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R1398 Giving Extravagantly

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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April 17, 2020 8:00 am

R1398 Giving Extravagantly

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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April 17, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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We all could use some encouragement. Go find it together today in the Bible-based freezing of Dr. Don Wilton all about giving extravagantly you are backing up already giving extravagantly. Yes. Did Dr. Wilson's message today on giving extravagantly is not what you think it's going to just leave it at that and you will dive into that adjustable with Dr. Wilson, but I'd say what is an extravagant mindset of our whole team here is the idea that we believe in prayer. We believe that we should be praying, extravagant, unthinkable prayers and watching God work beyond our normal expectations. Would love to pray with you and for you as well. Our phone numbers.

866-899-WORD 866-899-9673 and were here, not just during the broadcast 24 hours a day to pray with and encourage you now, Dr. Wilson and I'm being I'm being down the line with something, you find you looking for meaning in life. Jesus is the one I promise you I'm telling you when you turn your life over to Christ.

The first thing you do is you talk to Jesus you forgiven abuse in your name is written in God's book in heaven.

Have a wonderful Pete. That's the beginning point.

We want you to come put your roots down get involved in life groups, small groups, every one of you need to be in a small group. Be faithful in church be loyal to your church worship on prioritize, but here it is folks giving extravagantly not going to explain what that means I'll guarantee most of you think I'm just talking about money right, wrong, wrong, wrong, giving extravagantly in God's economy so much more than our little mere human limitation. So guess what I want to do. I want to give you just a moment to do this you need to open your Bible to Isaiah Isaiah chapter 40 so I'm going to just give a moment to because some of you going to be going through the mutation for the entire time that I speak. Isaiah is in the whole New Testament and I really want you to find that on your on your mobile, you will use your your role is very there is a hard copy of the Bible in the future if you want one, just I want you to look at Isaiah in chapter 44. Now let me just say this.

This is along on the site okay in this time Jerusalem was almost destroyed. It was in ruins and people were scattered all over the place. The politics was in a shambles.

They were all sitting in fear and tribulation is November 7. Sorry I'm getting confused back then, in those days, all the way back pain. This is centuries ago Jerusalem was in a shambles that people would this unify they were spread out and scattered, and God showed God made a statement.

Brought my dislike.

It's it's an amazing thing. You know, yesterday I don't go to twitter very often as some of you probably not, but thousands of people to follow me, but I don't go the whole that often, but I put on my twitter account yesterday cigar never look at it if you want to not seeing something like why don't we. This election used, to actually do what God tells us to not have a hashtag C my people pray course that comes from second Chronicles.

If my people who call Obama name will humble themselves seek my face and pray the in. That's why did what if all over America, hashtag wing charges hashtag if my people pray people say to me all the time on getting bombarded with what we gonna do it how you gonna do when bullets cost us good stuff. I just put that out on Twitter if my legs just to as believers, as Christians, let's just hashtag my people pray in Isaiah 44 God makes an announcement about what God is going to do concerning the destruction of Jerusalem and the scattering of the people he gives a solution and it has everything to do with extravagantly. Let me read it. Isaiah chapter 44 verse 24 thus saith the Lord, your Redeemer, who formed you from the womb. I am the Lord who made all things good alone stretched out the him spread out the by myself. I'm the one who frustrates this time of liars and makes diviners turns wise men back and makes the knowledge foolish confirms the word of his servant and fulfills the Council of these messengers you see is Jerusalem, she shall be inhabited cities of Judah, they shall be and I will raise their wounds. I am the one who sees to the deep dry. I will drive up to see is Cyrus Cyrus the great, he is my shepherd that Cyrus in verse 45 is called God's anointed one. DC is Cyrus P is my shepherd, and he shall fulfill the same Jerusalem.

Jerusalem shall be the temple all foundation will be laying and we know from history that that's exactly what happened because God determined that way when you look at this issue, giving extravagantly and we were asking ourselves when we fit into this.

What is the what does it mean what does the word give extravagantly what is me saying she means for what it means to pray extravagantly.

By the way, did you know the greatest thing you and I can be born on is just a private but extravagantly. That means go for it. Go all out and believe when you pray number two it means to serve extravagantly the smallest random act of service carries some of the greatest impact. I was driving down the road couple of days ago a lot of traffic a lot of traffic and I was turning into the side street.

There was a lot of traffic and I looked out the live quarter mile, and a lady started across the road and she obviously had restrictions in her walking and she probably had some other kinds of limitations and she didn't know that she had to wait for that later turned green for her to go this way she just began to walk across and there was this traffic and so I just as I began to turn with traffic coming all the traffic stop open my card will stop the traffic stop that traffic will cross the road she cannot help you, ma'am, and I just want to make sure she was on the other side of the road.

Read my lips honestly could not of kid lays off of Cairo Egypt was waiting to come through.

There was a lady crossing the road you know what I came to discover I think everybody felt the same way that I would give anything for what she seemed to be. I can honestly tell you she didn't know me from a bar of soap she once I go to the other side. She decided it was time now for her to start sharing her entire life story with me. How is waiting for the state troopers Association to show up and issue me a can I say this lovingly, bring on the ticket but they were done the goalless stuff can go a long in the womb when God gets involved in people's lives.

They give extravagantly which means pray extravagantly means you serve extravagantly. Yes number three just to the relief of someone here today extravagantly fund what simulated if you'd like, you know, something that really I noticed during an election year boggles my mind almost every day you read they raise 10 million 20 million they went to this fundraiser.

They raised this matter and the amount of money that go in and stand could just have a little conversation with you about a little lady across the street, tell you something you ready for this tell you where my money. You can call me and to you in the face giving extravagantly means to fund extravagantly. That's how these people knew this. That's how we do this that's what's going on at the bridge that's going on down the road you that's how we get backpacks. That's how we feed the children through the ministry senses that's how that's how we take care of people we knew and count on me. Cannot count on you and God count on you friends watch me. I want us this year to be unapologetic about two things I want us to fund the ongoing budget of this church every one of us needs to step it up every one of us needs to step it up if you given that much of your time and give that much you give 10% to 12%. If you've never tried start start summary because God ablation and we gonna fund global missions fund, which is over and above we should be giving $1 million to that we should be some porting people from write-ins. We should be sending out we should be buying bottles of water. We should be buying clothes and filling refrigerators in my heart you know what I want to do right now I want to get a team together and I want to send team to Haiti. I want to get somebody out why we go to wait next July. We needed extravagantly.

We need to go extravagantly back wanted me to give extravagantly means to pray to serve and to go you're listening to Dr. Don Wilton and more as we unpack that word extravagantly what it is to not just given fund extravagantly but live and go extravagantly. Perhaps the Lord is Artie stirred your heart on some areas that you have just been doing okay. They used to be a commercial about the idea for this is the just enough insurance just barely covered things. I pray that you and I would live our Christian lives beyond the just and know we know that that our relationship with Jesus Christ as we invest time and energy.

Yet blossoms what in your Christian life needs an extra infusion of intentionality so that you would be able to be more of an extravagant giver and lover and server of the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that you would realize one of our joys. Your The Encouraging Word is helping you in the next whatever that next is, perhaps, are some resources we can put in your hands and help you with daily discipline. One of my personal favorites is the daily Encouraging Word Bible we make it available in a quarterly version a little small thing you can put up your visor dear friends it every day during carpool or studying God's word doctored on that particular version I get email or fanatically sign up for that online at TW online right now the TW you'll find opportunity there to sign up for Dr. email every single day with that taste of God's word. That night, you begin to build some discipline in your life that helps turn out our extravagant extravagantly again will get back to Dr. what God's message just a minute, but he wants to remind you we hear 2470 pray with you, 866-899-9673, let's dive back in with Dr. so what happened with Isaiah. What was it about Isaiah's expectation in the light of what God was saying.

Why did he have an extravagant expectation. Verse 24 because he sold God as Creator, there were three words that God my God stretched and gone spread out and I was understood that this is who God is the straight and spread out the heavens and the only God, why did he have an extravagant experience because he sold God is our Creator, but he also had an extravagant experience because he sold God as sustainer that is 25 is all about. Again, there are wonderful words that the Lord God gives to us.

God is our sustainer holds us together might happen. What happened would make the people balloons. Verse 25 people. He makes rose determines he carries out these out sustainer. What was it about Isaiah's freedom will Jerusalem was in ruins. The people was people really need Jesus everywhere being mixed because he will God create the trees read all these broken lives understood that what there will be will we know extravagant expectation because he sold God create the God) Bible says the blog went to Cyrus and sit on and a raise up Cyrus is my shepherd and I'm going to use him.

What does that tell us what is will this mean it means that God made us. It means that God saves us. It means that God prepares us. God commissions us give extravagantly.

You that's what I want my life to be. So, my beloved congregation, my precious friends, partners, my name is my people. We the people.

Those of us who rub shoulders together and living together and eat together and cheer on our teams together and go to school together down the streets together and serve one another together, prayed together and serve together together and go together give extravagantly.

I want you I want you to think about, so just a month just a month just a brief moment because I think this is what we must.

This is how this affects you and me not want to understand your own understanding who you all. All of us. You know where men and women and where black and we're why we're told, and where shall we reach in with her and with teachers and candlestick makers. But hey, guys, understand your loan X and then because God is going to use it might be something as small as walking across the street and helping someone cross the road. Number three on your own information on what it is not surrender your own would you do that with me today. If we get to give extravagantly serenely you give it up. Zion will not take my handle myself because you are my creator. You are my sustainer you moderate my commission, you're the one who made me and save me and prepares me and commissions me. That's what happened in Isaiah's case, we looking at that this is very individual and very personal. Understand your own own your own text to find your own surrender your own now you ready for this one just the top one.

Everybody ready stretch your own X speech speech you want a great life.

You know what it means to straight you own it means to go to meeting you on board is limitation. You want to straight your ex some of you might look at me today and say pasta you got a word for me if for no other reason I want to tell you, you can look at life and see the broken buildings and all the challenges and all the blessings and all the things that you cannot be with when you see that X when you see who you are in the center of God and all that he's done for you the one who majored in saves you and prepares you and commissions you and you willing to understand and define and surrender. You get to the point at which you say you know what I stretch my ex I'm in a do just a little more than what I think I'm capable of doing when you do that you will go beyond the border of your own limitation folks you can do parents teach kids to do more than what they think they capable of. If they all see students, let them see that they can get a B. If a BCI I'm telling you be surprised you be surprised you really think God is limited by our limitations stretch go beyond the border of your own limitation. I'm just telling you that is the most exciting place to be. I want us as a church to go beyond the border about limitation. I want to go beyond the borders of my own limitation.

I want you to go beyond the border of your own limitation and give extravagant I wanted to go to want to serve more.

I want to fund one of I want to wish you want to see you more on a level I want to be around more life with a capital LI want to enjoy folks I'm not willing to sit on the front willing I'm going to go on came down upon the rubble of Jerusalem and EC about a thing. I booked this powerful message you been listening to Dr. Don Wilton and he circled my head when he said that settling for the fun. Are we settling there is no need to settle attitude in our understanding of what is to be called by Jesus Christ. If you find yourself settling. Let's talk about. Let's pray about it. Let's pray you through that funk that Dr. done with say and watch God deliver you can extravagant way I phone number is 866898668999673 notches now. During the broadcast anytime day or night.

Would love to pray with you and for you. I do pray you jotted it down it will sort yourself makes a contact 86689996730 The Encouraging Word and would love to encourage you on the phone and otherwise before get away all of our relationships begin with the very first saying yes to that relationship that you take a minute and think about this question from our pastor and chief encourage Dr. Donald. Are you ready to give you half in life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that Iversen and I know that Jesus died for me today.

I repainted my sin and by faith I receive you into my file in Jesus night, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting new got spoken to you. I pray you would pick up the phone and let us pray with you. We would love to celebrate God's given you that fresh new start is a follower of Jesus Christ. Maybe you rededicated your life. Or maybe you have some questions and want someone to talk with you. Pray with you and encouraging the next apps stand ready to do that right now at 866898668999673 love to keep for the keyboard connect with you as well. That's all easy to do on our that's TBW for Encouraging Word DEW also a great opportunity to discover more of who we are and how God has called us out to be involved in ministry to every single day see someone give their hearts to Jesus Christ like to be a peer supporter financial supporter list details on what it is to become an encourager in a critical time in our nation are increasingly Like never before.

We can close our eyes and ears to what is going on in our did you know blind person can make all the difference for someone with Tina surfing I knowingly looking through you can be line person by becoming an encourager ministry partner. We all have unsaved friends and people around the gospel together impact the world for Jesus Christ. Make a commitment going 2029 nine encourager brochure partnered with word listener supported ministry sending service your many life lifestream.

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