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R532 The Work of The Holy Spirit

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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August 24, 2021 8:00 am

R532 The Work of The Holy Spirit

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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August 24, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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We continue our study in the Holy Spirit.

Dr. Don Wilton's biblical based data message call the work of the Holy Spirit as we study the word join us online as well. A TW is the place to sign up for the daily devotional email from Dr. Don. That's all

We'd love to connect with you Dr. Don Wilton strike Bibles with me smiling and turn to be at the apostles in chapter 2 book of acts in the New Testament in chapter 2, the Lord Jesus Christ and certainly pouring out his Spirit upon us during these values maharajas being deeply blessed to see and to hear and read about scrolls of men and women and boys and girls. Even here at First Baptist Church's lives are being changed forever because of the Lord Jesus Christ and I rejoice with you as we rejoice together.

One of the other good thing to be in the house of the Lord and I love you today we are in acts chapter 2 in acts chapter 2 is probably one of the most about one of the most debated in a way, one of the most controversial. I should imagine one of the most awesome of all the passages in God's word of God's word is special. It is possible action-packed, but in acts chapter 2 we read about coming of the Holy Spirit. We talk about the Holy Spirit. A lot of you notice that is a lot of discussion about the Holy Spirit, who is he, what is he that is he do I what's the purpose of the Holy Spirit will hold churches that are built around the Holy Spirit and it would seem that there is nothing else that is of any relevance accepting the Holy Spirit while who is the Holy Spirit what is the Bible have to say about the Holy Spirit. But before we get to the coming of the Holy Spirit to die.

I want us to consider the work of the Holy Spirit. What does the Holy Spirit actually do have you asked someone what kind of work they were involved in. I suppose we do that to one another off what you do what you do will that's interesting what you do well, I'm an engineer, bathroom, lawyer, mom, dad.I'm this salon that what you do. We ask people about what you do. What is your work is your vocation. Do you know that in the Bible and Jesus Christ takes great lengths to describe to us what kind of work, the Holy Spirit does. He's that important and what God wants us to know is he wants us to know who we dealing with God wants us to know exactly who it is we need know we sing about the Holy Spirit darkly recite Holy Spirit welcome in this place. One of my favorite song we talk about the Holy Spirit we quote Scripture and we say went to all three are gathered in mind I am that I'm right there in the midst of them.

Talk about being filled with the spirit and baptize with the spirit in all these things, but what exactly is it that the Holy Spirit does well let's discover that together. Let's read again. Acts chapter 2, verse one. The Bible says when the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. Suddenly sound like the blowing of a violent wind and I'm going to explain all this in detail next week came from heaven and filled the whole house where they would sit basalt. What seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to race and every one of them without exception, all of them with food with the Holy Spirit. So much so that they began to speak in other languages with tongues as the Holy Spirit in a move they were staying in Jerusalem, God-fearing Jews from every nation under heaven.

And when they heard this song a crowd came together in bewilderment, because each one heard them speaking in his own language. Constantly amazed I lost these men who are speaking Galileans, then how is it that each of us hears them in our own native-language Parthians deeds. Ella Mike's residents of Mesopotamia, Judea, Cappadocia, Pontius, Asia, Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt and parts of Libya near Cyrene. There were even visitors from Rome, both Jews and converts to Judaism Cretans and Arabs we hear them bearing the wonders of God in our own tongue, amazed and perplexed. They asked one another. What does this mean somehow ever made fun of them and say that I've had too much wine and so Peter the posture of the group stood up with the 11, raised his voice and addressed the crowd and he said fellow Jews and all of you who live in Jerusalem, let me explain this to you listen carefully to what I say. These men are not drunk, as you suppose Corolla designing mine in the morning.

I want you to turn your Bibles back John the Gospel of John chapter 16 everyone turned back living here all those pages turning back to John chapter 16 and verse five Kelly John chapter 15 and 16, 14 and 15 and 16.

We find Jesus doing a lot of talking to his disciples remember the beginning of John chapter 14, Jesus said, not your hearts be troubled. Please not be troubled you believe in God believe also in me. In my father's house there are many mansions. Not so I would've told you I'm going to prepare a place for you if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and I will take you to be with me, so that where I am that you will be also adding John 14 and 15 and 16 and 17, Jesus took great lengths to explain some of the most important things to believe is through his disciples into the founding of the New Testament church. Jesus was preparing the way for his absence and not the least of these was that Jesus spoke about the Holy Spirit he was saying to his disciples listen I am going away and in fact we don't have time to do this now, but if you even got back in the John chapter 14 and verse 18 Jesus himself uses the word soul R.Ph., INS, and we will no longer opens and Jesus was saying to them, listen when I seem to be seated at the right hand of the father and when I leave this, you are literally dying to feel as though you are you are my children. I am your daddy. I am your parent and I'm going to leave you and when I leave you. It's as though mom and dad are leaving for good and and you are being left as you going to have parental leadership, direct action bias wisdom because the Lord Jesus Christ in the back to me but I brought good news for you. I'm not going to leave you. I'm going to save myself back on data send my spirit and his name is the Holy Spirit, and when I go my spirit is going to come down and he is going to you and he is going to dwell in you, and my spirit has got a specific assignment.

He's got a specific job to do. He is got to do well.

Let's read about that John chapter 16 verse five Jesus said I'm going to him who sent me. None of you asks me where are you going because I have said these things, you are filled with grief. Excuse me, I can understand that, you know, I can understand that the disciples you'd been around Jesus and Jesus said I'm out of your ongoing value will grief stricken now want you to imagine when you are a child of suddenly your mom and dad looked up to you and say to you, we leave. That's the kind of grief. Jesus was talking about. He was talking about ID rooted consternation.

He was talking about. I hear he was talking about abandonment and he was saying to them. Yeah, this understand why you not asking me a lot of questions. You are so consumed by you will grief your so consumed. Verse six because I have said these things, you are filled with grief but I tell you the truth it is you're good that I'm going away unless I go way the counselor will not come to you, but if I go, I will send him to you. And when he comes, he will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin. He will convict the world of righteousness anyone could get convict the world.

Judgment in regard to sin because men do not believe in me in regard to righteousness because I'm going to the father where you can see me no longer in regard to judgment because the prince of this world now stands condemned. I have much more to say to you more than you cannot bear. But when he, the spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own.

He will speak only what he hears and he will tell you what is yet to come. He will bring glory to me by taking from what his mind and making it known to you all that belongs to the father is mine. That is why I said this type from what is mine and make it known to you what is the work of the Holy Spirit. There are six things that the Holy Spirit does not want to write these things down this morning. Number one, he convicts that's the first work that he's about. He convicts that listen. The word convict is very interesting convict from a spiritual perspective means that I am position in my life and the perspective by which I am absolutely convinced about my standing before a righteous God's conviction means that I am position at which I recognize who I am in relation to the holiness of God's conviction and hear God in Christ Jesus through his spirit tells us that the spirit of God convicts us in three areas number one in regard to sin, and he tells us all about it right. In verse eight he says when he comes, he will convict me in regard to said why am regard to sin, because man do not believe in me that.

Listen folks, what is Jesus saying he saying that the number one function of the spirit of God is to convict people like you and me in the two sinfulness. That is what the Holy Spirit does is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the righteousness of God. He is God in spirit.

He is the third person of the Trinity.

He is similarly holy and pure and the word of God says that when Jesus Christ safety spirit down this or what he does for me is that he gets into my heart and into my life and he begins to convict me that I might send that by nature and on the sin of my choice. He convicts me concerning my site and condition and he begins to control me into the heart of God.

If sin doesn't trouble you. You know what's happening. The spirit of God is not working in your life. My friend, you need to be praying for the conviction of the spirit of God in the lives of people, but he doesn't want to convict me in regard to my sin. He convicts me in regard to my righteousness about the way that would righteousness if you look it up there on the board with me. What's the first part of that word. Righteousness right all IG HT righteousness is my right standing in relation to everything that God is.

It is my capacity to live according to the standards of the holiness of Almighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ says here he says my spirit is going to convict you in regard to righteousness because I'm going to the father where you can see me no longer not pray and listen to this. If the Holy Spirit convicts me in regard to righteousness. The Holy Spirit is convicting me in how to live my life while I am alive that's convicting me in regard to righteousness, and Jesus was saying, you know what gentlemen I've been with you.

I can just imagine the number of times the Jesus looked at the disciples and said not to do that, you know, much like we parent's monthly. We parent's look at our children when they growing up and recite not eat with your mouth open and don't stretch across the table and sit properly and don't talk like that and open your eyes when you speak and don't burping company and don't do this, and parent's all the time. We are instructing children and with teaching them and we are helping them to live. Jesus was saying to his disciples. As you all spiritual daddy I mean about the business of teaching you how to live. Right now I'm going to leave who's going to do that for you, please go to teachers spiritual table manners. I want you to know that my spirit is coming and he's not just going to convict you and God, to sin, but he's going to convict you in regard to righteousness. Folks watch me you take the Holy Spirit out of this congregation and I will guarantee you unmitigated disaster. You come to a business meeting in this church without the presence of the spirit of God, and I'll show you one person after another and will speak out at all and will be the untoward we meet at each other, morning, noon and night just just like they do in the world you like this the living God out of God's charge out of God's people by which we are to be convict good concerning righteousness.

Please forgive the interruption will be back with the rest of today's teaching in just a moment for this. Dr. Don is preaching about the possibility of the spirit of God and how it empowers us to be convicted of righteousness.

You also want you to know we are available to pray with you right now, 866899 word will connect with one of us anytime day or night to pray, perhaps, to pray for you about the power of God spirit in your life, 866-899-6734 email us at now back today's great teaching with Dr. Don Wilton.

We discovered around every time in the church and I thank God it doesn't happen in this church every time in the church I see a man a woman behaving in a bad way, making someone feel uncomfortable with an agenda undermining gossiping about somebody behaving in a bad light in the church guarantee you something. My favorite person is holding up the flag and the saying I want everybody to look at me be convict by placing so what should we be praying for the Holy Spirit convicts us in the broadness and convict us in regard to righteousness. There's 1/3 thing, he convicts of something convicts us in regard to judgment Bible tells us about that right there in verse 11. In regard to judgment because the prince of this world now stands condemned.

In other words, would Jesus Christ assign is without the spirit of God.

You and I are going to have no care and no concern concerning the judgment of the righteous God on a sinful world never spoken to someone in St. Louis.

I really want to invite you to give your heart to Jesus because if you don't give your heart to Jesus. You cannot go and live with him you are judged you are condemned because of your sin and I look at your nisi so I mean you poking the meal during the coming want you worried about alleged judgment. Staff convicted of the Holy Spirit say all men getting folded into that drama gives preachers something to say God is a good God and he loves everybody and everybody's going to go to heaven one day and God could never do that any judgment, Jesus said listen, my friends, I'm sending my spirit so the become convicted in your heart concerning judgment friend.

If you are not convicted in your heart concerning judgment. You are going to have any reason to want to go and tell others about Jesus. It's just gonna go out of your head. So number one.

He convicts number two. He guides he guides look at verse 13, John 16 Bible says that when he the spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into a truth I love that word God because that would God mean saving things. First of all, it means that he teaches me. That's what guidance I love teaches teachers a very special people in our community high school and elementary and middle school and Sunday school teaches you all exceptionally special people in every community. You are the salt of the earth as far as the community is concerned. You know why because God is given to you. He's entrusted the responsibility to you amongst other things, dieting young minds taking them and you teaching them if you got back in the John 14 and verse 26 he says they but the Council of the Holy Spirit whom the father will send in my name, will teach you all things. He not only teaches me.

But in his guidance. He kind of not as me. He just kind of trumps me along. He nudges me. I remember when I was in the Army and the I was in Southwest Africa which is now called Namibia a place called wall.

But for those of you that are taking notes. WIL VI as well. By on the skeleton Coast Southwest Africa, and we been in the motion in the desert for long time and we had some time open my open tune was there and we were standing on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean on this big bay and we had nothing to do no money to spend my way to go about being troops, we were trying to find something urgently and we were all standing around. I was about 17 1/2. He is a very all of a sudden the motorboat just one of the ski boats that you get on like bowling spreadsheet on July 4 just came out and there was a man and then he said gentlemen. He said you looking for something to be said. I got a set of skis you anything you see that old out in the middle of the water and we all looked up in the bi-sure enough it was a board we call the ski ramp, but I didn't know it was a ski ramp and he said listen, he said, how many of you would like to do this man.

I appreciate you guys in the military and we also he said I tell you what, I'll give $20 to anyone of you put on the skis and take that ski ramp something in my heart began to say before and never make those chewed up until that point I knew that it would be hopeless for me but I say to myself, you're not maybe well the rest of my platoon to taking up a little offering of free will offerings and we all began to chip and we got the $20 up to about $40 and it was looking and I can't think my something long and before I knew it folks.

I was being judged, and not just in the next minute. My feet were getting with Barry my uniform and my fatigues arm on the set of skis I don't how to ski and I'm jetting around saying to myself what the world am I doing here in the next minute blooming up in front of me was this morning and to this day I don't have all that much of a recollection what happened, but I tell you I get that board lost all they said everything went all over from ski body parts came over the agent something like 560 miles and turned upside down and the pricing landed myself swam to the agent got my pot of gold and I've often thought about all the things that came together to not judge me to do something that I really didn't need to be doing, spiritually speaking, the Bible says that God by his Spirit is going to guide me in the sense that he is going to take this Richardson and he is going to show me the part of that God has in store for me.

He's going to con me sometimes reluctant that not all men are called blue not going to go on saying I can't teach a preacher… I don't want to go in this God is just kind of spiritually speaking, managing me along, and eventually I find myself in that position where I'm doing what God wants me to do all I can do is thank God that he spirit was the one who guided me. He teaches me he nudges me he enlightens me he enlightens me and he reminds me of him so strong. 14.

In verse 26 again.

The Bible says he not any guides me, but in guiding me he is teaching me and finding me on continually although Jesus Christ is done for me powerful inducement. It just does something for me had anybody cite you look spiritually speaking, you don't need to worry about anything long as you go to church and do good you going to be fine. That is a lie that does not come from God and people say that to me listen you now need to go to church.

You don't need to give your life to Christ you don't as long as you live a good life and as low as you go to church every now and again like on Easter Sunday or maybe you got when your girlfriend told you got with your wife because she's just begging you to go and as long as you give your money to the poor, and as long as you read your Bible and say a special prayer every now and again.

Listen, this call not only me but he guides me into all truth powerful teaching as God through his word and through his servant Dr. Don Wilton is guiding us into all truth. Perhaps stirred your heart and you know it's time for a course correction change. I pray you not only have opened yourself to Dr. Wilton as a teacher in the pulpit but he steps in the studio today.

I pray you to hear from his heart. Are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that Arneson and I know that Jesus died for me on the cross. Today, I repent of my sin and by faith I receive you into my heart. In Jesus name, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting you. Perhaps you just gave your life to Jesus for the first time you dedicate your life praying along with Dr. Wilton.

You need to know we are excited to rejoice with you. We have wonderful free resources.

Dr. Wilton. Once you have it just be because of the celebrate with you our phone numbers. 866-899-WORD that's 866-899-9673. We can also connect on our documents would love to hear how God is using The Encouraging Word in your life. Have you taken a moment and emailed him. His email is just on DOA or CDW to hear about your story of what God's doing. Also pray for you that's Don TW Thank you so very much. I hope you join us tomorrow with Dr. will message the coming of the Holy Spirit


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