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R506 God’s Prescription For A Happy Person

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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August 10, 2021 8:00 am

R506 God’s Prescription For A Happy Person

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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August 10, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Talk about joy and happiness. But today we go to God's Encouraging Word today's message God's prescription for a happy person today Dr. Don Wilton well-known author evangelist Pastor seminary professor affect his latest book on Dr. Billy Graham is available right now in Jean is going to teach us today's message God's prescription for a happy person. Problems this morning and saw one saw one. One of the things that gets to Baja, perhaps as much as anything was in my account and I'm happy you know anyone was coming on and I should imagine that there's hardly a week goes by that I don't come in contact somebody that's unhappy you know happiness finds its expression in many different ways.

Some people live their unhappiness on the outside they were unhappy they don't have to tell you anything. They just all unhappy some of them tell you that they were unhappy.

That's another way you would know some people are just unhappy very unhappy there is no other way to describe some people read their unhappiness on the inside but they seem to have an unusual capability of being able to do the right thing at the right time. :-) The right time on the appropriate occasion, but on the inside. They were unhappy. I know a number of people like that.

I know some teenagers like that. I know some folks like that only side they save the unhappy.

Even though you wouldn't necessarily know that looking at them on the outside. I could give me some kind of power which he doesn't and I wish that I have the power and the ability to read people and say I hereby give you happiness is the solution to the predicament it's about a Terran Psalm one. I want to read about Psalm one and verse one as we lost we brought about happy person and we basically did an exegesis of the first three verses and the verse three we focused in on verse three.

What is gone until that a person looks like what is the passaging reporting the broad scheme of things concerning sadness and of course we discussed the meaning of this word blessedness because the word has become so closely associated with early kinds of wrong thing. The Bible is about blessedness and happiness about an goodness for the Lord Jesus Christ gives to us everything that is available to his own son. We come into union. We all in one with Christ Jesus.

Let's read about in verse one of Psalm one Blessed is the man who does not work in the counsel of the wicked stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat was robbing his delight is in the lower on his murder. He meditates day and night is like a tree planted by streams of wood which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither and whatever he does prospers so the wicked, they are like Shaw that the wind blows away the wicked will not stand in the judgment sinners in the seat by the assembly of the righteous watches over the way of the righteous way the parish.I've got a question that I have to ask myself it's one thing from God to tell me what a happy person is, but how do I become such a person. I need to do so this morning I want to speak to you from God's word on God's prescription for a happy person. Last week we looked at God's picture of a happy person and I know that I would go out there I have something for which were inscribed in my Christian faith I actually get what I need to do that again and noticed something remarkable here because in Psalm one God's word says that there are basically only two things that I need to do. Can you imagine that you know sometimes when I get real sick and I go to the doctor's office and I say not what I need to do that he says he says what you need to do number one number two number three number four number five then he writes me a prescription and I go to the pharmacy and I go and get whatever I need and I begin to take the correct medicine, leading to the prescription of the one who knows what I need in order to get God here has written the prescription that he basically says everything bolting around the main clinician.

So today I'm going to take note of that because God says to me Don Wilton if you are basically's prescription for genuine happiness in Christ Jesus. If you want to be a complete person you want to experience complete joy and satisfaction to be the kind of person that you know that you can be because what regarding changes to be because the two things that you need a new number one and number two rely we find these here in verses one and to look at that word repent.

That's the first instruction and it's implied in verse one. In one God says most of us sitting VeriSign all come on now guided about repentance again. Yes, I know what vacancies it's telling God. The two sorry this invokes God's word is showing us here is that if you become concrete people and we want to create the complete list and the fullness of everything that God has in store for us. We must repaint all the change heart that we are willing to undergo an experience, and hearing verse one God's words describes for us the meaning of the prepuce within text completeness. What does it mean that means that I must undergo a change heart folks watch me everybody watch media design data come to this in a big way and just about you saying to me today. Pasta is God doing this line.

The Bible says that you need a change of attitude go through a change alcohol and it begins with your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Otherwise nothing else is going to make any sense to see what Pinkertons means that I have been drinking in this direction and I'm day to make a deliberate choice to turn around and lay in the opposite direction with God being the one who's going to give me the ability to if I'm dying to become happy and blessed binding to create a very God wants of me. I need to be a person who is about 1/2 train in what way I needed a change of heart about where I get my advice from this one Blessed is the man who does not live in the counsel of the wicked folks listen to me.

I made her a lady two weeks ago. I think it was spoke to me here in Spartanburg and she had a lot of problems and I said to her.

I said to them, I want you to know that I want to help in any way.

She said about Lori Foster. I'm going to a counselor I said I'm very grateful. Listen folks, there are many, many wonderful godly gone Christian counselors.

I said who are you going to well. She told me and I just happen to know this man's reputation because I've dealt with this before and I looked at her in the face and I said to my dear friend, do you love Jesus Christ, she said yes I said how long have you been going to this man. She said for over a year now I see it. It's not that because in such pieces. It's not one that just means godly person and expect to get godly counsel folks when we go for counseling regarding television sets. We consult horoscopes and VG Boones. We hang around." As in places we listen to what people are telling us about video poker that it's got a make a difference in education and we take this kind of drama that is being put out across our people and we find ourselves gravitating all the things that are nothing and nothing less then God says is listen if you want to be a complete and happy person to have a stranger about where you go to get advice to be careful, be careful. The world is filled with people going to give you the wrong advice, but he takes it further that he says you go to have a change of heart about what you spend your time you going to have happiness in your life, folks, you go to the pain to go to have a change of heart. You go to turn away from your behavior.

You gotta do something practical about it.

Otherwise, you want going to get out of that guarantee and what God says you is that must have a change of heart about what you spend your time. That's what he says blessed complete happy is the man who does not work in the counsel of the wicked stand in the way of sinners, because the question now this is a very this is a searching question stranger time loss not what were you doing loss not ready to go loss not then will you this past week.

God's word says you want a prescription for God's happiness and complete as you need to have a change of heart, not only about a great go to get counsel and advise but you need to have a complete complete change of heart about where you are spending your time. Do not stand in the way of sinners, number three, he says to me you and I need to have a change of heart about whom we associate with what he says that in the third place he says sit in the seat of Marcus. That one rolled out teenagers to watch all young and I will guarantee you there's going to be at least one person noted by one of the thousands upon thousands listening and worshiping by way of television value on either side of goodness me. There he goes again. If I brought it here that Skype one more time I'm going to scream. I don't want to hear this anymore time so let me just say it one more time I will guarantee you young people guaranteed that if you hang around with young people who are about the business of ungodly unwholesome behavior. If they all young people use words with time the conversation is about what they going to do to the girl next time the conversation is ugly. It is unwholesome the places they know the things they read the places they frequent. I am going to guarantee you that you are writing yourself a prescription guaranteed happiness that anyone you hang around with the wrong company. God's word says will not be blessed man and woman cannot be happy as a sin stranger about the company you keep young people say to me the man listen I just I just can't seem to get away from my friends, you young man sitting there watching and some young people talking right now the same thing applies exactly the same thing.

This is not a joke. I am serious and the reason some of you are laughing about it is because you think it's a joke and I'm an attorney or something.

Folks around with the wrong company going to happen pasta how to why become a happy person, complete God's word says repent. Most Christian people so brutal that anything God says let me tell you what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about a real change of I'm talking about a change of thought about where you get your advice from and where you stranger time and who you associate with. God says I'm gonna take it much further than that, not only need to print but you need to delight see that he is the life I love this one love this would likely not the word the light is it is that it's not just a change of about where he is a changing of the God in terms of where I'm going means not only this means I'm not just turning my back on this time being I'm making a decision that this is where I'm going to be.

It doesn't mean that I just turn my back on godly friends means that I turned to leave friends. It doesn't just mean frequenting these places that break me down it means that I cannot begin to plot the plate in things that are going that's what it means that the life forgive the interruption back with the rest of today's message Dr. Don Wilton God's prescription for a happy person in just a moment just tuned in perhaps want to hear the entire message again.

You could hear it on our website right now in TW that we can you hear this message, but also see video message from the pastor.

We feel like it's a powerful resource for growing in Christ. It's a website called TW we at The Encouraging Word would love to meet you there online. Now back to today's message with Dr. Don Wilton.

This is where I want to be that smart. God says listen, it's not a matter of just having a change of heart and moving away. It is turning that around and translating that into a marvelous delight in the Lord, you well let's put this into some kind of practical perspective, what does this mean in practice number one number one you want to be happy. Give your heart to the Lord Jesus Christ.

That step number one folks there people today worshiping with us right now. You don't know the Lord Jesus Christ. I know some people like that. Some people have grown up in the church. I know some people grown up as preachers, kids. They control the don't know Jesus.

They don't know happiness that have been brought everything is become a smokescreen critical of everybody else and anything else fighting through life desperately unhappy your heart to the Lord Jesus Christ number two seconds to become a disciple maker become a disciple maker folks. That's what we wrote about a beautiful one.

Let go of our church about ministries is we've talked about it many times. We are a disciple making church that is our goal is a disciple maker.

I disciple and Micah is a disciple who has grown in the faith, to the point at which she is about the business of making disciples out of maturity in your teaching others. Anyone not giving to others. I am a disciple maker, not just because on the pasta because he might have begun in the knowledge and admonition of Jesus qualifies me to stand and help others as others help clean disciple makers help one another. You need to resolve today. Silas given my heart to Jesus Christ, disciple, follow Jesus. But today I resolve that I'm going to be a disciple, Micah, I want to be a teacher and if you going to be a disciple maker therefore need to subject the disciplines and opportunities of you in a church like this blaming yourself the opportunity to study the word of God when you can so you can in the grace and knowledge and admonition of Jesus Christ and listen to me to be an option as far as you're concerned it's something we must have an option in this regard become a disciple.

Micah number three. Choose happiness on the part number three and number four together how they choose happiness cannot cultivate the habit. I want to put both of those together response Friday. My wife and I went to go visit seven people in the community and folks had been sick. One of the homes we went to was the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul. Precious people in our church and we were in their home and I noticed a little kind of frame that was sitting there in the living room and the frame say in this. It said happiness is a habit cultivated not focuses number one if you want to be happy choose to be happy.

You cannot do it if you don't know the Lord by the rights of the work. You cannot choose to be happy outside of God's scheme of things. Number one. Choose to be happy. What does that mean it means that every day you get up and you say on that to be happy to have you meet people just choose to be unhappy and once chosen happiness.

You need to cultivate very much like we would go impromptu can't deny God and put fertilizer limit and cultivated and work about when it goes up into the kind of cloth and the flower that we want and I got some ideas, folks, the Bible says that we need to be in the business. 18 happiness of our lives. We need to be really about the business of lies that ensure an end of association that are going to make us beast healthy debate. Happiness be deliberate on Friday night light, Ron, Karen and I stopped by Mr. Ron will how much we love you, Ron. Thank you Lord for you so much begun visit Ron Rosen you just come out there. The blessed one. You know Ron well Steve what is it he's writing a new musical entitled Moses with Teresa and I tell you when I don't visit Ron Wells eat he shares little snippets with me because I think he's gonna find thinking that I'm gonna be doing this for the next several years and and he's got he's got a song that he's written to describe the children of Israel wandering around the wilderness for 40 years and operated when I wonder wandered around my grandma would have a grumble. There they grumbled everywhere. I mean I will grumbled you want to hear the song I sent Ron, I can just see Tony and yesterday's teens and Steve Skinner singing grandpa and grandma got people in a crackup. When I hear this but you know something, it's folks watch me. How many of you today can say honestly, I'm a grumble is not unlike your head, Donald Ming, the drug on the Graham government given up this one thing that way.

And so you give up that right now they wanted to sway people just don't listen folks, if you going to choose happiness and cultivate the habit dumping ground make a decision don't go through life backwards done, on the ground and moved through everything in reverse gear. It's not good for you. Stop it stop it stop it. Stop complaining, stop moaning about everything I love about this church, we don't have monism numbers in this church. We don't allow moaning and grumbling. It's not. We share opinions.

We don't when your children call and complain decision. Silas and turn around to live like us. Number five strive to be happy, to be healthier, big bone strive to be healthy and how we long to be healthy both physically, emotionally and spiritually. You been listening to Dr. Don Wilton. This is been preaching from Psalm one on God's prescription for a happy person but a prelude. Open your heart not to just his preaching, but he steps into the studio now to share his heart. Are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now.

Dear God, I know that on the center and I know that Jesus died for me on the cross today. I repainted my sin and by faith I receive you into my heart in Jesus night my friend welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting, perhaps day you were praying along in your heart with Dr. Don Wilton. Given your life to Christ of the very first time or rededicated your life you need to know. We would love to stand with you to pray for you. We have great resources and putting your hands absolutely free if you call this number 86689 word that's 866899673 is matter fact we would love to connect with you online as well.

If you rather use your keyboard may visit TW and let's talk about what God's doing in life and Dr. Don Wilton would love to pray for you. His email is simply Don DO in acts DEW It's a privilege of hours to pray for you corporately, but Dr. Don also enjoys to pray for you. If God is working in your life. Let him know and let us know how we can be a support for you how we can encourage you is matter if I got phone number to get your free resources. 866-899-WORD is more than just a resource.

Some 17 six and 99 you will answer me and turn in your ear to me, hear my prayer. Work is a 24 hour my prayer line you can call 866-998-9997 and talk to a real person you The Encouraging Word you worry ministry for listening today at times gone but let's stay connected online as well. A TW that's DEW We would love to encourage you


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