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R703 A Guaranteed Covenant, Pt.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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October 14, 2021 8:00 am

R703 A Guaranteed Covenant, Pt.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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October 14, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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We all could use some encouragement and will find it together today in the Bible-based teaching of Dr. Don Wilton on The Encouraging Word today.

Dr. Wilson continues to speak about this guaranteed covenant.

We have between us as followers of Christ and the creator of the universe.

You know, in this day and age there is a pushback in many cases even in America against free speech and freedom of religion is a wonderful book out a message from Dr. Wilson on her website right now helping fuel us to understand how we respond in a loving, yet firm way as followers of Christ to have the courage to stand up for what we believe in books called a call for courage and the message be salt and light all on our website right now. you can take a peek. As we open God's word to Hebrews chapter 7 Dr. Don Wilton and the conclusion of a guaranteed, Dr. Don. He ran headlong into Pharisees and sadness, seizing Wayne into the temple people he might blind people see folders with the community went down. We have no problem but the question what did Jesus do. He went back to heaven as a fishing is he walking around is what what is Jesus doing what's Jesus doing right now. The Bible tells us folks that Jesus Christ is the gay didn't stop this whole intercession someone like me. That means that throughout time and eternity.

Jesus Christ received at the right hand of God the father is having a back you did you know that you might be forgotten something. I watch what the third thing is that he does. Not only does he complete salvation, not any does the concrete provide complete intercession, but he guarantees complete satisfaction. You see if you got 26 the Bible say is such a high priest is the Lord Jesus Christ means needs just by the way, I hope I don't burst your bubble with this one did you know that the Bible does not say that Jesus Christ solves all problems know some of us kind of thing.

Freddie's a sort of like a motor mechanic something goes wrong with the emoticon we take him to the motor mechanic in the motor mechanic finds the problem, not Jesus Christ so meets our needs.

He provides complete satisfaction.

The meeting of needs is far more significant than solving our problems because we now needs all may ask problems also problem-solving is temporary papering over the cracks.

Many times you will have a problem solving. It rears its head again the next day by going to be watching me for the next four or five months and I got me on all kinds of blood thinners and I'm not out of my head and I've got to give up parachuting and I'm not allowed to ride motorbikes and I go to stop jumping off cliffs and I cannot arm wrestle with my sons. In fact, black was just going to pieces. You know something, my friends, Jesus Christ guarantees complete satisfaction.

That's why he is the guarantor all of the compliment that has been made between me and my heavenly father. It's going to the second question that is the onset to what exactly Jesus does to guarantee this covenant, how exactly does Jesus guarantee this cup.

How does he do well. The Bible says it is done by means of two things. Number one he guarantees this covenant with a binding commitment. I want you to go back to verse 20 through 22 because of where it keeps coming up Golden. Did you know something. Folks, the Bible says this. The Bible say is that they was never an occasion when God told the Levitical priests of the Old Testament that they would serve.

According to his post. God never made an error. He never made an oath to any priest that he instituted the Old Testament brings to it was not bad because God instituted but he never did it with an oath he never made a binding commitment, not in one place. Nowhere in the Scriptures.

Those priests could only serve until the age of 50. They could only offer one sacrifice, one at a time for one sentiment at a time they died.

All of them. This passage tells us by old God. Even Aaron died. They were frail and weak. According to verse 28 God by no means bound their compliment relationship with him. By virtue of an but not so would Jesus Christ, the Bible tells us right there in verse 20 he says. And it was not without a note to others became priests without me, but when he became a priest with another one for the true consequences of what God did number one.

He is supposed to signify the permanence of the compliment that God's son and number two the signified the fact that God would never change his mind. That's what the psalmist said in Psalm 110 and blissful. The Lord is swollen and will not change his mind you, my son Lord Jesus Christ.

You are a priest forever. By the way if you've ever been to court. I know some of you have. We could ask solicitor about this.

I can tell you you go to court today and you are up for whatever it might be the prosecutor Everett is. The judge gets you up then you put your hand on the Bob and you raise your left panel you put your left and right right hand. I can't remember that God never done. Just wanted to put that in there. So whichever hand you put on is fine with me but you put your hand on the Bible. Raise your other hand and what you say. I promise to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. Excuse me. Why in the Constitution of the United States of America.

No matter what the anti-Christian league union has to say about no matter what the marchers and the protesters have to say about no matter how people try to do whatever they can to destroy the value system of this nation which is grounded in the word of God had to announce to you today my friend that when this country was founded. It was founded upon the fundamental principles that guarantee the compliment of God is even through the Lord Jesus Christ. That is why my friends, you can get on a machine gun but I will stand until my dying day and I will pledge allegiance to the flag of these United States of America one nation America better stop messing with God way better stop trying to take God out of everything that we do and removing the 10 Commandments and playing a game with we better be careful because it is God in Christ Jesus is the only guaranteed between God and man Jesus Christ. The equation G.

We got a full face. How did he do this, one with a binding commitment number two with them.

Horrific action Bible says in verse 27. The middle part. It says there that Jesus Christ sacrificed for their sins once for all when he offered himself. I want to submit to you today my friends that the cross of Christ Jesus was and horrific.

That's how Jesus Christ did it. He did it with a binding commitment and and horrific act when I was a student in Africa. I used to gonna work on farms and I screamed at least two of my summer vacations working on a massive sheep and cattle and wheat and maize fall massive massive fall hundreds of thousands of acres.

This, Mr. Gordon had 44,000 sheep and I would be put in charge of running the entire operation right there in central Africa. We use disorder sheep almost every day. You know how you kill a sheep at least back then you just live down just pick him up line down but you need any shoulder blade to slip these chin up a little bit and you stab him right in the jugular vein and then you cut his throat. One of these days, God's gonna allow me to get up and preaching this pulpit about the reality of the horrific nature of the cross. I've been into some churches where you working to church and there's a pretty picture of a pretty Jesus hanging on a clean little cross with a white linen wrapped around them with these head tilted over the side looking like he's taking a nap.

I want to tell you something. My friend that guarantee of this covenant is that the Lamb of God/from before the foundation of the went back out to the slaughter, and he opened not his. How would Jesus do this.

There's 1/3 question why exactly does Jesus guarantee this covenant. Why again. Verse 26 in one verse Bible gives us five reasons why Jesus guarantees this covenant number one because he is holy. Did you know that the holiness of God is that component of the character of Jesus Christ which points to God's holiness. My friend means that there was no sending Jesus Christ, which Satan could point to in John 1413 Jesus said, the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing to me. He means nothing to me because I am horny Peter said be because God is why Jesus becomes a three compliment between God because he is the guarantees. Sometimes we run away from the coffee to guarantee Jesus guarantees himself by becoming the guarantee the company changes everything will be right back with the rest of today's message with Dr. Wilt Dr. Don want you to know we're here for you.

Available 24 hours a day at 8668 appraisal Johnson number down stored in your cell would be happy to pray with you also to connect with resources that will help you grow in your faith. That's 866899673 or email us at that's TEW ballots get back to today's great teaching on a guaranteed covenant with Dr. Don Wilton, because he is blameless. That's what the word says in this 26 friend listen Blamelessness is the innocence of Jesus Christ. If he is holiness is the virtue by which Jesus Christ is connected to the heart of God the father is blamelessness is the virtue by which Jesus Christ is connected to the heart of man. He is the God man. He is innocent before man he injured no man he went about doing good. No wonder Pontius Pilate stood there in that temple called and washed his hands and he said I can find no fault with this man in the crowd screamed. Give us this, he winked as a lamb to the slaughter, and he opened his mouth. I could not play a charge in his feet. Why does Jesus Christ guarantee this covenant because he is holy because he is pure. Number three because he is pure.

Number two because he is blameless, number three, because he is pure. That's what the word of God says there is holy, he is blameless he is pure. I wanted that plane.

Well my friends put directly. It means that Jesus Christ, the son of God was free plea free from any moral or spiritual sin. There was no tight, no hint of sin in his life. Jesus Christ, despite his life remained untouched by human sinfulness. He remained undefiled. He was spoiled. He was the Lamb of God, without spot without wrinkle without blemish. He was talking about my Savior here. Who else could guaranteed this covenant could a priest know there's not a priest, not a minister, not plastering. This will that is either wholly or blameless or pure.

We are weak and sinful people. There is not a weakened wide Jesus Christ.

He is holy that points to God.

He is innocent and blameless that points to his relationship with man. He is a pure number four. He is set apart the word of God says he is set apart from sinners. By the way, the word we use that doctrinally is sanctification, which means that while Jesus Christ was not separated in person that is wobbling from those that he mixed and rubbed shoulders with. He was hopefully different in nature.

You know that's the clarion call about Christian discipleship.

Did you know that folks confess to you I don't need in places all the time that I enjoyed the food but some of those places make me awfully uncomfortable couple of months ago I was in Atlanta at the airport and I was starving to death. As usual, and so I found a Chili's. I think it's on Concourse B. You take a left and a rocker left and the right get lost in the crowd.

Ms. Chiles you got the escalator, I went up there on top the escalating Chili's. It was packed my plane was going to leave in about an hour. I knew I had no time they say look, it's going to take at least 45 minutes for you to get a seat so I say do you realize are you dealing with a man of my caliber.

They said well sir, there's only one seat left. It's right up there with the ball stuck in the corner. I said I'll take it.

I walked in there all by myself with my briefcase. I set up on that high chair put it down. I began order my salad or whatever it was I was having. And all of a sudden I started to look over my shoulder, in case Mr. L.

Clark, the chairman of deacons walk by all the sudden began to feel out of place. All I wasn't touching any alcohol. I wasn't doing anything I shouldn't do. I'm not trying to be holier than thou but I meant to tell you something. My friend there are some places that I go to that, even though I go to them.

I feel awfully uncomfortable. You know what that is. It's called sanctification. It means that when Jesus Christ comes into your heart.

You are separated on to him for righteousness.

All of a sudden you become a square peg in a round hole. All of a sudden when you're playing golf and everybody else was cussing it makes you feel uncomfortable sudden when you watch a movie and I keep blaspheming the name of Jesus, it makes you feel uncomfortable sudden when you standing around and they telling dirty jokes make you feel uncomfortable sudden when somebody invites you to go somewhere that cast is not savory just is not acceptable to God.

It makes you feel uncomfortable I want to tell you why Jesus Christ guarantees the because you set apart any questions.

Number five, because he is exalted above the heavens. You know what happened. According to the passage that needs exalted above the heavens advantage is simply this, God looked down upon this one, whom he had addressed is my beloved son in whom I'm well pleased, and he glorified the son exalted him, he seated him at the right hand of the father when he makes intercession for us. You noted means to be exalted above the heavens. It means that God was making a statement that Jesus Christ is superior to anything and all things pertaining to his creation that there is not a single thing that can come to mind that can claim ascendancy, readership or authority over the son of God, but a single thing well is one final question. All of these things having been said narratives when exactly does Jesus Christ guarantee this, when welders 28 tells us three things that belong to that question when exactly does Jesus Christ guarantee this, number one now because the son of God has been appointed. That's what the word says. Folks listen makes to get 2004. Guess what's gonna happen when does Jesus Christ guarantee this covenant. It is now because Jesus Christ has already been appointed. According to this passage in verse 28 for the law appoints as high priests men who are weak, but the oath, which came onto the law, appointed the son announcement to write to you today. Jesus Christ doesn't need any kind of political campaign Jesus Christ my friend is not going to go and interview with Larry King and Barbara Walters for that matter Jesus Christ is not going to have to sit on a platform and debate with all the candidates lined up to see who's going to tell the best lies in who's going to get the hearts of the people.

Jesus Christ doesn't even come inside your money though, so I want you to know God has already appointed the president he's in place. Here's the King forever. There is no need for an election and I want you to know something. There is no need for a political manifesto. There is nothing that needs to be said. I want you to know that everything that has been said has been said is being done. And Jesus says I want to money. I want you to take your money. I want you to put it in your church.

I want to give up the boys and girls and for missing church mission trips.

I want you to bring my kingdom upon this earth want you to lay up treasures in heaven when my the multiple seed corrupt and I want to tell you why because my son the Lord Jesus Christ has already been appointed as the president of the universe and his appointment has come by virtue of the God, and we will never change.

I beg of you today precious frame. I beg of you today. Have you voted for this one you given your life to the Lord Jesus Christ. That's the question that if you've heard Dr. before. It's not the first mention perhaps this is the first time that you're not hearing Dr. Don asking a question.

You know that God is using this broadcast because he loves you and is pursuing a personal relationship with you for Dr. Dorothy's been teaching and preaching now open your heart to what he wants to share next are you ready to give your heart walk to the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm so happy to hear that wanted to pray this prayer dear God, I know you love me very, very, and I know that the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross so that I might be forgiven today. I repainted my sin. I confess my sins and I invite you to come in to my life in Jesus name I pray, if you prayed that prayer. Let me be the first want to welcome you to the family of hope that you know how much I'm going to be praying Nick and in just a moment I come back for the final parade along with Dr. to give your life to Christ to rededicate your life to Jesus.

We want you know we are excited to see what God's going to do in your life were also excited to see how we can help how we can free you through those next steps and how we can help you with some resources. Dr. Don Wilton is prepared just for you like to receive those call us at 866-899-WORD and let us know like to Christ for today. Dedicate your life to Jesus phone number is 866-899-9673 attitude anytime any 24 hours days.

Dr. Don says we all need to a.m. friends and we love to be one of yours. That's 866899673 or email us at you find great resources like this. No one is born courageous to have courage when the time comes this month for your gift of $25 or more to The Encouraging Word you will receive the salt and light powerful message series by Dr. Wilson that includes a Christian's response to a nation in crisis and Christian response to personal and less you will receive a call for periods, still staring you into action. Both of these ministry resources you know why you should respond now. I do not remember the spirit of fear can stand out: 866899999673 request to be something like bone like a copper courage to thank you for listening and thank you for supporting The Encouraging Word sporadic. That's is one of many resources on our that's Steve EW while you're there, take a moment and sign up for the daily email devotion from Dr. you can sign up today to get in the next couple of days that's on line at the bottom of our website TW before you get away closing thoughts from our pastor and chief encourager Dr. Don Wilton but here I am again what a day this is been, you know, one of the things I want to say to you is.

Let's stay connected. You know we got so many means to be able to do that you can write to us email as she got all the details directly in front of us. We all were a family together. We stay connected in so many ways and your life is very important to me. I seen and gone, shows and I want to be held Friday with you and connect with you and be a vital part of your relationship will growth your needs in mind.

I'm in your shoes and I want to pray for. Please don't stop Corliss rock tests keep crying, giving keep connecting keep rejoicing, keep celebrating, keep striving on his own. He strode this is The Encouraging Word and now you know why at times going through labor.

Don't forget 866-899-WORD anytime day or night for prayer 866-899-WORD 9673 or meet us on our website TW that's T DW and I would ask you why you there discover more about who we are, where we come from the years that we've been broadcasting our connectedness to financial accountability organizations the reality that Dr. Wilton and Dr. Graham have a great relationship with Pastor Tim over 20 years and noted that I don't say that to brag on anything but say this is firm soil. God is using every day to see lives so would you consider prayerfully getting involved in a ministry.

Prayer is the most important value you know changes lives ask you to pray for us and would also ask you to invest you like to give financial you'll find more information on our website at T. W we believe biblically-based preaching is rated picture

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