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R1618 Forgetting Behind-Pressing Forward

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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February 11, 2021 8:00 am

R1618 Forgetting Behind-Pressing Forward

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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February 11, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

God has an encouraging word for you and me today.

The Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton as we open the book of Philippians together today will be in Philippians chapter 3 is Dr. Wilson rings a message called for getting behind and pressing forward as we open God's word together.

Another were open the talking priority right now as well. Our phone numbers 866899 word. I hope you jotted that down are stored in your cell 866-899-9673 will always connect with someone happy to talk or listen or pray or connect with great resources right now. Walking with God's Giants has been such a remarkable resource to so many.

You can even take a peek online at our website at large, he give you more details in just a minute that's

Now Dr. Don Wilton turn with me.

So, go to your Bible app open your Bibles of your hard copy like me go to Philippians chapter 3, and some of you may. I don't think a lot in you but some of you may say now wait a minute I thought we having communion and yeah got us turning to Philippians and you might wash the Christian will what is what Paul has to say in Philippians what to do with taking the Lord's supper having communion yet.

Here's the bottom line Charles Haddon Spurgeon on the greatest theologians, preachers of old-time heat. He made this statement some of you. He said every time I open the book, Bob. Every time I open this book. I make a beeline for the cross. That's what Philippians is got to do with Jesus. Everything in the Bible. Everything points to Jesus. I wish I had 70 years to preach ahead of me and I couldn't go back and restarting Genesis 1 and then you go through and your whole objective is to say, wait a minute. Where does this point to Jesus.

I promise you everything in the Bible points to Jesus. Everything points to Jesus. Now watch the skies this because this is what I'm going to say to you a minute a minute come right out of the headship the Lord's supper communion is about Jesus. And if there's one thing that Jesus told us to do.

He said he said eat the bread and drink the cup, participate in the Lord's supper until I come back again to just keep doing.

Keep focusing keep your attention. Keep your eyes on Jesus on what he did for you now how does that fit into this guy polo. The apostle Paul, as we know him. Most of us know about everything about pole was pretty tough, so I'm going to just put that out everything about him. He's all his circumstances will one long code, and worse.

In fact, I think if he was talking around that. He said he'd say guys think you got a problem with covert wanted you hang around with me for little bit so pull looking in the rearview mirror, looking behind him guy. So he's looking back everything about pole's life was either romance was a tragedy was hard to swallow was painful, you name it. So before he gave his life to Christ he was a blasphemer he was a drunkard. He was a religious man he was.

Everything else you can name.

He killed people and his life was a mess. Then he made Jesus on the road to Damascus and all of a sudden his life changed and he found forgiveness and hope and peace and new meaning but did the circumstances change the are you kidding me everywhere.

Paul goes in the Bible. He's surrounded by a bunch of jerks that are all off to him everywhere he goes he is getting hounded stone run out of this place and run out of that having to depend on others for food.

Getting shipwrecked everywhere he goes.

You can follow him all the way through all these journeys everywhere he goes top. Tough, tough, tough, tough everywhere he goes.

So finally he gets to the point where he says what I'm about to read in Philippians chapter 3.

Now where was Paul when he said that was his current place so we know the cost. Looking behind was just food with left off, tough, tough, miserable, lousy, so let's go to his present where he is right now. Well, excuse me, his present was tough, lousy, miserable because he was in a Roman prison. He was under house arrest is nothing nice about where he was. He circumstances this guy wasn't having three meals a day and egg and bacon for breakfast. He was probably living on the smell of an oil rig he was being persecuted. I mean, the place where he was. They didn't have proper facilities. You never blossom in there with the train that you pull. It was a pet you not been to some of those pics I mean the way all was in Rome.

It was pitiful to hole in the ground, the dam miserable full of disease and can you imagine the anger of those around him. Those people that were in this place with him. They would nice most of them either. They were criminals and people from every walk of life, so his current wasn't good. Okay, so what about his future. So what about Paul's future. You know all he was looking forward to was being executed in your all by the way, without going into any details.

When I got executed. Back in those days they didn't lie them down on the table and give him an injection to go to sleep permanently member how they put Jesus to death. And worse, any of you need me to explain to you what he was looking forward to so this if this was his new year.

This was the beginning of his new year. Finally he's in prison while I'm telling you it's this next couple weeks is fantastic. I called white so his parties present Annie's future all all I'm I'm trying not to be overdone, but there it was pretty awful stuff and yet he was able to say something and and folks it all had to do everything it had to do with Jesus so far. If I encourage you in anything today.

I'm going to say to us as we go into this new year. Let's all ask God to allow us to see our parts to our present and our future through God's eyes, and then I'm going to I'm going to say to you that that is jolly hard to do you know why it's hard because we've still got flesh see my hand there. I can't explain it to you but this morning I woke up I got a pain in the sand. I've had it for a few days like a unaware it is slack. I think all authorized to smarter got me in this hand. I want to talk to him by Nana and I mean it'll probably go way what one of my sign just as it's not things not affecting me. You know I'm I'm okay. It's not nothing, what's that nothing but I'm telling you we've still got this body, we get headaches and we heard we grieve. We suffer loss. We want we have emotions around.

Let's backtrack that again this is not dock standing here saying I want to make an announcement as of today, let's just all see-through Jesus. That is what we've got to do and we cannot do it in ourselves.

But that's where we go to be moms and dads. That's where you go to lead your kids. That's where your marriage is going to be through the eyes of Jesus. That's where your schooling is going to be through the eyes of Jesus. That's for your studies through the eyes of Jesus that your scholarship that you do it through the eyes of Jesus, that girl that boy that you really like a lot to do that. Say what you to just trust God trust God. Let God be at the forefront. So now I'm going to try and put the show you how cold this fair enough, read to you in Philippians chapter 3 and just one to three verses insert three verses Philippians chapter 3 verse 12 is what policies member where he is in prison. Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect. I just said that were not. But I press on to make it my own because Jesus Christ has made me his own memo. The question, what does this have to do with communion. Verse 13 I do not consider that I have made it my own.

But one thing I am going to I'm going to forget what lies behind and I'm going to strain forward press forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God.

Here it is again ready. What is this got to do is give me for the call of God.

The goal, the prize of God, I'm going to do this because of Jesus Christ. I watch the Scott went. When Paul uses that word.

I have not already obtained so, pull circumstances, what circumstances he's parsed lap before he gave his heart to Jesus gave his life to Christ when he surrendered to become a missionary and a preacher and a servant, and he traveled all over the world up to his present life now in prison to his future life, which he knew was coming, which involve what getting executed, getting put to death in all of that, he's always circumstances what are they reflect they reflect. First of all, his struggle.

He says he struggle with us and what is he say dressy since I have I just want you to know I need you to know is I secure that I have not fully obtained where I should be in fact I just need you to know I'm not perfect that I like this garment. He's he's telling us he pieces here's my struggle, pull, pull, really wanted to be fully aligned with Christ. He got it he knew Jesus lived in him and he understood the spirit of God lived in him and he he wanted to be sanctified. You want to be separate underbody want to live a life that was pleasing because he wanted to do everything through God's eyes, but he's telling us wait a minute you need to know in my struggle in my circumstances. I recognize my personal struggle would you do that as we begin another year you willing to say that to the Lord, Lord, I I'm going to tell you I'm I'm I'm dealing with my own struggle you got a confession that what a powerful challenging that Dr. Wilson please forgive the interruption. He insisted I interrupt, but will be back with the rest of today's message for getting behind and pressing forward just a moment.

The reason Dr. Don insisted I interrupt is that this is not just a presentation as part of the conversation and we are blessed to have friends taking your call right now in effect. 24 hours a day. It routes to one of us happy to talk or listen or pray or connect you with resources at 866-899-WORD.

That's 86689673 right now.

So many are asking about the book from Laura story and Dr. Wilson's walking with God's Giants, giving us insight from the past that will help us move to a great future. The details are that's GI hope you get your copy of walking with God's Giants and the I give up book from Laura story today else die back into today's teaching with Dr. Don Wilton and the second thing and he's in any circumstances. They not only reflected his struggle say what they did they really play reflected his determination. So what was Paul's determination to follow one bull said I'm going to forget what's behind you right I'm going to forget what's behind me. I'm a little lost you to stand up and raise your hand or anything anybody here today. You are absolutely plagued by your post. Your post is in your marriage is how you bring up the children in your relationships, like a playing play posted. I'm going to put that behind me. I'm in a forget that what cannot cheat a little here. He's going to build up. He's going to tell us how you do that it's all about Jesus. That's what communion is because Jesus died. We are forgiven because Jesus died. We have out because Jesus died we go to future if you put it all on Jesus guys this is Paul, so his circumstances not only reflect these personal struggles, and I haven't obtained this and I'm not perfect, but he reflect the determination is first determination is to is to kind of forget what's behind buddies second part of that determination. He doesn't just say well you know what I'm going to bury that parsed in Christ. I'm I'm giving that Jesus has taken my parsed and not excuse me, I'm not yesterday that you want to go through the rest of life pointing fingers at me because of my yesterday just get a life man because Jesus doesn't, we we laughed. To do that to keep walking up to people and saying error like you did 20 years ago and yet Jesus doesn't even remember it.

So he sees I'm at a forget what's behind, here's the second part of his determination. I'm gonna pray song I'm gonna push for and by the way that you would pray song carries with it the idea of an aggressive energetic determination is not black man come on guys, I'm just gonna know what I think tomorrow I'm just going to be cool and you know whatever happens tomorrow happens tomorrow. You know, wake me up when we get them for getting the parsed men right now.

I'll let Tamara take care of tomorrow as no one posted note he used the word he said.

He said I'm in the pray song it's it's actually an athletic term.

It's the grace of its energetic it's a determination to determination. I want to do this man circumstances reflected the struggle he's to fall determination, but it also reflected his hope is what is he say that he says because Christ Jesus has made me his own and his hope in Christ policies allowed them to do three things. It allowed him to release himself from that liability. I mean, he picks up right there in verse 13 he says I do not consider that I have made it my there is nothing spiritually wrong with you saying to the Lord, Lord, I want to be released of this burden.

I cannot make it on the released of that meant this going to sound the crack in Christ's thing.

Stop trying so hard not in terms of pricing on give way to what Christ does in your here's hoping Christ released him from this awful thing that always sits on our hands. The second thing and it did it. It helped him to make a fresh result of it are not any released him of the burden of these own inadequacy, but it produced his hope in Christ produced a beautiful resolve and what was the result of forget and push forward. That's a result, Christ.

That's what he does.

And the thing is, hoping Christ does allows him to rejoice. What he says they in this passage, he says the goal for the prize of the call of God in Christ Jesus and everything he sees is not only before, but during and off to he just constantly rejoicing as a man's. It's about the Lord's about the Lords about God's about Jesus is what Jesus done for me. Guys watch this. This is a this is not because I'm saying if you heard it said before, this is a profound site.

It's not so much about what you and I do for God. It's what God does for us. God's far greater than us what God does its Christ inmates. What Christ does in me, through me for me.

He indwells me that's what he's talking about this course for great rejoice. So is it any wonder in first Corinthians and chapter 11 in verse 23.

This is what Paul says is it now does this make sense is what he says in first Corinthians. He says because I received from the Lord what I also delivered to you that the Lord Jesus, on the night he was betrayed took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and he said this is my body which is broken for you. Do this in remembrance of me. And in the same way. Also he took the cup off the supper, saying, this cup is the new covenant in my blood.

Do this as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me. For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you are proclaiming the Lord's day until he comes. Powerful teaching and symbolism today as we understand what God is calling us to as children of God as a part of a family.

The Lord of the universe. It's hard to comprehend, but the one who created everything this huge design for us hard to conceive of being that is the God of the universe is your friend and wants to be your savior. I pray that you heard Dr. Wilton teach today at the book of Philippians is so rich with content, enjoying an insight. I pray that you open your heart now, not just of the teaching of Dr. Don Wilton, but something that's really closer to home to him as he opens up his heart and ask you to make a decision for Jesus… God has spoken to you hasn't you ready to give your heart to Jesus. I'd love to help you write you pray this prayer with me and accept Jesus into your heart and life. Dear God, I know that on the I know that Jesus loves me for me on the cross right now, I repent of my sister and I can base my sin to the Lord coming to my heart and save me today and forgive me for my sin. In Jesus name I pray a if you pray that pray we'd love to get along side of St. Vincent literature help you as you begin the growth and I want you to know that I love you just prayed to receive Jesus Christ with Dr. Wilton.

Moments ago, or maybe pray to dedicate your life and to restart to read new commitment to Christ. We have wonderful resources Dr. Don Wilton to have Otis call us and let us know 866899 word is the phone number. I pray you'll jot it down, start yourself, 866-899-9673 will connect with one of us happy to talk with listener pray for those resources in the melting right away, maybe got to start your heart and you didn't give your life to Christ. Moments ago enough to pray. But you'd like to know more about what it is to say yes to Jesus again cut the number down stored in yourself 24 hours a day to connect with one of us happy to talk, pray at 866899673 know for many of you you're praying right now that some of your friends would come to Christ because you know Jesus you love Jesus and you have been in some cases, listening to The Encouraging Word for quite some time. Have you ever thought about prayerfully and financially supporting the ministry. Here's how it's done, we become encouragers when we invest in the ministry of The Encouraging Word. Here's list with all the details about what it is to become an encourager.

The most important thing to do in our life to Jesus except his gift of salvation is easy for us to receive this gift packs everything we want to share this gift of salvation many people as possible in the new year will you join will you help during this gift of salvation to our world encourager to collect 50 66996689997. Information on how you can support the work The Encouraging Word you are listener supported ministry for listening. It's been a wonderful day of studying God's word together Encouraging Word.

As you've heard about what it is to be encourager known for more than anything else. Our calling is to encourage you if you find you want to get involved. Wonderful.

You may dig deeper on our website and discovered Dr. Don Wilton for 25 years. The last 25 years of Dr. Billy Graham's life is pastor and their relationship is a remarkable one. I'll tell you more about that someday, later, but just know that we believe that God has established this ministry for a reason to lift up the name of Jesus is established you for that reason as well. You in your own life every day have the opportunity to share the light of Christ wherever you go. That's our prayer that you can be encourager to others in the next time

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