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R555 Caring About Those Who Are Not Here Yet

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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December 15, 2020 8:00 am

R555 Caring About Those Who Are Not Here Yet

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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December 15, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

We do care but do we care about those that are not here yet. That's the challenge of Dr. Don Wilton and our Bible study today.

This is the word featuring the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton, and today we had the John John chapter 1 beginning in verse 40 about this message. Caring about those who are not here. You'll understand Nora's octagon opens and unpacks this word of God to you and I in the way that we interact with those around us and we prepare for those to come as we do this another were available for you to pray with you anytime at 866-899-WORD 866-899-WORD 9673 online right now our new website just launched drop by and take a look at the opportunity to connect with us their CDW now Dr. Don Wilton with today's message message that is deeply embedded in Mohawk.

I want you you turn with me to John's gospel chapter 1 John's Gospel and chapter 1 and while you turning in your Bibles to John's gospel chapter 1.

I'm going to ask you a most salient and yet perhaps somewhat carelessly sadly ridiculous. I made Oscar something this morning I wonder if there is anyone here today really case about someone else who is not. I want us to today from God's word about the impact that God is upon each one of us to make in the lives of those that we care deeply about.

I would not be at all surprised to know that there is a wife here this morning who would give anything to have a husband in church and more importantly knowing and loving the Lord Jesus Christ. I I would not be surprised if there is a husband who today loves his wife that would give anything that she would know the joy of loving the Lord Jesus, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a parent here today who would cite Foster before the Lord. It's my son it's my daughter it's my father it's my mother. It's my grandfather my grandmother my uncle Bob, it's someone that I know someone that I love these and Associates is a person that I go to school with every day that has just the finest personality and I I just enjoyed a company, but they don't know the Lord Jesus Christ to speak to you this morning for just a few moments on caring about those who who are not. And I'm day to read to you from John chapter 1 beginning in verse 40 and let me cite you that I am day to just stop once every while because there's a lot of talk about as I read this passage and I want to remind you that John the Baptist had been about the business of declaring that Jesus was about to arrive and hearing John chapter 1. Jesus arrives, Jesus turns up in the person in the flesh and beginning at verse 35 Jesus begins to call his disciples and he begins to single out people just like you and me inside. I want you to follow me. I want you to, and I want you to serve with me. He begins to point people out in the crowd and he claims that development happens in verse 40 Andrew was one of these Simon Peter's brother was one of the two who heard what John had said and who would follow Jesus. The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him we have found the Messiah that is the Christ, and Andrew will his brother to Jesus. Jesus looked at him and said you are Simon son of John and from now on you will: be called C fast which translated means Peter and the word literally means rock and you will remember that Jesus was going to tell Peter right there at the mouth of that gaping hole in Mount Herman in the northern part of Galilee on the Golan Heights. He was going to cite in Peter on the rock that is me. Jesus Christ my church, and pizza. I'm going to invite you to be a part of that rock I'm going to invite you to partner with me in making a difference in the lives of those who are not. Look what happens in verse 43 the next day Jesus decided to leave from Galilee. Now remember that he was in Nazareth, which is just kind of over the hill. If you want to watch me for a moment, Galilee is kind of down the valley you go all the way down the hill sea of Galilee, a beautiful sea. And when you're in Galilee you have to go back over the hill. I mean it's a massive hill.

It's like going up the salute a great I mean you going way over the top but Nazareth is over the top and sitting out on the other side and and so Jesus who grew up in Nazareth now was about to go down to Galilee and look over the agent down to the shore of Galilee, which so much of his activity took place. Remember, there were little towns around Mary Magaly came from the lien which is likely in mixed cider and then all these different places with Jesus at the Beatitudes delivered the sermon on the Mount and the healing people and and and and and he fed the 5000, and so on and so forth this activity for took place around the Sea of Galilee. It was a hive of activity and there were a lot of fishermen there because there is delicious fish to this day they call at St. peters Fish. It's about that size. It's not the kind that are going on vacation which was that size. It's about the spring and it's very very delicious and so you can just imagine all the different activities that were going on here.

Look what happened. Verse 43 the next day Jesus decided to leave from Galilee finding Philip he said to him for the follow me, Philip, like Andrew and Peter was from the town of Bayside now goes to Nathaniel and told him we have found the one Moses wrote about in the Lord and about whom the prophets also wrote Jesus of Nazareth, son of Joseph and watch what happens in verse if ever there is a skeptic. We find it in Nathaniel.

He says Nazareth can any good thing come out of Nazareth the folks watch me back there in those days, not only the region around Galilee but places like that. They didn't believe that people of very high standing came out of some of these villages in time they were kind of kind of regard, it is sort of you know those people. Just the other side of the world they said well you know you come from Nazareth. You're uneducated and you your little uncouth in your rough around the edges, and you don't quite have the cultural desires that we have. Those of us of course come from Jerusalem. This is not the center of learning exactly and that you are inviting me to come around, the man who comes from Nazareth, but watch what Jesus does. This is what this is wonderful.

Philip says to me, come and see for yourself. Not be so skeptical.

Don't sit at home, come to impact yourself. 26 verse 47 when Jesus saw Nathaniel approaching. He said of him. Here is a true Israelite in whom there is nothing false.

Now, folks watch me for a minute there is a hint of sarcasm here, but you know the Lord Jesus knows our hearts does and he knows how to deal with skepticism and and Jesus looked at him and took the wind out of the silence that have you ever been just a little tad but with somebody I mean they just kind of got on your toes a little bit and and so what I know, it's never happened to any of you but someone next to you and you you're a little upset and so you decide you know I'm going to go and give that person a piece, they are not going to do that night. I will not allow this is not this is not all I'm going to go and give them a piece of the top of this and you and you a booming front of him and you standing in front of him and this person that you are about to unload on looks at you and says no, I'm so glad to see you. Thanks for what what you mean to me and you know what you did the other day for my daughter was the most precious thing I tell you I tell you I just love you and III just thank you you you you are a special person and how you ought to, you ready and you stop and you say you can actually I was coming to tell you how precious you are. Can you feel this is Nathaniel.

He says, can any good thing come out of managers mean is this some kind of character you can.

Jesus wants to go to that church. Anyway, many people down there this religion and so comes Nathaniel to Jesus and Jesus who looks upon. The hawk looks at him and he says to him, not here is a true Israelite. This is a man's man. I am all look at this man has arrived, and I mean you are culturally on top of the world. I want you to know that I think highly of you. Watch what happens to Nathaniel flabbergasted. In verse 48.

How do you know me Nathaniel lost Jesus on Suboxone you while he was still under the fig tree before for the culture. Then Nathaniel dictated Rabbi you are the son of God, you are the king of Israel.

Jesus said you believe because I told you I saw you under the fig tree Nathaniel you will see far greater things than these, and then he added, I tell you the truth, you will see the heavens opened and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man one incredible encounter number one right from what happened here in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ as we think about those who are not. Number one. Some of these people will be as close as brothers and sisters. Some of the folks that we really care about her not. Will be as close to us as our brothers and sisters. That's what happened to Andrew.

I have two brothers by the way, if you don't know that on the little one on the little one, I know what it's like to be little charm and all the things that go on, I could give you a whole dissertation on the middle child syndrome oldest brothers to the half years older than me.

My youngest brother's for 1/2 years younger than me but we do a pretty close we had a wonderful family. We grew up in Africa I tell you what we didn't get up to was nobody's business folks. I mean we would we would brothers. There was no question about it. We did all kinds of things.

We had great experiences. We were out of the box all over the place. We didn't have television and motive causing those types of things that, at the age of 15, to distract us. We just at home in the basic things of life and and a whole lot of love. I remember one time we went on our annual vacation and we went to a place called him goes on in Suitland. The closest we could get to the coastline was 7 miles up the river. The jungle was so thick. No roads, no people for over 200 miles accepting tribesmen and wild animals. I remember getting into a little outboard motor. This big with my father and my mother, my three brothers with a whole month supply of food and chugging down the gauzy River to the mouth going in between the crocodiles and all the animals that were they getting down to the mouth and seeing the things of Zambezi sharks and the great white sharks and I tell you we would stay there for a whole month and wild animals would get with no refrigeration, no stoves, no electricity, no running water, not a restaurant. I'm telling you for probably 300 Ma and architect. We that's how I grew up, we just were actually having an incredible time as boys.

It was amazing fishing and hunting and and and and doing things like that nonstop while we grew up we grew up in a preachers home, but folks, we began to struggle with spiritual things just like you just like me. You see, we believe we would be we were coming to grips with the fact that God actually doesn't have a family plan for salvation. God doesn't say well if your dad knows the Lord, you know the Lord doesn't work like that salvation in class is very personal one on one is in it and when we get our hearts to Jesus Christ.

We become a part of the family of God together, but we need to make a personal decision for Jesus Christ cannot tell you when I when I came out of the military.

I was one rough diamond because God God wanted to do something on me and I ran into this beautiful girl and she took me and sorted me out in a New York second. And that's quick. If you've ever driven down Fifth Avenue. I mean she got a hold of me folks influenced me and and and I began to love intensely bottom-line, the Lord got a hold of my life and I'll ever forget that when my wife and I milk together. I stood up and I turned to her and I said to account God is calling me into the ministry and we agreed together because we both say instead we didn't know what God had installed for us and we couldn't even begin to imagine the joy that would come into our lives from that guy. Forgive the eruption will be back with more.

Today's message with Dr. Don Wilton in just a moment but he insisted I interrupt because he want you to know this is not just a presentation. This is a conversation and we began to share God's word together. We want you to know we're here to encourage you on a regular basis is benefit one of the things I would encourage you to consider doing is signing up for the daily Encouraging Word email from Dr. Don Wilton you can do on our website right that's TEW and every morning about 6 AM Eastern Dr. Don Wilton's is this bit of insight to God's word application for God's word in our daily life and a prayer opportunity just launching in a powerful way to get you can get it on our website TW if you like a regular hard copy book that we present every quarter you can ask for that by calling 866-899-WORD 866899673 would love to put in your hands absolutely free. The daily Encouraging Word Bible guy with Dr. Don 866-899-9673. Now back to today's message with Dr. Don Wilton. I remember in 1981. Going back to South Africa to visit my family. This brother was a mechanical and electrical engineer highly qualified had even started yet in the United States. He had the most incredible Homo right on the beach in Africa. I mean, 10, 420 foot waves. Windsurfing, fishing this incredible river that came out right in the entries home. He had everything open and shut and standing on the bridge one night in 1991. My oldest brother took me in the he said to me, Dawn. I've got this but I am so miserable is it about you and I looked at him and I say to him Rocky. All I can tell you is that I have found the Messiah. All I can tell you is that Jesus is made all the difference in my life about five years later he wrote me a letter and he said Don I know that I'm 36, 37 years of age back then and he said to me tell you, God is calling me into the ministry and I don't know what to do and at that time I was serving as professor preaching and evangelism at the New Orleans Baptist theological seminary, New Orleans, Louisiana, and I wrote them a letter my safety and brother Rocky. I love the exact seminary where you need to come home that my youngest brother Larry. We will let Scottish names.

The youngest man in the country to qualify as a CPA, brilliant. I'm telling you he could turn anything business mind like you don't know understands all the finances of the doing well. When we were they in 1991 with these brand-new bride I tell you that I had everything by rote rounding convertibles had beautified to home swimming pools.

I remember they big all black dogs that would ride in the back of the convertible ever seen someone does that with sunglasses on. I mean he had everything and I'll remember my brother Mari looking at me way back in 1991 assigned to me brother Don. I know you just visiting us from the United States. He said, but I want to tell you see a list that I'm gotcha miserable back five years later, God got a hold of his life.

He wrote me a letter and in responding to that later. We he told me God included into the ministry, I say to Mari I know the exact seminary where you need to go you know folks in 1986. My oldest brother. My youngest brother, not any enrollment New Orleans Baptist seminary out of their own free choice because they had plenty of other professors to choose from. Enrollment in my preaching crosses. Now they both flunked the course but they both involve today. Both of them up cost both of them love the Lord Jesus Christ both have wonderful families and preachers together serving the Lord loving one another yesterday I went through what a lot of parents go through a lot of going through my wife and I had to take our oldest son to college in Chattanooga, Tennessee and I'm tiny. If you haven't gone through the attics or it's a wonderful experience and it's tough it's joyful and we went up we got up they midnight on Friday. Not and then yesterday in croissants' church so I don't have the luxury of staying over on Saturday not being with all the activities today loss not they had a big parents thing and banquet and we couldn't stay for because we had to get back so we knew that we were leaving and all the other parents were there and they were all doing things and had big plans for today as they were gonna do this and do that and I didn't even have to explain that to Rob. Rob is just incredible. And as we were about to leave and say our goodbyes and I looked at him and I saved him son.

We are to do this quick by getting the motocross. Mr. Grady II should've called you sir I you done this before. I look around all these folks you just before I lived. Rob reached in his pocket and gave me a check and he said that he he said that checks my time to do you think you could make certain that it gets in to church tomorrow regarding the call and you know those first couple minutes know the mom and dad want to say a whole lot she just drive and we driving down in amongst the things that we say to one another. Karen and I we save you know we've tried to bring them up right and we tried to provide them with the whole human what a church family. He's been amongst what leadership safe bhakti Steve Skinner, the Mickey's a base case. Ms. Rhonda Ron you look around and you say you know we try to do everything knocks his time to peddle his own canoe and then you go back to the beginning you think about Scripture think about the fact that his grandfather gave his life to Jesus Christ and my brothers his uncles and his cousins and his family, and I think about caring for those who will not.

The Bible says sometimes those people will be as close as our brothers and sisters number two. Sometimes, sometimes some of them will be very skeptical to begin with folks skepticism against the church and against the Lord Jesus Christ is ingrained in Scripture, but folks I tell you what I have seen Jesus Christ get a hold of the lives of people left and right. Don't give up on mom and dad. Don't give up on brother and sister, don't give up on those that you love God loves them and so do we. But there's 1/3 thing someone will receive eternal life. Those that we care about. Some will receive eternal life. Look at Nathaniel and Pete souls on the street to since selling themselves to survive.

Not understanding the hope they could find a place on this year seems to be in short supply in seminaries, or the reality is the hope of Jesus Christ runs eternal and it is overflowing in God's using even this broadcast.

Even this podcast into your life right now to let you know that he loves you. God is pursuing you with his amazing love because he wants to see your life become what he created to be to be the woman of God, the man of God. Once it starts with a single step before we get away closing thoughts from our pastor Dr. Don Wilton are you ready would you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know Jesus loves that he died on today. I repent of my sin and I can face my sin to the Lord Jesus, and I give him a talk in my life in Jesus name I pray, amen.

If you prayed that prayer from your heart you giving your life to Christ, welcome you to the family of brothers and sisters in Christ gauge together connected together for ever as believers in Christ, if you gave your life to Jesus Christ.

Welcome to the family of God you have questions doctrine I was praying and you're not ready to make a commitment. Let's talk about it.

Give us a call. Let's pray to those questions. Together, 866-899-WORD, 866-899-WORD 9673 connects with one of us 24 hours a day to answer those questions to pray and connect with resources like if you gave your life to Christ. Dr. Don has wonderful resources to help you take the next apps give us a call 86689996734 email us at rhino wonderful for the both Bible study is available.

Here's lives with all the on your life that your friends and family.

Never Christ you Dr. Wilton lot every day life of trusting here with you, or give $30 to be encouraging this month you will receive the spirit of God within you a beautiful 52 week leather bound devotional by 52 trusted pastors and leaders including Dr. Welton, you will find the last thing you read Scripture verses prayers, you will receive instrumental music piano college president, 699. No need to make a great Christmas and encouragement.

Thank you for your hearing, the new year here at The Encouraging Word times. Dr. David tomorrow's message when we see Jesus so it's exciting when I hope bring a friend and tune in tomorrow for The Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton until then stay online., G, and will connect with you

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