was going to come again you remember in John's Gospel don't be troubled. I'm going to come again. He spoke about him.

He spoke about his brief on the cross he spoke about the relationship between himself and God the father also remember Jesus just this is very interesting to know Jesus spent a lot of time teaching them about the Holy Spirit. At this stage that I didn't know about the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit had not yet come.

Jesus had to leave in order for the spirit to God and that happened in the book of acts you remember. I think across see this because the instruction concerning the Holy Spirit in the book of acts. In chapter 2 we have the duration of the Holy Spirit and then we have the commencement of the work of the Holy Spirit and Jesus had pulled all these things well the disciples. All of this, they were theologically sector record and tell you that I have a lot of questions, questions, and yet we have three of them number one when will this happen. Number two. What would be the sign of your coming, and number three by the right lower limit thinking about that. When will be the end of the eggs well. The disciples considered it to be there. This document I we done we don't readily think about the end of the age in 2050 we think about the end of the age as it pertains not. They were thinking about right now. They were thinking about the kingdom of God is at hand.

That means wow any moment. This is going to come across. They couldn't see beyond the curtain of time so it is and I'm going to pick up in verse 10 chapter 24 of Matthew today just a few verses Jesus is at that time, not you. Just look at me for a moment I didn't get very far without reading Jesus said at that time. That's what we're talking about what time. Some people say well it has to do with the destruction of Jerusalem. I don't believe that for second is everything Jesus said, not only begins but goes way beyond the scrap destruction of Jerusalem and besides that the disciples were thinking about these things. And besides that went off the question right off the bat. He is coming and we know because we have the vantage point of the whole of Scripture. We know from our perspective that he is coming not have to do with the temple at Jerusalem have to do with the time we we know that.

Remember we looking at this from a different perspective than with the disciples we looking at this in 2002 we got a whole lot of Bible study and we but wonderful preachers and teachers of the word of God. So Jesus said at that time, laptop the end of the and what is he saying about that. He says at that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.

Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold but clear abuse. He stands firm to the will be sorry that I just got the site was apparently it seems like what Jesus was saying is that persevering to be in is going to be the reason why you say perseverance will not save you.

In fact, I'm going to tell you that you and I cannot persevere. Why did Jesus trip about persevering to the end of the day what Jesus was saying is that those of us who have been re-generated those about to begin the spirit of the of God by the power of God through salvation that is the salt of the spirit of God in us so richly need to put it like this.

He said we all brought it about. We all garrisoned about. We are protected by the mighty power of God and Jesus was saying is that the map of a true believer is the fact that such a person is going to endure and will remain true to his or her professional faith in Christ Jesus. No matter what goes on. Well, there are seven major general categories that we are looking like a squad a while to get through the last week we looked at the first one of these birth pains. We discovered that their inverse site.

These are the beginning of birth pains. The second general category of future events that Jesus was talking about your laws, enduring believers now want you to listen to that. Hope you have your Bibles notebooks and pains, pencils, and that you are asking the spirit of God to give you a real insight into his word today we going to be on the subject.

For the next two or three weeks. No doubt you see right here in this passage, Jesus makes a statement he says in verse 13. Those who stand firm in will indeed be say nothing, just a quick word. How are you say your site first time, cost, salvation is an historical event, you will save time cost Jesus saved you up on the cross, you are save time present because you given your heart to Jesus that you are being saved time future, because God's power is sustaining you unto salvation. That's why pool talking about breaking the preaching of the cross is foolishness under those who are being say that I'm to those who are being perishing rose to all perishing those who are dying, it is dismissed with well Jesus comes in and he makes an incredible statement. How do we see this in perspective. Well, maybe we need to try look at this a little more closely together. I should just imagine Bible says we will be called up together to meet him in the clouds and so shall we ever be with the little this is not the second coming. Suddenly Jesus was teaching us very Jerusalem suddenly makes an appearance in the sky and believes go back to be with him, but all court up now. What's going to happen here folks that's going to happen number one the believers wrong number two. The church is God number three the spirit of God is real. Weight is the spirit of God will in our hearts in the heart of the believer when the believers gone the spirit of God is gone.

The church of Jesus Christ is God. So guess what happens. Jesus comes takes the spirit of God takes himself takes the believers the church out of this building to heaven right at this point and immediately when you have a world that has no spirit, no Christian church no moral reference know nothing. You immediately have absolute after Kyle's after Kyle's those who are left behind the rear brakes into chaos accepting there's a man that rises up his name is antichrist and amended teaching about antichrist antichrist rises up any PC signs a piece with Israel not going to go to depot Sam babysit you, Pip, Lisa and Sam if you would stand over here right field that's part of between Kim Holt where the church's rapture and Sam Davis are not there is a seven year period divided into two equal hall and there's a lot to think about.

The Bible calls this the tribulation the time of great distress. During this time, we're all going to be people who will come to know Jesus Christ, the Bible thinks of them as tribulation saints that all save for two reasons. The word of God and the testimony about I'm going to preach on the tribulation sign so don't worry about dipping some of you going to say white among the spirit of God's gone.

The church is gone. Christians a bond how to people in the tribulation come to know Jesus Christ Bible tells us how you can go to Revelation 20 and read about the men. Revelation chapter 6 when the seals open opens the seals Jesus Christ himself when he opens the sixth seal that you see the tribulation saints being backward for the cause of Christ. We are all going to be people during that time going to put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ, that thing this morning they were going about you risk that you want to say, well, I'll just take my chances and right because that doesn't because that's going to happen you gonna die having Susan Wright. And if you die having single-layer grace. The Bible says that you can never come into the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ and so you got the seven year. That we come so that the words this is the word Jesus, by the way he is use the word John says in the beginning was the word the word was with God, because God is God.

This is the word Jesus Christ the son of the living God, which began over there teaching us in the flesh. We beheld his glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace and the rent became any break among us. And then he prepped us God.

He ascended when he came back in the clouds to receive the church Sunday himself and for seven years. Jesus Christ back in heaven, believers Bob tribulation is going on and at the end of the seven years Jesus Christ comes back in person the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ becomes literally wobbly in person he lands on the Mount of olives on the Mount of Ascension with the church where believers will be coming with them. You have the battle of Armageddon, the thousand year reign of Christ and the setting up of the new kingdom. The new heaven and the new, would you go back to point one place or not, folks where we what we do.

We are standing with the Lord Jesus Christ. We are seated on the Mount of olives with starting his word and reassign Lord you all the word. Please show us these things.

Thank you.

Please show us these things.

So Jesus said those who stand firm to the end will be. Say he's talking about the endurance of believers. Jesus is talking about the genuineness of the faith of one who has been stamped sealed with the seal of the Holy Spirit guarantee his relationship with God the father through the shed blood of Jesus Christ upon the cross is the question why does the Lord Jesus Christ use enduring believers as one of the seven future signs of the end of the simply put, because Jesus is telling us that he is prophesying he is telling us that as we move from the Mount of olives to his second coming in the battle of Armageddon. As we move from this point to the rapture of the church. We are going to see an increase in things and circumstances that are going to take place that updated increase in rapidity as we tripped about with birth pains that updated come to the culminating point so that in these last days, which is the tribulation. The manifestation of the presence and antichrist is going to reach its ultimate climactic expression does my question and we only got to get through one of its use. It but Jesus was pointing to. That is part and parcel of enduring believers, what is it that they come up against what you believers have to deal with what is going on in the world that Jesus was referring to that is ultimately going to sift the sheep from the goats.

What is going to reveal the true heart of man number one. The appearance of false Christ's the appearance of false Christ's look at verses four and five Jesus answered, watch out that no one deceives many will come in my name, claiming, I am the Christ, and will deceive many.

I remember folks with thinking here about a chronological unfolding of the eschatological mind of Almighty God, we are dealing here with a process that leads to the culminating event which is the rapture of the church tribulation and the glorious coming of our Lord Jesus Christ when he comes again. We will have a new heaven and a new earth in the first one of these reviews is going to be the presence of false Christ's let's understand something to bear. They will false Christ before Jesus cut. We know that there will false Christ. While Jesus was upon the earth.

We read all about the every shape and form. There were the Epicureans, there were the Gnostics, you could go on down the list. They were the Pharisees and the Sadducees, and they were false Christ that appeared often Jesus came and if you can't study your history through the blockade is etc. the unfolding role. What then is one thing you going to notice and that is simply this, weapon numbers and the intensity of false Christ's appearing in the world has grown by leaps and bounds.

I mean, you can't even compare the parsing tree that we lived in the beginning of the Paul century the church basically lived in peace.

The church in many places in the world have no competition or relatively little call to something that was out there for weird people. That was something that you know those people out there good, but it never infiltrated the mainstream of human society. It's not so anymore. Folks and false Christ's appearing everywhere, but one that I want to look at verse four. Jesus answered what job do you see that the where they watch family would you do any Greek textual study comes from the word Blackpool easy word to remember BL EPO one conflagration you know the word Lipo means in the Greek text. It beautifully means that what Jesus was saying is see-through that you take note what Jesus was saying is listen.

I want you to keep your eyes open. I want you to be aware of these things.

I want you to be bold I want you to be on the watch I want you to be vigilant to be spiritually due to be so the spirit of the living God's grace. Open the brutal understanding things only put to the heart of God himself. Hearts prayer for God's love to pray with you and for you anytime on the prayer line at 866-899-WORD the number down, start new cell 24 hours a day. We here at 866-899-9673 or T EW about today's great teaching Dr.Jesus was saying something here that was remarkable to see a world without Christ as Brian world without Christ doesn't rent doesn't recognize the difference between a false Christ and someone who genuinely worship Jesus else. When I have people come to me on occasions Alexei to me boss Ron want to start a new ministry. My ministry and I begin to realize that that person starting a ministry has no regard for the local church. No regard for the authority of the local church has no connection into the local church and the Bible is pushing the person of Jesus Christ and begins to go up.

Why, because Jesus said you make certain that you keep your eyes open. I don't just fill out a bedroom, the time somebody wants to start a ministry, we got a very good people starting ministries in America today is tomorrow ministry. I was going to start my own ministry, then there's nothing wrong with that God uses people from missions through every circumstance of society, but there is no substitution for the local New Testament church because Jesus said it is apparent that I will be much the acid test of any ministry is not the crowd that we grow the size of the church, all the miracles we prefer the amount of money or the budget that we have the acid test on the presence of Jesus Christ is who Jesus Christ is that we must keep the main thing the main thing this is all about the Lord Jesus thought about Don Wilton, it's not about the chairman of deacons.

It's not about buildings is not about budget. Jesus said I say nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him folks there are people today who become so Brian people running off the fine stories and funny favors young people today going out looking for two things they looking for entertainment theology. I'm going to go somewhere where I can be enter time and if I can find a church or an organization that is going to scratch my YouTube, I can be sufficiently enter time. That's what I want to be the second thing that is looking for his license theology license theology. My friend means that there are those out there who actually giving us license to sin. People love that I can find a church where the preacher says look it's okay Bob is mind. That's where I want to be.

Are you not doesn't matter, we now need to preach the word of God love you know that there's something that we'd all be around those becoming enough and we we find license. It's an accommodation. This is what Jesus was.

Jesus was talking Jesus was saying, listen, let's talk for a moment about those who stand firm to the end because they the ones are going to be site one because they have genuinely met the site is not a masquerade turn with me very quickly to second Peter chapter 2 term equipping about second Peter chapter 2.

That's what the Bible says, second Peter two verse two, verse one Peter confirms what Jesus was talking about. Obviously is not Peter says second predetermined verse one, but there were also false prophets among the people, just as they will be false teachers among you ready for this. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign world, bringing swift destruction on themselves. Here's the part that stuck many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way up to into disrepute.

In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up.

And so it goes. I'm always deeply perplexed when I hear people say will man I like to go to this church because I love to just hear all the stories folks listen loving Jesus Christ and learning about him is not just about telling stories Jesus here was burning us about false prophets about false Christ's and he was saying. On the one hand, the emergence of false Christ's is a sure sign as to those who are the two charts of Christ because they stand and get on the other side. The emergence of false prophets already signed those who are living life.

You are not genuine who have never met Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for listening to today's teaching with Dr. Don Wilton before we get away here. These closing thoughts Dr. Don Wilton are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now.

Dear God, I know that on the center and I know that Jesus died for me on the cross.

Today, I repent of my sin and by faith I receive you into my heart. In Jesus name, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God.

This is exciting news just your life to Jesus Christ.

Welcome to the family of God, let us grow with you. Pray with you give me some free resources just call 866-899-WORD 9673 let us know if you give your life to Christ. We dedicate we want to have these free resources number again is 866-899-WORD 9673 or did you know The Encouraging Word has a YouTube channel on this channel you can watch over 100 of Dr. Wilton sermons can also listen to the weekly words of encouragement and devotional series written by Dr. Wilton. Visit us on our YouTube channel.

Today it's been a great day of teaching.

Let's continue that on our website right now GW that's T EW

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