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R321 How to Handle the Enemy, Pt.3

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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April 30, 2021 8:00 am

R321 How to Handle the Enemy, Pt.3

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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April 30, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

There been so many great resources and how to handle the enemy on this week's discussion with Dr. Wilton today we bring the final message. The yes this is The Encouraging Word featuring the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton discover more on our website at G, but let's open God's word together today to the book of Nehemiah on how to handle the enemy part. But the Bible says my friend public.

Number one is also the wall that goes on within us all put it like this.

He said that I would but I do love the evil that I would not that I do and there was a proverbial struggle going on within himself. Why, because the devil is alive and well, you and I need to on NT 5 enemy.

Garrett is what is it in your life that is causing you to stumble, what is it where is your Achilles' heel. Identify the enemy. There is a process by which we can go five points number one, namely namely that's what Nehemiah did. He named it there was an enemy in the campaign name. Then he said remember Tom find San Ballack and Noah died, the other prophets. He named it he identified them. He pointed them out.

He said you want my there was no apology in him whatsoever name the enemy number two claim them claiming you notice out in verse 14 that the profit director.

He is whole prayer concerning this. Named enemy toward God. He claimed them for God.

You know why because I believe this man understood that vengeance is mine saith the Lord, and what Nehemiah did together with those people. When these people began to oppose the work of God, even in this cycle undercurrent kinds of ways.

He named them, and any claim them for the coals of God Jehovah. He presented them before the throne of grace, but there's 1/3 thing.

Challenge them, not any name them and claim them.

You need to challenge them. You say to me today pasta. Why do I need to challenge the enemy. You see friend only or criminal is afraid of a policeman.

If you are living according to God's standards and you are moving in the direction that God has placed you, and all of a sudden Satan begins to use people to trip you up and drag you out. You must not any name them and claim them. You need to challenge that you need to get up.

I will travel one on one limb in the and say what you doing is not of the Lord, you need to challenge that weak point in your own life. It might be lost may be something you looking at it might be something you're saying it might be someplace going. It might be the manner with which you conduct yourself. It might be the company you keep you Lord, I need to name it and claim it you need to challenge otherwise, you will never identify there's 1/4 thing that you need to do. You need a push on the spot. Name them, claim them, challenge them, and then push on the spot. See what Satan wants us to do as a church. My friends is to stop doing what we're doing, you know, it would give them great joy is God's church all over America just stopped. You know how is going to try and get God's work to stop. He's gonna raise up the enemy he's gonna use people and he's gonna use circumstances and he's going to use government and he's gonna use education and he's going to use a treatment he's gonna use husbands and wives and preachers and pastas and priests, and deacons and elders in Sunday school teachers. He's going to use whatever he can get his hands on and he's going to get those people to do his dirty work and he wants the Church of God to stop it in its tracks. You can identify these people. Usually they will tell you that they been saying for the special mission from God as their most earnest job description to set the record straight, to do whatever needs to be done. We need to name them and claim them. We need to challenge the longest spy.

But there's 1/5 process in the identification process we need to win them.

How do you win the enemy you want when you cite my friend, you will use IP by virtue of the victory that Jesus has already climbed up on the cross.

You're listening to Dr. Don Wilton our teacher here on The Encouraging Word. Please don't go away.

He'll be back with the completion of today's message how to handle the enemy part three in just a moment. Dr. Don also wants me to let you know we're here for you to be happy to pray with you and for you at the other end of 866899.the number down, store it yourself. It's 866-899-9673. We would love to connect with you and connect you with great resources as well.

Speaking of resources. If you haven't heard about it. There's a brand-new book, Dr. Wilton just released about his time with Billy Graham fiscal Saturdays with Billy. Hello everybody you know my friends know me as Don Wilton pasta friend, neighbor, dad, husband, grandpa, and I'm going to tell you people around the world just like you know and identified Dr. Billy Graham is that man God used reach so many people around the world. Jesus Christ, I had the privilege of knowing Mr. Gray very personal, intimate way, both as he's framed and as he squashed. In fact, for many, I drove up to his Montreat, North Carolina and visited with every sector just like friends do every reset together together more. We discussed politics frames places people we loft kids will we did everything one could possibly imagine. That's why I wrote this wonderful Saturdays with it's all about personal relationship and who Saturdays with will be a blessing to you willing spy and willing courage, just as Mr. Graham encouraged my change my God bless you my friend the number to get your copy is 8668866899673 will connect with one of us not just to pray for you, but also to help you get resources will help you grow in your faith. And this is one of those great resources. The new book Dr. Don Wilton call Saturdays with you find all of resources available on our is also a great place not only here but see all these messages from Dr. Wilton to jot it down as well. TW is the website we love to connect with you this week. Now back to today's great teaching with Dr. Don Wilton friend. If there is an individual or a situation in your life and you are a Christian person.

What I mean by winning the enemy through the identification process, I mean gaining the victory over that situation if it is something that you are looking at. Stop looking at it is something that you are saying stop sign. If it is someplace you going to stop going there. I was counseling with a couple and this man said I know what's wrong this is wrong that's wrong that's wrong with me and I looked at him and I said brother do I love you. He said yes sir. I said what if you done about. You can sit there until you're blue in the face and tell me or tell your wife that you did this and that and the next thing the issue is this know God is number two.

Identify the enemy number three.

Pray for God's protection.

Pray for God's protection. Look at chapter 4 and verse nine Magnus passage chapter 4 and verse nine but we pray to God. Go back to their site.

Let's go back to verse seven.

Just look at this, but when you gathering on identifying the enemy again. Remember point number two by Queen Sam Ballack told by the Arabs that I am a nights and the men of Ashdod heard that the repairs to Jerusalem's walls and gone ahead and that the gaps were being closed, they will walk walk with by Wang. They were very angry. Now, folks. These were not people outside these were people inside.

They were part of the status quo. They sang in the choir scares me. I shouldn't said that while I was pricing. That's why they sang in the choir.

They sat in the pews. They preached from the pulpit.

You know that some of the greatest opposition to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ comes from preachers from ministers of the gospel from churches. That's right. Look what happened. Look at this site and so what happened they plotted together to come and find against Jerusalem is what's it coming and to stir up trouble hello is not just marks. I think I'm just going to go then I'm an adjuster that old product ran on God's personal gift to mankind. I'm just getting on start up. I'm going to stand in the Cardinals and I'm going to start rumors and I'm going to be doing innuendo and I'm back and I'm better? I'm going to do this. I'm just going to stir up the pot. That's what Satan does. He's doing it in our education system. Folks he's doing it for the mass murder of children all across America, freedom of choice, like cold when it comes to sexual matters. It's called safe sex. I'm just going to stir up the pot. I'm going to give it a nice night I'm going to talk about the rights of people. Everybody's got arrived today. It's a matter of sexual preference is what God's word say here.

It is nice stood up trouble against adverse none, but we pray to God in that incredible. There is pray for God's protection site pasta. How simplistic could they be pray for God's protection. Peter put up like this in first Peter chapter 1 he said we must not only God, the gospel, but we are shielded by God's power.

There is a garrison that is placed around about us, we are completely overtaken by God's armaments by God's battlements.

God is drawing the battle station and he says if you want to handle the enemy in your life. Pray for God's protection do we really pray for our children. We really pray for one another. Number four type practical action type practical action. The fourth principle on how to handle the enemy. I want to look at the second part of verse nine. You see, they didn't just stop at pray our goal that the God bless you my brother's and I picked it up when I was at seminary and you will. We will also good. We used to walk around those hallowed halls and we would hear about needs and we would site will God bless you my brother. I folks I believe in the power of prayer.

I believe we should pray. I believe we need to be in the forefront of pray, but sometimes we go to put out prayer and action. You see, it's no good just for the church to talk about tomorrow because we go to do something about moral decay.

It's not good for us to just get up. My friend inside God's word says that abortion is an abomination in the nostril of God.

We've got to do something about.

It's not getting up and saying that the world is in such trouble and that we need to give to our people. I haven of rest and a fellowship of encouragement. We've got to do something about. You see, they took practical action. What happened verse nine but we prayed to God and posted God. How often day and night to meet this threat many times in my own life. I've kicked back in my proverbial lazy boy chair and I've said that none of the rabbits over. I'm everywhere that God wants me to be doing everything God wants me to do is nothing else that I need to do God's expanses. You see friends. We're engaged in warfare.

The enemy is all around us. He's trying to break us down, type practical action. Let me give you five points to consider in practical action number one be expected.

It's going to happen number to be alert. Open your eyes Peter put it like this, he said, be sober and be vigilant. Now that would vigilant there again in typical pita metaphoric expression is a military metaphor he's talking about standing on God, he is talking about guarding the garrison of God. He's talking about being a watchman, if you please be sober and be vigilant. Why, because the devil is as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

And the emphasis here is upon the seeking part.

In other words, he's on the prowl. He's everywhere all the time looking white.

One thing he stomach is groaning and growling. He wants you he wants you to be expected to be alert be prepared in third place. I love the Boy Scouts proud of all the scouts in our congregation. Boy, because it's unbelievable. One of the things that the Scott's believing is being prepared, be on the front line get ready for action number four. Be bold and unapologetic United type practical action. You need to be bold and unapologetic. You see friends what the world is looking for today on men and women of conviction, conviction is contagious and if God has come upon your life and God is food you with the spirit God has empowered you by his grace and through his birth through his Spirit to stand tall against the enemy that looks around about them is within you.

Be bold and that all enemy rarities heading your life decapitated.

Do not tolerate spiritual activity in your life in your church in your community in anything that you are involved be bold and unapologetic about as for me and my house we will serve the Lord, you know dad's. Maybe that's the biggest challenge for us dances and not too many dads today who are willing to be bold and unapologetic about the conviction about what God calls a father and a husband be.

I'm going to say the spokes without any apology. I believe that one of the reasons why everything's got so mixed up in our world today is because men have opted out of Dagon cold and God-given responsibility where all the men I don't mind telling you this. That is one of the reasons why I thank God every day for our church.

We got a real problem in our church books when it comes to Deacon election in this church. We bought 64 men who could easily be elected.

The problem is not to find someone who is spiritually qualified gets to know how we could ever leave somebody all what a wonderful problem in the church. What a wonderful problem everywhere I go I'm preaching tomorrow at the South Carolina state evangelism conference here at Tyler's first Baptist. Everywhere I go I talk about the men of this church and that is not to the exclusion of the godly women the incredible women that we have in this treacherous little Jesus Christ with all your heart, but I'm going to say to you, my friend, that the Bible says it will live again. The handle the enemy we must be prepared type practical action be expected. Be alert be prepared, be bold and then finally Bree prayerful. We looked at that in the third principle be prayerful. It comes back to that point. Be prayerful.

What is it that you're looking at. Where is it that you going what is causing your marriage to take such strain be prayerful about one of the things that my wife and I do from time to time and we don't do this many often enough. Every now and again we call our family and for a family conference. You know why because I need we all need. Sometimes I find myself coming and going.

I get so busy I'm not at home on the way. I'm in meetings I get back to light at night not done see my children for days on end and I don't spend time with them and eventually we stopped speaking to one another without respect and you can feel the tension and this time in everybody's tired and there's a rapid price and you just wish the spring break would arrive so you could and you could get all the world just for one day and capture for embrace: family conference and take practical action you not practical action is we need to talk to each other with love, we need to spend more time together.

Dad needs to turn down some of those invitations not feel that he's got to be at everything that ever goes on everywhere. We need to play more.

Dad want to come and play the ball with us. We need to love one another more, we need to be on the carpet playing with those crayons and and making pictures without sons and daughters. We need to be jumping on the trampoline and throwing a ball and throwing a frisbee. We need to be barbecuing chicken in our backyards together and drinking coffee in our favorite cup of Diet Coke.

We need to be doing everything that you could ever imagine. But frame it'll never happen, you will never handle the enemy if you're not prepared to take practical action practical action you need to put those things up. Write out a list get to family together and say what is it, what are we doing what we need to do.

How do we need to eliminate. We do that in our finances. All America's overdue. We've all overplayed ourselves.

Get your finances in hand.

Find out what's going on what's coming and what you can find out how you can get the books balanced. Again we Buddhist churches in God blesses us. We need to do it enough of type practical action number five.

Acceptable God-given assignment acceptable God-given assignment chapter 6 and verse 11.

I remarkable passage in verse 10, the Bible says in the middle.

He said let us meet in the house of God inside the temple. Let us close the Tampa goals because men are coming to kill you by not fail coming to kill you but I said in verse 11 shoot a man like me run away or should one like me going to the table to save his life. I will not go as a man who is willing to accept these God-given assignment. What is your God-given assignment. You know the spiritual dropout rate in America is alarming.

You know how many people walk the house of God's church and from Sunday off, and God never smells them forgot. You know how many people they all did come to church on a Sunday morning and for the rest of the week. God doesn't smell them forgot. You know how many people make resolutions in marriage retreats and renews you know how many people turn over and you leave the beginning of the new year but they are not willing to accept that God given assignments. Marriage is one of those marriages not option you.just popped out of it whenever you feel like you don't just break your God-given public whenever you feel like it.

You don't just announce one day, I don't love you anymore whenever you feel like it is a commitment of vows before God.

Are you willing to accept God given assignment. That's why there's so many children distort today because dad just often live we living in a world of thy folks where nobody wants to talk about. Are you willing to accept your God-given assignment number six face the enemy head on chapter 4 and verse 23 we read about it. Each parties weapon. Even when he went for water.

Face the enemy head on call a spy despite saying this is what is happening.

This is why it's happening.

This is what I'm going to do with God so I was so today this is what God is telling me to do. I'm going to do and watch what God would do with your life. Then finally at Vons in victory chapter 4 verse 20. My favorite part of the seventh principal advancing victory. God will find for us all. I love that part is a minister.

You know why because every time every time I see us with the enemy. I'm able to say before I even know what the struggle is you can advancing victory, victory is yours. The battle has been walking yes Jesus Christ is conquered, even. There is hope for your marriage. This hope your family there is hope for your church.

There's hope for you.

You don't have to fly you can add bonds victory would you pray with me this morning for the wonderful ramp up to these three days of knowing how to handle the enemy. Please know that though our broadcaster coming to a close were still available.

Pray with you and for you anytime at 866-899-9673 and before we get away closing thoughts from Dr. Don Wilton are you ready to give your heart lock to the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm so happy to hear that wanted to pray this prayer with me to hear God on the lovely very very and I know that the Lord Jesus came God on the cross on my feet today. I repainted myself.

I confess my sin.

And I invite you to come and Jesus name if you prayed that pray for me the first one welcome to the family this. I hope that you know how much I'm going to be crying out very important decisions for me: so that we can talk to Nick Weiss, you can begin this wonderful journey before we go today wanted the worship you know you and I have been the middle of our thoughts, beloved, how much you know this will cost us so many cross here from love them. They are our real heroes and I want you to join with me as we are praying for them that God would put them and their families and loved ones, let's do that right now shall we just before we got wanting to join with me, Lord Jesus, I'm joining with thousands of people right now on prying for our members. Our brave, brave members of our community and our world who are in for many overseas in strange and difficult places families left behind. Lord Jesus listing.

Keep your hand upon the every way.

Jesus, I'm convinced that all of us have been changed by the teaching of God's word especially with regard to facing the enemy the devil and knowing that Jesus is the victor, but some of you moments ago were praying along with Dr. Wilton to give your life to Christ will rededicate your life and if so, Dr. Wilton has resources he wants to put in your hands for free if you call us at 86689 the number again is 866-899-9673 or you could email us at large eat. That's TE W while you're there, be sure to sign up for the daily Encouraging Word email from Dr. God and take a look at all the great resources including the new book call Saturdays with Billy with Dr. Billy Graham Dr. Don Wilton again.

It's all

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