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R519 Royal Credentials

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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December 9, 2020 8:00 am

R519 Royal Credentials

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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December 9, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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God has an encouraging word for you and me today. The Bible-based reading of Dr. Don Wilton and a message on royal credentials.

He credentials those things and get us in those places we want to go royal credentials is what the message is about today with Dr. Don Wilton beheaded the Matthew chapter 1 verse one in just a moment the doctor done what you know were here for you and the phone lines are open, not just now during the broadcast 24 hours a day at 866899866899967.

We love to talk with you connecting great resources to do that online as well EW DEW and Alex at the Matthew chapter 1 verse one with this message: royal credentials from Dr. Don Wilton Bibles this morning in turn with me to Matthew chapter 1 Roger turning bed with me to Matthew chapter 1. I want to say to you that Christmas time is wonderful, wonderful, special occasion and we will know that for those of us who are pastors and preachers of the word of God is a very interesting time because Christmas comes around once a year like and I will tell you that most of us pastors and preachers we keep asking ourselves the same question.

What can we say about Christmas that is brand-new. Surely there must be something else.

God keeps reminding us that nothing is trying that the same Jesus burning Berkeley hymns major. He hasn't changed his mind. He hasn't changed his plan doesn't change these methods is just the same. The same Lord Jesus yesterday and today and forever. But I will tell you that I absolutely just cannot write to preach this morning because God has spoken to my heart again and I really believe the Lord has given me a special route and insight from God's word that I called like to share with you today and I hope that you have your Bibles open seaplanes. I am asking a question and my question is simply this, why Jesus and if we know why Jesus was born in the manger and why he came to this earth and we certainly knew because the Bible tells us why is so special about what did Jesus have to call himself a king. Just think about this for a moment you know you will read in Scripture as I will that they were three wise men in the three wise men were given a special word and these were outstanding gentlemen bite right across the desert and finally they came to a little in that certainly didn't match. Probably the palaces in which they live in there and they bound themselves down. Adam manger in an in amongst animals, and they played me to clean and I gave him gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh and then later on in the life of the Lord Jesus.

Frequently, the disciples talk to him about his Messiah ship and the fact that he was king and you will remember even when Jesus went to the cross.

They put up a big sign over the cross would say this is Jesus, the King of the Jews so special about this, why, why is there so much made with the fact that Jesus was royalty. That's important. What's significant about that. I want to speak to you this morning about royal credentials and so we going to read together here in Matthew chapter 1 and I trust that you will beg my problem if I don't pronounce certain things the same way you're accustomed to pronouncing them but then I should imagine you used to that by now Matthew chapter 1. Just listen to this direct goal of the genealogy of Jesus Christ.

That means the credentials of the King royal credentials.

A record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.why would God give us this list the beginning of the New Testament when you dispensation the new testament Jesus Christ and we begin by reading this unbelievable list. Abraham was the father of Isaac Isaac, the father of Jacob. Jacob, the father of Judah and his brothers Judah, the father of terrorism zero all his mother was time all prayer is the father of his wrong is wrong. The father Graham ran the father of Emmett Benedetto admitted that the father of many strong nation on the father of Salamone Salamon, the father of Boaz, whose mother was Rahab Boaz, the father of his mother was Ruth made the father of Jesse, and Jesse, the father of Canaan.

David David was the father of Solomon, whose mother had been Mariah's rhyme that Sheba Solomon, the father of Rehoboam, Rehoboam, the father of Abijah Abijah, the father of Asa base of the father of Jehoshaphat, Jehoshaphat, the father of J. Father abused via cyber father, Joseph drove them.

The father has has the father of Hezekiah's visit, the father of Manasseh, the mass of the father of a man came on the father of Josiah and Josiah the father of Jack Anaya, Jacob, God put a curse on him. Jacob and his brothers at the time of the exile to Babylon.

The exile to Babylon. Jack Anaya was the father of CO2 you Sheila to the father of Zerubbabel, Zerubbabel, the father of Abdullah and Abby with the father evaluate them any Jacob in the father of Peyser is the father of Xavier Sable father from the father and you would you the father of anyways anyways all the father-Nathan the father of Jacob, and Jacob father Joseph the husband of Mary, was born Jesus was cold. Christ thus they were 13 generations and learn from Abraham to David, 13 generations from David to the exile to Babylon and 13 from the exile, the Christ by the Lord Jesus Christ by his spirit right.

His room credentials upon our hearts this morning. Why in the Jesus is the son of God lead royal credentials. He is the son of God.

I've struggled with that. Why would this baby burn in the manger need to have a resume. Mr. Grady's true to you again to go out to you again hi Jesus, and you knew that it was Jesus Shirley Sir, you wouldn't require a resume because you know me is why does a person need credentials that give 1/3 about that, to present one's credentials on a resume. Would Jesus Christ need insurance but it's kind of, I think, like the Lamb's book of life that the Bible says in Revelation that every time we give our lives to Jesus. Our names are written in the Lamb's book of life and one of the questions that I have lost most frequently is Lord writing writing you need to put my name and you know me from before the foundation of the world you and I believe the answer to that lies in the fact that it's not who needs a book I need Matthew chapter 7 the Bible says many on that Dale Davis I learned more about this in your name. I did that in your name and God says that he's laid open. He is the great white throne judgment as a demonstration.

So to have given our hearts to Jesus Christ and at that point, God is going to prove to us in writing what we refuse to do if that was the case indeed. And I'm so grateful that my name as yours is is written in God's book in heaven. I don't believe for one minute that Jesus Christ needed room credentials for the sake of Almighty God. I believe that he's really credentials are established in Scripture. When Jesus was branding the manger can persuade God our father, who same team that to convince the son has been saying it's for the benefit of mankind for the benefit of that puts it like this. He said you need God to God that he is the son of God. You put your fleece out the link God demonstrated himself to you. God doesn't need to demonstrate himself to himself. He knows who he is and so it is that we come down these credentials. I want to remind you, my friends, and this is very important that the time was going to come that pilot Pontius Pilate would very small casket say in John chapter 18 in verse 36. He would say you are a king then remember they took the son of God, and they beat them to Apollo but the role will be on him and vasectomy's hand.

They put a crown of clones and then they bowed down and Pontius Pilate washing his hands this month. This son of God, and he said he thinks you are a king then did Jesus say in verse 37 of John chapter 18 he said. You correctly say that I am a king. And it is for this reason that I have been. It is for this reason that you celebrate the Christ of Christmas and it is for this reason that I have coming to this.

So why would he need royal credentials.

Let me give you three reasons number one locality locality. I want to remind you, beloved friends and you may not know this but it's very very important to our Christian faith and especially at Christmas time that the Jews angels always determine where they live. In fact, just after they entered the promised land in numbers chapter 26 in verse 34 through 35 numbers 2634 through 35. You read that the land in the promised land was carefully divided amongst the Jews. How according to the Danish. According to data credentials, it was divided up within each family to be able to account for their own personal resume off to the exotic you go back to this passage that we just read in Matthew's Gospel of Matthew chapter 1 verse 12.

You see, it says that often the exile to Babylon. Often, the exile, and you can read about that in the Old Testament book is run in Israel. Chapter 2, and particularly versus 61 and 62 going to discover that the exile that certain Jews were not allowed to serve as believed by the priestly cost. Why, because, and I quote their ancestral registration could not be located. Now that's very interesting money before the exile, but often the exile. There were Jews that went up and said excuse me leaders went up to Joshua and all these people and said I'm one of the Levites. I'm one of the ruling cost share. I want you to know that that property over there should come to me because that's reserved for the priestly cost and they said all right if you want to own that property you know that locality is tied into your credentials prove to us who you and I said come on now, you member the big tobacco electric backlit passports got burned in our homes. Come on now, you member and we were crossing the river the other day and the flood came because of the rains up in Galilee and at Smith credentials. We've got nothing done off the chairman of the finance division we don't have any credentials. We can no longer prove who we all these Jews couldn't find any trace and so they were not allowed to own land, and serve as Levites locality is very important. Second reason why credentials were important in Jesus day and age was the ship ownership folks we like to own things we like to purchase homes and property and farms and motorcars listen to me you know among the Jews of Jesus age you were not allowed to own anything outside of the parameters established for your credentials, you can go back to chapter 3 and chapter 4 read that Magus love story going to discover that the transfer of property required the knowledge and proof of a family tree. They have really credentials. Why would Jesus need to establish his royal credentials for himself but for the Jews. It was in locality ownership.

There was 1/3 reason membership a sense of belonging and acceptance. Josephus, by the way, one of the greatest historians tells us that Jewish families Arduous when particulars Rick will update credentials and one reason that caused a sense of belonging.

They needed to prove that they were a part of this group of people if you please, Joseph. You gonna read about it. I'm sure hundred times this Christmas.

Joseph had to go to Bethlehem. Why because Caesar Augustus issued a decree that the world should be taxed. Why did Joseph go there. According to Luke's gospel chapter 2 verse because he was of the house and lineage of David. There was a downside to establishing your credentials in those guys and I'm sure Joseph would've said is one of the downsides.

I have to go and be taxed but even when because of his membership fees.

Membership is wearing. And they made him talk to the apostle in the New Testament time without number. You can read about in Romans chapter 11 and verse one second Corinthians chapter 11 in verse 22 times that number was greatly concerned about he's lineage about his heritage about he's tensions about the fact that you could trace it back to the tribe of Benjamin. These things were important. He said Jews. He established his credentials very important want you to note something one of the commentators that I was reading in my private study.

He noted that since the destruction of the temple in A.D. 70. Listen to the spokes since the described destruction of the temple in A.D. 70. No genealogies exist that can trace the ancestry of any Jewish person living today since A.D. 70.

There are no genealogies that can connect them directly to those in the early days lesson there for anyone of the Jews and others who still believe the Messiah has yet to come is really credentials and William somebody would come to masquerade as the baby a hems manger you will never be able to trace his lineage back to David and they will be an absolute do not his royal credentials you listening. Please forgive the interruption will be back in just a moment for more.

This great message on royal credentials.

I pray that in this holiday season. Your understanding how God wants us to make these holy days are wonderful resources on our website if you haven't been lately. Stop by its in the metamorphosis were kind of changing almost every I hope to drop by and visit us pray that you will see that we have resources that can help make the holidays more holy days that's Now back to today's message with Dr. Don friends. These things are better when we come to spending Christmas and what Christmas means so what is Matthew trying to do that. Matthew's gospel through the Spirit of God. Matthew is saying to us that Jesus Christ is the lost verifiable claimant to the throne of David and thus he is the Messiah Jesus said Matthew was endeavoring to establish and validate Jesus role play right here in a manger.

Who is this baby who is Jesus. What are we celebrating at Christmas time. Jesus was the blood descendent of David through Mary. He was the legal descendent of David through Joseph. Therefore Jesus Christ would be perfectly qualified to be both a king and Messiah. And of course we come up with problems. For example, he needs Linus Jack Anaya that we read about in verse 11 and 12 and we know the Scripture says that because of these disobedience. God put a curse on him and said they would be met royal lineage coming out of him, and so on to that question. We go back to the bridge and but why was Jesus born of the budget for two reasons. Number one, so that he established the absoluteness of his divine conception of God. Number two. The fact that he was born of a virgin, means that Lee was able to toss the obstruction.

God had put in place concerning Jack and my in the line and lineage of David so divinely and legally. Jesus Christ has a right to claim the throne of Almighty God and nobody can do about it.

Incredible and unbelievable thing about my final question to you today is this why, then, based upon the real credentials that the Jews rejected Jesus Christ Bible says.

In John's gospel that he came to his own buddies own received him not. Why did I give you three reasons perhaps and I know that there are many others. Number one they rejected this baby Jesus because of his parents. Can you believe that we very quickly to another page to Matthew chapter 13 Matthew chapter 1310.

Come on everybody clearly focuses very important Matthew chapter 13 verse 54 actually I'll probably go back to verse 53 right of the Jeep wanted the Jews rejected Eddie's real credentials establish what was the problem. I'm going to submit you number one they would check today because of these parents is not the most horrible thing to say. Can you imagine someone coming to you in applying for a job making a claim and you say to them. Listen, I think that you are okay, but I know your parents. Are you not going to get the job, but not a tough one. Listen to what happened to verse 53, when Jesus had finished these parables, he moved on from coming to his hometown. There it is usually coming to his hometown. He began teaching the people in their synagogue and I were amazed. They said this is some of the most wonderful teaching. Remember that they were amazed and listen to what they say this man get this wisdom in these miraculous powers that are not listen to the sarcasm he knew that Carpenter James is exclusively the carpenter's son is mother's name Mary, the one who you know. Embarrassed us all and got pregnant out of wedlock's brothers James Joseph Simon & Schuster and sisters rebels and when this this man these things. Listen, it's Johnny find that this man can jolly well preach like this and speak jolly well not interested because look at his mom and dad and his mother embarrassed the whole community and I mean he's brothers are rabble-rousers and his family would begin releasing some of the 757 and they took offense at him wanted. They rejected because of his parents.

Shame, shame, site number two they rejected him.

Perhaps because of his birth place with me quickly to John's gospel chapter 7 you got to see this. John's gospel chapter 7 this is what I love about Dragon Israel see these things for yourself. John's gospel chapter 7 and verse 26 the Bible says listen very carefully on let me just jump over to verse 27 that we know where this man is from when Christ comes.

No one knows where he is found not to see something remarkable versus 50 and 31 John chapter 7. I want you to see this for yourself on hearing his words, some of the people said surely this man is the prophet. Others said he is the Christ. Others lost. Listen to the sarcasm. How can the Christ come from Galilee does not the Scripture say that Christ would come from David's family and from Vietnam.

They looked around and they said listen to me. Jesus Christ is claim to come from the right of the Jews rejected. They rejected him because of these parents. Perhaps they rejected him because of these birth place but not in the third place they rejected him. Some of them good jobs because of their ignorance. I'm in good old-fashioned brute force and ignorance okay with me. John chapter 7 and verse 42 does not the Scripture say that Christ will come from David's family and from Bethlehem the town where David lived. Excuse me, what way did he come from going up to somebody and you spoken to them, and you've given them the facts and you shared by circumstances with them and they look at you may say well I know that those are the facts, but I'm not going to believe it anyway.

Never had that happen to you is Jesus establishing to see his credentials remarkable thing is you and I could be a part of the rules as well. There is an open door an opportunity to join the family. I pray to you to open your heart to what Dr. Duncan to share next from his heart. Are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that Iversen and I know that Jesus died for me on the cross today. I repainted my sin and by faith I receive you into my heart. In Jesus name, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting news to someone for spending these moments together with us if you just prayed along with Dr. give your life to Jesus Christ. We dedicate your life.

I pray that you would know we are ready to stand with you and encourage you in the next benefit we have some resources doctored on what you have just call us at 866899. Put them in the mail right away. That's 866899967 TW oh Archie, that's a place to discover more of who you are everything to ask, how can we prayerfully support our financial details are here and what it is to become an encouragement last few months our viewership and calls to our prayer line greatly for our quarterly emotional increase. We praise Jesus, we are reaching more rice join in reaching just one more your monthly donation on any amount in the little things around you seeing out of control. You can make a difference. 6699 Waring 999. Love you to be part of our encourager to know this. We are your first and foremost encourage great resources online.


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