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R1607 The Church with the Door

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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January 21, 2021 8:00 am

R1607 The Church with the Door

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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January 21, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

God has an encouraging word for you and me today. The Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton in a message called the church with the door I can see your eyebrows to the radio to the podcast you well just hold on… Explains the Revelation chapter 3, beginning in verse 14. In just a moment in the midst of all this opening. God's word. We want to know that we are open to connect with you. We believe firmly that God called us to encourage we do that on our website 24 hours a day at T. E. W is a matter of I want the resources become the most popular is the daily Encouraging Word email devotional from Dr. Don sign up on our website. TW every morning about 6 o'clock. Dr. Constance had a wonderful message of encouragement again.

Sign up today online at Dr. Don Wilton first three chapters of the book of Revelation the Lakers to the seven churches we been checking out own temperature… Can you feel a little you been checking your temperature this morning listening to frame speak it. I sit there and I found myself checking my temperature I'm asking myself how to why Pharaoh how do I shape up where my in this unit, you don't have to get St. to some remote place underwent right here, right where we all so in the seventh church. The final church that Jesus talks about giving us a picture he gives us a fantastic picture here. It's the church at Laodicea and my message today is the church with the goal the church with the door every show you where this comes from. Okay, the church, with a goal. Some of you gonna look at me and say she weighed you get that from you know like every church is going to build you know you got a goal scored your heart you know the Bible tells us Jesus standing there knocking at your door so some of us just heard some serious knocking show you how this fits in with this church or I'd like to read it to you church at Laodicea so we Revelation chapter 3 in beginning in verse 14 to the angel of the church in Laodicea write these things.

The words of the AMA and the faithful and the true witness beginning of God's creation. I know your works, neither hot nor cold.

With that you were either cold or hot. Because you are lukewarm and not a Hotmail cold I will spit you out of my mouth for you say I am rich off prospect I need nothing but in reality you are Richard pitiable blind and naked and I counseled to you to buy from me. Jesus said gold refined by fire so that you may be rich white garments so that you may close yourself and the shame of your nakedness may not be seen, and that you would buy sell to anoint your eyes so that you may see those whom I love, I reprove and discipline. So be zealous and repent. Behold, I stand at the door and knock anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in with that person come inside and I'll eat with him, and he with me. And the one who conquers I will grant that person the right to sit with me on my throne is also conquered and sat down with my father on his throne. You as an ear to hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

God gives us a picture here. This is Jesus talking to us, to the church any the picture yeah is pretty plain that you want a picture in terms of the church building. Go ahead, but it's not reduced down to building he's talking about us we are the church and he says every church is going to goal you not go to heart. And Jesus is standing there pounding on the door and he sang open up not ever dainty. These people in Laodicea. This town, Jesus needed them to hear this as they were struggling.

Sounds like all of us. I'm gonna break that down in a minute. So I just just watch the skies works. This can we talk about Laodicea for American I just share some stuff with you about this place Laodicea was boot up on a mountain so the whole city was on the mountain so they really thought they were the stuff they were impregnable. Nobody could touch them and not any that they were like Spartanburg, South Carolina.

There were a very rich town show. They had poor people, like every time, but they were a prosperous valve they had BMWs and Milliken's and restaurants and I just I had everything that industries all all they were very prosperous, was a commercial center. They had two very distinct things.

Now I want to really get this because this is fantastic and little like saints you not. I would moan for producing new from sheep but it was a unique kind of wool. It was a black wool not. I don't if any of you being around black sheep I have that incredible animals are booked among a lot of them in Africa so I'm one of those people who get it in this part of Asia. They pretty prominent, but they very unique they specialized labor, specialized brand of sheep you about that and the Laodiceans started an industry where they would harvest black wool and hey, I guess they stuffed it into make pillows within blankets and rugs in it, but they were known for their black wool black colored wool.

Second thing they were known full and you really gotta get this they would moan for the aqueduct you not the word aqueduct is aqua. What is that mean water aqua aqua water.the movement back in those days. That's how you got water to drink. They would build an aqueduct, so I'm gonna walk pretty falls off fourth stage. This is where it came out of the ground. This was fresh.

This was the source of the water with me. This is where they got it from. So they both an aqueduct from the source and it would run like this all the way along under the town because it was boot up on a mountain and then at some point because I had the place where everybody went and got the water drink that you got to go back a few years guys they didn't have trucks delivering the water.

That's how they got drinking water so Garrett starts out real fresh.

This is the good stuff. By the time it got to where they drank it. Guess what stuff brought into the water, remembered, ran under the houses floorboards toilets garbage all bought into the water into the aqueduct would seep in just seeping.

They did everything they try to seal the deck but they didn't have a proper way to seal the deck so it would seep so freshwater aqueduct and finally here come the townspeople to say I think I have a good drink of water and I would get.

They gloss over whatever they jog and they did it and they would drink the water. Guess what, the water tasted like not too good black tepid like you know when you drink a Coke it's been in the sun for 17 days of the hundred degrees that right like it had stuff in it. Guess what freshwater had become lukewarm so they would have a Council meeting and this was the big political hot issue. You know, if you ran for the local counsel.

You are the guy that got up every year, every four years and said I want you to know that when you elect me. I'm going to make sure you got freshwater and everybody said that the personal boat for run sound familiar.

Four years later you look back and they still have made the water fresh just yada yada yada so the counselor would get together and people would protest.

And they did all they glasses of water that they gathered over here and are proud to ask you not. They did they'd all like a split mouthful of this water and light all go and spit it out. The water was water. It was messed up water or you may stop order that Jesus shows talking to the church at Laodicea has what he says uses I want to tell you what I meant to tell you I'm telling you from the perspective of myself.

He says yes three things about me number one on the amen do you see that in the first person on the amen. What does that mean means that I'm reaffirming one.

By the way, every time you say amen you not to sign that's right: three.

Everybody say amen. 123 as Rod, you should all be a meaning the whole time I preach right. I mean it's just it fires me up. You know I say you amen that's right you say amen amen amen thank you. Right Jesus said on the amen sit on the right one on the amen that's right everything I'm saying is you got it, take it to the back. Amen.) I'm in all those in favor my main say amen a bit to get on with the sit on the faithful one I'm telling you this is fantastic yeah he sit on the affirming one.

Then he said, look, most of the competing one Saddam faithful you not it means to be faithful faithful means that you complete what you said that's faithful faithful. What is a fight was a faithful person a faithful person is someone who completes what they begin Jesus on the faithful one I complete what I begin I just tell you I love you I do and then the third thing you see is on the true one on the trustworthy one for Gary. Speaking to the church and he's presenting this group of people any storm out of door and he saying I want all of you to know I'm about to not to put something on you as I love you. Amen a discipline. You, say some stuff to you right now I'm in a put a number on your you get ready but I want you to know I'm reaffirming one on the faithful one on the trustworthy one. So Garrett is so he tells them what three things. First thing he tells them right then verse 50 nieces. I know your deeds.

I know I know you I know you I know your deeds. Jesus was saying to them, and you can come with all your rich and your caravans in your football games and you can come with all your church, your recipes and you can come with all your amen one. I know I know you know what else is on one is creating one. Did you notice that I made you listening to Dr. Don Wilton our teacher here on The Encouraging Word. Don't go away back to complete today's message in just a moment.

Dr. Don insists I remind you we are here to connect with you in a number voice admits the website earlier. TW but also there's a phone number. I pray that you might consider in this day and age the opportunity to pray with someone or have someone pray with you and for you phone numbers 86689673866899 word makes little easier to remember at times.

Of course it's listed on our website as well.

TW perhaps or something going on in your life where you need to be reminded that your part of the body of Christ, and together as we asked the Lord to work in us and through us. We pray for each other and with each other and see God do remarkable things again the prayer line is 866-899-WORD 9673 will also be a place we can have questions answered and connect with great sources as well.

Now let's dive back into today's message the church for the door with Dr. Don Wilton planter. Caroline jumped in the motorcar and we just took his nostril drive up the road high school, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Listen sorry your parents man grandparents got your grandkids living around your you need to say amen that's that's with a mania came on so my other crew losing Pennsylvania Pennsylvania right southern country up there somewhere beautiful man it was. It is beautiful and right. So we go watch grandkids play football yesterday so my twin grandsons Machen Burke, all heart stuff now. Okay Mac is the quarterback and book on what he calls himself, but he catches the ball and the boys conspire, I'm convinced before they get onto that team.

They've already decided which plays they gonna play and I love it. You know they had a commentator with these little people with a microphone is commentating the game.

You're my favorite one was Wilson steps back in the pocket. He looks out there and he throws the ball catches it touched down it, rang my bell. I've never heard anything so fantastic talking so Wilson Michael, one of my grandsons. These are the twins, he grabs the ball and he steps back into the pocket and he stands there and the next minute he is buried alive. I mean, this is like obliteration means it's over. I mean he's down there somewhere. I will win everybody else gets up, he's on the ground.

I mean like this going to do this slowly.

He's on the ground like and then Pilates on the ground. These needs, I start doing this so I'm getting off over here. This is easier so I'm having a heart attack because I'm chief man I'm looking over they my grandson is on the ground and I'm not even going to wait ducky is ducky sitting back they she's about to have a heart attack. Dad my son Rob says Mac I see someone he sees he said yeah you just pretending yeah yeah I see Rob ducky is saying all my baby wants to go, then act like an ambulance all by herself. All right. And he's lying there looking like he's riding and dad is saying can't stop it. Stop fooling around. I could get up and get the ball and the next minute. Mac looks over gets up, gets the ball and off I go playing again.

Rob turns to me and says come on man, you don't think I don't know my own son.

That's one big show didn't look like it to me so here's Jesus guys and he looks at the church nieces. I know you so you can writhe around all you want school can scream like a chicken with its head cut off. You can complain. You can say this is the new Jesus looks at us, he says I know you man, I know your deeds.

Second thing he says is you lukewarm name of the aqueduct Unida hospital called cannot put a rough translation on that. Jesus says I don't do lukewarm. I didn't call you to be insipid.

I know you and call you to be lukewarm fact I'll spit you out of my mouth.

Third thing he says is you deceptive just being deceptive. Tells that to the Laodicean believers you just deceptive. You say your rich right you say you got it so you this, then the other thing Jesus calls it like it is run looks into my heart. He sees my heart. So what is he telling the church to do. That's the most important. But what is he doing he tells them to buy three things and do one thing no one is what you gotta do you go to buy gold. Why does he use the word by you, by your salvation. You know why send that to the Laodicean people as they understood the value the buy-in of by of investing. These were astute business people when they made an investment. They said you know what I'm going to do this for the best return on my money. Jesus said you need me gold the purity of who I am free of all the impurities that's what you need to do. The second thing he says to them. He says you need to buy white garments you're walking around dressed up in that drab, will let you manufacturing, impressing everybody with how you look and what they were known for guys.

Jesus said I'm in the hot business. I make people whiter than snow. I clean clean you out make you fresh drinking water is on the source.

I don't do the floorboards and I don't have drippings and the third thing you need to buy sell that's like an appointment and back in those days. By the way Laodicea was also known for the medicine in the early days, and one of their specialties was an ointment that people could put in their eyes that you know when you got something in your new site man and you take it top eyelid and you pull it over and then you try to get this thing on you don't know what is. They they had the cell that you could print just clear you up like you see clearly Jesus, what'd he say he sit on pure white IQ completely clean and I'm the one who makes you see clearly. And then he said there's one thing you have to do open the door open the door. Can you hear me, behold, I stand at the door. I'm knocking at your hearts towards a beautiful picture how I me, these people had all kinds of drippings in their drinking water in Eastham telling them I'm standing there knocking at your door he sees them.

Here is how you do it number one beat Ernest the word that is zealous be serious about your relationship with me, and secondly, repent of your son Colson for what it is, behold, I stand at the door and on knock present continuous teens. Can you imagine that Jesus gives us this picture in here of these people and he's letting them know it's not. He knows exactly what's going on. They know what they need to be any sign that I'm knocking at your door here.I open link Jesus, picture here is twofold.

The spirit of God convicts us of our sin he comes he knocks at outdoor nieces. Listen, I want to come in and save the spirit of God convicts us of sin under the joy of our salvation is believers any standing there knocking it out.

Same man you know that you know me, but you not living for me. You are leaving a bad taste. As you are a bad taste. I want you to have pure drinking. I want you to be the real thing. Great powerful teaching from Dr. Don Wilton's day and you need to know that this is possible in you, you can become that kind of pure real thing by giving your life to Jesus Christ. You've heard Dr. Don preached, but now open your heart to him as he steps in the studio to share his heart. Next are you ready you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God on that Jesus loves. I cannot confess my sins. I gave him a million. If you pray that prayer from your heart, giving your life to Christ, welcome you to the family of brother and sister in Christ skating cage together because we are connected together for ever as believers in Christ, if you just gave your life to Jesus Christ or rededicate your life to Christ. I'm ready to tell you, God is preparing you for something remarkable here in 2021. Your personal testimony in my own life and life of others who will outsell the teachings of Dr. Wilson to sink in and allow us to have an purpose of new focus on new reason for living for Jesus Christ.

These resources are available for free if you just gave your life to Christ or rededicate your life. Call us right now at 866899 word 866-899-WORD 9673 also email us at he and sorta great resources. You'll find online as well like this. God's intended purpose for virtual teams are not defeated nurse Jesus Christ. The word of God is relevant all times in which we live are countless testimonies of people are our cloud of witnesses to encourage us on the Christian journey learn from and you can block giant with your get $20 or more support Encouraging Word you received the first of Dr. building dynamic two-part theory. Walking with God series wine walking with God's giant CD DVD includes four messages on the lives of Abraham, Moses, 699 theory guides giant to you for your continued partnership. Jesus Christ, where my times gone for today but tomorrow seeing this life from God's perspective, the wonderful message of Dr. Wilton from Colossians chapter 3, I hope you join us. Bring a friend. Between now and then. Let's stay connected

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