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R1145 I Believe Christmas if Perfect

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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December 7, 2020 8:00 am

R1145 I Believe Christmas if Perfect

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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December 7, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

God has an encouraging word for you and me today.

The Bible-based freezing of Dr. Don Wilton and a message on perfection. So good to walk again as we study the word together with Dr. Don will be headed to Luke chapter 2 because this message is I believe Christmas is perfect. That's the perfection were talking about today and during this wonderful holiday season. I pray that your holidays were coming more holy days love to help you do that with some resources we have on our website right now ITW that's DEW were also connecting on the phone at 86689. Many folks are calling and asking for the daily Encouraging Word Bible guide. Just ask for its free and 866-899-WORD 9673. Now it's open our hearts to God's word together with Dr. Don Wilton today I want to show you something that is so close to my heart. I want to speak to you on this subject.

I believe that Christmas is perfect. How do you like that I believe that the Christmas story.

I believe that the message of Christmas.

I believe that Christmas is perfect. Now we know how hard it is to be humble when you're perfect in every way right and I'm going to use this WordPerfect this morning and I'm going to ask you to open your Bibles with me. We going to be in the book of Luke, and there's a Bible in the pew rack if you'd like to use it.

Got a red, and you can turn they in fact it's on page 992, one turn page 992 we going to be in Luke chapter 2 Luke was a physician. He was adopted and the God used Luke two recalled the story about the birth of Jesus.

And here in Luke chapter 2 we read about what happened when the Lord Jesus was born. This is what Christmas is all about the greatest thing that ever happened and I believe that this passage reminds us that Christmas is perfect now that WordPerfect means it is something exact theories no blemish. It's exactly what it needs to be. It's perfect in every way. There are no adjustments with me to be made. You know when you get out there on the bowl field and you playing in your coaches Mike that playing quarterback steps back into the pocket and he looks out he makes the play and that sort of works out almost right, but not quite so just before the next flight timeout coach goals. The players run over and you get into a huddle that offense of coaching gathers you together and he says not look what we doing this is good but it's not perfect and he calls the play and he calls the team together. I need to sign something that's going to result in a touchdown and perhaps a win for the team Championship Here in Luke Chapter 2 the Bible Tells Us about Something That Is Absolutely Perfect and I Just Want to Share with You from My Heart Today on the Fact That I Personally I Believe That Christmas Is Perfect.

You See on the Christian Man. Most of You Know Me As Don Wilton You See Me Stand up Your Today Is Posture of the Wonderful Church and I Have a Wife That I Love so Much.

But the Thing That I Want to Tell You Most of All Is That I'm a Christian Man, Jesus Christ Is Coming to My Heart and into My Life Needs Change My Life Forever. And Because Jesus Christ Is Change My Life.

I Want You to Know That What Happened at Christmas Time Is Perfect, Just What the Bible Says in Luke Chapter 2 in Verse One. In Those Days Caesar Augustus Issued a Decree That a Census Should Be Taken of the Entire Roman World. This Was the First Census That Took Place While Arrhenius Was Governor of Syria and Everyone Went to His Own Town to Register.

So Joseph Also Went up from the Town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to a Place Called Bethlehem the Town of David, Because He Belonged to the House and to the Line of David. He Went There to Register with Mary, Was Pleased to Be Married to Him and Was Expecting a Baby and While They Were There, the Time Came for the Baby to Be Born so She Gave Birth to Her Firstborn Son. She Wrapped Him in Swaddling Cloths and She Placed Them in a Manger, Because There Was No Room for Them at the Hilton by the Lord. Right. This Would in Our Hearts Today I Want to Speak to You for Just A Few Moments on. I Believe That Christmas Is Perfect.

I Love Great Stories like This Are All Kinds of Stories That I Love but There's No Greater Story Than the Story of Christmas, Jesus.

This One Came in He Was Born in Bethlehem of Judea. It's Perfect. I Want to Tell You Four Reasons Why the Bible Tells Us That That the Christmas Story Is Perfect. Why I Believe Is Number One. It's Perfect Because the Timing Is Perfect. The Timing Was Perfect off That Most Difficult Question. Why Is It That God Waited so Long to Send Jesus to Come to This Earth to Be Born to Die upon the Cross to Come Forth from the Grave to Us Seem to Be Seated at the Right Hand of the Father. Why Didn't God Wait so Long. I Mean, When You Wind the Clock Back and You and You Look All the Way Back in the Old Testament You Think of People like Abraham and Isaac, and Jacob and Moses You Look at the Lives of the Kings You Watch the Israelites Wandering around the Wilderness Messing up Time off for Another You Look at All the Prophets, and You Culminate in the Book of Malachi, Why Didn't God Wait so Long. Well, There Are A Lot Of Reasons for That Knock Came to the Conclusion That God Did What God Does Because He's God and That His Timing Is Perfect. Why Was It That Jesus Came and Was Born in Bethlehem at a Time When the Roman Empire Was on a Rampage When People Were in Slavery and Bondage. Why Did Jesus Come at a Time like This When There Was so Much Hate Going on in the World When the Economy Was Being Threatened in the Time of Caesar Augustus to the Point at Which They Were Considering New Taxes upon the People Why This Eases Outdated Day Have Such an Adversarial Relationship with the Senate of the Roman Empire. Why Was There so Much Squabbling Going on in That World Where the Wolves and Was Everywhere. There Were Earthquakes Invoked Where Erupting and It Was Right in the Midst of This, the Gods, Timing Was Perfect. Jesus Came. I Believe That Christmas Is Perfect Because the Timing Was Perfect. So What Time Is It for You. I Know When I Look at My Own Life. I Cannot Get over the Fact That God's Timing with Me Was Perfect. I Don't Understand These Things I Don't Understand That That Why Would I Have Grown up in Zulu Land in Africa. Why Would I Come from Africa. Why Would I Be Born in Africa While I Go to Boarding School in Africa. Why Would I Give My Life to Christ As a Young Boy in Africa.

Why Would I Begin to Drift Away. Why Was It That I Began to Hang around with the Wrong Crowd. Why Was It That I Flunked the Ninth Grade the 11th Grade Equivalent to Why Why Was It That I I Went to the Army, Why, Why Was It That When Things. Why Was It That My Heart Became Angry. Why Was It That I Was Going.

Why Was It That I Made Such a Beautiful Young Lady Had Such an Incredible Impact on My Life.

Why Was It That I Went through so Many Years in Which There Was a Time of Going on in My Heart. Why Was It That I Walked Headlong into This Jesus at the Time That I Do and Kind Understand That He Loved Me despite Myself, and That Right There on My Knees. Why Was It That in God's Perfect Timing That I Knew That God Was Getting a Hold of My Life. Why Was It That I Screwed up and Understood That God Had Called Me to Be a Preacher and Teacher of the Gospel When I Love so Much Being out the on the Athletic Field and Riding Motorbikes and and and Surfboards and Things of Life.

Why Was It Because God's Timing Is Perfect Because in God's Time God Got a Hold of Me and in God's Time. God's Timing Is Always Perfect and Some of You Today Yeah Because This Is God's Perfect Time. So Grateful and Proud of All Here Today and I Believe It's God's Perfect Time for Everybody Worshiping Today in The Encouraging Word into the Word of the Living God. But God's Perfect Time Has Arrived for You. I Believe That Christmas Was Perfect Because the Timing Was Perfect.

I Pray That This Would Not Happen. I Really Knew What I Meant. Some You Guys Can Walk Out Of Here, You Can Destroy Yourselves with Cigarettes and with Alcohol and with Broken Marriages and Four Letter Words and Pornography and You Can Allow the Sewers of Laughter Flow through You and Destroy You and I Pray Not Only for You but Each One of Us That You Would Understand That God's Timing Is Perfect. This Is Not an Accidental Time and What Happened When Jesus Was Born in Bethlehem Was Absolutely Perfect. Jesus Came. The Timing Was Perfect Not Only the Timing Was Perfect but the Place Was Perfect Hair. You Know, We Sing That Griped Him Oh Little Town of Bethlehem. By the Way, I've Been to Bethlehem. I've Been to Bethlehem 20 Times. It Is a Little Town.

Even Today Is Not Some Great Metropolitan Area.

It's No Atlanta. I Promise You That It Sits up on a Sake of Hills Overlooking the Shepherds for You. It's Unmarked Today. It's Called by All the Divisions That Go on in That Part of the World in Bethlehem Has within Its Precincts.

Some of the Most Precious People I've Ever Met upon the Face of the but the Place Was Perfect. It Was Absolutely Perfect and I Believe That Christmas Is Perfect Because the Place Has Never Stopped Being Perfect for Jesus to Be More This Is Your Play. This Is the Eruption Will Be Back with More of Dr. Wilton's Message on. I Believe Christmas Is Perfect in Just a Moment Want Me to Remind You 24 Seven on Our Phone Line at 866899 Word 866899673 Would Love to Pray with You and for You, and Many Are Asking about the Daily Encouraging Word Bible Guide. It's Free for the Asking. Would Love to Put One of Those in Your Hands Just Called to Let Us Know You're Interested at 866899673 Today's Teaching with Dr. Dark.

I'll Guarantee You There's At Least One Person Saying Let Me Out Of Here Never Be in a Hurry to Close the Door on Your Bethlehem to an Amazing Story Here Is Mary and Joseph Coming with the Baby Jesus yet to Be Born, and There Was No Room for Them in and Get There Was a Stable. The Place Was Perfect in the Context of That's One Can Only Imagine the Content That Stable. You and I Have Such a Wonderful Idealistic Picture of the Stable with Beautiful Meat Things Everywhere Distributed Evenly with Pictures on the Wall and the Television in the Corner with a National Championship between LSU and and What Was That of Alabama Lying on the Vision Safe and All These Things That Go on Picture of This Is Just This Perfect Little Nook in the World and yet You Will Place Is No Different. Because the Place Whereupon You Stand at This Moment Is Holy Ground to the Place Was Perfect for Some of You Your Place.

Is That Motel Room. That Overnight after a Long Day's Journey. It's Perfect for Jesus to Be Born in Your Life.

For Some of You Today Looking and Worshiping Because I Received Letters from You Every Week You'll Place Is a Prison so Thank You John for Your Letter Recently in Which You Told Me You Were in Prison for a Long Long Time.

You May Be Worshiping Right Now through The Encouraging Word and and I Want You to Know John That You Bless My Heart and I'm so Grateful That God's Encouraging Word Has Placed You Because That Prison Cell Is the Perfect Place for Jesus to Be Born in Your Life, That's Your Stable for Some of You It May Be That Nursing Home and for Some of You May Be in That Bedroom for Some of You May Be like #This Was Some of You Might Be at the Nurses Station Where You Work and Serve Other People Not Dying for Some of You, You Might Be a Policeman on Jerky and We Thank God for You and for Some of You. You're in Iraq and Dagestan You've Gone You All of These United States Of America and Tenure about to Go out on Patrol and You Know That There Are TDs in Their Pointed at You but during the Public Place for Jesus to Be Bold in Your Stable.

I Believe That Christmas Was Perfect Timing Was Perfect in the Place Was Perfect. But Furthermore, the People Were Perfect. I Mean, Just Think about Them. How Many Times Have We Not Spoken about Mary the Mother of Jesus, the Perfect Human Mother.

How Many Times Have We Not Spoken about Joseph and Tried to Think about What Must've Gone through His Mind, under the Circumstances in Which He Lived, and Then Use That He Had Received. The Reaction of His Family and the Piece Frames. What a Perfect Man to Be Quote Unquote the Human Father of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Also, I Love to Talk about the People I Love to Talk about the Wise Man Bringing the Gold in the Frankincense and They Know I Love to Talk about Shepherds. Every Time Israel Is to Go to the Shepherds for You and I Love to Read Those Stories about Shepherds in the Fields Watching over Their Flocks by Night, and Now They Claim They Would Buy This All and I Came into the Stable Because They Were Situated for This One Was Born in Bethlehem's Manger.

I Believe Christmas Is Perfect Because People Are Perfect.

You Know That You Are the Perfect Person for Jesus to Be Born in Your Heart Because Jesus Came and Was Born in Bethlehem. Everyone He Has No Color in These Eyes When Jesus Hung upon That Cross. He Looked Back to That Time When He Was Right There, According to God's Timing in Place Bright People like You and Me and He Said Because They Know Not What They Are Doing. Jesus Came into This World to Level the Playing Field. Let People Know That They Are Property Situated Because All People Are Sinners by Nature and Sin Is My Choice and All People Are Invited to Trust Jesus Christ As Their Personal Savior and Lord.

And Today I Give to You That Same Invitation and I Invite You to Give Your Heart and Your Life to Jesus Christ.

Would You Trust Him As Your Savior Today You Turn Your Life over to Him. We Invite Them in Your Stable, Would You Let Him Move into Your House, Would You Let Him Be Born into Your Life Because Jesus Save in Order to Go to Heaven. You Must Be Born Again Never Damn Key.

The Whole Concept of Being Born the Son of the Living God.

It's the New Jesus Claim so That Everything Would Become Brand-New, Which Leads Me to That Concluding Wonderful Aspect of the Perfectness of Christmas Ortho Man I Love Christmas and I Believe Christmas Is Perfect Timing Was Perfect.

Your Time and Mine Right Now Is Perfect. I Believe the Place Was Perfect. Your Place Right Now Is I Believe the People Involved and That Gathered around the Manger Were Because You Are Not All Perfect. I'm a Sinner Saved by the Grace of God Perfectly Fit God's Description of the Very Reason Why Jesus Was Born. I Quickly Fit the Mold Because without Him I'm Nothing. Jesus Said, Behold, I'm Coming, I'm Knocking at Your Hearts Born If Any Man Will Open the Door, I Will Come in and I Will Sup with Him, and He with Me. Jesus Looked into My Heart in African Said Don Wilton. Just Give Me a Manger in Your Heart to Lay My Head down so That the Son of God Can Take up Residence in You and I Did in My Life Has Never Been the Same Again in Your Life Will Never Be the Same Again. I Believe That Christmas Is Perfect Because the Promises Were Perfect. It's an Amazing Thing. What Happened When Jesus Was Born. Bible Says in These Passages Right in the Often Moth of the Shepherds Glory to God in the Highest and on Earth Peace toward Man on Which the Favor of God Rests the Promises of God Are Perfect. You See Something Folks. Everybody in This World Is Looking for Peace. I Was like That.

I Know I May Not Resemble That Today and I Played Different Kinds of Sports but a Plated a Very High Level of Athletics Also Was Almost Selected to Some Major Teams I Played Cricket and Rugby. I Know You Will Finish with Crickets. I Played with It. I Played Rugby and You Play Football Difference between Rugby and Football As We Didn't Play with Crash Elements on but I Tell You What Folks I Met a Beautiful Girl I Had Everything I Had Motorbikes Man. I Spent Time Chasing Great White Sharks in the Indian Ocean Traveling around All over Africa He Tracking Every Way Getting and All Kinds of Trouble Received All Kinds of Awards and Accolades, but Deep down in My Heart I Needed the Promise of Christmas. I Wanted Peace Tell You Guys You Can Get the Heisman Trophy and Have No Peace You Can Become a Free Agent and Sign a $250 Million Contract to Leave St. Louis As a World Champion and Have No Peace. Some of You Guys Here Today You Going to Have Your Name up in the Newspaper.

I'm Going to Be One of Those People Then Open the Newspaper and Say Wow Man, but Have No Peace World Everywhere Is Looking for Peace Will Offers Great Things Wonderful to Be Married to the Right Person.

Wonderful to Make Wonderful to Ask Guys You Can Even Go Day in Minister to Children and Get Great Satisfaction. But When You Walk Out Of That Store. The Bible Says That Christmas Was Perfect. God's Promises. Indeed, God's Promises Are Perfect and One of the Promises We Embrace in This Time of Year, More Than Anything Else. The Promise of Eternal Life through This Babe That Came in a Manger That We Celebrated Christmas Totally Went to the Cross to Die for My Sins to Die for Your Sins. What You're Going to Know the God of the Universe, the God of Christmas Is Using This Broadcast Loves Plan for Your Life Is Not Man Is Ready to Receive, Whether You Ever Given Your Life to Christ, Maybe It's Time to Come to Open Your Heart, What Dr. Donald, Are You Ready to Give Your Heart and Life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why Don't You Pray This Prayer with Me Right Now.

Dear God, I Know That Arneson and I Know That Jesus Died for Me on the Cross Today, I Repent of My Sins and by Faith I Receive You into My Heart. In Jesus Name, My Friend. I Welcome You Today into the Family of God.

This Is Exciting News. If You Just Pray to Give Your Life to Christ. The Family of God. Welcome Back, Dr. Wants You to Have 899 Word 86689997. Let Us Help You with the Resources Grow in Your Life with You, for You Also Find also placed cover how you are part of supporting us. You might call us to our prayer line greatly increase our quarterly emotional also increase. Praise Jesus, we are reaching for Christ. Will you join us in reaching just one more donation on any amount will help with things around you out of control. You can make 899 where 8999 times. I pray that you'll discover more about who we are and how we can encourage you. You can encourage us we would testify that we are here to encourage you and his phone number 86689673

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