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R1650 It Is Finished

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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September 25, 2021 8:00 am

R1650 It Is Finished

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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September 25, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Today's message from Dr. Don Wilton is it is finished. As we participate in the Lord's supper together. Won't you join us today.

Dr. Don Wilton takes us to the book of John chapter 19 in Hebrews chapter 1 to talk about the Lord's supper, and indeed to lead us, guide us to the participation of communion together. Perhaps you've never done this in a broadcast situation, but if you were just to consider grabbing a highway for a piece of bread water or some juice just a few moments Dr. Don Wilton lead you, allow you to participate even across the airways, even through this podcast radio broadcast to celebrate the Lord's supper together as we do so. Another were available for you connecting on our website right that's he and 866-899-WORD. We would love to connect with you now Dr. Don Wilton want you to me. First John chapter 19 I invite you to turn there with me. John chapter 19 I just want to read one verse to you. John chapter 19.

It is such a powerful verse as we prepare for the Lord's supper together does what the Bible tells us in John chapter 19 in verse 30 when Jesus had received the drink Jesus saying it is finished.

And with that he bodies it and gave up his spirit. Now turn with me to Hebrews chapter 1, two in your Bible. Those pages, let's share those pages turning and if you're looking at on your app I don't know how to hear that, but do it all right.

Hebrews chapter 1.

Let's understand what Jesus meant when he said it is finished. Hebrews chapter 1 in verse one in the possible God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these law studies you spoken to us by his son, whom he appointed heir of all things and through he made the universe the sun is the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word.

Often he had provided purification for sin, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven.

So he became as much superior to the Angels as the name he has inherited is superior to the may the Lord write his word upon our hearts today. Jesus on the cross said it is finished. So what does this mean what, according to the writer to the Hebrews. If we expound on this passage.

It is finished, means three things very clearly and this is God's word. What is it is finished.

What did Jesus mean it is finished.

Will the writer to the Hebrews tells us first of all that it means God has spoken any further questions.

That's what Jesus meant. God has spoken. What did Jesus do what was he saying why did he say it is finished.

We understand the context of the sacrifice that he made but he was announcing that God has done what God has done number one it means God a spoken number two it means God has appointed that's what it is finished really means God has appointed. In fact he he tells us in the second part of verse two he says God has spoken to us by his son, whom he appointed that little word there is.

It is remarkable it's it's a beautiful word really, you know, I think even in our churches.

We have a leadership summit together and help all of us work together in a sense, these we are all appointed. We will have our place out role every one of us so critical to everyone else. The body or functioning together. Can you imagine God the father full of grace and truth appointed his son Jesus walked number one. The Bible seems to be heir of all heir of all that God is number two as creator of all.

Number three is the radiance of God's glory. That little word radiance of God's glory means that this Jesus who paid the price for you and me sins forth God's light that word radiance means that he sends forth. He shows forth and he parcels over to the likes of you and me. The last of God and forth. He's appointed, meaning that he is the sustainer he didn't just make it because of these create a ship and radiated because of his lack ship.

He didn't just occupy a place God is telling us it is finished means that throughout my life I can know that this appointment this Jesus who paid the total price, the date for my sin.

Not only has done what he is done for me one time, but he sustains me. The holes make. He encourages me. He strengthens me by the mind and power of the spirit in the Jesus somebody say fantastic wonderful God has spoken. God is appointed, but there's 1/3 meaning of it is finished, means God has provided it means God is provided. That's what Jesus was signed on the cross he's looking out there. All of those of us because all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. He said it's finished. God has provided. Look at verse three. It's it's a powerful verse, verse three pieces, and often he had provided purification for sin at such a beautiful word there. What is purification mean it carries with it a threefold understanding purification for sin means forgiveness from it is finished. Jesus paid the price. His blood was shed for you and me this power in the blood. He has forgiven us from our sin, but it means. Secondly, purification means freedom to life, not just forgiveness from sin, but freedom will not only forgiven from, but we are free to live your Jesus said I love this verse. Jesus said excuse me, I have come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly.

That fantastic. I love that number three purification means fellowship with God because we have peace with God.

We been reconciled to him. That's what this is all about.

My friends, that's the Lords supper is there any wonder is that anyone off to having ministered on this earth that Jesus gathered his disciples together got them all together in an upper room and he said this cup. This Braden is what he said I'm going to give you my Martin translation. My cherished sons and daughters tomorrow. I'm going to go and finish it. Everything that needs to be done for you.

I'm going hundred I going to take me and I going to mail me to across and I'm going to give my life and shed my blood and in so doing, I'm going to take your son upon myself to the grave. You know something when I do, you going to not only be forgiven of your son, you going to be free. You going to be reconciled to God and fellowship with him. It's finished goddess spoke. There's no other way and I want you to remember this until I come back again we going to celebrate the Lord's supper together. All of us and at the end of this I'm going to ask you to respond to what Jesus is saying to you you value hinges me for a minute. Heavenly father right now all of us are going to participate in the Lord's table all who love Jesus. Father I pray that if there's anyone within the sound of my voice whose hearing the voice of God the Holy Spirit and needs to give their heart to Jesus. Now that they would now place the faith and trust in this is what I'm trying right now because you are praying I pray that people right now would confess they should and would trust you as Savior and and now Lord Jesus will going to participate together in the Lord's supper as I pray this prayer because it is finished. Jesus it has been done and we thank you. Together in Jesus name. Perhaps moments ago here in the middle of the program you are praying along with Dr. Wilton to make a decision course correction. Please know how we love to pray with you puts resources in your hands if you call us at 866899 word that's 866-899-9673 love to speak with you connect with great resources and adjustable and will return from this exciting announcement about the end times participate with the Lord supper together. Verse around the world are asking questions Jesus have to come join these questions from God cell phone, you will receive 15 coming early next pound frame. Both of these ministry resources will greatly blessed to motivate and encourage you to please our Lord's return. Sure and got everything under control.

Our living life 6899 wearing 866-899-WORD 9673 and request in the bonus book King is coming for yourself, your friends again, thank you for supporting The Encouraging Word now time to spread again at the resource. I pray you consider getting a hold of you can go to our website right now ITW but I pray that you would open your heart now to not just listen to participate with us as we celebrate the Lord's supper together. I'm going to recognize our chairman of the vice chairman of the tomorrow back.

I'm going to office Mark if he would be so kind as to come and pray a prayer of thanksgiving for the great thank you Mark is pray and the father Lord. Your word says for the bread of God is he who comes down from heaven to save this world or Jesus, you are that bread and we thank you for your unfailing love and your sacrifice on the cross, Lord, we pray that you bless this red and we do this in the honoring of you and your sacrifice payment. I want you to take your cup if you with us in downtown Spartanburg at celebration. You can just peel the top of that off and you see and we going to hold it. I don't want you to eat that radiant. I want to say to the many, many schools, hundreds and I believe thousands of people who are worshiping with us by way of television and online I want to give you a minute like sure that you have something cracker piece of bread. Remember, this is symbol of Jesus death. He died on the cross.

His body was broken for us so I'm going to take that cracker and I have it in my hand. Here and I'm just like you got tell you about my. I'm a Christian man I was shed time to tell you a few other things about me but that's not important right now.

I'm one of those disciples on the lever. I've given my heart to Jesus. I want to tell you something I've probably done a little more studying than some people when it comes to theology because that's been my life and I'm privileged. I am' in her and shifted in the preacher but you know something folks I don't need to overcomplicate this Jesus gave his life and his body was broken for me. You know when I was born quite a few years ago I was conceived and born in sin.

That's because of the sin of Adam, but they came a time in my life when I repented of Marson since sorry Bible says if you if you confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, you believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead beside I do, you know, I remember that day when I say Lord Jesus on and get all of this out an understandable but I confess my sin and I repent before you Marson was so real and I knew that in my sinfulness unforgiven that I would become damning to eternal.

I could have no fellowship with God because that relationship had been broken by Marson and then sold Jesus on the cross he gave his body for me. Just as Marcus just prayed all. I go to do right now is our vice chairman later. This is to say thank you Jesus in the Lord's supper. Jesus said to do this in remembrance. Let's remember what Jesus has done. I'm telling you, you and I will be blessed because of Jesus.

Then he goes all my nieces do this together. I know I'm a bit of a stickler on some of those things and some of you just smile at me. It it's symbolical of our oneness. You know all of us in different we men and women in old and young. We all come from our different walks of life and that you know when it comes to Jesus folks were one level the playing field because he he gave his body to be broken for me so thanking Jesus together. Would you would you join me. Would you be part of Lee and us. This is an awesome thing.

All of us. We just Christian people who love Jesus and let's thank him today for his body. Let's eat together. I'm not going to office and recognize our chairman of deacons Mr. Chip Foster and ask if he would be so kind as to come and to thank the Lord Jesus for the cup for his blood little sprite father, you have told us that there can be no forgiveness of sins without the shedding of blood fatherly. We thank you today for providing a way for us to be forgiven.

Thank you. This morning for taking a sinful man like me and giving me access to the father instead of the been seen as a sinful man on scene is a righteous man. Father, we thank you for your blood this morning Jesus name. Thank you for that beautiful prayer so I'm in turn mine upside down here and peel the top of this cup and if you're in downtown Spartanburg and celebration you're able to do this with me and many of you in ICU today and you precious ICU in that nursing home I see you in that retirement center in I see some of our brave wonderful firefighters men and women in blue, I love you guys and ladies we you mean the world to us and we we thank God for you and many of you are on Judy you you regarding our streets and is standing in for us in and you stopping for a minute and you have in your hand and when joining together. Jesus said, after supper he took the cup, when it sucked any since this cup is the new covenant, excuse me, cannot just read to you what that means quickly so in Hebrews chapter 9. The Bible explains it like this, says some this is the blood of the covenant which the Lord has commanded you to keep this is this is what Jesus said I'd I didn't go to tell you what he said because God has spoke. He did not enter the holy of holies, by means of the blood of goats and of cause, but he entered the most holy Place once for all, by his own blood, having obtained eternal redemption. How much more than will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself unblemished to God, cleanse our consciences from acts that lead to death that we may serve the living God.

For this reason Christ is the mediator of the new covenant. That's why when you pray, you should always pray. Dear God, and then close in and through the name of Jesus. Now them being technical with you, but that explains the Lord's prayer, Jesus explained. Pray he said off father which art in heaven, and he closed with a foot evidence the covenant that he makes with us. The eternal covenant through Jesus and is our chairman, has prayed for us.

Jesus gave us his life.

He laid down his life a ransom for many. He shed his blood gave it away so that we can take it and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin.

You and I have been forgiven because Jesus blood was shed at Calvary and that wonderful and then when he tells us when we drink and we do this we need to do together and again this so much division in the wound. Everybody is divided.

I mean today, you name it. Everybody's divided as matter what it is. Everybody's divided comes to Jesus, not in the house of God knows you and I love Jesus and it's all about the blood. I did this for me did this free, let's do this together in remembrance of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Let's drink together. Father is musicians common. Join me here on the platform as we try to close a service of worship time and as we prepare to go out into the thank you for making us whiter than snow whiter than snow. How can it be Lord today. You you allowed us to come together without grief in our concerns and now enjoys.

You've allowed us to participate together.

You brought us together.

You brought them together and you sit do this and we we've done this long. Then you went to the cross and in those disciples went out into the world and they feared for their life's, then the power of the Holy Spirit because Lord Jesus you went back you were seated at the right hand of the father, then you seem to spare, said not going all wound preach and teach and baptize in the name of the father Lord Jesus. Today there are people who are making and have made decisions for Christ.

I pray right now at this time. This public invitation that people would respond. Be bold upright people with common pray people coming to see people would come to declare the decisions they've made for Christ Lord your wonderful God thank you Jesus for telling us on the cross that final word. It is finished. Thank thank you for what you've done for us in Jesus name we pray together.

Amen. Perhaps today the Lord has spoken to you about the course correction.

You need the adjustment. I pray that you let us be a part of that next step. We have wonderful resources we want to put in your hands. If you'll call us at 866899 word 86689673 or email us at That's TW the place you can sign up for the daily devotional discover more about that is this the message from Dr. Wilson will see


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