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R1623 This, We Must Do

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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March 1, 2021 8:00 am

R1623 This, We Must Do

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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March 1, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

God has an encouraging word for you and me today. The Bible-based breaching of Dr. Don Wilton in a message called this we must do either discovering the imperatives in the Christian life will head to Matthew 10 in just a moment.

But no, the rear for you connecting right now at That's our website TW now Dr. Don Wilton we have great things to look. God is on his throat. I want you to turn in your Bibles today to Matthew and chapter 10 Matthews gospel chapter 10 and I want to read to you. Just two verses and I'm about to show you something that is beyond extraordinary and amazing Matthew chapter 10 and verse 32 this is what Jesus said and I want to just emphasize. I did not say this, your church didn't say this not a single human being sabers. It's not doesn't come from this comes from heaven. This comes from the Lord Jesus. He saved us so we go to do business with him on this statement, we will all ask him.

We go to try and find out what it is that he saying to us this is what Jesus said this 32. He said whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge that person before my father in heaven, but who ever this is me before people, I will disclose that person before my father in heaven now may the Lord give us an understanding in many ways, and I trust that you will understand what I'm saying to you today. I seriously contemplated taking the Pope without this morning. I really did, and just having a chair and sitting down and having a chat with my church family.

Just having a chat. I do not believe that this was preached. This is not a preaching statement.

This is not a picture of Jesus up inappropriate sounding force over lost congregation of people, so to speak, in our understanding. This wasn't Jesus standing up on Sunday morning on television trying to get to as many people as he can. Not, let me tell you what happened you and you have to go back to and I'm going to be very brief but I just want to tell you this.

You got to understand what you to see the picture. The picture here is of the Lord Jesus Christ with just a few people who had followed him through a whole variety of experiences at the side of Jesus on this earth. I remember Jesus was born and he grew up, and then he arrived on the scene, baptized by John and then he went out and started calling his who were the disciples.

Peter and James and some of them were fishermen and tax collectors and he said, follow me, and these were the people he said we gonna follow you, and in this picture here we find Jesus and please understand I'm just putting our understanding on this, but I see Jesus babysitting on a rock on the mountainside and and he has these followers with him. We know them as the disciples, and if you had gone to any of those disciples and said to them, excuse me, what do you believe about Jesus. I'm going to go so far as to tell you I guarantee you because we read about it, they would have said he Jesus is the Christ the son of the living God. That's what they would've said they wouldn't claim to understand everything about him I wouldn't of been able to explain how, why all of the intricacies, but they knew that he was going but he loved him they'd watched. They sort of, they'd seen him heal the sick, they'd seen how he talked to people how he related how he built with opposition how he handled the Romans and the politics I watched and I will wear them all the time.

They even watched him turn bordering the walking.

I mean, you name all the experiences that these followers who were now sitting around him had seen had experienced.

They were believers believe it is a follower of Jesus just like you dislike me. I'm a believer I'm just like them. I'm just like them.

You know I jostled for a seat closer to him and I'm gonna beat you to the top seat and I'm going to have my doubts and I'm going to get little offhand edition I'm going to get out of line and out of tune and and and doubt whether or not he's going to be able to really feed all those hungry people until I actually see it happen. I'm gonna struggle with those things but boy do I know that this is my Jesus is God, so boil it all down you would a gun lost them so you receive. They'd say will he's gone. What about him, they'd say God can do it God can do. You lost those follows the anything he cannot do that site you kidding me, he can do it God can do this week's he seen so now we get up here to the end of chapter 9 and Jesus. Jesus, by the way the Bible says Jesus was out there.

He wasn't in the church is not a picture of Jesus in the church Jesus with these followers.

This is not on Sunday morning.

This is like on Monday afternoon. Maybe in Jesus is our thingies going into the marketplace is in the business and he stops off at Chick-fil-A and he picks up a sandwich and he goes in Dixie's motor car fixed and he visits the local school, and he watches the kids play bowl.

This is what he's doing here went through all the towns and Asians going through all the towns Jesus Jesus looks and he sees all the people in the Bible just tells us that he had compassion on them, why because Jesus said they were helpless. I will like sheep without a shepherd. He watched how they yelled at each other on the streets. He watched how they got into fits because this person were a mosque and that one didn't. He watched as they yelled obscenities to each other in public places and fresh brewed signs to each other out of the motor call Windows. He watched how they wrote horrible lifters will mean he watched how they struggled, he watched how they suffered with covert.

He watched how they were locked up in shot away and nobody could go and visit them. He watched so many died in so many people grieved. He watched our people were concerned about the stock market. He watched our people will label from a jobs how they were disappointed by their sons. He watched how they marriages fell apart, watched the loneliness as any of the joys and and Jesus said he looked on the crowds and he had compassion on them because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. I see you people do we see our community and then Jesus made that statement. Steve was speaking about a just a moment.

He said you know lots of people are chill.

The harvest is plentiful. The problem is the laborers are few. The people you really get it. Every time someone comes up to me to have a big complaint about something.

I think they don't get it.

With loving law.

Show me a congregation of believers that did it.

Jesus brings the congregation together, the believers just individual people like you and me are coming this bunch. By the way, we're a bunch we not more than what we think we'll that's why anyone is welcome here. And so when you get into chapter 1010 Jesus calls his 12 disciples and mean we were told it is unlikely that he holds them together sits them around next to the rock what ever it is sitting on a hillside gathers them around the nieces.

You you know that I'm gone, you followed me you understand the struggle I'm I'm now going to send you out because of your community, your people out and I want to tell you what you need to look blackened sound like and behave like and act like when you go in Jesus changes the theme from God can do this to this, you must Jesus was looking at them and he he was saying to them, church believers, II really believe that you believe in me you love me and I do everything but this. You need another from me. Jesus said you good news done upon the sofa on God. This is what you'd so we get to this very troubling statement. He said if you can face me publicly before the helpless and the hopeless.

I will confess you publicly before my father, but if you don't I want not.

If he won't do it. It means that those who don't don't know him.

Jesus will cannot deny his children in front of the father because that has already happened.

That is the work of salvation and its eternal please forgive the interruption will be back with the rest of today's message from Dr. Don Wilton in just a moment, but he wants me to remind you were connecting. As I mentioned at the beginning of the program that's the place to connect with his new book about Dr. Billy Graham and so many other resources.

Plus, know that we love to pray with you and for you on our prayer line at 866-899-WORD.

That's 866-899-9673. Now back to today's teaching with Dr. Don Wilton so we go to unpack and ask ourselves to help us. What is this mean and there's never been the greatest like my beloved Frank and Anna tell you why things can be said about covert if we use code. This is our day. But one thing that's happening during covert. Is this a great sifting of the church going on.

Did you know that you can expect in the days and months that lie ahead.

I believe is your pasta that the church and I'm using the bold scheme. The church was getting far too comfortable, just like in covens coming and there's a great sifting going there will be a falling away. I promise you if you haven't did you will encounter people who once before covert always came to church will no longer do it they found there excuse and visit cry all over America because the hunger is in God's word stands.

Jesus said, just to these 12 said you love me you believe I can do it all of this you must you want to go out and you go to acknowledge me at your assignment publicly. I just want to put this on the table. So what is the about Jesus what is Jesus give to us what is he done for us. Cannot just give you my warnings given us forgiveness all agree. Jesus died on the cross because of that I'm forgiven just amazing philosophy to explain that is just wonderful. Number two, he's given us reconciliation Jesus. This Jesus means because he died on the cross means that I'm not reconciled to God.

God God me, me, God North Pole South Pole, a Z full of sin, no sin and Jesus died. I'm not back with God while number three gives to you and me a new beginning. You know, many people are looking for new beginning. Folks, you know, many people could line up and say you know if I could just wind the clock back Jesus… Wind the clock back. He does gives us a new heart. You can be had been the worst you give your brand you start fresh. Day one. Jesus, what is he new number four gives purpose. Most people are looking for meaning, what is it mean what I live for that purpose. Number five.

He guides us. He gives us guidance because the spirit of God comes into us. You and I these days, precious friends can't tell you how many times I've got on my face before the Lord just cried out to him, Lord, archive, what port cannot. How can I lead my people would you God me what's right what's wrong how much too little. How about this win that up this and he always comes through.

When we closed a year ago. I'm putting this on me.

This is a team thing. I'm just lost a ministry to walking down I just went for a walk, God spoke to me and said, take the services to Barnett Park. How does that sound like lightning slack. I invented that but for some reason we hadn't seen it I will back into my office got back with the ministry team in Austin, God's told me we need to start worshiping in Barnett Park. Now you explain to me how we could've been there for 21 straight weeks through the summer and not have one bitter rain, no wind, no adverse conditions for the entire time in the day we open back up in October, the floods came any further questions you. Let's give God a hand that's what I mean by God. That's what I mean by God's it's it's us me talking with the church council and now leaders in our wonderful ministry team.

What is Jesus doing gives us life off today.

We've had so many funerals, folks, I was preaching at a funeral of precious lady on Wednesday three this week nonstop. How do you do if you talk to families grandkids.

If it weren't for Jesus, but will we talk about. We were down briefly see on the believer. Jesus has numbness so wanted Jesus say the first thing he said is we must acknowledge him before people this you must what is it mean technology the word that is to confess, and it really carries with the two meanings number one it means to affirm who Jesus is. Jesus said in front of other people out there. Did you get that in your office did you get that in the schoolroom at the restaurant that's what he said publicly affirm Jesus what are you affirming your affirming three things about them number one that he is God number two that he is Savior number three that he is Lord is three things you affirm about Jesus publicly is God. He Savior save the world but he's Lord he's the boss what he says goes any further questions you or do we need to call another church meeting to decide whether or not what he says is Lord there are churches, not ours and so thanked big churches all over America destroying themselves because they calling meetings to decide what they think he's Lord my job. Our job is just to ask God what he thinks that that's a big an object called a man and that takes all of us. That's what everybody's valued that's why we do speak.

That's why we do share.

That's why we're the congregation that's why we're family. We value everybody but you not any affirm Jesus who Jesus is to confess him technology means that you have to identify what he's done.

You not only can you not only confirm who he is.

You identify what is done publicly.

What is he done publicly when I gave you the list, forgiveness, reconciliation, change new beginning life off the bed piece, purpose, love, joy, meaning what is Jesus done publicly. That means in your office did you get that that means in your home. That means he said excuse me just a minute, did you get the parkway he said before men. Jesus let us know that there is no such thing as a Secret Service agent in the kingdom of God. Jesus said we going to do this publicly.

We go to do it before our fellow believers, we go to confess Jesus before one another. We go to confess Jesus before serious searchers do not. How many people out there searching, they just waiting for someone to show them publicly.

And we going to do this before. Hostile pagans and if you don't think for a minute that in America today. There are not hostile pagans out to get God out you were born under a rock. This is Jesus speaking to us. We did it. We understand why why are we so silent while there lots of reasons for silence, persecution about embarrassment, I won't tell you openly, unashamedly, the number of times I've just felt embarrassed because on looking acting like a Christian. Come on guys, just admit it. It's real. Second Timothy God's word says in chapter 1 verse eight do not be ashamed of the gospel's, on the one hand, Jesus says we have to we go to acknowledge Jesus publicly before one another.

On the other hand, this is done this own Jesus publicly before one another what what I want us to take away with us just three things is no more scheme to help you talk like him publicly number two awesome God to help you walk like him well carry yourself like Jesus and his 1/3 one also going to help you behave like I can walk talking in tremendous biblical teaching Dr. Wolf today, but I pray you heard more than just the truth of God proclaimed for you understood the love of God reaching out to you through this broadcast to take a moment this documentary comes now in the studio out of the sanctuary and shares these words with us. Are you ready to give you 1/2 in life to the Lord Jesus, why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that on the center and I know that Jesus died for me on the cross today, I repent of my sin and by faith I receive you into my heart. In Jesus name, my friend.

I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting news. If you just prayed with Dr. Wilton to give your life to Jesus Christ to rededicate your life. Welcome to the family of God. We would love to walk with you in the next steps puts resources in your hands. Just give us a call. 866-899-WORD is the phone number that's 866-899-9673.

Dr. Wilton has resources he wants you to have given your life to Christ to rededicate your life.

You could also do that online TW that's what you find out about the great new book to Dr. Wilton coming up next on our new website and reserve a copy of Dr. Wilton's brand-new book, Saturdays Saturdays with daily times hears heartwarming stories. Mr. Grant just as Billy's words changed on life can change our lives to one knee and leaned on God's grace into eternity discover their powerful friends. TW so excited about the new book. Again, details of TW and why you're there on our website. T.

W sign up for the daily Encouraging Word email. It's a wonderful devotional jump start your day from Dr. Wilton. You can do it right there on our or call for more information at 866899 word that 866-899-WORD 967

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