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R701 Why Jesus

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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October 12, 2021 8:00 am

R701 Why Jesus

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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October 12, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based teaching of Dr. Don Wilton had a message called why Jesus this is The Encouraging Word featuring the Bible-based teaching of Dr. Don Wilton well-known author seminary professor, evangelist Pastor, and over the last 20+ years the pastor to Dr. Billy Graham's marriage is a wonderful book about that on our website right now. Had tea W that tells you little about Dr. Don Wilton as I bring will take these next moments to understand his passion for the Bible itself, God's Encouraging Word will head to Hebrews chapter 7 as we study the word together and by the way, if you want to sign up for the daily encouraging devotion from Dr. Don can do that on our that's DEW now. Today's great teaching Dr. Don Wilton why Jesus Christ right to read you just a few verses. This is an incredible passage Hebrews 7 verse 11 we got to consider the question why Jesus Christ section could have been a train through the Levitical priesthood. Remember in the Old Testament, by the way, the Levites served as priests and their basic intention on God's instructions wants to provide her affection for the people of Israel by giving them access to God, not the condition here.

This could have been a train on the basis of the law was given to the people. Why was this still need for another priest to come one in the order Melcher's addict, not any older member only Levites could serve as priests and we learned last week. Melcher is was knocked off the old, he was not a Levite.

He was a type of Christ. He was a picture of Jesus Christ.

We study that lost week verse 12 when there is a change of the priesthood. There must also be a change of the law why the Old Testament had little Moses the 10 Commandments. For example, thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not covet. The Bible says that with the change of the priesthood that is Jesus Christ.

They must be a change in the law. Does that mean to say that the Old Testament law is no longer valid. I'm going to show you that that is not what is being said. Jesus didn't come to replace the low became as the full length of the law will see that in a moment. Verse 13 he of whom these things of Satan belong to a different tribe and no one from it all. From that tribe is able served at the altar.

Unless you are Levite. You couldn't do it, for it is clear that our Lord dissented from Judah in regard to tribe Moses Satan thing about priests.

Never a priest that came out of the tribe of Judah, and what we have say it is even more.

If another priest like vouchers of a capri is one who has become priest, not on the basis of the regulation as to his say history but on the basis of the power of an indestructible life that would be, by the way, indestructible is very similar to the word in verse 11. Perfection. Jesus Christ was indestructible. He was the one that is why Jesus Christ was the Lamb who was slain from before the foundation of the world and that plan was without thought and without blemish, we gonna discover something in a moment that is most excited. How do we obtain perfectness.

Well, it couldn't be achieved through the Old Testament law, but it is achieved through Jesus Christ because he is the indestructible one. He's the perfect one. He's the son of God. Verse 17 for a district. You oh Lord, are a priest forever in the order Melcher's addict verse 18 and 19 remarkable to verses told the other congregations. I wish I could preach a whole series on that some of you would say I know you would do just to verses that we could spend 12 weeks on those two verses all guaranty, the former regulation is set aside because it is weak and useless for the law made nothing perfect and was introduced by which we draw near to God to questions here, one who was Melcher's addict. We looked at that lost week number one. He was a priest of the most high God.

He was usually the coming together of the God competent in the God universal priest of the most black body was also a royal priest, Levite priest could serve as King Melcher's addict was a type of King network topology is all about a biblical understanding Jesus Christ is King he rules and he reigns number three. He was a religious and peaceful priest the character the heart of God. Number four. We lived in the first verses of chapter 7. He is a unique priest God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, you got it unique son.

Nothing like no one lacking Melcher's addict was in unique priest. Jesus Christ is unique like you know you can arrival him nobody who can take his place and number five using eternal priest. He served for that is why Jesus Christ is our priest forever.

Off to the order of Melcher's a day why Melcher's addict, while the second most important question here then is why the need for another priest.

In other words, subject this morning why Jesus anybody ever come to you and say to you why the Lord Jesus Christ, but we gotta trot on so that in the light of what God is saying here in his word. Now there are three reasons given as to why Jesus in this passage I want to share them with number one because of failure fight the Old Testament system was a fight all yes God gave the Old Testament system. It was instituted by God. Priests were appointed by God's name to serve God through sacrifices for sin one sacrifice 417.

At one time but the whole system was a failure to see my friends.

The Bible tells us that the Old Testament priest failed to provide perfection. Someone comes to you and says what is perfection what you told perfection is gaining access to God. The action is not what I am who I am. Perfection is safe to God because it is only by virtue of my access to God that I am counted righteous because God having saved me through the shed blood of Jesus Christ we not have access to him when I'm reconciled to him through the shed blood upon the cross, I received the imputed righteousness of God. I have access to God and made perfect, not because of me, but because of Jesus Christ in me see my friends, God the coming of the new priesthood for two reasons. The new priesthood would be superior to the old priesthood and a new priesthood that would be forever remember priest could only serve until the age of 50, and besides that, all of them died. Jesus serves forever and he lose forever. Somebody say amen to that Hebrews chapter 10 in verse 14 will get to Hebrews chapter 10 are promising within the next 10 years will get but Hebrews chapter 10 in verse 14 by one offering he has perfected for all time is likely be sanctified and that amazing you know that God says that about you and me. You know that those inmates and those prisons young people some of whom will never get out of prison that incarcerated. They bring trains for the rest of their lives who gave their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ this week.

They all being perfected because they are being sent, sanctified by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The Old Testament system. Five. Second reason why Jesus is because of necessity man was struggling.

We know about that.

I struggle don't you anyone here ever struggled with your Christian faith boy of our struggle obvious to him so many times I can't even begin to imagine priests with faltering left and right Jewish Christians were wavering now. According to this passage, Christ's sacrifice signal change and change was the result of necessity necessity brought about change and change was the result of the necessary finished work of Jesus Christ upon the cross that you gotta stick with me, ladies and gentlemen, this is critical to our Christian faith is very important stop. I know it's deep but I want you to just hang in.

They just listen carefully to what God is saying to my friends. There are three necessities of which the word of God teaches us number one the necessity for total assurance and security for salvation through Christ Jesus was needed see these people and being told, the Messiah would come. Many of them and given their hearts to Jesus Christ but they had neither assurance nor security, it was necessary for these things to be explained in the light of Melcher's addict because the Jews understood Melcher's addict laws God was speaking to them out of their own frame of reference. The second necessity was the necessity for a total break from the cost which was demanded to know that they were people here in the New Testament they were Jewish people, very sincere people who'd grown up with their religious rituals and they believe that what they did was right.

According to the Old Testament they had read about the Messiah, but they refused to accept Bible says he came to his own buddies own received him not. But to those who did receive him, to them gave he power and the word they is the righteousness of the right to become the sons of God by virtue of the fact that they had believed on him.

He is my the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Well, many of them had believed Donnie's name but they couldn't get their lives all their cost. I had a lady come to me one time she said to me.

Foster. She said I've given my heart to Jesus. I've confessed my sin. I know that my name is written in the Lamb's book of life, but I still continue to follow some of the rituals of my full religion just in case you omit adjusting case kind of Christian, I don't doubt that lady's genuineness of your salvation. I'm not questioning that. I believe she's a sidelight but she said to me with all of the heart. She said to me pasta. I know I'm saved on Jesus Christ as the only white but I still continue to practice rituals and things that I grew up with. Just in case Jesus save on. The only way what's the number one hallmark of Christian discipleship. No rivalry. Did you know that God tolerates no opposition. Any questions God plus nothing is not an attitude he's not a mathematical rider.

He doesn't complement nothing if you understand my good English. The Bible says friends they needed to break totally from the path. The third necessity was that the picture of salvation giving in the Old Testament had to be replaced by the person of the New Testament. That's what the Lord's supper.

Jesus looked to be his disciples and he said do this in remembrance of me. You got do this in remembrance of me not do this in remembrance of Melcher's addict, or do this from remembrance of some picture that you sold. Do this in remembrance of your ritual or do this in remembrance of your upbringing or do this in remembrance of your birthright will do this in remembrance of your ancestral connections. Jesus said do this in remembrance of me. The picture given in the Old Testament the type of Christ in this case through Melcher's addict be replaced with the person of the new cub that is the Lord Jesus Christ. The third reason why Jesus is because of evidence. The Messiah had come evidence was needed for three reasons, one because of the change that had to take place.

Jesus Christ did not. In Holland's Judaism when Jesus came he did not add to Judaism when Jesus came he did not validate Judaism Jesus replies Judaism chronologically. I think one of my favorite meals is roast lamb. I love roast lamb. Nobody can prepare better than my wife.

I love roast lamb roast potatoes roasted vegetables I mean everything. I just thought I love it. I could just see if I can taste it. I can't wait to have it out by habited but but you know what I love about roast lamb.

If you see a lady suddenly stand up and leave.

It's probably my wife but it bit by habited I you know what I love. On top of all of that.

It's the gravy stupid love driving this when I eat gravy. Don't give me that watery stuff you did in restaurant runs all of our life like good, solid, great lots of it. You know some people think God Jesus classes, like gravy you know you have a great plate of food, spiritually speaking and Jesus is kind of the sweetness. He sort of the juice. You can't just put them on top to make it taste better. The D replies Judaism folks Jesus would like us to sit on the way the truth and the life no man can come to the father but by me.

He's not driving he's the real thing. In fact these the only thing you're listening to Dr. Don Wilton, our teacher, your The Encouraging Word don't go away will be back to complete today's message from Hebrews 70 just a moment.

Dr. Wilton wants me to remind you that we are here to connect with you and to connect with great resources that will help you grow in your faith is not heard about call for courage. It's a wonderful combination will only be salt and light a message from Dr. Wilson that helps us in this particular day and age stand up for who we are as Christ's followers. Never before have we faced more opposition in this book and this message church will help fuel you and fueled me and our loving response to the world around us again. You'll find all the details on our that's TEW and while you're there, sign up for the daily devotion from's right there at the base of our website TE W now back today's great teaching Dr. Don Wilton not only because trains had to take place, but because Jesus was the people in the little house on people that say wait a minute, what about the law of Moses. What about the pain.

Come on, let me tell you something. Evidence of the death of Jesus Christ testimony to the fact that Jesus hears everything tomorrow. He is righteousness and justice and as such, Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of the law because it is he is very nature of all the little son when Jesus Christ comes into Maha.

The law of God to the side become to the law and give allegiance to a picture of the law and received all in the righteousness of God number three. The third evidence pertains to the fact that because he was the completeness of reconciliation between God and man. Nothing more has to be done.

The evidence was provided. We bossed the question why why Jesus while there are three reasons failure necessity. The need for evidence does for the coming of Jesus, the sacrifice of Jesus. The superiority of Jesus fulfilled two essential longings of all mankind and folks, if you go to chapter 7.

I want you all look at that in verse 18 and 19). Those verses you find the two essential longings of all people. Number one the most greatest longing of all mankind is to have a bit of hope. We came into this juvenile center mirror image went through getting checking security and all of a sudden I look off to everybody's gone through and has this young man standing there. Head Valdez got handcuffs around his wrists. He's got trains from his wrists around his waist. He's got at least three sets of trains around his waist, then he's got handcuffs on his ankles. I don't if you've ever seen somebody with handcuffs on the ankles and the handcuffs on his ankles were trying to get then there was a train from his ankle to his waist and a trains from his waist to his wrists and Comes this boy.

His hands were folded almost looked like he was kind of impression he was buyout of any was walking in the little shuffle like us just little states shop shop in shop little states didn't look up look down shuffle shuffle train like an animal train like an animal standing on either side of him to burly police officers with a gun off today putting through security I went one of those offices and save officer tell me about that boy. He said Rev. you don't have the time to hear the sauce it about the time he said, let me tell you about it. He said when that boy was seven years of age he came to this prison for the first time seven years old.

Some of you say how can that be. We've seen them all over folks in one of the prisons. We were in this week there was a whole section of kids that with 10 years of age.

This boy was seven years old. One of the prisons this week there was a seminal eight-year-old that Austin Warden and he said no he's about seven ideas of age, little boy.

You can't imagine how little it is folks in a big man's present. You can't imagine looking at a seven-year-old child in prison.

He said to me, Rev., that boy came in here when he was seven.

We send him home. He turned around and came back with Sandy mommy turnaround came back we send them home. We turn we came around back that the age of title IX, he committed the ultimate crime, the juvenile justice looked at him and say to him young man. You never gonna learn your lesson. Are you phenomena throw these keys away.

We are to put you in jail.

So long you forget your mama is.

He said to me, Rev., that was 10 years ago to the boys being in prison here for 10 years.

His entire childhood. He's use he's been incarcerated like an animal and he said Rev. yesterday.

The parole board believed he was rehabilitated and decided to send him home.

Given one more chance.

I said wait a minute now officer you sent him home yesterday off the teen years in prison. He said yes sir I say what's he doing back here. He said will revenue don't seem to understand when he went home.

They were not home to go home to. He has no mama, no daddy. Nobody wrote them late as nobody made phone calls nobody cared about him when he got to where he 40s home was. He stood on the street side there for a couple hours didn't know what to do.

The other side of the road. There was an old lady and African-American lady walked across the street began to beat waited for the police to come pick them up, putting been transported back to prison areas.

Rev. got me more questions you know that America is filled with people who have no hope asked stadiums of food, with people screaming at football games and basketball games put a favorite team but I have no their moms and dads and young people, people who may not be in prison but they are incarcerated.

Bailing trends because I have no there are people crying out all over the road because I have no this is what the Bible says. The Bible says that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is not a message to share with you today.

It's about the hope that we have in Jesus.

It's the greatest longing of all mankind and the second greatest longing is to draw near to God because by drawing near to God.

We all made perfect and how can we ever be made if we don't take all that we have in Jesus Christ.

Where is the smoke that is to live in that hope is tomorrow dried die because the Bible says Jesus comes into Maha didn't know that I know that I know that I know that I'm going to heaven to be with Jesus Christ. Jesus.

This is area one. Why Christ Jesus Christ because you value is the hope of the world is the hope for you in the hope but it's a must be received. It's not just to be given to you. You need to take action today Dr. Wilton as now he's stepped out of the pulpit and the studio shares with you what we all need to do next. Are you ready to give you a heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that on the center and I know that Jesus died for me on the cross today.

I repainted my sin and by faith I receive you into Maha. In Jesus name, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting news. If you just gave your life to Christ praying along with Dr. Wilton will rededicate your life to Jesus were so excited for what God is doing and he is going to Dr. Wilton has wonderful he wanted to have absolutely free if you call us. Let us send them to you. 866899 word is our phone number jotted down 866899673 and will send those free resources out right away.

We also want to pray with you and celebrate what God is doing is going to do in your life.

We have many resources that allow you to grow in your faith as a matter fact I mentioned one earlier. It's the call for courage and salt and white opportunity to study God's word together this list with all the details no one is born courageous courage when the time comes for your gift of $25 or more to The Encouraging Word you will receive the salt and light were to message series by Dr. Wilton that includes Christians response to a nation in crisis, and a Christian response to a personal attack.

Plus, you will receive a co-author carriage as soul stirring book that will help motivate you into action.

Both of these ministry resources will help you know why you should respond any how to respond when under attack. Remember the spirit of fear can stand: 866-899-WORD fax 86999673 request to be something like in the Bonnet's book, for courage today. Thank you for listening and thank you for supporting The Encouraging Word's morale are times today, but we can stay connected on our this phone number 866899 word that's 866-899-9673.

Talk to pray with someone like more details about this wonderful source of events today, including a call for courage be salt and light in the book Saturdays with Dr. Wilkins time pastoring Dr. Graham. It's all on her website. TW Thank you again for your prayerful and financial support of The Encouraging Word

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