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R664 Presenting the Son Pt.3

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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September 15, 2021 8:00 am

R664 Presenting the Son Pt.3

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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September 15, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Some encouragement will find it together today in the Bible-based printing of Dr. Don Wilton. Here are the words were as we study the work together.

Continuing in the book of Hebrews know that were available for you, both online and on the phone. Our phone numbers 866-899-WORD and were online in OR father as we open the bread of life. This morning hide this creature behind the cross. May we see the Lord Jesus Christ, which in his name that we pray a please take your Bibles and turn with me to Hebrews chapter 1, may I present to you the sun that is the Lord Jesus Christ. It is him him that we live and we move and we have our being. Hebrews chapter 1 going to read to you just the first three verses in the possible God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets.

How did he do this many times in various ways, but in these last days, God has spoken to us by his son the Lord Jesus Christ, whom God has appointed heir of all things and through whom God made the universe the sun that is the Lord Jesus Christ is the radiance of God's glory is the exact representation obvious being. He is sustaining all things by his powerful word.

Now watch this often.

Jesus Christ had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven. We've already discovered five incredible things concerning Jesus Christ number one that he is the heir of the whole thing next number two that he is the maker. Although thing next number three that he is the radiance of God's glory.

Number four that he is the image of God.

In other words, he is the exact portrait of God and he is the exact reproduction of God.

All number five that he is the sustainer of the whole thing and that is the sustainer of all things.

It means that Jesus Christ has God's authority to guarantee the continuance and constancy of all that God has created.

I was talking to one of my friends this week about Hebrews and he was telling me how much God had spoken to his lot. I was telling him how much God spoke to my heart and I said to my brother I just cannot get over the fact that the whole Earth hangs on the arm of Jesus.

He is the sustainer of all things.

God is something that I didn't mention last week and I must do that today. I really believe that God by his spirit compels me to do that because that's an incomplete statement that he is the sustainer of all things wine complete because here the Bible says most clearly that he is the sustainer of all things by what is powerful word you see that right. He sustains all things by his powerful word. How does Jesus Christ do what he does now. We've already talked about the sun and I'm no expert on these things, but I do know that if the sun move just a fraction of an inch closer to the earth that we will burn up in just a second, if the sun move just a fraction away from the earth middle freeze today, so if you just consider the sun and the moon and the earth and you want to ask yourself the question, how does the sun, the moon and the earth stay where they are meant to be. I accepting that the Bible says that Jesus Christ is the sustainer of all things by his powerful word.

And so the question that we must all ask ourselves is this how does he do this by his powerful what does that mean that boys and girls. I want you all to listen very carefully today because you going to hear some interesting things in the classroom as you growing up you going to hear people tell you all sorts of things about how we got this world the way it is. Well evidently had Jesus Christ and God by his spirit through his word is telling us something and what he's telling us is just this, that the universe is everything that we know that is there by the hand of God. Jesus Christ is being given God's authority because of his relationship to the father to sustain things by his powerful word.

Well, what is that mean what is his powerful word.

Three meanings you need to write these down. You can use these you can debate with them. You can present that to people.

I'm going to give you to you on the authority of God's word number one. It is a spoken word and God's word tells us that Jesus Christ sustains all things by his powerful word.

He's talking first of all, about his spoken word godhood many different kinds of interesting theories in this world by many, very bright and brilliant people I've heard about Big Bang theories. I remember one time, number of years ago I read an article where someone was talking about how the world came into being, and I'm not trying to oversimplify, but what they said was that evidently there is some kind of being out there.

You always notice that people who do not believe that God is the father of our Lord Jesus Christ will always speak in generic terminology.

This person said that this being who ever he or she might be, and wherever he or she might find him or herself decided one day to go into the playroom and there in the playroom were bits and pieces of the world. There were trees and there was water there were about as an earthen cost of all these other things in this being went in and said well I'll just take some water and put it down there that will be the sea and I'll take some earthen I'll build a mountain I'm just going to design this slimming just make an announcement to you today.

You know how this world came into being.

God spoke, God said it is and it became God said be and it was done and if there are any people in this world who would wonder by what authority the spoken word was spoken. I'm going to submit to you today that what God does as he looks down from the purpose of heaven. He said you want to know by what authority this word was spoken.

I am know what you mean you all will I and and I said it is and when I says it is become. It is my it is because of who I am.

I and when God tells us by his Spirit that Jesus Christ has the authority of God the father sustaining holiness will by the power of these word what he is doing this he is taking the old man and he is transporting us back through the eons of time to the pre-time before the foundation of the will and he makes an announcement. He says I am and it is because I said so because I am the Alpha and the Omega that before you got there and I left before you left. I Jesus Christ sustains this will number one by virtue of his spoken word number two by virtue of his written word. What I love about this book called the Bible. Love the fact that we say that we are a Bible believing church. You might say to me pasta. There is no need to announce that what if I beg your pardon and you'll beg mine. I want to announce we already Bible believing church. We don't believe that this word contains the word of God. We believe that this is the word of God.

We believe that we have nothing to say. Outside of this word. We believe that this word of God is the complete revelation of the Godhead. Everything that we need to know about who God is, is right in the pages of this word.

And when God speaks throughout the eons of time he transports us back into the hot hobbies, Majesty, and he announces to us that I want you to know that Jesus Christ is my beloved son, and he sustains all things. Number one by his word, which is spoken by his word, which has been written and number three. He sustains all things by the fact of the word that watch this with me today. Not just the spoken word, not just the written word. The word love John chapter 1 verse one in the beginning was the word. All right, let's just think about 1/32. First of all women is the beginning and the beginning that we talked about this. It would take me 100 years to explain it to you. I'll never get because I'm talking about God is in the beginning Bible says in the beginning was the one who is the word the word is Jesus Christ.

The word is God that watch what John says. He says in the beginning was the Jesus Christ was God and the wise God is God what is God telling us here today is telling us here today, my friends, that God has revealed himself to us through his son Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem.

That's the word that is God. When Jesus Christ died upon the cross on the cross, God loved us so much he class, Jesus was reconciling the world unto himself. When we beheld him the glory of the only begotten of the father, I want you to think about this God's word tells us that the Lord Jesus Christ sustains all things by the power of his word.

Please forgive the irruption will be back with the rest of today's message with Dr. Wilton in just a moment.

You haven't been by our website, you haven't seen is this the end that's the message along with the book the King is coming is creating such a stir about the world in which we live in is this the end of times. That's the question. Is this the end audio and video series as well as the book the King is coming is on our website and available right that CDW now back today's great teaching the Dr. Don Wilton lab. You understand, just get ready for what we told next because what we are told.

Next, my friends, is that someone who is the son of God provided reification for Allison and provided full is literally the word made.

He really do something on Albert Hall. Jesus Christ, for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him shall not die, but shall have eternal life.

And so it should be no surprise that when we present the song that there is a six attribute. He's not just the sustainer of all things by his powerful word. But number six is the ultimate sacrifice. Now folks, it Jesus Christ is the ultimate sacrifice. According to the word of God. What is that require of us now want you to rarely hold on here today. By the way when not going to get through all of this too much.

As I began to get on my knees I began to speak to the Lord about what he was trying to tell this all preaches a lot about making purification for certain I said Lord what in the world is this God began to speak to my heart said listen to me if you want to understand the ultimate sacrifice of the son, you must understand the couple of things before you even get to that point number one demands of us a fresh understanding of the reality of sin never gained understand what this involves that Jesus Christ made or provided purification for same. If we don't understand the reality of sin and what is the reality of sin.

The reality of sin is twofold. Number one. It is conceived sinfulness. Now watch this. Ladies and gentlemen, listen carefully. The reality of sin is conceived sinfulness you want to stand the reality of sin you want to understand conceived sinfulness.

Just take a look at a baby. We usually get them when they smell good, and I've had a good sleep in the good book and all the other things that go with babies, but I'll tell you got off the mothers doubt that you want understand conceived sinfulness. Just look at a baby babies a very selfish inward looking like an get mad. All is I can cry and scream and perform due not the Bible tells us about you and me.

The Bible says that we are conceived in sin did you know that. Did you know the Bible says all of us of sin and come short of the glory of God is not a thing in the Bible that says we are born in this world and then we learn how to since we don't have to learn how to some folks.

Sin is not learned. It's not acquired with sin as we are sinners.

How by nature with sin is by choice. We cannot understand the reality of sin. We go to understand conceived sinfulness number two we got to understand, exceeding wickedness, did you know the Bible tells us something about ourselves that we already know the heart of man is exceedingly wicked folks. Just take a look around at us and you discover that just look around and see what happens when my boys were just little fellas. We had them playing in cities by school, not tell you didn't take long for my wife and I in Spartanburg to become absolutely disgusted with the kids were playing baseball. You know what disgusted us.

The parents are secular standards, folks, have you ever been to a city league Little League game and just listen to the parents go hot for my glad we've got some devoted coaches and parents enough so the leagues you try to do everything I can to do what is right, but I mind telling you folks, I drip my boys out of that let them play for one season, off to that final game.

We were out of Duncan Parker said are you crazy, I lost your mind. You think I'm going to sponsor my kids to go every week two or three times a week to watch behavior like that coming from Paris that I'm going to say sons let me tell you what I meant to do just every week so you can hittable begin the major leagues on them to take you and just let you watch moms and dads behave like they do on Audrey my boys out of there like a New York second. But I meant to tell you to go to San Francisco to see the wickedness of the heart of man into you and modifies and you will see it everywhere. Justice we misunderstand the reality of sin. If we gained understand the ultimate sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. But second, we must understand the penalty of sin that listen carefully folks listen carefully we going to have a fresh understanding of the penalty of sin does it mean what is the significance of what Jesus Christ is done get his opinion that he's provided purification for sin while we got understand the penalty of sin, one that sin has consequences in life. Sin's consequences in life folks I tell you sometimes my heart breaks. I remember many years ago, one of the things that I had to deal with was a man that I knew had a wife and three beautiful children just had a precious I mean kids this big boy just looked up Danny, running when he drive me just just a precious club just one by about eight or nine years ago that he just decided who cares about old start to run around on his wife Chetan have sexual phrase broke everybody's watching try sit on. Forgive take him back. He just withdrew more and more I remember one day going to see. I remember him saying these exact words to me, preacher.

He said I tell you nothing against you personally, but I meant to do exactly what I want to do.

I'm sick and tired of this and I don't love my wife anymore and there's more to life than what this is all about do whatever I want to do and folks he went ahead and did I saw him about two months ago for the first time in 989 teen years had laid my eyes on folks when I saw that man. I'm at the front of my life.

He had the marks of sin written across his face. The lights were gone. No joy. All of a sudden all the sexual attraction seem to have vanished the forbidden fruit. No longer had any significance. The same man who just cannot obtain years before, seemingly just had just laid out just the joy of life. Now some 10 years later, you could just see man looking at you, you could just see the play and the site to your mind frame if I'm going to understand that Jesus Christ has made purification for semi-blocked on the stick at the penalty of sin. Sin has consequences.

I would stop everything, stop, stop the cameras stop the church. I wish we could stop everything cancel lunch and everything else to just saw that some of us could go to every one of the teenagers in our church. You know what I do, I could come up to you right now young people. I would beg you with everything at my disposal don't mess up your life's summary you messing around with six summary you think it's okay in a Paul call some you think Manitoba Alger start smoking I'll start drinking doesn't matter if I just take this or do that.

Don't do it. My frame don't do on tiny you could parade in front of the other day people from every walk of life you today would stand up and say if I could just turn the clock back if I could just turn the clock back. Sin has consequences during live sin's consequences in their, cost can't tell you the number of people on the date the agent called me over and site colostrum. Just go to tell you something you can feel the pain. Sin has consequences. Off today friend listen to me life is dead because of the penalty of sin is dead because of the penalty of sin.

God does not guidance when it comes to sin.

Just what the Bible says the wages of sin is death, so here it is Jesus Christ is the ultimate sacrifice.

God's word puts up like this key that is the Lord Jesus Christ has provided purification for our sin. Well, if we're ever going to understand this dramatic presentation got understand the reality of sin and we got understand the penalty of sin, but I believe that we need a fresh understanding of the death of Jesus Christ. Why will number one because his death was a deliberate act. That's what it was a calculated that from before the foundation of the world.

It was a willful act right throughout his ministry, Jesus kept reminding us that it had to do with the will of the father was a planned act. This purification for sin. I'm going to submit to you, my friends.

It was an undeserved act.

Why, because he took our place. You know you needed to die on the cross needs to be strong because I may see, sin is by nature an ominous choice man is exceedingly wicked but I'm going to tell you, beloved friends.

The death of Jesus was a deliberate act in a willful act in a planned act in an undeserved act. It was I a superior because nobody else could've done.

I want to point you to Jesus Christ the voice of our prayers and not just wonderful South Africa. Open your heart what you preach now as he steps in the studio. Are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Christ.

Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that Arneson and I know that Jesus died for me on the cross today, I repent of my sin and by faith I receive you into my heart. In Jesus name, my friend.

I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting news. If you given your life to Christ, let us put resources in your hands the Dr. Don Wilton to have absolutely free by calling us at 866-899-WORD 866899673 Love to connect with those is matter fact, there is more than you can connect with you started on about the daily were you not love to be a part daily devotional love to be able to sing The Encouraging Word motion heart of God cease to each one of us through his word every day. You can become part of that and receive one your self from me just go online W online.large T. W and get your copy of The Encouraging Word devotion to good times, praying together at 866-899-WORD 9673 24 hours a day online at

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