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R1570 Touching Jesus

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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December 28, 2020 8:00 am

R1570 Touching Jesus

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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December 28, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton and a message from chapter hard to believe were wrapping up 2020 and looking ahead to 20, 21, but hold the spirit of God within you a wonderful book you'll discover details on our website about a need to have a copy to get your copy today me and Luke chapter 8 and I'm going to begin reading right at the end of verse 42, as Jesus went about the crowds priced around him and there was a woman who had a discharge of blood for 12 years, and though she had spent all her living on physicians. She could not be healed by anyone so she came up behind Jesus and she touched the him of Jesus garment. And immediately her discharge her blood ceased in Jesus save who wasn't that touched me, and when all denied it, Peter said monster the crowds surround you and are pressing in on you. Jesus said someone touched me because I perceived that the power has gone out for me and when the woman's soul that she was not hidden, she came extremely folding down before him in the clade in the presence of old people why she had touched and how she being immediately healed in Jesus said to her daughter, your faith has made you will go in peace. Who are you today big crowd.

Lots of people churches packed out. There are thousands worshiping with us by way of television, streets of food, shopping malls, busy game of football. Jesus is here.

We have to office the question, what is this lady have to do think first of all she had to realize that she had. She had to realize that she had. We can line up all logical things. She had an illness. She had a physical circumstance that was killing her. She run out of options. She evidently according to Scripture was doing what normal people do. Jesus didn't falter with that. He didn't turn to her and say you know you should never gonna see if Dr. he didn't. He didn't even chastise and say why didn't you come to me six years ago, but she had. She had a serious problem and she had to realize that she had to. This was her rock-bottom.

She had to get to rock-bottom. I don't know.

But one way or the other. Jesus loved us so much. I'm not questioning Jesus but in her life. She went through this for 12 years. I'd I'd like to question God on this asking why. All I know is that this lady hit rock bottom. You don't have to hit rock bottom to turn to Jesus, but if you don't you might be looking at 12 years of awful living God's gonna get you to rock-bottom you travel a long way down there be many scholars in your life. You hurt badly. I have no means to be able to analyze this lady's life, but she had to realize that she had to.

She had to deal with the crowd when she had to do with the crowd. They were there they were masses of them and they would to categories of people in the crowd which I think are worth noting. There were those who were trying to get to Jesus. Just like she was.

I guess there was some that just heard about him and wanted to be part of something that they did about, but they will also a group of people around Jesus that really loved him.

They were his disciples. Peter is mentioned by name and the crowd was preventing one person from getting to Jesus. He didn't chastise them, but it's even possible that today up until this point, the very church itself has prevented you from touching Jesus. Another believer has a disciple of Christ might be up pasta may be. I said something that you didn't agree with 10 years ago and it's preventing you from getting to Jesus and I love. Maybe there is someone in this church is preventing you from getting to Jesus. They love the Lord. They one of his disciples. This crowd if you do an analysis of the crowd.

They will all around Jesus and they were actually preventing this woman from getting to Jesus or so they thought. Because she realized that she had. So what did she have to do. She had to recognize Jesus.

She did. She evidently had heard of him.

She saw him she watched him and she fixed her eyes and she sold Jesus. She recognized him as who he is. That's Jesus. He's the one it's not a preacher it's not the disciple guarding Jesus is not the church is not the formality or the way the way they sing over. They just upsets me. It's it's the crowd you not getting to Jesus while they stand too much they suck too much. He shops too much.

He she I will she recognize Jesus all of a sudden for this lady, this woman. The crowd just didn't seem to stop. She recognize Jesus and could we just add to this back in her day was and in our day back in her day. She was a woman. She was very disrespected.

She was at the lower part of the echelon of society. She was not included she couldn't have a drivers license because they weren't allowed to drive beside she was a woman. She wasn't allowed to get educated because you don't educate women.

She was just to go. She didn't matter access not just the crowd it's all these men, this big bunch of bullies out there who look down on this is not just ordinary and she looked and she sold Jesus just to recognize and she then she had to come to him. You can she go to recognize Jesus for the next six years, and not being who had come to you can sit in church as long as you want, sing about them. Look at him, praise him, join the club give to him never be touched by him because you don't come to him what she have to do. She had to reach out to him. This is an active engagement. She had to reach out and and I can't imagine with all the everything pushing and all these men around her and everybody trying to stop her and her fighting the way through, so to speak sure to reach out.

She had to touch him just to talk is all of Jesus and most of all she had to humble herself before him when when Jesus turned and said, who touched me like Jesus did not like hello, I'm Jesus didn't know.

So why did you are such a dumb question. What's the purpose of saying who touched me when he is God. He knows so what why did he always two reasons.

Number one because she had to humble himself before him.

He's king is low savior of the world.

He is the Savior, and we cherish that forgive the eruption Dr. Don Wilton to remind you we are here for you 24 hours they were connecting at 866-899-9673 in connection with great resources to launch our new year together so much discussion about the spirit of God within you. That's a brand-new leather bound weekly devotional book that's available on our website right now.

TW that's TE W a wonderful tool to put our heads and hearts together with greater intentionality of spending time in God's word in 2021.

Again, details or call about your copycat 866-899-WORD. That's 866-899-9673. Now back to the dynamic Bible teaching of Dr. Don Wilton written article this week is a take to even mention it, but this particular person was just lying in a semi using in our world, people go to every kind of links that go to the White House get out and be on time and buy plane tickets that will go to a bowl game or they'll just put on the absolute based one miss an appointment, but when it comes to Jesus. People go to restaurant not even issued 15% of you, don't you, the scourge of the country, even when the service is bad when it comes to Jesus. Give him a few dollars. If I've got it on me. Jesus saying who touched me number one because he knew that to follow the king mean she had to humble out here herself before him, but he also knew that she had to humble herself before everybody else might be the one thing that's stopping you from coming to Jesus school pride.

You won't humble yourself.

Most importantly, before him.

But secondly you on humble yourself before others, you wouldn't be caught dead doing.

Are you humble yourself in a bowl game. You get up, then wave a pom-pom and you're a man for crying in a bucket.

I want to hunt down and calm here. Some of you got a picture of me you put it on television. You did nothing wrong with but how come we will somehow pride is not an issue when we were with the boys when it comes to Jesus you kidding me, and he's king in something so precious happened here, just I've often said to myself I would just love to be in you and I will ask yourself the question will then what do I need to do what we need to do if we know this to be true to give you a couple of things. Someone admit you will need get to the point just just yours is an issue of blood, then admit you need the greatest need rehab is to know Jesus as personal Savior. You will never come to know Christ and to you. Admit that your center before him not going to happen. Admit you need to consider your options. You only got one, and while I absolutely insist you join this church. You know why insist you join this church is not about me any one of us is not been here long enough to know this church tries jointly hard to be about Jesus but were also crowded by the way, we were crowd. We do everything we can to lift up Jesus, but we were crowd. We get in the way I did in the way I want to say I'm sorry to somebody here that maybe 20 years ago. I said something that made you storm out so I will if that's the case, I'm so sorry I didn't mean it to come out like that. I talk all the time I go to our squad.

Please note in our world today. Please control my mouth must say just one sounding wrong thing. Somebody out there is going to go ballistic just one and obsidian. We were crowd. I want you to be part of the church, but your only option is Jesus. It's not a Baptist Church. It's not about building or people orbits about Jesus. Number three you go to get in position I have. I congratulate you who are listening today because this is God's Encouraging Word you're in position.

Did you know that cannot say this very lovingly. You know anybody today you know anybody today who made the decision not to put themselves in position by that decision. Maybe the baby cried will not get them up that happens most beautiful sound in the world right life you go to get in position you all in position she was in position she was in the right place. I wonder what else she had to do. She made the decision to get in position. She put herself in the right place before you go to focus on Jesus spot the crowd you can't avoid the crowd as they weave all around all over the place. Go to focus on Jesus, you got next to go to actually take steps. She actually took steps can I make a couple of suggestions to you, but actually taking steps you want to touch Jesus just some steps number one. Pray. Jesus said, you can ask anything in my name and on, asking you to fill out prayer requests handyman so we can join together, pray number two Fost I wrote about it to our church people.

You can read about it. Fost this next Wednesday. I'm calling our entire congregation to Fost on Wednesday and oscillated out the maybe it's one meal. Maybe you just gonna skip having breakfast white for lunch use that time to pray daily for 24 hours, maybe from sunrise to sunset, but on Wednesday, do something just do without food. Frosting means doing without food when you get those little hunger pains, turn your thoughts to him hunger for the things of God more cheerfully $40 prayer walk this possible week. Our entire stuff pray will everywhere this church we will all over. I was a do know that I sent your seat in the balcony this week. I just went up the forgive me.

I didn't actually sit. I stood. I stood there over they stood in the middle stood out there stood in the mohair walked all the way appear walked on yesterday. Here I prayed for the choir prayed for you touch touch Jesus gives another one trust trustee's power. When you touch Jesus just trustee's power is another one.

Number seven risk receive in faith. If this is such a beautiful picture she just received what Jesus did and I lost my mother some six weeks ago and we just got hundreds overwhelming skunk respond with so many cards the pastas class in this church just came and ministered and served in people we just proceed. This would receive visitors in a spiritual sense vibrance is mainly as then gave me the power to become the sons, even to them that you been listening to Dr. Don Wilton and that power is available to you power to become the sons daughter of God. Open your heart to the closing thoughts coming up next from our pastor and chief encourager Dr. Don Wilton are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why did you pray this prayer with me right now.

Dear God, I know that on the center and I know that Jesus died for me, the cross today, I repent of my sin and by faith I receive you into my heart. In Jesus name, my friend.

I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting news. If you've given your life to Jesus Christ. Dr. Don has some free material. He wants to put in your hands so call us right now. Perhaps you rededicate your life.

Moments ago is Dr. Donna spring Colson noticed with this information in your hands. 86689 the number that's 866899673 apartments in earlier about this wonderful devotional to launch our year together is Liz with all the details about this grand book, the spirit of God within you and your likeness at your friends and family members. Dr. Wilson wants to submit a commitment to me every day to live a life of trust and encouraging spirit of God leading a beautiful q. week leather bound interesting pastors and letting Dr. Weldon Scripture verses daily devotion and prayers will receive on your mental music and the president 999 and will make great letting her reasoning for your congenial and daring new year to year Encouraging Word it's been a great day of studying God's word. But there's more to come. As a matter fact tomorrow. Dr. Don's messages call the safeguards of our faith. Join us and invite a friend to join you listen tomorrow as we open God's encouraging together with Dr. Don Wilton

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