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R673 This Great Salvation

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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September 21, 2021 8:00 am

R673 This Great Salvation

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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September 21, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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God has an encouraging word for you and me today.

The Bible based Dr. Don Wilton here on The Encouraging Word. As we open God's word together join us on our website as well as GW is the place to sign a daily Encouraging Word email from Dr. Donna. Wonderful devotion that's now strike your Bibles this morning to run with me to Hebrews in chapter what an incredible congregation again. What a wonderful opportunity to worship the Lord together.

Hebrews chapter focus on this Lord's value is going to be on verse three, but not without context, because verse three does not stand by itself, but in verse three of Hebrews chapter 2, there is a question just a question I'm going to read it to you. How shall we escape, if we know such a great salvation couple of words of explanation that would ignore salvation is literally the word neglect or if you please, what it means is that God by his spirit through these words in his book the Bible is asking a question of old people, charities, how are you and I going to get away with it. How we going to escape, if we all if we turn our back away from.

If we cost some kind of doubt upon if we refuse to accept.

If we belittle what is being said how we going to escape escape what well how we going to escape forgiveness of sin we not going to happen. How we gained his Skype joy and peace were not going to happen. How do we escape, noting that one day we're going to be with the Lord Jesus in heaven if we ignore so great salvation, how, how shall we escape if we neglect this great salvation.

I want to read to you this in context, beginning of verse one we must pay more careful attention. Therefore, to what we are hearing so that we do not drift away for the message spoken by Angels was binding. Now folks I I'm going to stop right there. Just from a then we read all five I've got to stop at that point and then I'll read on something raw that seriously. Very interesting. I saw reality's place rotted out type dirt this point in Hebrews chapter and it's based upon what we believe concerning the message which was spoken by the Angels, of all people to come the Angels again. Why pick on the Angels we gonna look at that in just a month, but the interesting thing here to note is that that God tells us that we indeed believe that this message concerning Jesus Christ was binding and that they binding is literally the word absolute say when living in a world today where fewer and fewer people believe that there are absolutes that what is and what is an absolute and absolute speaks to perfect this if you decide that there are absolutes means that there is nothing else to say. If I was to say to you today that that the Bible is full with absolutes. What I'm telling you is that what the Bible has to say is nonnegotiable that we live in an Iron Age of moral relativism. If I was to austere this morning. What is moral relativism. Some of you would say foster I have no idea well moral word moral literally means right and wrong pertains to how I conduct myself how I live, we live in an Iron Age of tomorrow. Relativism. We don't live in a day and age of moral absolutism moral absolutism means that this is right and that's wrong and there's nothing else to say about moral relativism means that things are only right and wrong based upon what you are not happen to think about it. Based upon the culture in which we live. God's word tells us how show we, if we so great salvation.

He's not talking about and if and all why we're full what culture how you feel about it if maybe one student whenever you think about God is talking to us about Jesus Christ and he is absent. He's not governed by my cultural perspective.

He's not governed by my ears as all my paints. He's not governed by my wise oh my. Wherefore, I'm going to submit to you today that I could go. I could have the chairman and deacons Mr. Alcock standing here with me he would agree with me when it comes to Jesus Christ you do not need a deacons meeting about him.

You don't need your plaster to stand up and to discuss whether or not what Jesus said about himself is to you don't need the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church to offer a new piping to decide whether or not what Jesus said about himself is that I want you to look at this verse with me folks. It is a staggering verse the message which was spoken by the Angels was binding was absolute was not open to political dispensationalism was not open to cultural heritage was not subject to the traditions of my life whims and fancies of my personal feelings. Indeed, you know, and you understand that God has told us about his son is absolutely well let's read the rest of it and if you believe that every violation. By the way, this is what you call a subsequent this is a riotous statement. It is bound into the heart of what is being said previously and it also you believe that every violation and disobedience received.

It's just recompense of reward or just punishment.

How are you going to escape.

If you neglect so great salvation. This salvation which was first announced by the Lord was confirmed to us by those who heard him. God also testified to by silence, oneness, various miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit distributed according to the will of God the father for the edification of the body of Christ.

I want to speak to you this morning for just a moment on this great great solvation, precious friend, I'm not being you not listen to this posture are being you not to listen to the person next to a big you not to listen to an opinion poll a big you not to listen to your rich cultural heritage. I begged you not to listen to your hurts and pains big you to listen to what the Spirit seems to concerning Jesus, please forgive the eruption will be back for the rest of today's message with Dr. Wilton in just a moment, but he wants me to remind you we are here for you on our phone at 866899 word that's 86 689-996-7324 hours a day on the website at He would love to connect with the right resources that's online that TE WR backspace great teaching with Dr. Don Wilton about public about your the same true issue of the gospel back Jesus Christ. I want to speak to you from my heart this morning with all the love in my heart all asking God to move me out of the way so that we would see only Jesus concerning this great salvation. Why why so great. Three reasons here in Scripture number one because the Angels message was absolute why this salvation is so great and why must we not neglect, number one, the Angels message was absolute. It was a God given announcement you talk about the Angels you remember what the Angels message was here it is. Garrett is watch this on to you this day is born in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ who the Lord will cannot just run that by Dan in case your favorite team lost lost. Garrett is unto you this day is born will in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord will and this shall be to how many people all this shall be to all, what was the message is a message of peace is a message of joy as a message of forgiveness is a message of unparalleled love. Guess where it came from. It was a God given announcement. None of those Angels suddenly decided one day I think will just fly down to earth and all around and say some nice things. It was a God given announcement number two. It was a Christ centered fulfillment unto you this day is more a Savior, the fulfillment of the announcement of the Angels was absolute because it found its committee expression Jesus Christ model, my Savior, Christ centered, you know, if you don't mind me saying and if you would beg my pardon tongue-in-cheek. When Jesus was born, the Angels didn't come down to the wise man, and say to them. Gentlemen, he didn't come to the shepherds watching over their flocks by night and saying to them.

Shepherds listen just what God is decided to do. There are several babies born all over Jerusalem and Bethlehem in Judea, one is going to be this someone's going to be that one is going to be that, and choose you. One of them. You may wish can't tell you what one is going to be a Buddhist one is going to be a Muslim. One Christian Wednesday, June 1 one scientist what you believe in you.

I believe in what everyone still believe one of the money was a God given announcement, but it was a Christ centered fulfillment.

That's really land my friends.

I've quoted this passage the statement so many times of Charles Haddon Spurgeon that every time I open the book I make a beeline for the cross because everything in God's word has to do with Jesus Christ. My father would teach me and teach others repeatedly any preaching that is void of Jesus Christ and him crucified is not Christian preaching what is it about the Angels message. It was God given announcement.

It was a Christ centered fulfillment but said it was a spirit confirmed assignment, the Angels message was confirmed by the spirit of Pentecost. The Bible tells us that the spirit of God came down and broke the hearts of all believers, what is the spirit spirit convicts us of three things of sin, righteousness and of judgment. That's what the Spirit does what is the spirit of God. Spirit of God is on assignment 20. The other message given to mankind by the show we, if we neglect so great when he returned to what we knew what do we have if we the Angels message which was absent complete God-given, Christ centered spirit confirmed.

That's the first reason why we find this extraordinary plea from the heart of God concerning Jesus Christ his son number one because the Angels message was absolute number two because man said was absolute.

Manson was absolute goes on living this. He makes a staggering strike. If you believe that every violation and disobedience to see it's just punishment. Do you believe that Madison is that's what the word assigned three things about Manson. According to Scripture, number one, it was clearly defined that they be no mistake, God defines sin. Sin separates us from God. All and by virtue of the very nature of sin. Sin is anything that even has the slightest segments of departure from the heart and holiness of the righteous God. No wonder the Bible say is all about sin and come short of the glory of God. Sin is clearly defined friend. I want to make an announcement to you today you you never will. You cannot ever come to know Jesus Christ as your personal savior. If you do not agree with the absoluteness of the definition of sin is not going to happen. You will only come into the arms of a loving God through Jesus Christ offers you forgiveness if you understand the absoluteness of your sin, which is clearly defined. All of us of sin and come short of the glory of God. Number two, not anyone certain clearly defined, but was specifically named right throughout Scripture. This is the part that makes people like you and me so uncomfortable we can go to such passages as the 10 Commandments which is in such debate in America today. It's one of the most pathetic debates that you've ever heard. It has nothing to do with the separation of church and state the reason why more and more people don't want to have the 10 Commandments displayed anyway is because people do not want to be confronted by this class is a specific date of their sin that God wants same name for what it is. It hurts every time we come in the church all guarantee with all my heart is at least one person every Sunday when you pasta in preaching calls a sin where there be lying or cheating or stealing more adultery and somebody recoils because Allison is being named it's been cold for what it is you going to the 10 Commandments thou shalt not steal. It makes us uncomfortable. Now shalt not commit adultery. It makes us uncomfortable, shall not covet makes us uncomfortable. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. Thou shalt not blaspheme what makes us comfortable uncomfortable because 9/10 Americans are using God's name in every verse in every phrase makes us uncomfortable. You see, when God speaks about not trying to turn our backs upon this great salvation. What does he have in mind the absoluteness of the Angels message of the absoluteness of man's sin, which is clearly defined and specifically named, and it is severely punished. All we don't like that have never met someone who says men I want to go to a church with a man they don't talk about Helen sin folks there are people who built massive churches in America based upon the fact that they think they don't want to talk about Helen. They don't want to talk about some now let me tell you what the Bible sees the Bible says the wages of sin is don't say that the wages of sin is 21 minutes trying to find another word for this week, we cannot. It's not just find something else. The wages of sin is bubblegum wages of sin is apparently the wages of sin is naughty, naughty, naughty, the wages of sin is bad but don't worry about folks. I wish that I wish that we could water it down somehow. But the Bible says that sin is punished by death, eternal separation from God. That's the absoluteness of Manson. The wages of sin is death.

That's the absoluteness of Manson that watch. This is not surprising then that he says on that basis, how shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation. Folks listen to me watch this watch this if you don't believe that the message of the Angels was absolute. They can be no Jesus and already said about himself is invalidated or it may happen will start a new lottery in South Carolina clueless lever and if you pull the right one. If you lucky, you get a bit of Jesus come to church on Sunday morning and maybe you just if you lucky, you get a minute, Jesus folks let me tell you something Jesus Christ is not black. He's fat he loves. He died for you. If I believe in the absoluteness of sin not standard Sonos on its side. I have no wit is a man whose committed adultery stand. If he is not absoluteness concerning sin, because if I believe in the absoluteness of sin. I'm gonna not only believe that the wages of sin is dead but I'm also going to believe that the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ his son Natalie somebody you would say amen this morning how we going to escape if we neglect so great salvation. Why great number one because the Angels message was absolute number two because Manson was absolute number three because salvation in Christ was absolute.

It was announced by his birth. Look at it there in verse three. The latter part of this salvation which was first announced by the Lord, it was announced by his birth unto you is born will save you.

Who is Christ the Lord.

Number two it was confirmed by his disciples, look there in the second law the latter part of verse three. Not anyone. This salvation first announced by the Lord. But second, it was confirmed to us by those who heard in John chapter 6 verses 66 through 69. Jesus turned his disciples and he said do you also want to leave me, to which Peter replied, Lord, will, to whom shall we go.

You have the words of eternal life. We believe and know that you are the holy one of God. It was confirmed by the disciples.

You can go right throughout the Scriptures and you going to find confirmation off the confirmation after confirmation off the confirmation going to the Old Testament, you'll find confirmation off the confirmation as the prophets foretold of the one who is the Messiah going to the New Testament coming to this church today. We are the disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

What are we doing those of us who have trusted in him. We are confirming the absoluteness of salvation in and through the Lord Jesus Christ. It was announced by his birth. It was confirmed by his disciples, but it was validated by his father.

He said as the father has loved me so love you. This is my beloved son in whom I will please the Holy Spirit is speaking to you through the preaching of Dr. Don Wilton for you to open your heart what he wants to share the steps in the studio next.

Are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that on the center and I know that Jesus died for me on the cross today, I repent of my sin and by faith I received into my phone in Jesus name, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting. You guys just move your heart, praying along with Dr. Wilton gave her life to Christ. We have wonderful resources once you have for free if you call us at 86689673 Jonathan number down anytime day or night.

You can reach us at 866-899-6734 connect with us on our website as well as TW before we get away, closing thoughts, and Dr. Don and I'm so glad that we've been able to shave together by means of radio today.

You just means so much to me and how thankful we are going to get you can call right now and connect with me, 866-899-9673 you get that 866-899-9673 call and connect with me right now. I times for today but let's stay connected on our website TW join us today. TW online, large


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