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R1621 Praying the Impossible, Pt.1

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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February 18, 2021 8:00 am

R1621 Praying the Impossible, Pt.1

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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February 18, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton about praying the impossible, perhaps right now that's the word you think of the most for your looking at a particular situation or circumstance. It's just impossible but with God. We we know it in her head. We quoted Scripture that all things are possible through God. I pray that today you'll gain some insight from the book of Ezra, of all places. I was surprised as you are Ezra chapter 9 is where we had today as Dr. Don talks about praying the impossible sharing this over the next couple of days and I pray that you will dive into every moment email us at you to see some extra notes and hear things.

Perhaps when I been able to share on the radio at not talking let's open God's word together. Here's Dr. Don Wilton father I have such a burden on my heart. It's not a good paying not a burden of sickness is not a good all the things that burden us to burden for my people in my small world. It's relative to our world. It's a small group of people.

My church, my community, it's my city because I I have so many friends. People who have meant so much to me and do people who love to get lost together have cookouts together, celebrate family birthdays together bury their loved ones together, suffered together, go to school together grow up together get together with just a group of people and we're listening right now these my people rolled to hold my hands up to you and I pray to you, Lord, not lost. You even as we worship from all bedrooms and from our hospitals from our television sets and computers in our cell phones as we listen as we come together in the century and in Genesis that we would actively seek you for many of us Lord we worship you now, but we do not deliberately seek you with preoccupied without pain without preferences with preoccupied preoccupied with the world Lord is so little room to worship you, but we believe you.

God can do this.

Please do this for my people only you can hide this speaker of yours. Behind the cross, that we might only see Jesus now in Jesus name, amen I do have a burden to the I have a burden. I have a real burden. I have a burden today. I've come to church today with a burden had a burden while I been preparing this week I've had a burden while I've been loved and I've had a burden. I just had a burden and God is just giving me a burden and I think the reason I am in fact I know the reason is because we God's people have a burden would bother you not bothered right now with a lot of great joy going on when I think of Marilyn and as we wish you a happy birthday. We think of a lot of joy and faithfulness and I look out and I see people today. I see children and I see faces and parents see schools and endless possibilities finally lofted not you. I really do.

I see my beautiful home that I'm allowed to live in. We think about grandkids and our sons and daughters, but I also see how impossible it has become for most when you reach the level of impossibility.

You got a real problem on your hands and this is relative to everyone will we ever get back to normal. That's just impossible. Will America ever straighten itself out. Will we ever be what we know we owe to our let's just impossible will ever become racially reconciled.

We truly treat one another equally. We knew what Dr. King said we look at each other and treat each other, not because of the color of our skin, but because of the content of our character just impossible. Would we really get to the point at which we could really love each other, have you noticed how divided even believers are becoming the church's you noticed how angry a Christian can get a Christian person you notice how food costs see the Christian person can get you noticed that you noticed how much some people are really hurting you know I I I have a burden because I'd say you know 99% of my friends that have gotten covert.

Having gotten through it so many what's becoming impossible for you is wearing or not wearing a mosque at what level of your impossibility as a believer have you gotten to good you need to write to and let them have it because they didn't say it the way you wanted said where is your impossibility. I'd I know of people right now who have done everything possible to bring up the sons and daughters right if you would a gun unpack all those years they did it right, I brought them to church and I love them and they went to bowl games and they did everything but right now their hearts are broken because that some is out in the left field. He cusses he drinks, smokes, lives a riotous life doesn't want to come home has an attitude and it's like that mother that father segments just impossible or how back to marriage. I go to burden today, you know you and I we go out and we get married and we were in love. I booked couple weightings that I'm privileged to officiate coming up boy that you love honeymoon and freshness and you sitting listening today in worshiping you sign on a lot when wrong buddy but my marriage is impossible is no way we live and get it back again.

Oh sure, you lived together. I've heard that line there is no love is TV in these a plate of food and there's a couch and visit you something and go somewhere.

But there is no spark want you to turn in your Bibles with me to is Rick chapter 9 just want to share this with you today.

I want to speak to you about praying the impossible. I want to tell you today with all the love in my heart that I want you to know I believe you can pray the impossible, and God will make it possible let's do this. God's way. Some reading and is Rick chapter 9 I was in Israel lost week I'm going to it.

I was in chapter 1, but this has so learned in my heart as I have soaked with hundreds of people in our church. This passage just grabbed my heart I deliciously so much please listen would you just deliberately worship God now say I'm going to just I am going to worship the Lord Jesus, I'm going up boss God. Now just do this please big you in your marriage in your life in your convictions in your and achievement in your impossibility, which we all deal with folks, please I beg of you just listen to what God says to you and to me this is what he showed me and I'll just starting verse five. Then at the evening sacrifice is Rick Rose I rose from our self abasement with my tunic and cloak torn. I fell on my knees with my hands spread out before the Lord and I prayed. Oh my God I'm too ashamed and disgraced to lift up my face to you my God, because our sins are higher than our hands now guilt has reached to the heavens, from the days of our forefathers. Until now out due to his being great because of our sins we and our kings and our priests have been subject to the sword in captivity to pillage and humiliation at the hand of foreign King as it is today, but now for a brief moment, the Lord our God has been gracious in leaving us a remnant and giving us a firm place in his sanctuary and so our God gives light to our eyes and releasing our bondage though we are slaves. Our God has not deserted us in our bondage is shown as kindness in full view of the kings of Persia.

He is wanted us new life to rebuild the house of our God and to repair it and he is given us more of protection in Judah and in Jerusalem. Is there any need for me to say anything when God speaks a profound statement and for many of us waiting on God knowing that we need to hear him speak and then when he does speak, we just need to respond by father reminds me often that delayed obedience is disobedience.

Pray that if the Lord speaking to you through God's word today through God's messenger Dr. Don Wilton that you be ready to respond if you need someone to pray with you and for you about that response know that our team would be happy to do that phone numbers 866-899-WORD 866-899-9673, and we love to connect you with resources will help you grow every single day in your faith right now. Also a reminder about our website. If you haven't been lately. TW has a number of resources including the new book you can preorder from Dr. Wilton coming out a few weeks but also has a place where you can sign up for the daily Encouraging Word email comes out every day. It's that activates teaching with Dr. Don lost week for those who were able to worship together with us. We considered his we came to the conclusion we sold a predicament you ever wanted to find impossible. How about these people, God's people living in exile. They weren't even in their own land.

How about the fact that they land, Judah had been overrun by foreign kings and invaders in the foreign gods and they weren't even there to do anything about it. I would divided the Sunday if families were hurting everything of value to them had been taken away, God did for things I just mentioned this to you. This was the message lost week he did for things number one God X ignited them. He provided the spark, God save all right your ready. Guess what I'm going to do for you. God God can do this.

It began with God and ended with God.

God didn't turn to these people and say wanted to just call a meeting and sit down and you try and work it out because God knows that doesn't work.

Have you ever tried to work out something in America today. You want to get a consensus on something so we have one man one vote and decide who's wrong and who's right, God ignited. He's always done he's the one at its extent believable. When we worship God, we are actually saying okay God not only ignited them, but he excited that excitement when when you reach the label of impossibility.

One of the big casualties is excitement.

God gave them the mission God said this is what and how you going to do this you going to go back and you gonna reboot. This is what it's going to look like he gave them the excitement, the reason the marriage gets to a point that it does. After years of marriage when it gets to the impossible.

I guarantee you the one thing that's gone out of that marriage is excitement so exciting about being together with her within you kidding me what what's they look forward to when you get to impossible. God not only ignited them, but he excited them gave them the mission and then said he united them you to provide impossible number-one casualty in the church in America today is going to be the issue of Christians staying together around Jesus number-one nation looking to be what we do. It's going to be who we serve. He united them and in the story and Israel so beautiful. He did the impossible. He just brought them all together. I watch that all these years here at First Baptist Church in Spartanburg. I frames out.

They trust me, who say can't be done. Yes, it can your aunt which told who said you can't bring hundreds upon hundreds of people together. Excuse me you think any of us are different. Is there an opinion in the house, a better way of doing everything course, how do you explain the church so united I'm speaking to someone right now they I'm placing you with the word of the Lord. I frames whose churches off folding part is not over Jesus. God united them. He does this help you think you ever going to come together as one in your marriage unless God is tried will you been doing that for the lost 25 years trying just sit down and work it out.

You got beyond sitting down working at your at the impossible label because as soon as you sit down and try and work it out.

It takes two minutes, and one of you says well I'm just gonna tell you one thing, and there it goes again and I want to say do I have a witness I'm not going to do that on a limited what is the future look like we got a look at the future through God's eyes. He ignited them he excited them. He united them and then he invited them. He said no, all of you on all your families to get together.

Let's do this, you know, I said let's do this altogether because God can do this.

God can do. God can heal the brokenhearted, he can get people out of that hospital bed, he can heal you. Sickness, he can take your loneliness you love me not, you know how impossibly lonely.

Some people feel today.

You know how some of our senior adults in nursing homes for you. You know we've got grandparents and elderly parents of people in nursing homes everywhere that for very good reason for exactly on a year now have not touched a loved one.

They got to the impossible label, but God can touch God can do something God does. I just want you know how much we love you today.

So what lay ahead for Israel info these people was arduous was difficult was it was impossible. I could not of blamed anyone of those families in Babylon for sign. Please regarding vector land. Give me a break.

We don't even have enough camels to get there where we gonna live like token overrule our houses.

What are we going to do about all the foreigners they mean do you not understand how what you mean how do we get our kids across the mountains. They know going to survive we not have enough water for the trip. This was impossible. You and I read a passage like this and say all worked. He knew there they go. This was impossible.

That's why God is telling us. So what, it is renewed just I want to just give this to you out of my burden for you as a loved you my family and neighbors who but a powerful teaching Dr. Don Wilton today is our prayer that as we open God's word together that we would gain insight that would stir our hearts to change to make a difference to understanding that with God. The word impossible. This doesn't exist as we are praying the impossible. There's more to come with this message tomorrow on the broadcast. I pray that you will join us again tomorrow for that between now and then you might. Let us pray with you about what's the impossible in your life. In particular, we've been praying for some but we think are thought were impossible changes in family member know that we stand ready to pray with and for you at 86689866899967 or perhaps what you need to do this like a personal change that about famine. It's about the woman in the mirror.

The man in the eye for you. Be open about Dr. Donald about asking next are you ready to give your life to Christ. I'm so happy to give wanted to pray this prayer dear God, I know you love very. I know that the Lord Jesus died on that I might be forgiven. They I I can face Mohsen and I invite you to come into my heart into my life by faith in Jesus name I pray, if you prayed that pray, let me be the first want to welcome you to the family of God. This is wonderful. I hope that you know how much I'm going to be praying for you and how very important this is for me. Call us so we can talk to connect to the right place you can begin this wonderful journey. If you just given your life to Christ. Welcome to the family of God.

Dr. Don Wilton put some things in your hands free resources will help you grow within your new Christian saying yes to Jesus or re-dedicating your life but you got a call and let us send it to you at 866-899-WORD I get Dr. number down.

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