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R1621 Praying The Impossible, Pt. 2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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February 19, 2021 8:00 am

R1621 Praying The Impossible, Pt. 2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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February 19, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

Perhaps someone else said it was impossible.

What does God say about let's open God's Encouraging Word together with Dr. Don Wilton this is The Encouraging Word Friedrich Dr. Don Wilton's teaching and today we complete a message.

He began yesterday, praying the impossible head of the book of Ezra chapter 9 in just a moment you miss yesterday.

Don't worry about it. Dr. Donald catch you up in just a moment what you'd like to hear it's on our website at G that's T EW is also a great place to sign up for many resource of Dr. Wilton, including the book that's coming out in a few weeks. You can preorder now Saturdays with Billy. Yes, wonderful memories of Dr. Don Wilton spending Saturdays over the course of 25 years, almost every Saturday. Every week Dr. Billy Graham. Again, details T EW Dr. Don Wilton you ever wanted to find impossible about these people, God's people living in exile. They weren't even in their own land. How about the fact that they land, Judah had been overrun off foreign kings and invaders and foreign gods and they weren't even there to do anything about. I would find in the Sunday if families were hurting everything of value to them had been taken away, God did for things I just mentioned this to you. This was the message lost week he did for things number one God X ignited them. He provided the spark, God save all right your ready. Guess what I'm going to do for you.

God God can do this. It began with God and ended with God.

God didn't turn to these people and so I wanted to just call a meeting and sit down and you try and work it out because God knows that doesn't work. Have you ever tried to work out something in America today. You want to get a consensus on something, shall we have one man one vote and decide who's wrong and he's right. God ignited he's always done he's the it's the extent believable. When we worship God, we are actually saying okay God not only ignited them, but he extracted that excitement when when you reach the label of impossibility. One of the big casualties is excitement. God gave him a mission. God said this is what and how you going to do this you going to go back and you gonna reboot. This is what it's going to look like he gave them the excitement, the reason the marriage gets to a point that it does. After years of marriage when it gets to the impossible. I guarantee you the one thing that's gone out of that marriage is excitement so exciting about being together with her within you kidding me what works they look forward to when you get to impossible. God not only ignited them, but he excited them gave them the mission and then he united them. You talk about impossible not one casualty in the church in America today is going to be the issue of Christians staying together around Jesus number one nation not going to be what we do. It's going to be who we serve. He united them and in the story and Israel is so beautiful he did the impossible. He just brought them all together.

I watch that all these years here at First Baptist Church in Spartanburg. I frames out. They trust me, who say can't be done. Yes, it can your aunt which don't matter who said you can't bring hundreds upon hundreds of people together. Excuse me you think any of us are different. Is there an opinion in the house, a better way of doing everything course to how do you explain the church so united I'm speaking to someone right now they I'm placing you with the word of the Lord.

I frames whose churches off holding part is not over Jesus. God united them. He does this help you think you ever going to come together as one in your marriage unless God does try will you been doing that for the lost 25 years trying just sit down and work it out.

You got beyond sitting down working at your at the impossible level because as soon as you sit down and try and work it out. It takes two minutes, and one of you says well I'm just gonna tell you one thing, and there it goes again. You know I want to say do I have a witness I'm not going to do that I'm going to do what is the future look like we got a look at the future through God's eyes. He ignited them he excited them. He united them and then he invited them. He said no, all of you Lord your families to get together. Let's do this, you know, I said let's do this altogether because God can do this. God can.

God can heal the brokenhearted, he can get people out of that hospital bed, he can heal you. Sickness, he can take your loneliness you love me right now you know how impossibly lonely.

Some people feel today.

You know how some of senior adults in nursing homes for you.

You know we've got grandparents and elderly parents of people in nursing homes everywhere that for very good reason for exactly on a year have not love, they got to the impossible. But God can touch God can do something God does. I just want you know how much we love you today. Please forgive the interruption will be back with the completion of today's message, praying the impossible with Dr. Wilson in just a moment, but I need to let you know after knowing Don Wilton for 30 years when he is sharing the love of God and and being what you might think it.

He doesn't know how could he let me. Because of God in him. And because of what he taught us to do. You are loved. God loves you and we love you and if you need to be encouraging that light up radio. Visit our website T EW there are many resources that will help you know God's love for you in a much more intimate personal way. I pray that while you're at our website. T EW You will sign up for the daily Encouraging Word devotion to come from Dr. Don email of frantically every morning about 6 o'clock in the morning starts my day in such a powerful way as it does in thousands and thousands of people around the globe. You can sign up it's free. Of course online that T EW today. Now let's get back to her teaching with Dr. Don Wilton. So what lay ahead for Israel and full. These people's's impulsive.

I could not have blamed any one of those families seem sign. Please, going back to give me a break. We don't even have enough camels to get where we gonna live like token overrule outhouses. What are we going to do about all the foreigners they mean do you not understand how what you mean how do we get our kids across the mountains. They know going to survive we not have enough water for the trip. This was impossible. You and I read a passage like this means that all work to do there they go. This was impossible. That's why God's telling us so what, it is renewed just I want to just give this to you out of my burden for you because I love you and you my family you my friends, you my neighbors.

You mean the world to me. I'm just one person but God gave us to me, but he gave us he's been giving this to a lot of people. He did for things. Number one, he humbled himself. Verse five you know he in the Jewish custom of Unitarian ones tunic cloak getting on the knees and then there's a beautiful expression, holding up your hands. I don't think God's telling us that we need to around clothes and that's not the point. The point here is this is an act of humility before God. You and I cannot go to God holding on to our own attitude.

I stuffed well Lord okay okay tell me something I don't know doesn't look well. Lord, I'll come and talk to you as long as everybody knows that this is the most important thing we deal with right now. Lord I wanted. I sure okay I heard what the preacher said let's get on deal with this thing with marriage. But just as long God as you know that she is just you know I can't stand the way she does.

ABCD you need and as long as God you keep that in my don't let her get away with that I'm willing to listen to you. That's what I'm told that's out, that's very cool to do. Y'all pray, but humble yourself. Get on your face hold your hands up to the Lord and say Lord Jesus all you number two. He prayed through six verse six is so powerful and prayed and prayed. Verse six and prayed, he humbled himself. Verse six and prayed, pray, pray rises above politics.

Did you hear that prayer is not Republican or Democrat. Pray is not for rich people or for poor people pray and pray pray is not selective. Well, I'll only pray for that person because they play on the same team. We take our struggles, like me, I've got some favorite football teams and when my team loses games about football.

We take that into pray this is my team. I watch my team.

You know that there are people who only watch one team that's it, an event teams not in the next game they go duck hunting put a duck in the football to get they dump makes duck stone blue football but we take that into pray he prayed he put heat heat in an acute of humility, he said no. I need you. The third thing he did was he confessed verse six and seven came right out of the chute of God. I'm too ashamed he can face his own son. He can face the sin of his people. He just confessed he just said guilty. I also I'm not asking you to do this. God's asking us if we want to pray the impossible do it humbly do it. Pray for me and would confectionery the requirement God requires that.

So go back now to Mary Jo what whatever it is your impossible you go to do business with the load right but there's one more and I want you to write this would Don if you can.

He even vote evoked is not a great mood evoked what is rooted. He even vote EV OKED if you've never heard of that word is a powerful word. He evoked what is it mean it means to bring or recall to one's conscious mind. If you evoked a memory, it means that you are not there doing something, and you evoked a memory you you recall, you bring back to him on that precious time that you had with your mother before she died and little remaining your heart and life is precious memory I have a very dear friend who traveled a long way to see her mother and got they just before she died and my wife and I were saying how incredibly precious how thankful just to be able when you keep vote brought back to memory right in the middle of his impossibility. This strong if if I was privileged to be partnering with you and counseling you in your marriage right now I would cost you to evoked to bring back to your conscious mind all the wonderful things about when you met in dating the years, the joy, the love the fun evoked you bring it back.

You know, Steve and I have been serving the Lord to give the full unit week over 35 years going on 40 years together and and they many times that that all think of my brother and partner in the ministry and I found myself soaking a memory way back then and there be a smile on my face so will talk with God wants to bring a smile to your face because when he does that.

This is what is rooted. He even vote he evoked he record so what did he do by the way you do this because I've written down as he wrote down he brought to memory to his conscious memory God the Spirit does this water needed so here I'm one of God's grace just you.

You can run this through God is being gracious God's grace God when you evoked God's grace. You remember that God is merciful and he loves you. Just because he does because you deserve it.

He evoked God's gift God gives to us 20 seasons being gracious and he gave us a firm placing his century, God is a giving heart. He evoked the fact of God's gift to you both evoked he broke his conscious memory that God is light, look what he says you.

He says he gives life to our eyes. Okay so what happens when you get to impossible shadows stalk dismal fog. You can sit in the most beautiful home with the most beautiful wife husband with incredible family so blessed and yet be in the dark, impossible will make you really behind unhappy, followed up he evoked God's release sees. He gives a little relief in avant-garde is a relief giving God and by the way, that would release means he eases the heart.

He makes the way he shows hope that would relief provide relief means, man.

I'm in this and all of a sudden when you folks act into your consciousness. God is going to bless you. He evoked God's dependability. He said even though we are safe. God has not deserted us like that the acute you know what happens when you get to the impossible level. You think God's deserted us. God hasn't gone anywhere in deserted us. God has not. I'm promise you it is God has not left for New Mexico.

God is not left for Minnesota.

God is not going overseas, God is not somewhere else. God is everywhere, God is doing the same thing for the people in New Mexico and in Minnesota and everywhere he's eternal God, he's magnificent God, by the way, that is enough of God to go around yet have to worry about having a corner on the market evoked God's kindness that would be. He shown us kindness. America. America so God's kindness. God is kind and loving evoked God's ability look that he grunted us. You life to reboot its evoking God's ability to begin again fresh brain you are not referred to marriage a lot. I'm not just picking on marriage but you know it is possible to be married for 40 years and suddenly feel like you're on honeymooning God can do that cements impossible, God can bring his son home again beckoned you who like you going to look back and say what God can reach to you.

God can make you whole and and finally would not eat. He evoked God's protection. That's a big one is not that loss statement it given us a wall of protection so they really for things that Israel did prying the impossible, he humbled. He prayed he confessed and he evoked he brought back said Lord just flew me with you. God and God did that this would happen. They went back and rebuild the temple Tell you the end of the story they still live a few years later powerful message or time is running out for today, but you need to know the story continues and for me for Dr. Wilson for all of us on the Encouraging Word team our story was radically transformed when we said yes Jesus Christ. Would you open your heart, you been listening to Dr. Don's teaching, but now as he comes in the studio to open yourself to what you can ask you next.

Are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I'm so happy to hear that wanted to pray this prayer with me today. Dear God, I know that you love me very, very much and I know that the Lord Jesus Christ came God on the cross so that I might be forgiven of Marson today.

I repent of Marson. I can face Marson and I invite you to come into my heart.

Jesus name I pray, if you prayed that prayer. Let me be the first one to welcome you to the family of God. This is one I hope that you know how much I'm going to be praying for you and how very important this is for me us so we can talk to connect to the right place you can begin this wonderful dream and welcome to the family. I believe many of you have prayed with the pastor moments ago maybe to rededicate your life and come back to Jesus Christ, perhaps for some of you.

It's the first step to give your life to Jesus Christ my own testimony. I spent time growing up in the church and I learned all the right things to say the right things to do not do have a relationship with Jesus until the moment I said yes to him. If you are wanting to talk about that with someone would love to play and talk with the other and that this phone 866899 word 866-899-9673 walk with you the next steps give you some free resources ducted on what you have the numbers 866-899-9673 email us at that's TE W to find great resources like this. God's intended purpose for us never changed not defeated. We are over commerce to Jesus Christ. The word of God is alive and is relevant times in which we lay there are countless testimonies of people who walked with God in the Bible. They are our cloud of witnesses to encourage us on the Christian journey learned from you can walk with God's giants with your gift at $20 or more in support of The Encouraging Word, you will receive Dr. Neil dynamic two-part series. Walking with God series to walking with God's giants is available on CD or DVD on the lives of Nehemiah Solomon and David Collis today, 86699 word walking with God. If you missed the first theory, you can request it to you for your continued partnership to share the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world the wonderful resource and I think you'll discover even more great resources. If you visit our website TE W so many folks are asking taxing what you know about the book call Saturdays with Billy. Yes it's on the way.

Yes it is Dr. Wilton's latest book about the moments he spent literally hours he spent every week with Dr. Billy Graham 25 years of being his pastor. It is such a rich treasure. I've only read a chapter but I cannot wait to get the whole thing. You can preorder it right now on our website TE W that's the place to connect TBW

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